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VW POLO 6n2 facelift. EGR system set up

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Hi all,

just trying to reconnect the EGR system that a mechanic for some reason disconnected. 
it has been stinking of fuel and running rich ever since so trying to put it right.


It is not the standard style EGR solenoid valve pictured in most diagrams, it is almost identical to this:


I have connected the rear facing upper hose connection to the main EGR canister valve.

the top is a loop connection. 
the lower hose nearest the cam carrier is where the short air filter part is hung.

the lower right hand side according to an old diagram I found goes to the brake servo vacuum pipe.


It’s this hose connection I am unsure of.

The only hose I found is one that becomes a plastic straw and seems to come from the lower rear of the throttle body area.

is this the right hose?

is there a clear diagram of all the connections?


any info would be great as I want to get it right!









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Previous mechanics in the past have disconnected my EGR solenoid valve hoses.

Recently my polo has been using more fuel than expected and over the last few years I have noticed the smell of petrol in and around the vehicle.

There are no leaks or anything but the man EGR valve connected to the manifold had no hose on it and I think that is where the smell is emanating.


My valve seems not the standard set up (solenoid valve).

Seems like it was originally used on earlier models and golfs.

I have seem one image in the haynes manual that shows the top u-shaped connection on the top of the solenoid and is blocky like mine so I again assume my set up is original.


I have managed to connected hoses using reference images so now I believe it is all correct.

Just need to confirm the far right (downward pointing pipe outlet) goes to the rear of the throttle body.

In a diagram it said something about a brake servo vacuum line.

The connection I have has the plastic straw type of connection between the braided line.

(see attached image and I have circled in yellow where that hose is connected at the back of the throttle body base)


Is this connected to the right thing?


Since connecting up, the handbrake warning light flickers when revving up hills and sometimes it beeps 3 times.

Anyone know why this would be?


Any more info would help.


Many thanks 




Vacuum hose.jpeg


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