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6n2 1.4 match wiring diagram

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Hey guys I've had my polo for a while and I'm getting fed up with scrabbling around in the rain and the dark trying to get my keys in the  door so I just purchased one of general Mao's finest "keyless entry systems" she arrived this morning a sight to behold straight from sin zen so the long and the curly of it is I could do with the wiring diagrams what for working out what ways I've got to connect the jeslus thing to make the pixies dance in the right way and then hopefully she will chooch rather than flashing once setting the horn ablaze and the then letting the smoke out. 

Reagards and thanks 


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Thanks bud will have to get the magnifying glass out I think it seems to blur out when I zoom 

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The main wires you'll be needing are the constant 12v supply (pins 1 & 2 Red/White wire) Ground (pins 3 & 8 Brown wire) and the Unlock/Lock signals on pins 7 & 10 White/Yellow & White/Green these are a pulsed 12v supply 

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Perfect thanks bud are they on the pump ? 

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Sorry yeah


Also if your kit has an output for the indicators to flash ? the connections on the rear lights is the closest place to connect pin 2 on the light units Black/White & Black/Green wires 

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Thanks mate I'm gonna give it a bash tomorrow I'll let you know how I get on do you know much about the 8v engines ?

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    • polo86c
      By polo86c
      I think the Haynes wiring diagram for a mk2f polo (1990-1994) has an error on the single point fuel injection schematic:
      the petrol pump relay (NUMBER 23, low on the left) is wired in a very awkward way:
      it appears that the fuel injector (NUMBER 28) is wired in series with the relay coil (relay pins 85 and 86) and the fuel pumps (NUMBER 30 and 31) via fuse F1 which is nonsense.
      also the +12V arriving at the relay contact 30 (battery positive) is switched to contact 87 which then goes to battery positive via the key switch???
      i had a friend search in ElsaWin but apparently there is a wiring diagram only for polos from 1995+  (mk3), and I cannot find anything on the web either...
      do any of you have an alternative wiring diagram to show, please?

    • HLLR
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      I have recently purchased a 2006 polo TDI knowing it had a few electrical faults. One of these faults is that when the weather gets cold the central locking and windows fail to work. Stereo interior lights still work. Any ideas of where this issue could lie?

      Many thanks
    • JdmTom
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      Good evening all!
      Right, just picked up my latest Polo, Last time it was a 6n 1.4 16v, Now I have gone for a 6n2 1.4 16v ( dam the reduction in power!)
      On the journey home I came across a few niggles I was wandering if you guys could help :

      1. Heater control lights do not work. Dash Lights up fine, brightness controlls are fine, Hazard is fine, rear heated windscreen button lights up fine. Is this therefore likely to be just a bulb?

      2. The central locking. Drivers side : put key in and turn, does not lock or unlock. If I turn it clockwise and hold it, the front windows go down. Passenger side : the key turns 360 degrees consistantly... When I first tried it, it locked, and unlock. As it locked it closed the front windows, as it unlocked it opened them....
      Thats all for now
      Thanks in advance!
    • performancevw
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      i have a GTI 6n2 3 door and central locking pump in  boot and both front door lock barrels are broken. Central locking pump circuit has burned inside. so no locking / unlocking available via key either due to broken barrels. Wanted to know if a cheaper aftermarket remote locking kit will still work independant of standard pump in the boot or does the actual pump has to be in working condition for the aftermarket kit to work. Secondly I have bought a kit and connected everything with the wires in the boot to the pump and aftermarket kit is operating fine but does not lock or unlock via remote. Just wondered if the pump must be in working condition for the remote to lock  / unlock. Thanks.
    • Grazuncle
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      Hi all.
      My 2006 9N 1.4 TDI Polo Nearside door occasionally doesn't unlock with the rest of them when using the drivers door key. (the remote for my after market alarm used to do this for me but that doesn't work anymore) When i get in the car i have to reach over to pul the door lever to let my wife/passengers in.
      When using the central locking inside the car; from the button situation on the drivers door, this locks all of the doors most of the time but occasionally the button/rod in the passenger front door  goes down briefly only to pop back up straightaway! I can reach over and press the rod down myself but it is not convenient.
      Any ideas.. is this a DIY job perhaps?
      appreciate your insights.

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