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    Mint ish ones with caps https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163766885174 If they sell or not is different 450 not a bad asking price
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    Well that turned out to be a right faff! Ordered 3 different caps and they never arrived on time in the places we were staying before we had to leave - I guess Corsica is a little more out-of-the-way than I gave it credit for! Couldn't get hold of the right size O-ring either so ended up fitting a couple of flat rubber washers (for pvc plumbing fittings) which restored the system to holding pressure and got us another thousand miles without any issues. Back home now and able to replace the seal properly. Thanks for the help!
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    Yeah it looks to be a Mk1 with a MK2 bootlid possibly. Polo sills look better than mine!
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    yeah one for each front side
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    Ahh just drill the hole and use gum gum to hold it in place
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    Get the wheels from the breadvan advertised on the mk2 scirocco fb page or mk2 golf, they are aluline turbines Nice wheels
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    Please make out a wanted advert in the classified section as there is a note at the start of all the "Tech" sections "No wanted ads please use the classified section"
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    Hi I would prefer to keep the engine as one piece for now, I will let you know if that changes.
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    I ended up biting the bullet and grabbing a pair of front shocks and tbh it’s made a world of difference, not 100% still but at least I’m not driving a cruise liner anymore. It’s amazing the difference between the new and old shocks when I had them off the car, could hear all the oil sloshing around when I tilted the old ones
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    Good callipers, vented discs. Used on mk3 golf polo g40 and others.
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    They are the poly arb blocks, used on a lowered car to correct suspension geometry and keep the arb from rubbing the exhaust
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    Keep hold of all the screes clips and bolts as yoy strip it, always come in handy
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    Try 2 o-rings until you find a spare cap (bouchon de radiator)?
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    And of it goes to get some metalwork done!!!
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    Or you can rewire the block and use a mk2 golf digifant relay. Got my NOS one for £8.99 delivered
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