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1.05L Breadvan - cutting out 5 minutes into a drive.

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Hi all! Hoping for a bit of advice, my breadvan keeps cutting out 5minutes or so into a drive, doesn't start again. The first time it happened I was just setting off from some lights and the engine just died, battery light was solid on the dash after it cut out and it wouldnt start again. I sat around for 2hrs waiting for recovery and I was getting no spark. After getting towed home, I came back to the car 4hrs later and it started first time and sounded absolutely horrible! Sounded like it was underwater. I didnt drive it, didnt start it more than 3 times and got the same underwater noise.

I came back to the car the day after turned the key and it started multiple times as normal as if there were no issues at all. I checked spark plugs, leads, ignition coil contacts. Ended up changing the leads and cleaning a lot of corrosion off of the ignition coil contacts. Took the car down the road, no more than 5 minutes of driving and the same happened again, this time I was cruising along the road, not pushing the ol' girl at all, just going steady eddy. I popped the hood, checked the carb, pushed the car off of the main road, cranked it and she started again. I sat in the car while it was idling for 10minutes hoping it would give me a sign of what was going on, but nothing happened, I managed to get it home where I am safe from the ticket man.

Worth noting - All filters are less than a year and 8000 miles old - head was rebuilt 6 months ago with new belts, new valves, new gasket, new thermostat and housing - Alternator bearings are worn and noisey. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

Below is a picture of my beloved.



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Either vacuum leak (carb rubber mount is a weak spot) as manifold warms or Hall sender dying, or rusty crud in fuel lines that sinks back.


Which engine?

Are there cables to a black plastic plug on side of distributor?


Underwater noise - can you record and upload it?


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So the tank is 2yrs old now, should hope theres no rusty crud in there, I think that removing the carb will be a good idea checking out the vacuums. That i will do tomorrow. 

Its HZ engine
All dizzy cap leads are in tact, cap itself is correctly aligned. I cant get it to make the underwater noise because its not doing it anymore. There are no warning signs before it cuts out either. 

Thanks for the help! she's my daily so I would love to get it back up and running asap


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4 spark leads, 1 king lead all changed.

Yes. any other wires at dizzy?


Is it points with a condenser (like a tiny coke can with a single wire)

or TCi-H ignition with 3 wires into a black socket on distributor?


Detect vacuum leak by spraying carb cleaner around the base while it idles. If engine note changes slower there's a leak.

Or Cold Start spray will speed it up.


Or with engine cold put shaving foam around base, it will bubble where sucked in.

Bit hard to get access or see with the big frying pan air cleaner in the way for this.

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3 leads opposite the vac advance UFO says Hall sender for this stock HZ engine picture.

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