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hi I'm in need of door panels for my 3door 6n2 could someone recommend the best place to get them from thanks for you time on this 

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    • prankstar2003
      By prankstar2003
      Lots of polo parts from MK2s mostly, although a few from other models. Prices are upon request as there are so many, but for the purposes of forum rules, everything is £5. In reality I'll just want to cover postage costs and maybe a few pounds to fund the ongoing restoration. Parts range from tiny trim clips to whole panels. List is accessed via the link below 
    • gezza
      By gezza
      hi im after some help would a mk3golf alloy wheel fit on to my polo6n2 thanks  
    • Bilbo1690
      By Bilbo1690
      Hi guys any information on this would be much appreciated, my 1l polo has been having intermittent problems for a while and now I'm not running it because it's just too annoying having to wait 10-20 minutes to let's it cool off before it runs.... 
      It has been serviced and has had lots of parts put on it such as new leads, a complete new distributor including rotary arm and cap, new coil pack I've drained the cooling system completely and refilled, it's had new temp sensors put on it and I've tested the fan works with a hair grip across the terminals and it runs, have swap out the sensor in the radiator with another one I have which hasn't helped, there are no fuses blown so I am a bit lost with it now. 
      Before I changed the distributor it wouldn't restart straight away but now it fires after cutting out and runs until it cuts out with no warning, my temperature gauge stopped working after swapping out the temp sensors I don't think this is related in any way, the car used to bunny hop a little bit now and again ages ago, it also had a loss of power while driving in gear and cutting out... 
      That's all I can think of currently if I think of anything else I will add it in later!
      Thanks in advance for any advice, Billy.
      MK3 Polo coupe breaking.
      Has a 16v AFH in it which runs and had fresh timing, waterpump, plugs, etc.
      Lowered on 70mm springs and shocks with some white ford multispoke wheels which with the adapters are pretty wide.
      Has the ARB bush kit (The same ones as the G-Lader ones) which have never seen the tarmac.
      Need gone ASAP, will post pictures later.
      Any parts needed please shout me!
    • fathands
      By fathands
      I'm after a good quality Passenger side, outer CV joint for a 92 VW polo GT 3F.
      I've had a look on your website but couldn't seem to find anything.

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