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MK2F 86C control arm bushing confusion

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So I'm looking at renewing suspension bushes on my Mk2F breadvan... I'm confused over the front suspension control arm inner bush, Number 18 on this diagram.



-  -





7Zap shows two versions (ignoring the G40), with different part numbers for #18

18 823 407 181 bonded rubber bush   2 HZ,2G,NZ,AAU
(18) 861 407 181 bonded rub mount, adjustable   X HZ,2G,NZ,AAU


I manage to find both part numbers online

861 xxx xxx https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/uk/861407181-adjustable-front-control-arm-outer-bush.html

823 xxx xxx https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/uk/823407181-front-control-arm-outer-bush.html


and think "what the hell, I'll just order 2 of both types, that way I'm covered if I disassemble the old ones and find the car is currently using one type or the other"


Parts arrive, and the supposed 861- part, the genuine VW one, looks exactly as per the picture from the supplier but on the rubber bush itself is stamped the 823- number.


The supposed 823- part is smaller in both length and diameter, has no markings on it, and came in a bag that had BOTH part numbers on it.




Now clearly, these two parts are not interchangeable, and I'm confused.  I think there's no way the smaller one could fit, but I can't tell for sure without taking the control arm off and removing (destroying) the old bushes = bad idea.  The smaller one also looks less domed than it's online advert pic, so I'm not sure if it's been picked, or advertised, correctly.  In addition, one of the big bushes has a chunk of its metal knurling missing, the casting or machining is defective enough to "tilt" the bush a few degrees which sounds like a bad idea for suspension components.  So I'm probably going to have to return at least some of the parts.


My questions are: 


i) What is a proper polo MK2F control arm inner bush supposed to look like?  Any idea on dimensions?

ii) What is the difference between the two 7zap parts, what does "adjustable" mean in this sense?  I thought the bush just presses into the control arm and then a bolt runs through the bush's metal tube and chassis mounts = no adjustment possible.

iii) Is the 861- part which has an "x" on 7zap defunct/superseded by the 823-?

iv) Even if I can source these bushes correctly, is it easier to just buy a whole new control arm with bushes pre-installed (I had just painted my existing CA's so had decided to just buy the bushes).  My plan was to undo each bush in turn, press out with a suitable vice/screw press and tube adaptors, soap up and press in the new bushes, re-bolt to vehicle, undo other side and repeat etc.  But a new CA comes with a new ball joint, might be best to refresh everything at once? 






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i would do whole arms ..often theyre q affordable and you get a new ball joint


trouble ive found is if the arms arent genuine then the cast hole for the bush doesnt match up the dimensions so you might not fit correct bushes into a aftermarket arm

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Early (chrome bumper) MK1 had a different arm with a smaller bush in. As above, just change the whole arm . 

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Thanks guys.  New arms it is then; only a little more money than the bushes and a lot less effort.


Would it be prudent to get a wheel alignment done, after installing new arms?

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its never a bad idea to have the alignment checked although its never throw mine wildly out


alot of places struggle with 86c theyre a bit strange and the bent arm confuses many places along with the fact its only adjusted on one side...so if you do get it dont choose carefully and watch out for lies about bent steering arms etc

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