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Timing issues mk2f coupe

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Hi guys,


I posted earlier and got a very prompt response and it was greatly appreciated!


I am getting married in little over 6 weeks time and hope to get my beloved mk2f coupe on the road again for the big day.


The car has been off the road for some time and I asked my dad to charge the battery for me.


I came home today to see that my dad loosened the cam and slipped the timing belt off and turned the cam by hand (for some reason).


I am in a position now where my Haynes manual has disappeared and I need to know what damage has potentially been done/how to resolve it.


I have taken a picture of how it is at the minute and note that the 2 white dots line up however I am unsure if this is of any significance.


Any assistance would be appreciated.







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id suggest cam out...that way all valves are up /out of the way


turn the crank until #1 is at tdc...then back 1/4 of a turn 


fit the cam and line it up to factory marks not paint dabs ...then carefully turn the crank forwards 1/4 and fit the belt 


turn it at at  least 2 whole turns and recheck the marks

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Very good pictures, taken with a very nice camera, but every picture tells a story, as they say.

What I notice from your pictures is:

(1) There is some 'spanner rash' on the camshaft bolt, also there are two white marks on the bolt and sprocket, presumably placed there to enable the bolt to be tightened to its correct torque without using a torque wrench. If this IS the case, why do the marks not line up? If you wish to tighten it correctly, I would suggest that you slacken off the bolt and re-tighten it to the correct torque with a torque wrench (the correct setting will be in your manual.)

(2) There appears to be some rust on the camshaft sprocket teeth (no doubt due to the car standing for some time) -  I would suggest that you examine the belt before putting it back (I can see what look like fabric threads near the bottom of the picture) -  run the engine for a few days and check the condition of the belt again before your big day. - this is to make sure that the (rusted?) sprocket hasn't damaged the belt.

(3) Slightly out of focus, is the correct timing mark, thankfully aligned with the static mark (180° opposite the the 'home-made' marks at the top.) I recommend that you use these marks for checking the timing.


If you intend to fully remove the belt, (and put the same belt back on) mark its direction of rotation on it with a felt tipped pen before removal.


As Kiran says, the crankshaft timing mark takes the form of a notch on the pulley, but there is also a tooth on the crankshaft sprocket that has a chamfered corner - this chamfer is the timing mark.



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