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    List of this years winners: (pictures to follow) Best Wheels - H15 VWJ, Grey mk3 coupe, Jordon Crookes Best Engine Bay - J815 JKM, Red mk3 G40 coupe, Chris Bell Best Interior - J439 CUC, Black mk3 GT coupe, Scott McDougall Best Engineering - J396 PDD, Red mk3 G40 Turbo coupe, Ryan Chapple Polodriver Award - PO10 NJH, Black mk9 GTi, Nick Hardcastle Peoples Choice Award - P517 RHG, mk4 Harlequin, Rob Smith 3rd place - C47 BTP, Red mk2 coupe, Karl Halewood 2nd place - SKL 109 R, yellow mk1 polo, Jess Callinan 1st place - J396 PDD, Red mk3 G40 Turbo coupe, Ryan Chapple Because racecar - J79 MCN, red mk3 G40 coupe, Matt Jones (paid for weekend, built the car Fri/Sat and came down Sunday)
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    Think its about time I whacked up a thread for this as I've owned it over a month! Since I sold my old 6n2, kinda fancied getting back into a polo and successive other old dub projects had failed to scratch the itch (Purple VR6 Corrado that never worked and a Tornado Pink Mk2 Scirocco with a GTi Engineering RE2000 8V conversion) Also having done the VR6 thing, felt it was time to do the supercharged thing too All the way back in February I fuelled up the A5 and went for a trek up the M1 to see @grungeisdead about a dog/geniune G40 that he was selling that had a tasty specification After a long catch up and potter out in it, we came to a deal and I drove back a wrote up the advert for the RE2000 (which took a few months to sell!) Finally got sorted for the weekend before All Types (13th May) settled in for a long train ride up to Leeds So two trains and two and bit hours later, got to the car And a sort out of stuff and gave it a quick clean Quick run down of spec Stainless exhaust HnR Cup suspension with uprated ARB and rose jointed track arms (not sure on that, I've lost the advert and doing this by memory! Stage two charger (with a stage four to be rebuilt ) EBC discs and pads 65 mm pulley Boost gauge Rest is standard G/mk2f stuff So started off on my home, however car had other ideas, a gearbox issue that neither of us spotted or could've predicted reared its head, lost drive at 70mph on the M1 near Rotterham, managed to coast it off the carriageway at J33 and ended up having to be recovered home. Saf being the awesome mega sound dude that he is sorted me another gearbox out and I organised collection of my car by my mates VW garage to get it swapped over In meantime, the car sat on my drive looking sorry for itself so got new plates and holders on along with the obligatory WalshC pikeytech sticker in memory of our departed friend and legend Craig Walsh Also at the same time refurbished the snowflakes I had left over from the scirocco with a Volvo dark grey and slapped on some 195/45/14 Falkens as old 185/60/14 Conti's don't cut it on a G Whilst it was at the garage, it had some good company However we found the replacement box (CEG code) didn't like 5th and kept jumping out (also needed to replace the linkage as I'd broken the ball at the bottom of the stick in order to get it out of gear so could roll for recovery!) So trip to Shropshire for the linkage and a run up to Tibshelf to meet someone halfway for another box (8P this time) and we got it in and back up and running (With an appearance by my dad's new Ateca and my mum's Fabia ) So after lots of brapping about all weekend, set about sorting the matte bonnet that had green coming through And all was well....or so I thought Took it to work on Monday morning just gone, I work 26 miles from home and go M5/M42 and about 7 miles away it started doing odd things and having no power, up until it died on me in the rush hour traffic Queue calling the RAC who said its the alternator, charged me up and followed me to work, however a chat with a few people we agreed it wasn't and set about checking the charge circuit, then found this: ] Left in works secure carpark over night, got lift home and back the next morning but with new strap, tools and battery charger, borrowed electricity off work and got it back in and now seems to be sweet, just goes to show, never take what RAC/recovery say to you as rite! That was until I cut out again on me, this time thankfully just as I pulled onto my drive. After lots of conflab and head scratching and new plugs, couldn't figure out why it wouldn't start, I loaded up my daily A5 to get to Polo Social. Upon the arrival of the Scottish contingent, Steven said to me 'we're going back to yours tomorrow to get the G', never argue with a Scotsman! So we loaded up in two cars, me and @CHRIS2911 in the Audi and @kwijibo_coupe & @citrus in Steven's G-Turbo, we got 20 miles and Steven's clutch cable broke, queue all piling in a 2 door coupe to go to local garage to try a repair/order another. Ended up ordering another cable which would take 3 hours to arrive so we did the jag back to Brum from the other side of Nottingham. We set to work on the G, took the fuel pipe off the rail and cranked it to find not much coming through, so Steven had a look at the pump and we put another 5 litres in to give it the best chance, 3 cranks and 1 failed start it started, sender to gauge appears to be a bit off as it reads 1/4 when its nowhere near! (filled up with 40 litres, did 250 miles of driving and it still reads a 1/4, I think not!) Queue going four up in a G40 (with a video that Steven took ending up on the club's Instagram thanks to Dean!) with a diversion round traffic and stop to adjust the timing, then back to garage for clutch cable, return to fix Steven's car then return to Polo Social (left at 11am, back for 6pm) Saturday afternoon at Polo Social saw a few people descend on it to sort out a few niggles and to refit the front bumper (needs a pair of bumpers really) and codes read and removed by Gaz on Sunday After the show finished decided to give it its first proper clean in my ownership and it came out pretty well (still need to sort out the bonnet!) and lined up with Steven and Scott's cars for the A-polo-clypse photo below (courtesy of @Cymro) So that brings us up to date, still lots to do and maybe improve on (there's no stereo or speakers!) but all in good time, just going to enjoy it for now
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    Big thanks to all the staff for another brilliant weekend. The new venue worked out great. The countdown is on for next year.
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    Cracking day as always! Thank you to everyone who organised it, was awesome! Determined to make it for the whole weekend next year
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    a bit lonesome here. could need some support.
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    Model: 1984 1.3 Coupe, registered 24.02.1984, purchased by me 15.08.2000 Engine: Mk3 GT, Longlife exhaust, stainless manifold, higher rev limit chip, performance camshaft Suspension: Weitec 60/40 Brakes: Golf GTI / G40 VW2 calipers, braided hoses, Custom BRM brake servo conversion Wheels and Tyres: 13 inch PLS Hockenheim split rims, Yokohama 175/50/13 tyres Exterior Styling: standard apart from metal sill trim replaced with Chrome one Interior Styling: Coupe S steering wheel otherwise standard ICE and Security: troublesome immobiliser! Comments: A lot of you will have either met Bluey or known about him, he has been at polo shows from 2003-2011 Winning the show and shine in 2006, with a few 2nd and 3rd prizes over the years, then unfortunately had a engine fire so has been off the road for the last two years. When i purchased him he had a 1l engine as someone had 'borrowed' the 1.3 HK and left him for scrap, he was rescued and fitted with a 1.3 MH engine out of a scrapped vehicle so went a bit better, until Alan Lawrence AKA Poloace decided to break his mk2 coupe that he had done the GT conversion on. So in 2004 Bluey went to visit his uncle Alan for his holidays and had a respray and the GT engine fitted. Since then I have had the exhaust fitted, changed suspension, put in another chip and bought the split rim wheels plus general replacement parts and pimping over the years. He was picked up yesterday to go away and have some welding done and redone where necessary, and will be having another respray in the original comet blue, well as near to his original colour as possible, as it seems obvious his original colour was quite a lot lighter when you look at the old paint inside boot etc. Right to start with some old school pictures! here he is showing original faded paintwork on the bad side not sure anyone will have seen this picture before, Fern photobombing as well of course!!! with one of his old friends that some people may recognise! the respray and sporting new pin stripes loaned ATS Classics on the newly refurbed hockenheims probably one of Blueys most famous pictures from back in 2006 VW action 2010 i think I could spend hours finding pictures of him from over the years but anyway this is where i am at now, all stripped down and off to the bodyshop: crustyness around sunroof terrible welds fire damage spare wheel well got jacked on and dented battery tray been welded before patchwork floor pan showing the hammerited bits i painted years ago grottyness where he had a previous shunt and was never tidied up properly got back his original tailgate so that is being welded up where there is a hole under the spoiler and put back on I will keep you updated with my progress! Liz
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    Thanks to everybody who made the effort to come along and get involved, as Mr Yeti just said, the show is made by the people, the club just provides facilities to try and make it good for everybody. As for the last few years we seemed to get a few great bits of sunshine to burn everybody before heading home! Great weekend by all, and we will be going through feedback forms to see where we can improve for next year! PS, I have zero skin left on my elbows from the assault course!
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    A massive thanks to everyone who turned out, had fun and made the event. All we do is rent a field and put some stuff on it, without you supporting the event and making the atmosphere, we have nothing. It's been a complete change for us as the staff team, working with a new venue, and bringing stuff in that actually belongs to the club, rather than just giving a hire company a cheque. We haven't got everything right, thank you for bearing with us. I think I know what we need to do better, but all input is appreciated. A few people asked about the money we take for show and shine entries. The club does not keep this, and haven't done for a few years now. We rounded it up to the next hundred, and it is being split between our chosen charities (I'm on my phone, so can't do links). Cancer Research The Our Aim Appeal (kids cancer fund) The latter aren't a massively Internet-savvy charity, but do have a read if you get 10 minutes, the work they do is so moving. My company support them, so on behalf of Our Aim, a massive thank you for supporting this donation. It will make a direct benefit to the lives of people who are going through some of the worst times in their life. Again thank you for this weekend, for your support, your positivity, for the laughs and the fun we have.
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    All about the colour coded G-Shock One from Stanford Hall One from All Types Rear fitment sorted with 25mm spacers to sit it on the lip FInal outcome of the interior. Harle inspired. Red Alfa 147 leathers and diamond stitched parcel shelf, yellow leather cards, blue suede headlining and pillars, Pistachio trim and Nardi steering wheel Ace shot by Travis at GTI springfest where i managed to pick up Top 20 in show And finally a picture most people have already seen
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    I've removed a couple of gti gearboxes so i cn see there being to much of a difference. pretty straight for no need to remove engine or sub, just take the battery out. there should be an earth strap on one of the top bell housing bolts (the one nearer the front of the car). 2x 18mm bell housing at top of bell housing. 3x 13mm bolts holding the starter motor, the top one has a nut on the other end eaiser to undo this once under car. support the engine/gearbox and undo the 2x 16mm on the gearbox mount. get under vehicle look up the back of engine and there is a rear engine stablizer take the 13mm off and u can get to the rear 18mm gearbox bolt remove that then take the 2x lower 16mm bell housing bolts leave the front 18mm bolt till last. take the 10mm off the gear linkage and the 2x 13mm the hold the gear linkage to the gearbox might need to take the speedo drive out to get to the top 13mm. remove the lower gear box mount 3x 13mm and a 16mm nut and bolt. the easiest way i found to get the box out, once the box is lose try and bring the diff up over the subframe whilst trying to pull it out might need to drop the engine a little . its just rough guide if u have a prob just drop me a pm
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    @Christian6N your commitment to your 6N and coming to the UK for Polo Show is admirable. How long have you been coming across for now? Must be 10 years?
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    Well done everyone!
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    As @Yeti said, this year was new ground for all of us, and we thank you for understanding that not everything was quite right, we know the areas to improve and this will be addressed. A big thank you to those who took the time to fill in the feedback forms, and we will be looking into the suggestions you put forward, there were a few that were beyond us, "personal helicopters & hot-tubs" but the rest will be looked into for next year. I'm going to Kelham next week for a de-brief with the managers there and will be airing the main complaints from the feedback forms and a few other items and hopefully sorting these out before next year. Once again thank you all for coming, it's you guys & gals that make the event, and we hope to see you all (plus a few more) again next year.
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    Gruss Christian! I see you have put a towel down on the best sunlounger spot...
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    Hate to disappoint you, but even GTI's without the sport pack have the soundaktor fitted - so you HAVE got the fake engine noise - can turn it down or OFF using VAGCOM
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    You will see these notices at the entrance to the field
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    I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread. Just re-read the whole thread, fantastic work, clearly you take pride over your cars.
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    She's back on the road! And i did it all myself! After buying her last year March, I only got to drive her for a couple of months, then she didn't respond to the gas pedal any more, I was told to scrap her as it would be too costly to repair, I was gutted as there's only a handful of this model left, I didn't want to sell or even scrap her so she was left on my drive for a year, then I had a hunch and managed to fix her, it cost me a whole £25!!! I since have done lots to her and she passed Mot last week with flying colours! Im so very proud of myself, and so very happy she's back on the road
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    can this place be booked for the thursay /sunday like billing
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    cheers karin, ill have a look later on my way home from work, although with this weather having a rear wiper doesnt seem like a bad idea!! All this rain will do nothing for the potholes that have only just been repaired in the area and have taken a good 6 months for the council to sort out.......rubbish! Any idea on what to do with the engine bay? As most will know, the 6n2's all had a fancy cover put over the engine to "keep it tidy", but it leaves very little room to modify or make unique. Apart from getting the standard chrome oil caps etc is there anything any one has done that is a bit different from the norm? adam
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    Suppose your right really, I've got a 1.8 Mazda MX5 as a project, but wouldn't mind getting something a little more out of the daily :/ Thanks
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    Hi, I thought you'd be interested in this even if your car insurance isn't due just yet but especially if it is! There's some bad news but there's also some relief at the end... The bad news According to an industry report last week, Comprehensive car insurance premiums are now at their highest levels since 2010. The report reveals that the average premium rose to £847 during Q2 of 2017. That's an increase of £66 or 8.4% across the last quarter and £132 or 18.5% across the last 12 months. The report cites 4 main reasons: 1) the increase in Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), which has been going up since July 2015 and now sits at 12%, 2) the marked reduction in the Ogden discount rate for personal injury awards, 3) good old Brexit - insurers are seeing increases in the cost of vehicle repairs, fuelled by Brexit’s impact on car part prices, and 4) greater repair complexity as the level of expensive technology in vehicles increases. The report claims there's no evidence to suggest the increases are going to abate. A £1,000 average premium is still on the horizon but is getting closer. There's some good news though... Chris Knott's average new policy premium is just £405 - less than half the national average according to the report. This is also a much shallower increase across the last year - only £14 (3.6%) and still bucking the trend. As a happy client recently said "This is my third year with @ChrisKnottIns and every year they beat all my other quotes for both cars that are modded. Many thanks again and keep up the good work and the prices down!" carcall, Audi-Sport forum Please give us a call for a quote to access these lower average rates for club members. You'll need to mention this forum to gain access to our 'Clubs & Enthusiasts scheme'. QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 ONLINE: Visit to request a call back. ***************** Feedback about our clubs and enthusiasts offering: "Well Chris Knott's has come good again - this is my 3rd year with them now this year. They beat all other quotes I was getting without even trying." Rusty2009, Astra J/GTC OC "Another customer today. Not entirely new as insured a few Alfas with you many years ago. Good price, friendly chat with Ian. Not convinced about the need to supply driving licence check code as never had to do that before, nothing to hide but guess it's to flush out some that have." gavp, BabyBMW forum "Hi Guys, just purchased my first policy from you - beat my renewal with AXA of £845, now I'm paying £760. Happy motoring. Easy, quick and competitive ." Vrs_Maj, VWAudi Forum
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    yeah fuel filter and QUALITY BRANDED blue temp sender would be a good idea also confirm the plug part numbers are correct for the car be carefull what you buy , alot of ebay /ecp stuff isnt fit for use
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    realistically theres nothing much you can do thats value for money , free flowing exhaust might release a small % of power and will sound faster- the honest anwser is save up for a bigger engined car maybe look into remove excess weight as that will have the same effect as more power- and is free to do
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    Hi, In the first week of July we are driving from Dover to the north cost of Devon & Cornwall and back with our purple Polo G40. Our Polo (7/1994) has driven already more than 500.000 km. If you like, you can watch two video's of our car on Youtube. Please feel free to comment on these video's. And, if you see us please say Hello and we will buy you a drink! :-) Best regards, Koen and Wilma 1. Actually reaching the 500.000 km (2 min): 2. Professional video for Automotive Magazine "Autoweek" (English subtitled!)
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    @Dean: Left at 8 am your time, arrived home at 8:30 pm your time. so 12 1/2 hours. Was very tight to get the booked ferry, but i made it at 12:55... so what to expect on a monday morning... Belgium's motorways were just full too. Instead of antwerp, my nav 1st time leaded me over brussels motorways. while i had a short break at a petrolstation there, the planed motorway got "closed" too. So man i drove through the city of brussel through the smallest streets to another free motorway, but i was driving instead of beeing stuck on their motorways. *lol*. Anyway, was a brilliant long weekend of vacation 4 me. Thx to all of cp who made that possible. cheers Christian
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    I'll keep you posted on this as soon as I sort out thentiming on my vernier pulley and cam
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    That looks awesome, I had one in this colour years ago, it was what made me buy it!!
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    You mean the afm? Part of the induction arm? When you have a drop in temp you may find the car stutters alot as the afm tells the ecu how dense the air is so it can match the fuel
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    Been an got some parts! Picking up a 6n2 gti engine, managed to get it for free so I'll see what it needs and go from there. Also picked up a genuine pair of chrome mk1 golf bumpers as well. ?
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    That happened today: Liz and Nige came here. After Yeti came with the new Clubgazebo, we have built it up. Then the scotish team came. Thats the real hard core. I for myself have decided, i need a small caravan which i can tow with the polo......
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    Cheers for the welcome Dean. I'd love to come along but work being the joy it is, I just can't blag out of the weekend I noticed that the site would be quiet but I'm a patient man, Happy to wait. I shall no doubt be attending the next one. After wanting a Breadvan for so long I'll be taking full advantage of the great VW community. Enjoy the show my man.
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    Here is how the cars sitting now. 60/40mm lowered, standard shocks at the back, holding up fine at the minute. 14x6 Scalas. Taken since November time on Sundays to get these stripped, sanded, filled and painted. Wheels have 165/60's on them. Was looking for 185/50's or 165/55's for a nicer fitment but they where as rare as hens teeth. The 165/60's are comfortable on the motorway which is ideal for cornwall trips down to uni. Metal pressed plates from retro show. Having a nightmare trying to wire in a 12v socket, the one installed previously shorted two usb chargers! The cig lighter got hot but really quickly, withing 2-3 seconds and on perm live. If anyones got any tips or go to wires to splice into for an ignition live they would be much appreciated :) Car is running fine in the mean time. Fuel smell still persisting however. The gearbox has developed a slight whine in 5th after extended periods of 60-70mph which suggests its low on fluid as there is seepage coming from underneath. May change selector bushes and linkage seal along with an oil change.
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    Hi, I joined CP earlier this month so apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere on the website. Is it possible to pay for a day ticket on the gate for the Polo Social?
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    Really really like this, might have to pick up the same type stereo for my 9n3. Those rear lights look awesome and the tint tops it off well although I dont love the blue motion grille. Hopefully you're at the club polo meet Sunday?
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    Thanks Epick, and no for the double din I didnt have to cut into the 12v, i bought the additional canbus adapter with it, straight plug and play and the radio turns off with the key. Since then I have tinted the car and lowered it but im not feeling the new suspension set up and its real rough and bouncy, will probably go back to stock even though it is a monster truck suspension, comfort and reliablity is more important to me. Anyway heres a few pics of the newly lowered suspension. Few shots in a petrol pump...
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    This is so weird, I literally sold this car two days ago!!! Look at my profile picture on here
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    no worries mate, google is your friend! i'd recommend you try the following in this order: 1.) perform an output test on the EGR. 2.) failing that- adapt the engine, throttle body and EGR through Vag Com. 3.) disconnect the EGR valve from the engine and blank the hole up then reattach the EGR valve so no gas goes through it- this will tell you if the EGR is actually at fault. 4.) you now have the part number for your EGR and its the same as the 2001 polo with AUB engine- two releases of the valve came out that year- once fitted- you'll have to adapt it if it doesnt do so itself. 5.) good luck :-D
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    also...the 2001/2002 polo's EGR is the following part number: 030 131 503F exhaust recirculation valve/ ANW 036 131 503M exhaust recirculation valve / F >> 6K-Y-540 000*/ APE,AUA 036 131 503R exhaust recirculation valve / F 6K-1-500 001>>*/ APE,AUA 2000 1.6ltr engined polo: 06A 131 501F exhaust recirculation valve / APF,AUR 1.4 16v AUB engine on the 2001 polo has the part numbers: 036 131 503M exhaust recirculation valve / F >> 6N-1-350 000*/ AUB 036 131 503R exhaust recirculation valve / F 6N-2-000 001>>*/ AUB 1ltr/1.4ltr 2001 polo also listed: 036 131 503D exhaust recirculation valve/ AHW 030 131 503F exhaust recirculation valve/ AUC 036 131 503M exhaust recirculation valve / F >> 6N-1-350 000*/ AUA,APE 036 131 503R exhaust recirculation valve / F 6N-2-000 001>>*/ AUA,APE The AFH EGR valve (mechanically controlled via throttle body vacuum line) has the part number: 036 131 503 exhaust recirculation valve/ AFH Whats your engine code? Might be worth you joining up to and checking the catalogue for vehicles with the same part number as yours :)
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    nice and easy to get a front bumper off a 6n2, ryt heres how I've done it, Starting at the top u have 4 T25 screws just above you are grille take you are indicators out then 2 ore T20 screws lower foglight grilles out two T25 screws inside t20s (5) each side of the bumper and one facing upwards each side take all these out and pul bumper forward not sure how to completely remove bumper but I've alwys dropped it hanging down of the undertray with something soft to stop it scratching on the floor if i nudge the bumper and as for your headlights, impossible to take apart, they r dummy clips, trust me I've tried
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    easiest is possibly a GT engine setup with bike carbs 4-1 manifold. As the car is old you've no real issues with emissions. Get a complete GT engine, you dont need the loom. use the wiring you have already if you wanna go the bike carb route. Standard these engines are 75BHP when compared to the 40 odd bhp in your 1.05 it'll go like stink! There are lots of threads on getting more power out of the GT lump, so have a look. Bonus is, an engine shouldn't really cost more than 200quid (i think) bike carbs, less than 50, if you can make your own manifolds- great otherwise ask someone on here to build some, again less than a 100. so for less that 500quid you'll be looking at around a ton of brake horses. I take it you have the ability to swap an engine, getting garages to do it will cost lots of money! cheers Steve
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    all i did mate was change the fuel pump i left the ecu plugged in, and zip-tied the plugs that connected to the std injection in the engine bay, it runs perfectly fine and i dont know why ever1 says you need to change . if you have any more questions just pm me mate
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    cheers should be ready with in the next month now.
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