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My Polo (Advice requested also!)

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Okay guys so I bought this polo but would really like some advise, looked through the internet best I can for all things but obviously if anyone has the parts I need cheaper etc I am all ears 🙂


Will get some pics up etc asap, I'm an ex mechanic (yes you probably heard that before but I had my own garage and family all been mechanics) but no longer do it due to personal health issues so have a good idea on most things but not being in the area I used to trade I do not know anyone that can help for cheaper lmao


So the car, Its a 2004 Polo 1.4tdi - 5 Door - Silver - 145k - Better spec with the alloys, front fogs and A/C.


Now the plans, yes its a Polo, yes its a diesel (plenty of ribbing from old friends as I used to drive Scoobies, Volvos and BMW) but finances change the life of luxury lol


1st thing 1st, service, I have no idea when this was last done so I need to get a full service done inc timing belt and water pump for piece of mind, looking at the belt it seems good but without taking it off to inspect there is no true way to know.


Next will be sort the knocks and bangs out, so I know for a fact the rear axle bushes are gone and I would much prefer rear discs, so plan would be poly bush (full car set not just the axle) with disc conversion (anyone have the parts? ) Also upgrade the suspension for either nice sports or coil over suspension. (again anyone got some cheap?)


After that will be Cruise control and auto lights feature, pretty simple upgrade if I have the right unit which I have yet to check. Also looking into double din units to make that part look better and more usable. Also want to be able to add remote locking but would much prefer to get OEM parts rather than aftermarket.


Fix the rear door not opening, typical VW.


Maybe facelift the front end as its a bit tatty at the front end.


Last thing or maybe before if the right deal comes along a nice set of wheels to fill the arches better.


Other silly things would be like tint the windows, sort out the bodywork to be back to its former glory so after I found and deleted the small rust issues or paint issues there will be a full detail.


The very very last thing after all this is done will be tuning, so probably 130 upgrades like turbo, injectors, remap and exhaust but all that is way down the line.


So if anyone is maybe selling cheap parts for any of the above I'm all ears 🙂


Thanks for looking guys!







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