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Exhaust hitting on arb, Front arb blocks

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Hi guys.

I am struggling with my exhaust manifold hitting on the arb, will the arb blocks sold in the club shop stop this problem? They say the blocks move the bar forward which to me would seem like that would sort it. Also the car is lowered so maybe they will correct the geometry aswell? 


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They do bring the ARB forward and correct the steering, if your car is lowered then they are pretty much a must for your polo. As for your exhaust they should help aswel but might be worth looking at your exhaust hangers there's one that bolts up near the gear linkage. 

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...and check the rear engine mount that attaches to bottom of gearbox, could be drooping.


Or the front mount from top of gearbox to near front cross member. Its rubber donut might have collapsed a bit.


Is it a 4speed ARB? Not likely on coupe gt/s.

They are straighter than 5speed so miss exhaust manifold upside down, but then bash the endplate of a 5 speed gearbox on bumpy roads.

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