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I have struggled for a few hours, without luck, to get the bolts in that hold the stage 2  subframe to the MAXRPM ARB blocks and bodywork. I have put the ARB into the lower control arms first but not all the way in and loosened the ARB bracket on the offside front wing. Without the ARB blocks, I can just about get the bolts started but with the ARB blocks, it's impossible. I have no evidence that the car has been in a major accident and the engine is not in the car.  The LCAs have nylon bushes in it which allows little flexibility. Possibly if I tap the ARB forwards, I may get the bolts closer. So now I am considering using hydraulic jacks to push the subframe forwards to get the bolts closer. Anyone with advice that has had similar issues I would gladly receive replies.

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I think MikeyMK had a technique using the car's own weight, but I can't find it.

I don't have a subframe fitted, but I doo have ARB blocks.

I put handbrake on and chock car.Raise front, support with axle stands at inner CA mounts. 

I loosen the nuts of ARB at wheels, pull it to front, then use a hydraulic jack to lift the ARB in centre.


Then get threads started both sides, and finally tighten. sSometimes needs a block of wood on the ARB mount lifted with a 2nd hydraulic jack.

Then tighten nuts at ends of ARB to pull wheels to front. (Caster angle is less steep) 


(I have rubber control arm bushes, which makes it easier)

If you strip a chassis thread you can use a long m8 bolt (10.9) and two nuts to lock. Did that one corner, before I got better at it.


Then fit the Polo mint shaped thingies on ARB inside the mounts. Best adjust and fully tighten those once all wheels back on the floor and steering turned full lock both ways a few times. 

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Polo's are naturally a bit bendy, so even though it's not been in an accident, it's probably not quite the same shape as it was when new. 


I've never managed to fit a subframe without the aid of a couple of ratchet straps and some decent G-clamps to pull the car onto the frame. 


You've got to be cruel to be kind sometimes. 

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