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Polo GT BlueMotion 2014

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Hi, I have a 2015 BlueMotion GT and I’m after some LED daytime raining headlights. At the moment it has daytime running lights on but these are on the bumper (I would have thought they would be for the fog lights) and wondered what I can do to change the configuration. If I can’t have my main headlights on then can I have some LEDs in the bumper lights? Thanks 

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    • Woody6n2
      By Woody6n2
      Hi everyone, I wonder if you can help.
      I've read a couple of other threads with a similar described problem but not much in the way of a resolution so here goes!
      Both headlights have simultaneously stopped coming on when the switch is turned on. The sides and full beam still work fine though.
      For a short while, the headlights would come on if I repeatedly turned the switch on and off. The bulbs are both intact, as are the fuses and the connectors on the bulbs do not appear to be corroded.
      From my research, it sounds like the problem could be due to faulty ballast? Could this be the case given that both headlights packed up at the same time?
      If this is the case, is the only place to get a functional part from other Polo 6N2's?
      I am very much an amateur mechanic (this is still my first car!) but I am always willing to learn and have a go.
    • SAS96
      By SAS96
      One of my 501 sidelights packed up the other day. I have been meaning to get them upgraded for a while now as the 5W are quite dim, Ive tried those LED ones but I am not a huge fan and apprantley they're illegal.
      I am looking around for fillment bulbs that are greater than 5W but the hole is so small those LED's were a struggle to get in, I wanted to buy 582 21w bulbs however they are just too big (20mm). Anyone tried fitting brighter sidelights to thier 9n3? Le me know if you have any suggestions. Cheers. 
    • Eurowagens
      By Eurowagens
      Hi everyone
      I wanted to let you all know about these lights that are coming in to stock on the 6th of June  now in stock for the Polo 9n (Pre-facelift, 02-05)!
      They're pretty hard to get hold of (out of stock everywhere we know of), so we're really excited to get them. They are aftermarket Angel Eyes with a black interior, and include motors. They take standard H7 halogen bulbs, and are fully e-marked and road legal.
      The price is £169.90 for the set, including our usual free courier delivery with DPD (usually next day).
      We'd love to hear your thoughts - they are new to us but we hope to have images and video of them post-installation as soon as possible!
      Product Page: https://eurowagens.com/angel-eyes-headlights-set-black-vw-polo-9n-02-05/

      Thanks everyone!
    • r10tz0r
      By r10tz0r
      In this video I show how to remove and and replace Headlight Bulbs on a Volkswagen Polo, this is the same procedure on all Mk3 6N Polos, the only thing that might differ is the headlight fitting depending on age of your Polo.
    • Alisha
      By Alisha
      Hi, I'm new to this site and was looking for some advice.
      I'm wanting to change the headlights on my Polo 6C Match to LED ones. My Dad, who's a car enthusiast and owns a modified Mark 6 Golf R, thinks I would only be able to replace the bulbs and not the full headlights themselves due to the wiring. Has anyone changed the headlights on their Polo before? Got any advice?

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