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1977 Mk1 Polo Manila


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Start of another car. Picked up this car recently which is in need of a bit of work to put it mildly plus in need of a lot of new parts. 1977 Polo L in Manilla Green with Tobacco interior. Here's what

Loving the Ziebart sticker, my grandad had a Cortina with the same one. It worked well, there wasn't a spot of rust on the sticker.   The rest of the car..... different story.

So I managed to get the chrome trim into the front and rear screen seals with plenty of soapy water. I'd also fitted the dealer sticker that @Lovejoy kindly remade for me based on the screwed-up fragm

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So I painted the NOS 1.3 litre HH code 4-2-1 exhaust with some silver VHT paint and set about fitting the lot.




Exhaust went on no problems. The old intake manifold was coolant heated so I used a spare pipe I have to bypass it in the coolant circuit, 90 deg step up diameter elbow from the smaller flange on the coolant rail to the larger one on the head. Whilst I had the coolant drained I took the opportunity to fit a new radiator. Then I ran into my first issue, I had heard some RHD cars in the past have had the SORG twin DCOE 40 setup foul on the brake master cylinder but mine fouled on the master cylinder bottle instead.




I don't think I would have leaked from being inclined as the seals are deep but I was concerned about the vibration rubbing a hole in the bottle. The stock bottle is 171 611 307 with the front and rear master cylinder connections both in the middle as you would expect. I considered getting another the same and bonding them together so I could offset the holes moving the cylinder towards the strut tower. I made a trip to my local scrap yard expecting them to not even have a single Mk1 or Mk2 car these days but to my surprised they had a late-'80s Mk2 Polo bread van with the 1.3 hydraulic head engine and a great big air box. I peered under the air box and thought the master cylinder bottle was broken off as it was turned so far towards the strut tower. Then I realised this was just to make space for the huge air box, it's perfect (although very dirty)!




I got it fitted up and now there is plenty of room. If anyone in the future is putting a twin 40 set up on their Mk1 Polo then the part number is 868 611 307.





With that sorted the final mod after removing the old intake was to fit a standalone filter for the oil breather which had previously gone into the air box. I picked up an old K&N one for 99p and cleaned it up then fitted it in the space left between the new mater cylinder bottle and the strut tower using a 24mm stainless steel P-clip.




Whilst I was at the scrap yard I also took the pull handles from the breadvan as mine had small white coat hooks that were a bit chewed-up on the ends.




So now I'm waiting on some fixings for the intake. The old intake was held on with two M8 studs top middle then 6 M8 hex head bolts (15mm of thread going into the head). The SORG intake has M8 holes across the top with very little clearance to actually get in an turn the bolt (which I had head about from others). I will take the two top studs out and use four M8 20mm long round allen key head bolts. The SORG intake bottom holes are M6 with no space to get a bolt in so needing studs of just the right length. So for the bottom four holes I needed a 30mm stud 15mm M8 one end and 15mm M6 the other which were quite hard to find but I tracked some down designed to be used as 'repair studs' after a damaged M6 hole has been re-drilled to M8. I've also had to order a longer throttle cable & cable outer to reach the bottom-mounted Weber LP3000 kit so I've ordered an Audi 100 cable which has the right pedal attachment and is much longer at 1300mm with a 1000mm outer.

Wish me luck that this all fits!

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