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6N2 Electrical Gremlins

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·         I have a 2001 Polo 1.4 with a mind of it's own. The windows have wound down with key in lock but not switched on, the central locking has locked the car while I was outside, again key in lock but not switched on, fortunately, I'd left the hatch open, the central locking works normally sometimes. I get a lot of clicking from the relays ( relay 410 in particular which I changed to no effect) and warning lights on dash flash when I switch off, this reduces if I put handbrake on. To add to this, I have a battery drain,( flat in 24 hours) so I had to fit an isolator switch. I have disconnected all the fuses, in car and under bonnet one by one but the drain is still there,  the red wire from the battery is the problem ( it's unfused at least at the battery end) but I don't know where it goes as the wiring diagram in my Haynes manual doesn't agree with the wiring on my car ( no surprise there then). Suspect earth fault somewhere. Plus the air bag light is on which means that the car is an MOT failure.

        The engine and EPC light has been on for years but as that is not an MOT failure I can live with that.

I have spent a lot on the car recently, new discs and pads front and rear, new battery, new alternator and of course, cam belts so am not inclined to sell it which would be impossible in it's condition, engine runs fine.

I would appreciate if anyone have any idea's out there. Thanks in advance.    

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First Welcome to the forum.


The windows going down from the door lock is a standard setup, hold the key in the unlock/open position for more than a few seconds and the windows come down, likewise the key held in the lock/close position and the window go up. As you have had a random locking, it could be the drivers door lock switch or the wiring in the flexy tube between the door and the body, that is shorting out to give a false "lock" command.


The battery drain could be the diode pack in the alternator, here's a guide to fault finding that https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/topic/335902-testing-your-alternator/  


The other faults you will need to get the fault codes read with a VAG based code reader (ideally VCDS/Vagcom) and one that will read CAN bus faults as the airbag controller only uses the CANbus 


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Thanks for you reply, however when the windows wound down I was outside the car with the key in the ignition not the door lock, but not switched on, the car was unlocked. On another occasion I was again outside the car with the key in the ignition but not switched on and the central locking randomly operated locking the car. As I said, fortunately I had left the hatch open and climbed in to lift the door buttons to gain access via the doors and retrieve the key. I now never leave the key in the ignition if I get out of the car. The central locking works randomly, it even locking the car on one occasion when I was driving along. I suspect that this is all due to the other electrical problems that I am experiencing. The pump behind the offside C pillar is OK. You may have something there though, I will check the door lock and flexytube.


I disconnected all wiring from the recently fitted alternator to see if the battery drain disappeared but it didn't. The  drain is from the red wire from the battery and disappears into the wiring loom , this wire has an 80a fusable link (my post said it wasn't fused, apologies), the other wire is black and has a 110 fusable link. Both wires do not go through the battery fusebox which on my car has 4 fuses 10/20/30/30a. not 3 fuses as shown in the Haynes.The Haynes manual shows 2 wires coming from the battery, one to the starter, the other to the battery fusebox, both black. The starter works fine but could it cause the drain? 


Best regards KMP

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