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  3. Adam68

    Mk2 Polo interior bits

    Time Left: 29 days and 14 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    I'm after a few interior bits for my '84 breadvan: - Rear parcel shelf (no speaker holes, please) - Parcel shelf supports (LH & RH - mounting lugs must be intact!) - Rear seat belts (LH & RH) - Passenger door card in blue (must be good condition - vinyl is rippled on mine) Also looking for: - Fuel tank & pump from an injection car - converting mine to to 1.4 AHW 16V Lupo engine. No rot please - will buy new if I can't find good used part) - Any performance exhaust bits? Manifold to suit AHW, system to suit breadvan... If anyone has any of the above, please let me know how much and where you are - they may need to be posted if not local to me (Banbury, Oxfordshire) Thanks, Adam


    - GB

  4. Yesterday
  5. mk2tastic

    Fuse box multi plug

    When the new part arrives you’ll take one look at dismantling that connector to fit the new one and say ‘nah, I’ll leave it as it is’ 😀 As the saying goes, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it😉
  6. I can turn full lock left and right. The Jubilee clip adjuster is close, but not in the way.
  7. dvderlm

    Fuse box multi plug

    Reassembled. Let there be dipped light. it works. Just as well. Still waiting for the terminal block from Latvia. It was processed quickly.
  8. My stab in the dark would be the EGR valved coked up, but your best option, as Nige says, is to give it a scan and see what it says.
  9. nige8021

    Polo suddenly slows down

    You will need to get the fault codes read with a VAG specific reader ideally VCDS as it's a 2000 oil burner it' isn't EOBD compliant (2005 for oil burners) that is why it needs to be a VAG specific, not all fault codes will put on the warning light, once you have the code/s post them and then we can start the fault finding
  10. Hi all. Yesterday I was driving my VW Polo Classic 1.7 Diesel year 2000 and all of sudden it lost acceleration. Accelerator pedal was unresponsive even when I pushed it all the way down. Car is moving slowly and I can shift gears but accelerator pedal is not doing its function. When I turn off the car and start it again, all is working fine and 5 minutes later same thing happens. I read somewhere that this is "limp mode" but I'm not sure. There are no lights on the dashboard. What could be the cause of this ?
  11. Last week
  12. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Managed to get a bit done over the last couple of weeks. The bonnet has been filled and blocked, just a couple of small dents plus a bit of rust pitting over the offside headlight. It also got a second layer of primer on it, and has been blocked again. Seen here part way through rubbing through a guide coat. Two of the doors have been filled (car park door dings) and blocked. Waiting for it to warm up a bit so I can get another coat of epoxy primer on there to seal it - no idea when the paint job will be done so epoxy will prevent any moisture being absorbed while it all
  13. foreststu

    JMW 315X. My old MK1.

    @malaga red it's still going and just been put up for sale on Facebook @ £4k https://www.facebook.com/groups/215218691834722/buy_sell_discussion
  14. The OP hasn't been online since July 2015 so I doubt you'll get an answer
  15. I know it’s a long time ago lol but did you manage to get 15x8 on polo? I have mk2 polo coupe I want to put them on
  16. nige8021


    First Welcome to the forum. Have a look at this https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/topic/118967-mk1mk2mk2f-various-amounts-of-lows-and-wheels/ and this https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/topic/339917-general-tyre-size-guide-mk1-7/
  17. CJAAY90


    What’s up.. can I fit 15x8 on mk2 coupe 1991 lowered at 60mm front and 40mm rear
  18. With a 4 speed gearbox it can be fitted upside down. Is a bit further from the exhaust downpipe(s) eg G40 stainless manifold. I honestly could not tell any difference in handling/cornering with bar upside down, with standard suspension. With a 5 speed box and 4 speed ARB it will sometimes bash the gearbox end casing really hard on bumpy roads, potentially until it leaks oil. (Note; my Polo is pre August 1984 so camber is -10' to +50' from factory. After that -30' to +30' for all Polos. Except GK engined like mine. After Aug1984 -40' to +20'
  19. was wondering does anybody know if still possible to get this material, or even the factory name of it and if anybody has those seats even in bad condition only need a small section for repair. These are the original seats in my coupe S and would love to make it standard again, I also don't even know what the door cards look like to match this so if anybody has a photo of the original cards or even better a set of them please get in touch, thanks.
  20. dougstar21

    H567 GNA grey g40 conversion

    Unfortunately it was broken for bits. Tav broke it to use the engine in his GT, Ross bought the engine to use in his mk2 breadvan, and I've bought it to use in my GT. Since it was removed from your car, the engine hasn't sat in a bay yet, just been looking pretty on various peoples engine stands.
  21. cal3b1


    Hi i’m new to a lot of things about my polo but i own a 2000 vw 1.4 polo 6n2 and i have recently bought a mk6 golf steering wheel with the hopes of fitting it to improve the overall interior look, but the newer steering wheel doesn’t fit, anyone know if it’s possible to fit newer steering wheels to my car and if so how. PLS HELP!!!
  22. Trivia question: Is it possible to put the arb on upside down on a 4 speed breadvan? Because haynes says the front of the bar must be facing up, however now I have it lying on the floor it actually is facing down. If if flip the thing it will face up Might be the cause of the ARB being such a pain in the ****. 🥴
  23. TLovett12

    VW Polo GTI 1.6 16V 6N2

    Time Left: 25 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Hi all, this is a provisional advert for my beloved Polo GTI 6N2. I essentially wanted to put the feelers out and see what the general vibes are for my high mileage but extremely well looked after and totally stock 6N2. Excuse the arty photo of it, I will get more detailed pictures up very soon. This is the only place I've advertised this car so far, as I'm keen for it to go to someone with some interest. The Technical Details: Reflex Silver 5 Door Air Conditioning - Recently fixed and functioning Original 15" BBS Split Rim Alloys - Recently refurbished, immaculate condition all with centre caps. Cloth Interior - In an average to good condition Black Seat Belts with Red edging - Not full Red versions 2x Keys - Remote working on 1x, immobiliser on both Stock Gamma cassette radio with 6 CD changer in boot - had tried various cables over the year for a 3.5mm input conversion but no joy Didn't have the famous Pedal Box recall. Not on the records and/or was past the production issues. The Emotional Bit: This car has been in my life since November 2008, picked it up from a small independent garage in Kent with 35k on the clock. I'd always coveted the 6N2 GTI after owning a Blue 1.4 6N for many years previous so finally saved up and bought one with all my pizza delivery money. I always wanted a Black one but we found this SIlver one with low miles so was the sensible choice. I've loved and cared for it these many years since, visiting the same regular garage and possibly paying over the odds for servicing until I learnt to do it myself! Most recently in the past year I've had the gear selector replaced and a new clutch, basket and thrust release bearing put in. I've spent a lot of money having the wheels refurbished, and actually in that time bought another car (Golf MK4 TDI) for my eco-run on the motorway to work every day from Herts to London. Every fibre in my body does not want to let this car go, but while I'm not driving it and almost need the space for new projects, I feel the time has come to pass it on to someone else to love and take care of. If anyone wants to know more please get in touch, happy to talk AT LENGTH about this car. Many thanks for reading, Tom


    , Hertfordshire

  24. Time Left: 25 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Silver, Petrol 1990 Mk2 Breadvan. 3 Door Hatchback 56, 380 miles Incredibly well looked after and garaged it's whole life by one owner who brought it new (my Dad). Starts first time every time, drives perfectly & he's never failed an MOT in all of his 30 years, MOT'd until February 2022 (can all be viewed online). Cosmetically excellent apart from a small 'ding' on the passenger door (covered by a VW sticker in the photo). Has full service history and all documentation of all work ever carried out including the original V5 from 1990! Will be valeted before sale. Ideally I want it to go to someone who will love him for many years to come!


    Cheltenham, England - GB

  25. Nice photo of cleaned adjuster wedge - showing all important micro serrations.
  26. Just wanted to say thanks all - car passed mot. In the end I did the following jobs with the help of a friend: - Stripped and cleaned drum mechanism, in-particular ensured wedge was clean (citric acid to the rescue) - Free'd up wheel cylinders, they were in good shape, but had gone a little sticky, rolled rubber back and cleaned up. - Free'd up hand brake pivot - this was almost seized solid in the off position, lots of gt85 and wiggling required. - Fitted new rear wheel bearings - Fitted new discs (as one disc was distorted) - Deglazed pads, shoes and
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