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Vw Polo 93 issues with engine

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Hi All.

I am getting upset with the issue that I am facing with my car. 1.0 engine petrol manual. After igniting the engine the rev is at approx. 1200 when it was 700. When I press gas to 1550 then release the revs drops to even 600 then jumps back. Mostly it happens on cold engine. Other thing. When I a. On 2nd or 3rd gear with rev on 2500-3000 then put into neutral the engine can switch off. 3 garages could not find the issue. Attached video with rev issue. Thanks. Luk


Ps I could not attached video so I upload it. Link here https://youtu.be/oXdHdJ8i62s

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Welcome to the Forum.


There are several possible causes of your problem.


I would suggest that you buy a can of what we call here 'Carb Cleaner' - this is a solvent substance which you could use with a small stiff brush (old toothbrush) to clean the inside of the throttle body.

Don't be alarmed if there is a lot of exhaust smoke after doing this -  it will soon clear.


It might also pay to check the engine electrical connections for corrosion - often simply unplugging them and plugging them back in again will clean the connection, at least temporarily.



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