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Interior lights staying on

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Hello just bought 9n polo gti 

few months back and noticed interior lights didn’t work, found out fuse was removed, so put one in and lights came one but won’t go off, that’s all of them central one and both reading lights, any ideas had to take fuse out just now to save battery 

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Welcome to the Forum.


The door switches are on the 'earth' side, meaning that power is fed to the light bulb, and the circuit is completed when the door opens and and the switch contact connect the wire going to the switch to 'earth' (the car body).


The likely cause of your problem is that one of the switch wires has become trapped and the circuit is permanently completed via the trapped wire.

I would start by removing the door switches (one at a time) and seeing which (if any) cure the problem when removed. - Keep the wire on the switch away from the bodywork, or the light will come 'on' due to that contact with the body.


PS You could also check the earth connection inside the manual switch, which could also be permanently 'on'.

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