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Polo performance parts

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Has anyone brought anything off polo performance parts recently? I can't seem to get a reply to emails or even after iv brought some bushes I haven't had a confirmation email or anything, I know these guys are busy do other stuff but there local to be and wanted to support the store. 

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    • Defective
      By Defective
      So after doing a 180 mile trip last Sunday, I didn't check my oil, I checked it this evening and there was no oil what so ever on the dipstick. Now I topped the oil up about 3 to 4 weeks ago as I saw it was low and carried on driving etc, untill I checked it today. I Do not see any kind of leak, and there is no smoke. I have put more oil back in but only just halfway on the min and max. And I also out cardboard under the car for tonight. As I have work at 6am.
      Any idea as to where my oil went? Or is it normal for a vw polo to go through that much oil on just 180 mile trip? 
    • MikeP
      By MikeP
      A shame to scrap. Offers invited for this much loved Polo for repair or spares. Buyer arranges collection. 98k+ miles. Last MoT Oct 2015. Vehicle is SORN. Needed front discs replacing - as cost exceeded value, vehicle has sat on drive. Paintwork has some rust spots and scrape on rear nearside arch. Offside tyres need attention. Engine ran well - battery was good but now flat. 
    • spaces96
      By spaces96
      Hello guys,
      First of all I am new to this forum and I am glad to be apart of it, little back story, I bought a polo 6n2 1.0 MPI as my first car, I'm wanting to fix it up and make it run for a whole lot longer. I love all VW cars and he sold me it for £350, I thought was an absolute steal, until I actually paid for it and took it to my mechanic friend for a look over. The clutch is pretty much shot, so I am replacing that next week, for £170 total, but as I drove the car in the rain it started to misfire badly and ended up stalling constantly at a roundabout in first, no biggy, I knew the issue right then and there the spark leads haven't been changed in 91,000 miles and where torn and cracked, so I replaced all of the leads, plugs, air filters and oil filter, but there's always been this noise coming from the air filter box housing unit or close to it's rather random and and this video I will show, shows that the noise is the same intervals and timing but it isn't sometimes it can last for 5 seconds all the way up to a minute and only starts to happen once the car has heated up and my mechanic can't understand what the noise is, also when you put your foot down the engine has a raspy sound to it, not a normal sound, I'm hoping this is the clutch but I am doubting that it is.
      Another thing is the car in low gears is so much harder to handle, when you take your foot off the accel it jerks like hell, in small car parks it makes it a nightmare.
      Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated
      Here is the video:
    • Clareyfairy81
      By Clareyfairy81
      Open to sensible offers. 
      No modifications, as it was when it rolled out the factory.
      3 owners since new, main dealer service history for majority of the 30 years. Just under 87K miles on the clock. Starts first time and runs well.
      Maintenance work undertaken in past year: new exhaust, new rear beam, tyres have done approx. 500 miles, new brakes, new cambelt, and undersealed for protection.
      Original fabric is in good condition for age, radio cassette works perfectly. Paintwork is in good condition, no evidence of rust
      Drives beautifully, great fun to nip around town in. Manual gearbox is smooth throughout all changes.
      It has won best unmodified at local VW shows.
      Comes with winter storm cover.
      New MOT. Only selling as emigrating and can't take with us. 
    • tommyjac1
      By tommyjac1
      40mm lower
      New dampers 
      Refurbished wheel trims 
      Carb stripped and cleaned 
      Rear arches welded both sides 
      Both new rear wheel bearings 
      Rocker cover, carb cover and fan cover painted
      New sparkplugs, fuel filter and fan belt
      2 new front tyres 
      New exhausts 
      runs and drives with no problems at all 
      Please email if interested or want more information

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