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Fitting G-Laderseite ARB Blocks


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I'm stuck at the first hurdle, what did people use to take the blocks apart when they got them?

It would be nice to see them like that from the company...

Cannot wait to try out the car with this setup on - everyone recommends them and I have been meaning to get some for ages!

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Well I finally got my ARB blocks fitted, but only held on by a single bolt each!


I can get the rear bolts in left and right, or the just the front bolts in.

Not both front and rear!

I think the ARB must be bowed, or the bolt holes aren't straight.

I did replace the track control arm inner and outer bushes at the same time (which was great fun - even my local garage's 50 ton press couldn't get the bushes in the arms), so everything is much tighter than when I fitted a 5 speed ARB to replace the 4speed one.

With the bolts in the rear holes I have to push the fronts of the blocks towards the centre of the car to get anywhere close, and my attempts when a front bolt nearly aligns are beginning to strip thread from the engine mount on the offside.

I'm hoping that if I undo the inner track control arm bolts that should give me enough freedom to get the roll bar straight. Then I'll pull the ARB together with a winch strap.

Or am I being totally stupid, putting the blocks around the bar, then trying to fit them ?

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looks like a lot of brute force and ignorance when i poly bush my tca's and fit my arb blocks and ged brace

any hints and tips anyone?

lets hope it stops the mid corner wollow and flex lol

nice and tight

next wheels with decent tyres

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Danny Lee

:x :-X :x :-X :x :-X



These things have driven me to the brink of a breakdown. O...M...G...

I'm doing everything right...But everything is going wrong...

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they're not that bad! took me about 1 hour cos I had to use a jack against the engine to line up the holes...

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Guest EeekiE

With a bit of powertool crafting, and multi-jack jiggery, the process only took an hour for Dan unall. The problem was one of the welded nuts wasn't quite flush in the box section you bolt the ARB into on the passenger side. The ARB obviously only allows the bolts to be parrallel due to the alloy sleeves and block rigidness.

Just needed to take a little material out of the sleeve to allow for the off-centre nut and jobsuguden.

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I've put these on 3 or 4 different times now, different polos of course.

I wrote an easy way of doing it by leaving the wheels on (they pull the bar forward a little) and using trolley jacks in different places but I can't find the file.

I found the best thing to do was to bolt the top halfs onto the car, jack the ARB up until it starts to lift the car, support the arb with acel stands and lift again untill the arb falls into place, lift the car another notch so that the blocks remain in place when un bolted. Then simply bolt the blocks on with the metal brackets onto the bottom, the blocks must go on evenly otherwise they will get caught on the thread, both sets of blocks should be tightened evenly too.

The blocks should pull the bar forward, the tracking will need re-setting.

+1 vote for this method - worked a treat!!

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Hi there guys I am probably being a totally short sighted idiot but can someone post links to were I can buy

these from plus does philJ sell a cheaper version? Many thanks any help given.

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When i fitted mine i cross threaded a bolt, rookie mistake i know, i took measurements of the bolts and have lost them can anyone give me the size of bolt m8 by whatever with x amount of thread. Thanks

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