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6n2 Strange ABS Sensor Replacement Issue

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G'day fellow ClubPolo Members,


Forgive me if I'm posting on a well know topic, or in the wrong place; I've tried to do my homework/searching and can't find this issue replicated anywhere else.

My 2001 6n2 1.0L threw an ABS light the other week. I don't have any VAG software to read codes; no issues with fuses on the battery, nor ABS unit connector, but did find OSR sensor open circuit.  Great I thought, should be a quick, easy and cheap fix.


Faulty one was a bu663r to get out - in place from new by the looks of it (part number 6N0 927 807 A) - searches threw up an APEC ABS1008 as good replacement, available in a few short days delivery... all good!. I came to fit today and have a VERY strange problem - in simple terms it doesn't fit, but not for the reason I might have expected.  Picture paints a thousand words, so I'm hoping I've attached photos correctly.  In short, the sensor is fouling on the ABS reluctor ring, because the sensor is being slightly pushed down by the metal bar that locates the shoes and holds the automatic adjuster in place.  The 'nose' of the ABS sensor is too big for the gap between metal bar and reluctor ring.  When the sensor is inserted from the rear of brake assembly, it fouls the reluctor ring, easy to see in photos.  Apologies for quality of images... the best I could get with cellphone.  I've checked old and new sensors, and they seem identical, so I'm confident I have correct APAC replacement.  I'm now wondering if the wear-pattern on the shoes/drums is the problem, and maybe caused the original sensor to fail, buy pushing it into the reluctor ring!????  Drums are original (56k mile car... treated pretty easily through its life), shoes & wheel cylinders (both sides) replaced around 3 years ago after original cylinders leaked.  Am I missing something obvious?  anybody else had/seen the problem before?


Cheers, Tim

ABS Sensor Nose.jpg

Reluctor Ring & ABS Sensor Nose.jpg

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Hi Pete1,


Will do - I ran out of daylight yesterday with that in mind.


If nobody has seen this issue before, I'm thinking to resort to use of Dremel tool, and take AS LITTLE METAL as possible off (1.5-2mm), from the underside of the bar above the sensor nose.  I'm not recommending that ANYBODY ELSE follows my lead to modifies brake components though!!!


I have a load of 'dad duties' this weekend, but I'll post update as soon I get chance to.  Any other suggestions are very welcome.


Cheers, Tim

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Dremel has been my friend this evening - I removed 1.5mm from the bar above the sensor, and it's done the trick, giving the sensor a little more space, now around 1mm distance between it and the reluctor ring. ... at least for now.


I didn't take a look at NS drum - "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"!


Back on the road, and ready for MOT in a couple of weeks - 👍


Cheers, Tim

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