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Lower temperature thermostats

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Is there a lower temperature thermostat available? After hours of on line searching, I found that there is a Meyle G40/60 that is out of stock on chargeddubbs but with no idea what it's opening temperature is. Also I found 056 121 113d which is supposed to be a lower temperature but again no confirmation of the opening temperature. I have been told the stock one opens at 75C. Is this correct? Any help would be appreciated.

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says 87 degrees.

Pretty sure mk2 golf 1.6 was 87 degrees too.


confirms this.

So long as the diameter is the same for the housing.


My breadvan is 92deg thermostat, but has a huuge radiator.

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That would also be my question.

If the engine is overheating, lowering the opening temperature isn't going to cure the problem.

Possibilities for overheating include partially blocked radiator core, radiator airways restricted, pump problem or a hose lining having become partially detached and obstructing the coolant flow.

Weak mixture or retarded ignition can also cause overheating.

A blown head gasket can lead to overheating.



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My understanding is that turbocharged and supercharged engines warm up quickly. A fast opening thermostat would flow water to the radiator faster to counteract rapid heating of the engine. I don't have an overheating problem yet but I don't want to get the car going and find that there is an overheating problem in tailbacks and slow traffic. It's better to prevent these problems before they happen. I will have the largest radiator that I can get in, aftermarket fan, oil cooling and the option for an additional fan on the oil cooler radiator. Thanks for the links for turbo insulation links. All I wanted to know was whether there are lower temperature thermostats. As yet I'm still unsure where the turbo cooling is going. Previous advice from Buxton said that his turbo cooling was going through the expansion tank. My plans for cooling may sound like overkill  but I can always reduce them if necessary. I have welded in my new slam panel which is looking good and I am now dealing with the rust in the engine bay before I paint it. So the front wings are due to go back on. Also the aerial hole in the nearside has been increased to accept the electric aerial. I am ready to install the top brace on the front suspension with 10mm rivnuts. The engine has it's temporary ignition set up so it should be able to run on the stand with a temporary carburettor from the original engine. So I'm looking forward to all the suspension, subframe and brakes going in.

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