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Best alternative GT gearbox

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I have recently put my coupe S Gt on the road with the original coupe S gearbox. The gearbox gave up on me at the weekend, so I'm now looking for a replacement. Finding a GT 'box is not looking likely at the moment. Can anyone advise a decent box to match with GT? I would prefer something that will be a straight swap. Gearbox codes and what car they can be found in would be perfect. 



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The GT box, in my opinion is a bit of a dog. 1st gear is practically useless and the drone at motorway speeds is a drag too. The standard 8p is a nice box IMO. If you're looking for a bit more go low down, have you considered engine mods to improve torque?


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i have a 8p and mate has gt box...similar spec engines , his gt box feels way way more lively and fun , makes mine feel dull


admittedly if you do lots of longer runs it would soon get boring vs the 8p

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I used to have an AHD box in a Polo GT 75hp. Sold it, still sad about that. 

Then I got a 4speed GX in an older Polo SP 75hp. 4th was fine everywhere. Autobahn, back to UK full of stuff. Fuel was much cheaper then.


Changed it to 5speed 8P box, which has same ratios and final drive for the lower 4 gears as the GX. 8P adds 5th which is 0.74:1 - but in summer I run 165/60/r13 tyres on the front.

That would be 140mph top speed in 5th rather than 144mph with 65 profile (in theory, the German documentation says 170 km/h max).

Theory is no wind resistance, no speed limits, no other cars or junctions and a very long straight road - so never gonna happen.


Or, alternatively,  3300rpm is 68mph versus 70mph.

But the less than 2% torque increase feels more lively in lower gears to me. Car is a few mm lower, might be better aerodynamics, but even below 50mph

hills, or lane choice in crowded situation like Coventry ring road felt less frantic.


With AHD, expect 3900rpm at 70mph on 165/65/r13.

With 8p and 165/60/r13 those revs will do 81mph (i calculate).


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changed air to wind resist, engine needs oxygen.
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Golf R in sport mode DSG uses only lower 5 of 7 gears with higher shift points I think. Have to manually paddle for the higher cruise comfort. lol.


Is the GT box totally shafted or just one gear?

It's usually 5th that dies as it is high above oil.


Maybe you could fit 5th gear set from an 8P to the GT box about £90?

Search for 085 0.74 37/50 Antonio Masiero on eBay


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Not sure how bad the box is but it was stuck in 5th gear. Felt like it was shifting from inside the car but it was always in 5th. I've got it sorted now anyway. My mechanic sourced a CEH box in Poland and had it shipped across for £110. All seals and bushes have now been replaced and it will be going in tomorow. 🤙

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