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  2. Mk2 Polo single picture thread

    My new project for the winter
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  4. Engine bay clean up

    hot air gun and a rag...then some white spirit or panel wipe
  5. Rattle from engine cold start

    Top of the engine when cold.. it's most likely hydraulic tappets. And normal if goes quiet within a few minutes. Oil is much thicker in cold weather. Did you change for correct grade of oil of reputable make and replace filter? Why did you flush? No service history, headgasket blown, just for this noise? Only other possibility is damaged cam-lobe, but you'd have other symptoms (rough idle, loss of power) and they would not go once warm.
  6. Rattle from engine cold start

    Hi I have a polo 6R 2013 1.4 (CGGB) I have been hearing a rattling noise for a few months now. The noise seems to happen only when the engine is cold but goes away when the engine warms up. I have changed the oil and flushed the engine before putting new oil in. This hasn't fixed the issue. When I drive the car the rattle is a lot more louder but goes away when warm. I have had the exhaust inspected and it's fine. The noise seems to be coming from the top of the engine. I don't know whether it's the tappets or even the piston. I help advice please Thanks Adil
  7. Archwork - Mk2F breadie

    Yeah the shell is similar, more or less, but the wraparound on the bumpers is pretty different which makes major headaches with the fit as you have to taper the curve and flare of the mk1 arch into the bumper line....can’t continue the arch all the way down into the valance on the rear like with a Mk2 breadie....and the front doesn’t have a valance as such at all so that’s gonna be a pig too! lol
  8. Archwork - Mk2F breadie

    Mk2 and 2f are pretty much the same shell There was a thread of exactly that but the pics no longer show
  9. Does anyone know of a 2f breadie with Mk1 Golf arches? seen a few Mk2’s done but not been able to find an example of a wide arched 2f. just looking for pointers really as I started doing one today lol got the drivers side rear in more or less, but interested to see pictures of a finished one if there are any out there
  10. Engine bay clean up

    Can you remove it? If so what's the best way of doing it? Cheers :)
  11. Engine bay clean up

    cavity wax most likley
  12. Engine bay clean up

    Not sure if this has been asked before and I'm new to cars but what is the black stuff in the engine bay that is on either side?
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  14. We have a fix for our threads here at ClubPolo. If you've used photobucket over the years you would be aware of their T&C's have changed, this has caused an abundant of issues for us, especially on our older topics. The Fix Photobucket Hotlink Fix by BridgeTroII Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/photobucket-fix/ Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-hotlink-fix/kegnjbncdcliihbemealioapbifiaedg?hotlinkfix=1513362879664 Android FF: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/android/addon/photobucket-embedded-fix/ Tested and confirmed working. From this To this
  15. 16 Valve Engine Parts

    Time Left: 1 month and 27 days

    • FOR SALE
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    Hello, i have a lot of 16V parts for sale. ARC AVY AZD everything is here. cilinderhead 220 GBP pistons + conrods 88 GBP crankshaft 90 GBP


  16. 16V parts

    Hello, i have allot of 16V parts for sale Moved to Classified section
  17. 2017 VW Arteon

    I bet the G40 looks tiny next to that.
  18. MK2f GT - thermostat housing bolts

    *My mistake, I was thinking of the thermostat elbow screws. The housing is indeed an m8x1.25 cap head screw. Bashing a spline drive in should hopefully sort it.
  19. Fog lights for 6n2

    Normally plenty of them on eBay
  20. In about 100,000 miles I'll want to overhaul the engine. I might get away with hone and new rings, but I suspect rebore is likely. I can't get oversize GK pistons, so been researching alternatives. What about Honda PM6 or PM3 pistons? Different compression height (piston pin to top (ring) of piston) so new conrods. Think HK and GK are 42.97 compression height and the Honda items are 29.5mm. Suspect the Polo conrod is 126mm centre to centre. 052198401b ? The piston wrist pin is 19 or 20mm(PY) and the big end bearing is 45mm at crank , so a whole range of Honda1.6l 137mm conrods look possible, or Suzuki M13A 138mm conrods. Need to get the dimensions right or compression will be too low or off the scale, so might need to deck the block along with the rebo Anyone know dimension from centre of crank to top of block or crank throw for ea111 1.3 polo. Trying to get right value for deck height in this calculator for 11:1 ish compression. http://www.zealautowerks.com/dseries.html D series stats https://www.heeltoeauto.com/tech-articles/d-series-piston-page.html May as well go for custom conrods https://www.ebay.at/itm/112491804363 €549! Or just bushes and shells?
  21. Fog lights for 6n2

    Brilliant response, much appreciated. I thought that I might need a new switch as mine only has rear option.
  22. Fog lights for 6n2

    Apart from the fog lights, you'll need a replacement main light switch that has both front & rear fog light positions, and from there it should just be a plug n play as the wiring for the fogs should already be installed, the connectors for the lights are tied up behind the bumper cover
  23. Thinking of getting some fog lights for my 6n2 polo. What parts will I need and is it straight forward? thanks
  24. MK2f GT - thermostat housing bolts

    They are m6x1mm 30- 35 long iirc. The later 2f type uses coarse self tapping screws; which are supplied with febi thermostst housings.
  25. Help ! My 6N wont start

    Whatever it is, its not locking it up as the starter will turn it slowly, but it dont half make it grunt. Will have to try and get the car under cover. Still too much snow and ice on the ground for scrabbling about.
  26. 93 1.3 AAV Starting Issues

    I had a similar, although not identical, issue with my 1.3 AAV starting in the cold/damp. It would take a while to crank and fire and sometimes take several attempts to fire. When I took the dizzy cap off th contacts were corroded and there was moisture inside the cap. I replaced the cap and arm and removed and cleaned the inside of the distributor. Worth trying to simple things first.
  27. https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/1993-120/1/121-8060/#15 M8 x 1.25 x 32
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