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BNM Upgrades

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Jumping straight in..


I need help on what sort of injectors would fit, ive heard that the 130pd injectors fit but not quiet sure on what engine code I should be looking for.


turbo is not a big issue as ive heard the garrett they put on the 1.4tdi BNM was half decent, im only looking in the 100-120 range of BHP.


So, a remap is definiately happening with all of the exhaust being gutted, now would a straight pipe be better than cutting out the inside of the cat? due to pressure loss or something? maybe not enough to even feel a difference but maybe.


just need a little direction as this is the first diesel ive tackled.


thanks in advance 🙂



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Hi, the last car I did, I just gutted the cat, and deleted the egr physically, and got it written out on the remap and put a performance filter in the standard airbox. That was on a 206 Hdi though.


No CAT is instant MOT fail on visual inspection. As, if it left the factory with one it must be present. Gutted cat still looks like a cat lol and car passed emissions easily enough.


Quite small intercoolers on the 1.4tdi. I was going to at least upgrade the hoses to mine and see what space was available

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