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Late to the party but rocking all night..........

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Name: Adie
Age: 32
Location: Hampshire
Polo owner: 1992 Mk2 Facelift Coupe Genesis
Previous car history: 306>306>Clio. Current Daily >Megane 2  Weekend/Ongoing Project> Land Rover 90 v8 1985
Hobbies/interests:  Working on my house or in the garage to historic rallys in my Landy and MS platform to Raspberry Pi projects.
Occupation: IT Consulting
How did you hear about us?: Google, most valid info for me has been provided from here.




The story so far:

My next door neighbour’s father died and she was given a 1992 VW Polo Mk2 Genesis Couple 1.3 in Tornado red, 43K, one owner from new and most work by the same garage in wales.

It is a pretty tidy car, inside is literally perfect, under the bonnet is top notch and no bad sounds from the engine or gearbox, front wings had rusted out at the bottom, but this was just the outer wing, hardly any rust overall it seemed…

So the idea was to basically sell it on for her. So I started to prod around, to see what we had, what needed to be done and get an on-the-road price for her.

Not long into this conversation a deal was made, basically, a lifetime of lawn mowing and hedge cutting for her in exchange for the car (she’s a great lass).

So into my garage it goes, new wings ordered, discs, pads, traction control arms and ball joints.

(Build thread to come, just a quick intro…)

Whilst I was waiting for bits to arrive I started to clean-up under the bonnet, all original paint, no rust, awesome.

Well, me being me, whilst I do like the Rat look, in my heart I like things like new. The body work needed one or two touch up’s, abit of prep and those little spots are now ready for a touch of paint.

The paint was in a good state, Jan, the lady next door gave polishing a go, but may not have been used to the older paint styles and the outcome was bloomed, streaky and white ish. A bit of wet/dry and T-Cut would have it sorted.

A day or two passed, in that time I had found ClubPolo.co.uk

I am now at the stage of; doors off and prepped for respray, front wings fully prepped, fuel tank out…

At the back of the car first, it appears the normal rust issues are here, fuel filler breather pipe to tank (one where the tube goes through a plastic pipe to the top of the tank) had rotted through, front of the rear drivers arch down to the sill had rusted and the metal fuel filler was rotted out at the bottom just before it goes into the fuel tank. Out comes Mr grinder along with Miss cutty and Miss flappy along with old wallis (the welder).

So, another Mk2F project has been started, I don’t know where the endpoint will be, total restore, fun little run about or a hill/sprint car.

At the moment I will look to get the rust sorted and back on the road. I like the idea of a little 1.3 55bhp run around as a daily, the Megan’s electric steering and overall bloat is boring and all these new ish cars are just over weight/bulky the more you have the more your just carrying around, yes I am a young ‘old man’, I get told it enough.

I know that I will look to increase the performance after a while, at the moment I am not sure to go with the 1.4 16v switch or just work on the original 1.3, or something new, it being 2018, there must be some other options, I wouldn’t mind getting into ECU tuning, abit of Mega Squirt maybe, maybe just a standard 1.3 with 2 step launch control and train horns lolz.

I will get some pictures together and start up a build thread. Hopefully I will be along to the social later this year.

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Hey and welcome to ClubPolo!

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