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Polo 6n1 '96 Rattling from front suspension and/or engine

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This drives me crazy (no pun intended). The car drives majestically for a 22 year old car and the 1.4 engine is flawless to some degree but aside from my leaking suspension which I fixed, my car rattles or clicks should I say whenever I drive it for an hour or two.


The noise comes on small bumps and can be heard only from the inside. You could also hear it whenever you give it more gas and lift the clutch faster (when the engine tries to pull you away), maybe like a hammer hitting an anvil very weakly (metal to metal).


It makes me feel like I have an axle which is loose and is inside a tube (cylinder) and hitting its walls. Kind of like putting a pencil in a paper tube and it sits loose in it and the pencil hits against the walls of the tubing when you shake it around. I'm worried since the suspension is new and is quite sturdy (difference is noticable) But there is still that ever so slight noise.


Biggest problem is that nobody seems to hear it except me and I can't prove it unless I make the person drive and feel the extra noise on the speed bumps which is non-existent in the morning. 


I have doubts it might be connected to the transmission being loose or the engine being loose.

Either way, thank you for sparing time to read this! 


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First Welcome to the Forum.


It might be the lower gearbox mount https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/1996-158/1/199-199020/#12   If you have a helper to try rocking the engine while you look at that mount from under the car

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Welcome to the Forum.


I just wonder if the aluminium heat shield over the exhaust could be the cause. Where these thin items are in contact with steel, there is (particularly when wet) an electrolytic process, in which the aluminium is always the looser as it corrodes first.


You could also try thumping the exhaust silencer itself to see if there are any loose baffles inside.

Still on the exhaust system,it is also worth checking that the rubber mountings are in good condition and supporting the system without it catching on other parts.




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