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Help with my coilovers over Christmas

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Hello Club Poloers,


Long shot because I don't use CP too much anymore and I'm not sure how active people are on here, but I need some help over the Christmas period.


My Polo is on coilovers but I raised it ages ago, but would like to lower it back down. I don't really have any tools and I think it might be tricky as they're probably seized up. I was wondering if anyone in the Huddersfield area would be up for helping me lower it back down over Christmas? I'll be in Huddersfield from 22nd December to 1st January. Crate of beer in it for whoever can help me. Preferably someone with a decent garage space/ramp to do it in.




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Good place to start is spraying them with wd40 every few days to start lossening them up a shade. 

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