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  2. kiran_182

    Draining Battery

    Is the belt tight, the loom on the front secure, earth cables clean and tight
  3. fi1

    Polo Bluegt, front grille blue G

    Time Left: 1 month and 29 days

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    The blue letter G from a bluegt 150 ps model. Please


  4. Not sure with the Solus if it will allow you to run the TBA (Throttle Body Alignment) test ? (http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/Throttle_Body_Alignment_(TBA)) as that should get rid of those remaining codes, if not take it for a drive for around 20 mins and drive it with as much variations of throttle/speeds and that should allow the ECU to relearn the values for the throttle body
  5. Thanks all, Just put it back together with a fully charged battery and performed a scan using the Snap-on Solus Ultra. Initially it was displaying 6 fault codes - 00533 Idle speed regulation control limit exceed. 01087 Basic setting not performed, signal outside tolerances. 00524 Knock sensor 1 (G16) open circuit/short with ground - intermittent. 00537 O2 Sensor Regulation control limit exceeded - intermittent. 00518 Throttle position sensor (G69) open circuit/short with power - intermittent. 00530 Throttle position sensor (G88) open circuit /short with power - Intermittent. I then reset the fault codes and attempted to restart the engine. It then came up with only two fault codes - 00533 Idle speed regulation control limit exceed. 01087 Basic setting not performed, signal outside tolerances. Reset the service indicator and performed an instrumentation/ calibration check. Cleared the 2 codes above and tried one last time, came up with the same 2 codes on attempting to start. 00533 Idle speed regulation control limit exceed. 01087 Basic setting not performed, signal outside tolerances. The engine will just about start and run if you hold the throttle open. Sound/feels like its only running on 2 (or even 1 if that is possible) Any idea's ?
  6. Hi I've got a 93 polo mk2f and the battery keeps draining. I had the alternator replaced recently and have been assured that's not the problem. Guy from the garage seems to think its mechanically sound and there's an electrical fault somewhere. Had my battery tested and was told it's 96% capacity so think I can rule that out. I'm thinking its a electrical fault somewhere but don't know where to start. When I got the car the car I noticed a few electrical issues: CD player not working - Initially worked but stopped connecting to speakers out of the blue, the player itself was working. Have disconnected since Dash lights don't work (driving at night is fun), but can control brightness of heater switches with the adjuster for the dash lights. Petrol gauge isn't working Wondering if anyone knows if these could be the issue or something else? And if any of them could just be down to fuses. Not sure where to find fuses for this! Appreciate any help. Cheers
  7. SteveParky

    Polo 6n 16v

    Time Left: 1 month and 29 days

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    For sale my VW Polo 16v in black. MOT till May 2020. I'm the second owner from new, and it comes with service history from new, Has done 78,000 miles, brilliant on petrol, starts every time. It's not without its problems: ABS light is on, this is due to wheel bearing needing replacing, you can hear it humming as you drive. I do have a new one which will be included on the sale. Occasionally it's idle is a bit high, possibly fixed with cleaning air flow sensor/throttlebody Central locking and driver electric window not working. Few chips on paintwork, small rust areas on arches, as expected at this age. I've had this car for around 9 years and it's been great, always had its oil changes etc, has 4 good tires and the original VW roof rack (hard to find!) will be included as well. I'll be sad to see it go, but need a bigger car. Located CM0, Essex. 07854496175 - Steve


    , Essex

  8. Thanks. I've tried a few of the online catalogues but they don't list the bare head numbers, unfortunately. If they list any numbers at all (many entries are just blank or marked 'unavailable') they are for the exchange units with camshafts etc, which I don't have for the head I'm buying. Online advice elsewhere is a bit contradictory, so I'm being a bit cautious!
  9. prankstar2003

    Another Build Thread

    After a looooooong hiatus, I've managed to get some time (and money!) to hit this again properly. Progress can be seen below Car has spent most of the last few years looking like this (except for a brief time where I moved it outside so I could gain access to the back garden whilst that was landscaped) Over the last few months however I've had some work done including - Retrimmed interior - this wasn't easy as the material isn't available new. I found another set of seats and recruited a local Aston Martin trimmer to make one decent set from the two shitty sets. It's not a perfect job as we didn't have enough material for all the faded bits, but they're so much better (and more comfortable) than they were - Mechanical HH head was sent to legendary VW head expert Dave Crissel to be flowed and have new valves put in. Great work as always from a professional. It's just a shame it will never be seen - ABD block has been caustic dipped and rehoned by another legend David Knight - Lots of other parts have been sent off for caustic dipping ready to be PC'd or painted. If you've not heard of this process before, it's great for renewing rusty and scabby parts. Here's a picture of a box of metal I had done There's a list as long as my arm for other bits to go on. I've rebuilt this car once and now I'm doing it again this time 'properly'! This weekend's goal was to pull the old engine (that's done less than 100 miles since rebuild )... Then dropped the new one in... The more eagle eyed of you will notice this is a bit of a bastard engine. It's an HH (mechanical lifter) head mated to an ABD bottom end. The fuel rail and inlet are from a GT, the injectors from a G60 and the TB is from an NZ. This is now all in place to have a turbo manifold mocked up. Once the manifold and turbo pipework is all in place it'll go off to the sprayers to have a proper respray. More updates over the coming weeks
  10. MonsterL35YFP

    ACR/AVY torque settings

    Thank you, iv not been able to find them anywhere.
  11. looks like will have to buy from buycarparts .
  12. I need a new pair of front calipers for the 6N 16V. I have done a rear brake conversion and the rears run so hot, have a feeling the front pair are either sieized or air trapped and the nipples have snapped off them. 6N0615125B 6N0615126A 6N0615124D 6N0615123D is for the AFH CLosest I can find on ebay is ; 6N0615124B 6N0615123B Is the AFH for 252mm discs and standard 6N has 234mm discs?
  13. nige8021

    Event Rules

    The Polo Social is a chilled out club event and we really want to keep it that way. Billing Aquadrome is a family camp site and they ALLOW us to host this event at their location but part of this is we abide by some rule. So please take some time to read these. Rules: - No cruising or on site : once you are parked up in the field you are expected to leave your car there unless you are going offsite to the shops or have a genuine reason to need to move it. Billing security are on the ball and will possibly throw you off site if you keep driving about. And I want to be totally clear. NO Handbrake turns, wheel spinning or reving of engines anywhere on site. Doing any of these things mean you may face being removed from the site. Billing security are normally laid back but if you wind them up they will not hesitate to escort you and your car off site. - No Speeding on site. There is a 5 MPH limit everywhere. Billing is a family friendly location and there are lots of kids running around. There is also a one way system all over the Aquadrome which also must be adhered to. - No loud noise between 11pm and 8am. Billing Aquadrome is a family site and there will be people staying there other than Club Polo people so keep it quiet (i.e. car stereos, car engines) between these hours. Also think of the people camping next you. Yes they are in tents but this does nothing to stop the noise of music, screaming/shouting/swearing. - No trouble causing. This might sound obvious to most but it is not acceptable behaviour to go into other people's shows/meetings and steal banners, cause damage or generally try to cause trouble. Both Club Polo and Billing staff will take a very dim view on this and anyone responsible WILL be escorted off site - day or night. Billing security reserve the right to escort anyone off site for any reason they see fit and you will not get a refund. - No drink driving. Again, sounds stupid but some people seem to think that because you are in a field that it's OK to drive about after ten beers. Billing is still subject to the laws of the UK and the police will get involved. We have seen people at Billing (who were nothing to do with Club Polo) get arrested and carted off in a police van for this in past years. - Dogs are welcome on site but must be kept on a lead at all times while on site. Owners must clean up after their pets. - No monkey bikes, quads, go-karts or similar are allowed to be used on site. - You are not allowed to sleep in your car. - Bins are provided on-site and you will be given a bin bag by Club Polo staff on entry. Please use these and keep the site as tidy as possible. If you require more bin bags then please ask any Club Polo staff member (until we run out!). - BBQs are allowed on site but please ensure they are raised off the grass. Make sure any BBQs are fully extinguished after use by pouring water on them. Ensure BBQs are not lit right next to tents - tents are very flammable! - Open fires are not allowed! If you see anyone else doing anything you think they shouldn't be doing then please don't hesitate to contact either Billing Security or any Club Polo staff person. We need your help to make the event run smoothly and to ensure everyone has a good time. Please police your friends if you think the are acting out of order tell them!
  14. To enter the Show and Shine see one of the members of staff floating around (normally by the Marquee) Before 10:30AM (11AM at the very latest) and we will get you signed up. Entry is £5 but all of this money will go to charity and whatever is raised the club will match it. So even if you are not bothered about a trophy please still enter your car as the money does go to a really good cause which currently is Macmillan Cancer Support and Compton Hospice. The Show and Shine is self-judged so the most deserving cars are decided by the people who enter (no you can't vote for your own car! 🙂 ) We also have a People’s Choice award which allows anyone attending the show to cast their vote. To get these slips also see one of the staff. Trophies Available: Self Judged: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Staff Picked And also Peoples Choice Because Racecar award The whole weekend is a chilled out and relaxed one and this includes the Show and Shine. The whole point is to have a bit of fun and see some nice Polo's! 🙂
  15. This year the Polo Social is our 20th anniversary year to be held on 03/04/05 July 2020 it is put on by Club Polo which is open to all VW Polo owners from any Club. So, if you are part of a local club bring everyone down and grab a spot in the field. What to Expect? A relaxed event where you can catch up with other members, see their cars and meet new people from the club. Expect a big club meet which lasts the weekend with some beers and BBQs! What’s going on? Details are yet to be finalised but plans are for the club BBQ to return on the Saturday night, Show and Shine on the Sunday. We are looking to have some things going Saturday daytime. Where is it? The event is held at Billing Aquadrome, Northampton Billing, NN3 9DA. http://www.billingaquadrome.com/ Tel: 01524 781 453 We have held the event here for a number of years, it’s an excellent venue which really suits the club’s event. There is food available on site and there are also a couple of pubs and a Fish & Chips shop in walking distance. There is also the Mini-Golf, Karting and a leisure centre with a pool. What do you need? If you are camping then you need the general camping gear of tent, sleeping bag, etc. If you want to clean your car up for the show and shine on the Sunday there is a cold-water supply so, bring your bucket and cleaning gear. Also bring some money but there is a cash machine by the entrance to the site. How much does it cost and how to book? If you are camping the rate is £TBA/night. A pitch is for a tent for up to 4 people, if you have extra cars they may charge you extra. If you are a paid up member there is a discounted rate details will be in the members only section soon https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/forum/30-members-only/ To book head to http://www.billingaquadrome.com/ and click book now. Then please select Shelduck 2 as this is our field. If you are camping for just the Saturday night then its £TBA per pitch. You can book this online as per above but you might not be able to select Shelduck 2. Please select another field but just pitch up in the Shelduck 2 field with the rest of us when you arrive as there will be loads of room. The day rate is £10 per car.
  16. Last week
  17. nige8021

    ACR/AVY torque settings

    Lightly oil sealing lip of oil pump oil seal. ‒ Guide oil pump carefully onto crankshaft polygon cams. ‒ Align inner rotor to crankshaft polygon cams by turning slightly if necessary. ‒ Then slide oil pump carefully onto guide pins. ‒ Secure oil pump with new bolts. Tightening torque: 10 Nm
  18. I'm after the torque settings for the ACR/AVY direct drive oil pump to block bolts.
  19. Have a look at this https://7zap.com/en/catalog/cars/volkswagen/brand/20/0/Polo%2FDerby%2FVento-IND/PO/Volkswagen/VU5iS3hPV1VXczkrOEwrcXg3VkpCQURGbXZ3MEd1cG1hdnA0OGUzTWlsQ0lJbi9GNE5GQ0U4eDdSVUJTU1UvdFlQWkcrY1hlazkxVldRUEZTUjRKNnpMOHVsZ0U3ZXFJRnBnRjU3TUZ6UDJxcStZNTk3QVNnVXFXQTdWSHFmOTA=/6bbffde8b5b8077d2d0a5796da6eea3c:8cc545faedee5f020cf1429c3de470cf/manufacturer/1/103-3000
  20. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Procrastination took up most of the available time today. I did manage to get the alternator cleaned up though. I'll be blasting and painting the fan, pulley and tensioner arm in the week to smarten them up a bit - the main body came up well enough to leave as is. 🙂
  21. Yeti

    MK2 breadvan Formel E with SSA

    Solid looking car with a lot of potential. I had it on my watch list and was getting tempted! The rub strips are a bit of a mismash of age appropriate optional extra ones (the rounded soft rubber ones with the Polo badge) and ones off a later car (the hard plastic angular ones). A lot of the SSA's were disabled or pulled out when the cars were near new. The idea was well ahead of its time, and although it worked in principle, battery and starter motor tech wasn't ready for it at the time. I'd love to see a working setup in action.
  22. Hi all, Would anyone be able to help clarify the cylinder head part numbers for the mk1 HA engine (895cc) with water heated manifolds? Mine's a '78 with part number 052 103 373C, but I'm being offered a one with part number 052 103 373A. Is there a significant differences between these heads? I gather that most of the early heads are all the same (camshafts aside), but I'm being told the inlet valve diameter for 052 103 373A is 34mm whereas my current one is 32mm. Does anyone know if the one I'm being offered is suitable? Daniel
  23. Jim1500

    MK2 breadvan Formel E with SSA

    looks to be a great base, love the steering wheel dude! You keeping it stock looking or going for alloys etc? Going back to freshly painted steels with the black centres would be lovely on that
  24. Jim1500

    1 year anniversary gift...

    Scum! Had it done on my wifes car last year, down both doors and rear quarter.
  25. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Black bits painted in engine enamel. Exhaust manifold was blasted yesterday, (cheers Dave!) and sprayed with high temperate paint at work this afternoon. More freshening up of filthy stuff coming soon.
  26. MartinB

    1988 F reg Mk2 Polo breadvan, 1.3 CL

    HOW MUCH?!
  27. AlanWebb

    Do I have a rare car.... ?

    Hi all, I'm new to the club but joined as I have just bought a 2001 5 door Jazz Blue Concept openair. Everything is still standard as far as I can tell. Paint is good. Mechanics less so. I will try to get some more pics uploaded soon. Alan.
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