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  2. caretakerplus

    Lower temperature thermostats

    That would also be my question. If the engine is overheating, lowering the opening temperature isn't going to cure the problem. Possibilities for overheating include partially blocked radiator core, radiator airways restricted, pump problem or a hose lining having become partially detached and obstructing the coolant flow. Weak mixture or retarded ignition can also cause overheating. A blown head gasket can lead to overheating. Regards
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  4. steveo3002

    Lower temperature thermostats

    why do you want one...standard system should cope fine
  5. from what ive seen they tend to flap about a bit ..if youre confident its a good 90 degs and not howling then its prob about right
  6. belt a tooth out = cam timing altered dont confuse this with ign timing which should be done with a strobe lamp both will have an indepedant effect on the way the engine runs
  7. Rally bag

    1.3 engine

    Time Left: 1 month and 28 days

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    I'm looking for a an alloy rocker cover for 1.3 engine. Its the non g40 type of engine like the attached pic.


  8. steveo3002

    Polo breadvan lighting relay

    they dont come with a headlight relay...unless someone had fitted a modified loom
  9. The water pump adjustable to tighten the belt
  10. Tdc-1 is usually the one for adjisting older engines to new fuel, it can indeed perk the car up You need to rotate the dizzy too so your sparking at the right time Hot air is lese dense than cold so the car will feel sluggish compared to a cold day. Take it out on a hot day and then again in the evening when its colder and see the difference
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  12. Simple one, has anyone used superpro bushes on there mk2f/MK3 and would you recommend them.
  13. MK2F GT: I'm trying to understand TDC vs ignition and how a belt tooth either way can affect performance: Which direction on crank pulley timing notch will advance the ignition, if that's the right term for this - clockwise when facing crank/cam sprockets toward the forward edge of timing gap, or counterclockwise toward rear of gap? I timed the crank pulley slightly clockwise lined up with forward edge of the gap which ended up bang in the middle after a couple of rotations. I think it was further back last change at the other end of the gap which it's been running like for past 2 1/2 years. I don't know if it's the current weather - thought hot & dry weather was slower than cold & condensation though? But the engine seems to have more torque now. Engine seems more 'alive' compared to before but I thought having the pistons fire after TDC further down on their travel (clockwise at gap) would decrease power as more volume? Surely more power = more anticlockwise back at TDC or have I got any of this wrong? Want to learn - please help me understand 🙂
  14. Just replaced the cambelt - first thing I noticed was maybe 1cm of belt flapping at idle along the long length between cam & crank - is this a problem? Car runs fine, belt isn't whirring. Tightened to 90 degree twist on short length, just over 90 flapping length. I used the same brand of belt last change and found any tighter would cause belt to whirr loudly.
  15. Hi all I have a 1984 polo bredvan and my relay keeps clicking on and off so I am wondering if anyone know which relays are for what as I believe it is the lighting relay at fault thanks
  16. Fitted a new rocker gasket and cambelt - all good now, thanks for your help. I cut and discarded the inner cambelt cover but preserved the plastic arrow for the cam sprocket along with 2 mounting holes so can be bolted back on temporarily if needed. Side of block was filthy - all cleaned up and exposed now so much easier to keep an eye on belts & gaskets. Also, cambelt can be posted through the gap between pulley and sump shoulder so no need to remove pulley for anyone reading (unless lower cover is still in place).
  17. dvderlm

    Lower temperature thermostats

    https://www.amazon.com/MTC-4175-056-121-113D-Thermostat-Volkswagen/dp/B00BDVMY22 says 87 degrees. Pretty sure mk2 golf 1.6 was 87 degrees too. https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Volkswagen_Golf_1.6_1987/p/car-parts/cooling/car-cooling-parts-and-car-heating/car-thermostat/ confirms this. So long as the diameter is the same for the housing. My breadvan is 92deg thermostat, but has a huuge radiator.
  18. Bipbop

    Back in a Polo Gti 6n2

    Hi guys so am back in a Polo Gti after 6years. My last Polo was built for a Fast road/ Track Car and was unreal. It had Comp Mo5’s, Bmc with custom intake, fully Poly Bushed, front upper and lower strut brace, rear upper strut brace, striped out interior and a PhilJ Suspension My New Gti is fully standard and has Full-service history, but it was going to get broke and scraped so I bought the car knowing it had a broken Gearbox. So things am doing to it: Fix the Box G60 Brakes Full respray over the winter (freshen up the paint and get rid of the lacquer peal. Then I need to decide to build another fast road car or keep it original? Also does PhilJ still do suspensions?
  19. nige8021

    Hi all from Cornwall

    As I said in your previous post, please make a wanted advert in the classified section https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/classifieds/category/8-wanted/
  20. Benjamin0365

    Hi all from Cornwall

    Sorry mate what does std blackrock mean? Thanks for the reply
  21. kiran_182

    Hi all from Cornwall

    Thats a std blackrock? Roof rack with wood bolted on. I used one for ladders
  22. Benjamin0365

    Hi all from Cornwall

    Hello all just joined a few days ago really looking for a roof rack for my 1992 polo mk2f, something like the photo if any has any ideas that would be great:) just advice on where to go etc. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place aha
  23. prankstar2003

    Lots of Polo Parts

    Hi Buddy, I'm afraid I didn't have any blanks. Apologies
  24. Last week
  25. dvderlm

    Dhla 40 Jets For A 1300

    http://la205rallye.free.fr/doc/noticecitroensportax.pdf Citroen AX Sport 1.3 1294cc 94hp 9.2:1 CR Weber DCOM 40 32 choke 115 +-5 maim 140 +-20 air corrector F68 emulsion (very holey, hence small air corrector) 58f21 idle (+-5) 35 pump +-5 (40/f9/130 starter circuit? or alternative idle stsck?) float level 14mm (plastic) 7mm (brass) or Solex ADDHE 40 32 choke 130 main 210 +-20 air corrector A05 emulsion 55 idle +-5 50 pump jet +-5 1 to 2mm pump travel ( 140 starter fixed) float level 43mm I guess different temperature, altitudes, rally track surface are the reason for the +or-- values. But either carb types are suitable for exact same engine..
  26. Is there a lower temperature thermostat available? After hours of on line searching, I found that there is a Meyle G40/60 that is out of stock on chargeddubbs but with no idea what it's opening temperature is. Also I found 056 121 113d which is supposed to be a lower temperature but again no confirmation of the opening temperature. I have been told the stock one opens at 75C. Is this correct? Any help would be appreciated.
  27. mrmetallica

    vw polo spec

    i dont think my daughter would want a performance exhaust lol just a standard joby will do going to a garage monday to get a qoute so will see how it goes. thanks for replies
  28. nige8021

    vw polo spec

    TBH unless your looking for a performance exhaust, you'll probably find the well known fast fit places will be cheaper than buying one from eBay and then paying for it to be fitted, unless your planing to do the job yourself ?
  29. 1vw2many

    GT mk2f engine idle

    So 1050rpm is incorrect . It has no engine modification.
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