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    • Cameron Wilkins
      By Cameron Wilkins
      Bought this car a few weeks ago, it’s my second MK6 polo.. it’s not too bad tbh ???


    • TomCrow
      By TomCrow
      I'm Tom from Cumbria. I've just bought a 2003 1.4l 16v (100bhp). My previous cars were a 2011 2.0TSI Scirocco and a 2015 Polo GTi. Had a kid so needed to get rid of the hatchback to buy a family car. Bought the 9N as a bit of a project. I am planning on doing an engine swap for a VAG 1.8T in the distant future but for now I'm going to upgrade the brakes and suspension (lower it by 35-40mm) Here is where I need some help. From what I've read I need to keep any new alloys around the 15-16" diameter but the upgrade brake kits state they require a 17" alloy to allow fitting. Does anyone know if fitting 17s would be detrimental to the drive or set up of the vehicle or if it would require any further modifications? Thanks, Tom
    • olie93
      By olie93
      Here's my guide to retrofitting the official fog lights including the official wiring loom.
      The wiring loom can be purchased from Kufatec
      Polo 9N3 Loom Polo 9N Loom You will also need a new light switch with support for the front fog lights. Part number is 6Q0 941 531 C
      I purchased my lights of ebay. They included the fog lamps & also the new plastic covers.
      If you purchase 9N3 lamps you will require a HB4 bulb. If you purchase 9N lamps you will require a H3 bulb.
      I would assume you can install 9N lamps in a 9N3 and vice versa. but i haven't tried this!
      The 9n & 9n3 lamps have different connectors so if you are installing a different lamp you will require the same wiring harness as the lamp type.
      If there is anything you are unsure of the ask me and ill try to answer it.
      Unfortunately i had to remove the dashboard to install this, as there is a wire that comes from the bulkhead. For instruction on that look here:
      Once I had removed to dash you will require the grey loom.
      You need to take the long pin that is on its own and put that into plug G on the bulkhead. This should be a red one.

      To remove the connector slide the metal bar across and then unclip it. You should have to remove a bit of purple plastic from the plug to get the pin in. This pin should go into pin 6 on the connector. They are labelled on the plug but you can also use the image below for reference.

      Once the pin is in then replace the purple plastic, plug it back in and then slide the metal bar back across. MAKE SURE THE PIN IS IN THE SAME WAY AROUND AS THE OTHERS!
      Next there should be 2 big metal pins. These need to go to the fuse box. They need to go to fuse 44. Use your manual to find this fuse.
      You will need to remove a piece of plastic from the side of the fuse box, and then the big bit of purple plastic should slide across allowing you the enter the two pins. There is no set way round they should go in the two holes.

      Once they are fully inserted then push the plastic piece back and replace the piece you removed.
      Last job in the cabin is to take the last remaining pin and put it in pin 8 on the new light switch. Again they are numbered on the plug but use the below picture for reference.

      TOP TIP: I would leave the dashboard dismantled for now.
      Next job is to install the black loom in the engine bay.
      First you will need to remove the wiper arms & the black tray.
      You will now need to remove the bulkhead tray. This can be done by removing the silver metal circles to enable you to pull away the fabric. You will then need to remove the screws holding the tray to the car. This doesn't go all the way down to the bottom of the car.If only goes down to just behind the engine.

      Once that is remove you will need to remove the wiper motor. This is done by unplugging the cable coming out of the side and the just pulling out the unit.

      When that has been remove you should see this

      Pull off the black covers, then locate pin one. This should be the other side of the pin you inserted earlier. You will need to remove the green plug that is in the hole. When you have done that insert the pin on the black wiring loom fully in the hole until you are unable to pull it out. You may need to remove the plug from the other side to help you.

      When you have done you need to route the cable down, and then use the metal ring to earth the loom at earth point 12

      Once you have done that all that is left to do is trail the cable down to the fog lights, plug them in & test them. Remember the ignition needs to be switched on for them to work.
      When tested working, re-assemble the car.
      Remember i accept no responsibility for incompatibility of parts on your car & also any damage done!!
      Feel free to ask questions if you are stuck.
      Hope this helps
      Check out my other retrofit guide on Cruise Control
    • olie93
      By olie93

      I fitted my cruise control to my 9n3 TDI over the weekend. I looked around for a guide but was unable to find a complete guide that was written in English, so i thought of writing this one.

      Remember cruise control can only be fitted if the control units serial number starts with 6Q0 or 6Q1. This is in the drivers foot-well in the right if you want to check.

      The stalk & wiring loom can be brought from here.
      With MFD or Without MFD. There products can also be found on this website electritech.co.uk

      Firstly i had to remove the dashboard. This is because one of the plugs you need to add a pin too is plugged into the bulkhead. Others have said that they have managed to do this with extra long nose pliers. Others have suggested wiring it straight into the ECU.
      If you need help removing the dash a guide can be found here http://www.pimpowski.de/armaturenbrett_aus...n_pimpowski.htm
      The guide is in German but you can get a good idea by just translating the text & looking at the pictures.

      After you have removed the dashboard the car will look something like this

      The next step is to insert the pin into the plug on the bulkhead. This plug can be found where the arrow is pointing too on the picture above.

      When you have located the the plug you will need the pull the metal slide out to release the plug. Once you have pulled this out you will need to push down the clip and pull the plug out.

      Once you have removed the plug you need to put the pin in. The pin on the wiring loom is the long one that is on its own. This needs to be put onto pin 11. That pin is the pin on the picture above with the grey wire in that is pulled the other way. To get the pin in you will need slide the purple bit on the bottom to unlock the pins. When you have put the pin in move the purple bit back, put the plug back in the bulkhead & then put the metal slide across.

      Next you need to put the pins into the steering wheel stalk connector. This can be seen below.

      This is where the other wires with pins go. They should be numbered 26 to 31. If the wires aren't numbered but are different colours the list below will tell you what colours the pins relate to

      PIN 26 - white
      PIN 27 - red
      PIN 28 - black
      PIN 29 - white
      PIN 30 - yellow
      PIN 31 - blue

      This connector has three levels. The wires need to go into the middle level. The pins are numbered. You can see where they need to go from the picture above. You may need to remove the plastic cover around the connector. This should just un-click from underneath and slide out side ways.

      When you have done that you need to plug the plastic connector on the wiring loom into the module in the drivers foot-well. This is on the right hand side. It should only fit in one hole.

      if you are having trouble finding the right socket it is socket XS3.

      You should now have one wire left. This should be a wire with nothing on the end of it. This wire needs to be soldered to the wire coming from the back of fuse 4. This should be a black and blue wire. You need to splice this and solder the last wire to it. DON'T CUT THE WIRE!!

      Once you have done that you are good to reassemble the dashboard.

      Once reassembled you will need to activate cruise control using VAG-COM

      [01 - Engine]
      [Login - 11]
      Enter 11463 to activate cruise control
      [Do It!]

      That should be it. My cruise control light doesn't seem to light up when cruise control is on, but it does work. Remember cruise control doesn't work in neutral or 1st gear. You also need to be doing over 30kph.

      The original German guide is attached to the post

      Hope it helps
      Check out my other guide on Fog Light Retrofit.


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