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  2. nige8021

    1 spark plug no spark

    Something like this will work https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUTOMOTIVE-TESTER-KIT-PRO-PETROL-VALVE-ENGINE-COMPRESSION-TIMING-CYLINDER-TOOL/123527063937?hash=item1cc2c96981:g:9EkAAOSwYj9cB35B&frcectupt=true
  3. Can I do that myself with a cheap kit from Amazon or something? - I dont think it's worth putting too much money in this car. I will be lucky to get 600 quid from webuyanycar.
  4. Yeti

    polo 6n 2/3 door window MANUAL mechanism

    If you can't find one second hand, I've used this site before and they've always been fine: https://www.windowregulatorman.co.uk/
  5. nige8021

    1 spark plug no spark

    There is a crankshaft sensor, it's a bit of pig to get at, mounted down where the gearbox and engine bolt together, at the rear of the engine by the starter motor Here's how to test it 6N2 testing G28CrankSensor.doc however if it was faulty you would of had a fault code for it and if it's dead the engine shouldn't even start. As I said before I would get a compression test done
  6. is there a crankshaft sensor? I want to try and clean it - read there could be bits of filings on it?
  7. I'm beginning to suspect there was nothing wrong with my original coil packs - as I can see them all working with the ignition tester. However, with the new set 1 is not working. The problem is not due to faulty coil packs I believe. Although the engine is running much smoother (as it was running on 3 sparkplugs due to introducing a faulty coil pack) the engine still does not sound right - sounds a bit like a diesel engine. What else could I try?
  8. some further testing tells me this is not the end of the story.
  9. nige8021

    1 spark plug no spark

    Unfortunately, you pay the price and get the quality, like any of the engine sensors only ever buy genuine ones from VW/TPS
  10. OH MY GOD! I said to myself - this guy is trying to freeze me outside for nothing to test a brand new coil pack and brand new spark plug - lucky I tried anyway! You seemed to have fixed the problem! The brand new coil pack seemed not to work. I have used one of the old ones. Now the engine runs smooth. Now I bought a set of 4 cheap coil packs on ebay, from this test one seems dud - should I be able to get a refund for the dud coil pack? Will he even believe me? (I dont even believe it myself!) Do you think the car could have broken the new coil pack? I have not driven it anywhere, it only been on for a few minutes? And all 4 of those tester things are working. And I have seen the sparks directly by leaving the spark plug out. I wish I could drive the car but I have no MOT. Will order new wiper linkage and go for an MOT soon I hope.
  11. Yeti


    The engine bays are very very tight, to the extent that the diesels have a smaller heater box so it all fits. 1.8t's have been done, there's a couple of build threads on briskoda, but it is a massive task. The benefit is they weigh nothing, so a little bit of power goes a long way.
  12. thanks for the reply nigd8021 - i will try that now. So if the plug and coil pack is fine but I still get no spark on that one, what do I try next?
  13. nige8021

    1 spark plug no spark

    Individual coil packs David 👍 I would try removing the sparkplugs and see if they are giving a good fat spark, and if there is one not then try swapping the coil packs around to eliminate either the coil pack or the wiring to it, it's not uncommon to have a faulty pack even direct from new
  14. steveo3002

    Breadvan battery or wiring issue?

    need to get a multimeter on it and see whats going on does the horn wiring look like its been messed with at all
  15. Time Left: 1 month and 28 days

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    polo 6n 2/3 door window MANUAL mechanism both sides required £10.00


  16. dvderlm

    Fuel Separation Systems

    VW 1.9tdi has fuel water separation filter. Can be drained or changed.
  17. dvderlm

    1 spark plug no spark

    Not sure I was told by a breakdown guy that I had spark using one of those, but actually 2 of my plugs were melted as wrong heat range.. Can you swap cable of not lighting up plug to a known good cable?
  18. dvderlm

    Breadvan battery or wiring issue?

    Does the Lucas plug with three blades in alternator make good contact? How old is the alternator regulator and brush pack?
  19. Thanks for the reply nige8021 - I think only 3 out of the 4 are sparking. I tried it again in the dark https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/tools/hand-tools/laser-ht-lead-ignition-spark-tester and sure enough, only 3 were lighting up. How reliable is that test? Or do I have to take the spark plug out and see if it sparks directly?
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  21. Oliver_9n

    Polo 9n - inspiration

    For the price of springs you might as well get coilovers then you can choose if you wnat to go lower or higher. Join club 9n/3 on Facebook more people answer quicker
  22. nige8021

    1 spark plug no spark

    First Welcome to the forum. If all the plugs are giving a nice fat blue spark, thenI would start by doing a compression test as valve seat problems are quite common on these engines, even at low mileage, if there is one or more cylinders low, pour a small amount of oil into the cylinders that are low, if the compression doesn't increase it is the valves, if it does increase then it's a worn cylinder bore/piston ring problem, if the compressions are all good & matched (10~15bar lowest limit 7bar & no more than 3bar differnce between any cylinders) then try swopping the injector for the cylinder that reported a misfire to another postion and see if the misfire follows the injector or stays with the same cylinder.
  23. GazzP87


    Yeah I’ve read that the following will fit- mk3 golf/vents seats will go in and mk4 polo seats slot straight in. Along with SEAT Ibiza and Córdoba andddd polo mk5. was unsure on steering wheel. Other than a mk4 golf wheel will go on. Don’t want to take it all apart if it doesn’t fit 🤔 its the 1.9 diesel. Was contemplating a newer turbo Diesel engine. Or if I’m feeling extra ambitious a 1.8t Audi TT engine! I’ve read these fit ok. Also a vr6 from a mk 3. But finding a decent one is getting hard.
  24. Yeti


    Not a huge amount to be fair, the Mk2 Caddy pickup is a rebadged Skoda Felicia, which in turn was a reskin of the Skoda Favorit. Which engine has it got in? The 1.6 and 1.9D were a VW engine, so there's a possibility of putting other engines in. Most of the braking and suspension mods actually involve using Ford bits 😲
  25. Gezzard

    6N automatic.

    Time Left: 1 month and 27 days

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    One of the most reliable car's I had was my 6N1, so I'm looking for another. Must be an auto though, and close to Kent. Cheers.


    , Kent

  26. To answer a previous question of mine about torque. Haynes says. Exhaust manifold-to-downpipe nuts 40Nm. Use new nuts. Got new gasket as well.
  27. Eviljohn

    Breadvan battery or wiring issue?

    The only things i have noticed are horn doesn't work, headlights and dash lights are dimmer and there is a very slight pause at the start of the sweep if i use my wipers. Tends to go away after a few minutes of driving. Sorts itself out straight away if i give the throttle some welly. Headlights and dash lights go back to normal brightness, (running osram nightbreakers,) and the horn works again. Haven't noticed any difference with the fans. Courtesy light, demister and rear wiper have never worked as long as i've had the car. Have no issues with actually starting the car. I do have an aftermarket cigarette lighter fitted by previous owner. I've removed the lighter part and use a usb charger. This works/charges even if the key isn't in the ignition.
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