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Old, old thread. Church with a sex dungeon.


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One for the old bastards on here (if any still visit the site).


I remember reading a post on here many years ago (maybe around 2007 sort of time at guess), about a user who found a weird kinda sex dungeon in the basement of a church he was doing some work in. I can't remember his user name but for some reason I'm thinking he was from leeds way, might of even been the same lad who was shot at when someone tried to steal his G40 (or I could just be getting 2 different users confused).


I've tried searching for it but this off topic section only goes back to 2011. I'm pretty sure this thread would of been in the old off topic section so is it now lost for all eternity? 

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What is even going on in here. 😂😂😂😂    Worse is this is ringing a bell somewhere in my memories. 😂

Nah mate I think it was a full topic. The lad posted explaining that he had been to do some work at this church and said what he found. He also posted photos of it. I'm not sure if he called it a dungeon but that was how I described it in the hope of jogging some memories because that's very much what it looked like in the pics 

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You may of been around when it was posted, I'm really not sure of the year but it was back in the olden days of cp. 


The lad was something like an electrician and had to go out to an old church to do some work. He had to go down into the basement and was specifically told by the priest not to go into a certain area down there. Of cause he paid no attention and wondered off into the area he was told not to. He came across a door and when he went in it, was some sort of small dingey room with soil as the floor and the old bare stonework as the walls. From memory the photos showed a hole in the floor that looked like it might been a old well. I'm sure there were some out of place objects like a old battered childs doll and a bed or a chair along with some weird ocult looking shit. He said the next day when he went back the door had some sort of lock fitted to it that wasn't there the day before and the priest was acting shifty. 


The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking it came up because some one mentioned it during a discussion on a thread (as if it had been mentioned on the forum before), and the lad who experienced it posted up the story and the pics when people started asking about it. 

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