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  2. Your best bet is to make a wanted advert in the classified section, as those who might have these parts wouldn't be looking in this section to find a buyer !!
  3. AFIK yes the belhousings are totally different to the manual ones as the flywheel is different, but the mounting bolts on the engine are the same, so fitting your autobox to a "normal" engine should be a PnP but you would need the corresponding "Auto" ECU's for the engine & g/box
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  5. I'm looking for a few bits of trim and odds and ends. I'm wondering if anyone can advise me where best to look, I'm familiar with vwheritage, and gsf. I once had a link to some German parts site that I found on here some time ago but can't find it now. The parts I want are the screw covers for the door handles on a mk2, I want the little covers that go over the screws for the glove box and the under steering wheel storage spaces. Finally I need the rubber boots that go on the wing mirror adjusters. 171 857 517 867 857 941 867 867 185/188 I know vw heritage used to do the wing mirror boots but I can't find them anymore. Can anyone help me with links or with good parts sites?
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    Am after a straight rust free ish slam panel.


  7. So after spending a lot of the weekend trying to chase down electrical problems and not really getting anywhere I decided I'd do something that would yield better results. I have seen posts before about how people have put speakers in the front of their polos, and have seen some very impressive results involving cutting door cards and making speaker pods. I've gone a slightly different route and thought I'd show you what I did for those who (like me) didn't want to cut their door cards. What I've done is very simple and could easily be copied but is best explained with pictures. Using MDF I cut a piece 30cm tall by about 20cm wide (I didn't actually measure, sorry). I then jammed it into the door wedging it in a position that had minimal movement and marked out where the speaker would roughly sit. Took it to the work bench and cut a hole in the wood where I wanted the speaker to sit. Once I'd bolted the speaker into the wood I jammed it back into position (after plugging speaker wire to speaker) and used some firm packing foam to remove the little play / movement that remained. This would work better with speakers that actually fit between the sections of the inner door but I was working with the speakers I already had, and it works well. I've now put the door card back on and it doesn't snag the speaker at all, I now have invisible front speakers.
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    Hi , Im looking for a Mk3 Saloon , I doesnt have to be running , however the bodywork needs to be tidy. , However please PM me with what you have . Much appreciated


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    For Sale: Reluctantly selling my 6N2 1600 16 valve GTi. This is a lovely car, drives really well, with no major issues. The car is standard, no messing about has been done, so no straight through exhaust, coil overs or other such modifications. The car had an MoT at the end of January, passed with two advisories, both of which have been sorted. It has recently had a new alternator, leads, plugs, and a major service. I've been using it for work, travelling about 100 - 150 miles a day, not had any problems. The car reached 100,000 miles on Friday 24th, but that shouldn't increase as I have a new car now. The body work does show signs of having being used and not hidden away, but nothing out of the ordinary. There are two things that don't work on the car, the central locking and the rear washer. The central locking is a common issue, and one that I have been meaning to get fixed, but have never got round to. The car locks and unlocks with out any issues, its just that you have to unlock each lock individually if you wish to open that door or the boot. The rear washer makes the right noises, but nothing happens. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks


  10. Hi all, just a short update (I hope) My old man has welded up the rear sill for me while i'm at uni (he says I owe him cause he burned himself doing it :P) I'll get this painted properly in due course. Fuel tank decided it wanted to leave puddles in the workshop so that has been replaced too. Managed to sort the handbrake cable - just wanted some adjustment on the nut by the handbrake lever. Rear flexi hoses are fitted, along with some new sections of fixed pipe as the unions were buggered. And I have managed to sort the existing engine out, saving the cost of fitting the replacement (gaskets etc are not cheap). Swapped the cam and tappets out for the ones in the replacement engine. You can see that the original tappets were absolutely shagged. Cam was fine though, but I still fitted the newish one so they all match up. Runs sweet! I now have a spare engine, albeit with rattly tappets in it. The tappet on the left is obviously an old one.. Plan is to get it MOTd this week, so wish her luck! Cheers, Tom.
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    Hi guys, after clocks for my mk2f polo GT if you have or know of any ?


  12. really clean. dont touch the rear arches
  13. did a bit more driving rack book replaced, as always it was a pain to to stretch onto the holders took the time to measure the pionon and center the rack. had to take quite abit out of the bay to do it so heatwrap before this goes in again
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  15. Just sort out the rust around the arches,water leak,oil leak prob fit a set of alloys & leave as is.
  16. looks pretty clean ,any plans for it?
  17. Had one of these years ago,should have kept it,luckily found another & collected it today. 1.0l 5 speed model ,not many left now ,needs tidying but gonna sort it for my daughter to use for her work,bit of retro driving :)
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    I am putting up for sale my recently acquired 1.3L 6n polo. firstly i am putting this back up for sales as i purchase it to use to drive to my new job but unfortunately its not suitable for me driving down the motorway everyday and i feel that it would be a shame to start racking up the miles on the car when i currently has such low mileage on it. The car is currently showing 48k on the clock which for a car that is a 1995 registered car is very low!!! The car comes with a large amount of receipts and history dating back for it first registration, every MOT and Service since. The last MOT has no advisories and the car needs and wants for nothing it is beautiful to drive and runs great. Before my purchase of the car the previous owner did a major service including belts and replaced a lot of the engine electrical to deal with a running fault, since then the car has ran beautiful and is like new under the bonnet items replaced in February 2017: • plugs • plug leads • distributor • coil • temperature sensor • ECU reprogrammed • Wipers front and rear The car has been fitted with baby G60 steels with G60 centre caps and they were wrapped in Pirelli tyres with have now covered 4500miles with plenty of tread to spare. The exterior has also been fitted with Polo 16v bumpers front and rear, tailgate has been de badged leaving only the Volkswagen badge in the centre as can be seen on the pictures, bump strips have been removed from the sides of the car and clear indicators also fitted up front.\ The interior of the car is in excellent condition for it age fitted with Volkswagen floor mates the only interior change is the Song headunit which is brand new and comes with the original box and instructions, the head unit can pair with any smart phone and be used as heads free kit. The car comes with a space saver space wheel and the original Volkswagen tool kit in the boot, the car will also have its 2 original car keys. included in the sale is some 16v seats which again are in great condition for the new owner to swap over if so desired to give you a bit more comfort, i also have some door cards which are included these have been re trimmed in red leather with my plan to have the 16v seats trimmed to match to bring the car a bit more up to date. MOT is valid to August 2017 the car is located in Runcorn WA7 price is £900ono cash on collection or it can be via paypal while stood next to me if that is easy than cash any question please do not hesitate to ask.


  19. Just bought my self a nugget 6n2 1.4 8v auto for £30 for a daily rag around for my 75 mile a day commute. I think remember reading that the auto and manual engines have different bell housings to each other? Is this correct? All I'm wanting to do is stick a 1.6 8v in it that I've got lurking in my garage just for some extra "get up to speed" grunt. Would the 1.4 auto bell housing fit on the 1.6? However I know with working on heavy vehicles that manual to auto conversion required an ecu from an auto engine. Will I need this for Le oloP or are all engine ecus the same? Not doing manual conversion, 1. Because I cant be arsed. 2. I sit in many hours of traffic a week and autos are just the best for crawling at 5mph :P Thanks in advance
  20. I think one of the marshalls does the sound meter as you go past. I've never seen anyone get flagged for it, but if you know your car to be silly loud, it might be worth doing something with it before you go.
  21. I've never seen any dowels on these engine and I've had the heads off a few of them. For lining up the gasket and head what I have is an old head bolt with the head removed and a slot cut in big enough for a flat blade screwdriver.
  22. Check the breather pipe between the filler neck and the top of the tank has been fitted properly. Also check the clamps on the fuel lines for the sender are tight and not leaking. You'll get access to the sender unit under the rear seat. You'll see a big round access panel.
  23. 3 relays. Well something new every day. I can understand 2, one for high beam one for low beam. I can understand 4 (ditto) except with a dedicated relay per bulb so any failure leaves at least one filament with power. But 3? 0.03 ohm sounds good. Not earth fault. What does meter read for both probes touched together? 0.00? The permanent 12v will be effectively straight off battery via a fuse (or two) - so will be nearly 14.4v when alternator running with no resistance losses by going 4+ metres around via the dashboard switches and fuse box. I'll see what the top output is on mine. I'm extending a 2 relay upgrade loom main feed at the moment. Maybe a relay has gone sticky. I suppose you could try swapping relays with each other and note the effect. Be careful, some might be 5-pin relays with a normally closed and normally open high current switch contacts. Don't swap with 4-pin relay.
  24. none on my abd /mh combo
  25. My Step-dad is an audiologist so I'll get his DB reader and test it over weekend
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