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‘86 1.3 dcoe ignition

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While I’ve got my golf off the road I’m looking to fit my twin dcoe 40s to my 1986 1.3 mh. Fuelling, linkage and manifold all understood but I’m in need of suggestions as far as ignition goes. Dcoe carbs have no take off for ignition advance so the car will never run right on the current setup. Anyone know what people usually do in this application? Searched and searched but information is either limited or old pages 404. Read about everything from having the Advance weights and springs changed to standalone systems(which if possible I’d like to avoid for now)


not the most cost effective mod for performance but that’s not what this is about, just suggestions for the setup I’d like to run. Any help greatly appreciated!

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You will need more advance with twin 40s.

But you cannot have too much advance at top end or it will ping/det.


You can avoid using vac advance but fuel consumption will be poor.

Then limit the travel of the centrifugal vac advance mechanism to keep below 35 total advance for bowl in piston engine.


I use a standalone Aldon Amethyst with vac ports tapped into inlet manifold (Dellorto DHLA) fed by an 8mm plastic inline  fuel filter as collector and a pulse suppressor. The DHLA have vac take-off but I used them for balancing carbs at set-up.

Get a Hall sender distributor as the trigger?

I think the Amethyst has paid for itself in saved fuel over 2 years.

like this guy with canems,  more advance at some revs gives smoother drive with smaller idle




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Or this by the marvellous Dave Andrews



Page 94 to 95 of Hamill's How To Build & Power Tune Weber & Dellorto DCOE, DCO/SP & DHLA Carburettors 3rd Edition  


might help too..


Hamill actually suggests max full advance of 38 to 44 BTDC for bowl in piston. 

See https://240260280.com/Tech/Carbs/Weber/docs/Hammil/Power Tuning Webers V1 (text search).pdf

if you want a look before spending money. 


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