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  2. Find a Cheap doner 6n2 gti and a clean 6n and swap over everything.
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  4. Id be up for this as I haven't had it on a dyno since altering the exhaust some more
  5. Been striping the engine bay tonight, took out the steering rack, the loom and a few other bits and piecesuncovered some rust not sure yet on what im going to do but not to bad. also need to fix someones bodged battery box repair. Thats all for tonight ill update when i have a work on it next college work is drowning me atm haha nearing the end of the course tho !!
  6. Precisely - air is flowing through to cylinders and dragging some fuel despite the throttle plates being fully closed. I did have to move the starter device levers to remove the choke cable and I think this has exposed the actuator fault leak. Des Hammill reckons 1200rpm idle is common for twin 40s, but I had got it down to 950 using 36 idles and a very rich .7 holder. Even with this idle the Dignition thought the low vacuum was accelerating and advanced too early, hence switch to mappable ignition - nice and drivable but a bit gutless and capable of more top-end. The AFR gauge showed it was lean at idle at tailpipe (even before it raced) and also helped me find mid-range richness. But I've been told I may need as much as 55 idles on 1300, 55 and .1 was poor economy and 46 with .1 was surging lean, 51 and .1 was poor economy but better than 55. 48 and .1 was okay. 51 and .5 was brilliant on a cold day. The Lotus turbo carb also has lots of progression holes so picking the right combination of idle and holder for n/a use can be interesting.
  7. Ahhh okay thank you for that it's a shame they didn't come to the UK I'll just stick with my 95 16v looks pretty similar Cheers
  8. 1500 sounds too high for idle
  9. I think it was only available in Europe not officially available in the UK
  10. I'm just curious was there a factory made polo 6n gti
  11. Time Left: 29 days and 13 hours

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    Hey up, I'm after the metal coolant pipe behind the engine. I'm fitting NZ injection to my AAV and realized I need the metal coolant pipe off an MPI engine to bolt the ISV to. Any help would be grand cheers.


  12. After further inspection, the cam belt idler was knackered along with the auxiliary belt tensioner
  13. Yes, the Turbo carb, or conversion to turbo use from n/a carb needs an o-ring on the starting device actuator spindle... If that o-ring has failed there's a leak, maybe on both carbs.
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  15. What did you find was the problem mate ?
  16. Didn't want to ask on the technical help because i dont really need help with it, just wondering if theres anyone who knows of any good exhausts for polo 9n's that give it a bit more of a purr?
  17. Hi @nige8021 thank you for your answer! it works, i think i leave the indicators for later..
  18. ooh- Tornado pink left hand drive, XLG 6.1 !
  19. Had them before but thanks for the advice. Tbh my bonnet is faded badly anyway so needs spraying at some point. It's actually now a different colour to the rest of the car!
  20. That's the weird thing. It idles really smoothly but now at 1500+ rpm. Will pull the car along if I'm gentle with the clutch. I had it at steady 950rpm about 4 idle jet changes ago (with 36 in .7 holders at 1.25%CO2 and with 48 in .1 holders). Timing is 2 degrees "centrifugal" advance on 5 static at 1000rpm.(using Aldon Amethyst). Plus 7 ish degrees vacuum advance at 1000rpm at -7psi and 3 at -3.5psi. So about 8 to 12 degrees load and temp dependent. I have a snapshot from this morning at 840rpm with 4 degrees centrifugal and no vacuum so 9 degrees total BTDC. Slight touch of the accelerator pedal even gently and I'm on 13.5:1 pulling the car along and can get to 14 to 15 at cruise at 2500rpm 50mph. My new theory is that the starter circuit is providing the idle fueling. There were no starter jets fitted when I got the carbs. Perhaps the piston is not blocking flow or the actuator is leaking. It has a weird reduced diameter cutout section on the Turbo carbs.. perhaps it needs a good seal right there... on Turbo car to stop fuel and air blowing out, on N/A to stop "falschluft" air leaning the mix and activating the starter device circuit. Not taken that bit apart yet. I've been screwing in the idle mixture screws as I've gone up on the idle jet getting good vacuum at each carb manometer test point (big pulses of 17inHg). I may reset mixture with the trusty colortune - wish I had four of them. I might screw the idles right in or remove the idle jets and see how it behaves. EasyStart spray revealed no air leaks at manifold last time I tried. There are more places to investigate. The jet stack cover supplies air to the starter device. There's a one way valve to my brake servo and all four runners are connected with a balance tube to measure "manifold" vacuum. A vacuum gauge on dash shows pulses at idle despite an accumulator chamber and pulse reducer but says I get steady-ish 2to7inHg at normal loads and 9 to 14inHg on overrun. The AFR gauge does n't think it goes lower than -8.3psi and drives/cruises at -2 to -5 psi.
  21. I have one of these on my Mk2. It's a great place for rust to start so I take it off now and again to check. To keep it looking in good condition, take it off and run over it with a scouring pad. I use a wooden wedge to get it off so the paint doesn't get damaged.
  22. Excellent colour. 1st Polo show I went to back in 2004 there was a Framboise Polo on Powertec's. Was sweet.
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    As above really. Have Coupe S arches want some skirts to match.


  24. tailgates have holes drilled and then it just snaps on....good luck drilling them in the right places , must be 10-12 holes
  25. That sounds brilliant, won't be attempting the gasket change until the end of may once i'm finished with uni! Thanks again Nige!
  26. It will cover all the pre-removal alignment of the belt pulleys and how to check them post replacement of the belt and any torque figures needed, I'll keep working on trying to get the dealer manual to work properly :)
  27. Ah not to worry, do you know if the manual covers re-timing the engine after removing the head then?
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