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Cheers from Serbia

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Hi everyone.


I'm Pavle from Belgrade, Serbia. Fresh owner of a polo mk2f breadvan and became a fan instantly. I found this forum in surfing through web sites and looking for some techical books and spare parts for my new family member. I already had some fun reading few topics and I hope it will be only better here in this century when all forums died.



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Post some pics 

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I will open new topic

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Cao Pajo, dobrodosao! :D

Wellcome, Pajo. :D

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Hhahhha, pa i do ovde nas ima jbt. Hvala brate, bolje te našao  :D

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      i have a 66 plate polo, recently my DAB radio won’t pick up anything other than my local radio stations. I have tried the soft reset and everything I can think of, I have been to my local dealership and they have no clue to what it could be. 
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      Lots of polo parts from MK2s mostly, although a few from other models. Prices are upon request as there are so many, but for the purposes of forum rules, everything is £5. In reality I'll just want to cover postage costs and maybe a few pounds to fund the ongoing restoration. Parts range from tiny trim clips to whole panels. List is accessed via the link below 
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