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Red 6n in Amsterdam

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Caught a quick glance of a lowered 6n on a silver wheel outside Amsterdam central yesterday, anyone on here own it ??

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    • damunk
      By damunk
      In the engine bay back wall there is a carpet material. Is this just for sound proofing or something more?
      Can I strip it out?
    • damunk
      By damunk
      took engine out and thought while it's out change a few things at same time.
      power steering hoses , i think theres two of them.
      they both look abit rusty in some places.
      anyway of cleaning them down, take rust off and spray some paint on them?
      new ones cost 70-80 pounds each
    • damunk
      By damunk
      I am trying to undo the dogbone mount bolt but it is not budging.
      16 spanner on both and I am turning the nut anti clockwise? Is this right direction,  because I feel if I try any hard I am going to round the bolt.
    • damunk
      By damunk
      when you running bike cards with an after market ecu what wiring can you get rid of to clean up the engine bay.
      is the original ecu made completely redundant as im sure the rev counter still works from there.
      is the knock sensor wiring now redundant.
      what about the wiring thet comes from the geabox?
    • polo_dude
      By polo_dude
      I'm having a clear out of my garage, manage to dig out a smoothed Mk4/6n 8v polo front bumper. 
      The number plate recess and the toe eye cover were plastic welded from the front and rear, thus only requiring a skim of filler.
      It requires re-skimming as cracks have started to appear (as shown in the pictures). This was done 8 years ago and so the quality of the welding is second to none, as you can imagine in that time it's been chucked around the garage. 
      Grab yourself a bargain as the majority of the hard work has already been done.
      Collection from the HA0 area. 
      But I can wrap this up if you want to arrange you're own courier. 
      Price: £40. 

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