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Polo 6N2 1.6 16v GTI

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Hello guys... Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, but I'm new to the club.

I have a Polo 6N2 1.6 16v GTI (125hp) and the thing is that I kind of blew up the engine...

Anyway the engine is been rebuild and it's about 95% done, the only thing I need is a new connecting rod for this model.

I've been looking everywhere so this is one of my last options.Again sorry if I didn't post this in the right place but if anyone ,miraculously, has one lying around and wants to get rid of it feel free to text me.


Thank you in advance.



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      hey hope someone can help, for past few weeks my window wipers have been getting slower and slower and ofcourse now they have completely stopped and are stuck halfway up the window now that the rain is back.

      I was reading a few forums that said about stripping them down as the linkage is probably just seized but i’m wondering if it’s worthwhile just buying a new motor and linkage incase stripping them doesn’t work.

      Anyone else had any issues and if so any advice/tutorials would be great.

    • benny66
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      Set of used wheel bolt cover for the 6n2 polo gti
      12 for the bolts and 4 for the locking wheel bolts.
      £10 including postage
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      A pair of vw lupo gti wiper arms and aero blades for sale. 
      I bought these years ago with the intention of trying to fit them to my 6n2 polo gti. Never got round to it and the car has since been sold. 
      Have painted the arms so are in good condition.
      Never used the blades so don't know how good they are.
      £60.00 including postage.
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      Breaking 6n2 gti as hail stones the size of golf balls damaged the bonnet and roof. 
      All parts available 
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      Does anyone know the part number for a pair of carriers? (doesn't have to be VW Original could be TRW or another brand) 

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