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Cameron Wilkins

My VW Polo MK6 1.9 PD 100... tuned to 150bhp (GT Replica)

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Cameron Wilkins

Bought this car a few weeks ago, it’s my second MK6 polo.. it’s not too bad tbh ???






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Cameron Wilkins




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Cameron Wilkins

It has 5 speed gear box instead of the 6 speed,

Just out of interest any of you guys running one of those 9n aftermarket armrests that’s replaces the the 2 cup holders behind the handbrake?? 

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    • olie93
      By olie93

      I fitted my cruise control to my 9n3 TDI over the weekend. I looked around for a guide but was unable to find a complete guide that was written in English, so i thought of writing this one.

      Remember cruise control can only be fitted if the control units serial number starts with 6Q0 or 6Q1. This is in the drivers foot-well in the right if you want to check.

      The stalk & wiring loom can be brought from here.
      With MFD or Without MFD. There products can also be found on this website electritech.co.uk

      Firstly i had to remove the dashboard. This is because one of the plugs you need to add a pin too is plugged into the bulkhead. Others have said that they have managed to do this with extra long nose pliers. Others have suggested wiring it straight into the ECU.
      If you need help removing the dash a guide can be found here http://www.pimpowski.de/armaturenbrett_aus...n_pimpowski.htm
      The guide is in German but you can get a good idea by just translating the text & looking at the pictures.

      After you have removed the dashboard the car will look something like this

      The next step is to insert the pin into the plug on the bulkhead. This plug can be found where the arrow is pointing too on the picture above.

      When you have located the the plug you will need the pull the metal slide out to release the plug. Once you have pulled this out you will need to push down the clip and pull the plug out.

      Once you have removed the plug you need to put the pin in. The pin on the wiring loom is the long one that is on its own. This needs to be put onto pin 10. That pin is the pin on the picture above with the grey wire in that is pulled the other way. To get the pin in you will need slide the purple bit on the bottom to unlock the pins. When you have put the pin in move the purple bit back, put the plug back in the bulkhead & then put the metal slide across.

      Next you need to put the pins into the steering wheel stalk connector. This can be seen below.

      This is where the other wires with pins go. They should be numbered 26 to 31. If the wires aren't numbered but are different colours the list below will tell you what colours the pins relate to

      PIN 26 - white
      PIN 27 - red
      PIN 28 - black
      PIN 29 - white
      PIN 30 - yellow
      PIN 31 - blue

      This connector has three levels. The wires need to go into the middle level. The pins are numbered. You can see where they need to go from the picture above. You may need to remove the plastic cover around the connector. This should just un-click from underneath and slide out side ways.

      When you have done that you need to plug the plastic connector on the wiring loom into the module in the drivers foot-well. This is on the right hand side. It should only fit in one hole.

      if you are having trouble finding the right socket it is socket XS3.

      You should now have one wire left. This should be a wire with nothing on the end of it. This wire needs to be soldered to the wire coming from the back of fuse 4. This should be a black and blue wire. You need to splice this and solder the last wire to it. DON'T CUT THE WIRE!!

      Once you have done that you are good to reassemble the dashboard.

      Once reassembled you will need to activate cruise control using VAG-COM

      [01 - Engine]
      [Login - 11]
      Enter 11463 to activate cruise control
      [Do It!]

      That should be it. My cruise control light doesn't seem to light up when cruise control is on, but it does work. Remember cruise control doesn't work in neutral or 1st gear. You also need to be doing over 30kph.

      The original German guide is attached to the post

      Hope it helps
      Check out my other guide on Fog Light Retrofit.

    • Meg9n
      By Meg9n
      Will Polo 9n3 GTI rear lights fit my Polo 9n?
    • KyumY
      By KyumY
      I need some help finding some wheels fro my polo and maybe some help with the widest i can get my wheeks , and what diameter etc.
      I am looking for wheels with a wider offset or wider wheels. and some help on stretch tyres
      Thanks for your help and time 
    • connor_warren
      By connor_warren
                 I've recently purchased a decat pipe for my 2004 9N 1.4 tdi, has anyone had any issues fitting the pipe 

    • Maliko
      By Maliko
      Hi all,
      I am new to the forum 🙂
      I own a 2002 Polo 9N and I am planning to convert it to a 9N3 face.
      I am considering getting 9N3's:
      - Bumper
      - Headlights
      - Bonnet
      - Wings
      Is crash bar needed too?

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