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    First thing to do is see what fault codes are causing the EML light to come on, then with this info you can start the fault finding as you need to know what cylinder/s is reporting the misfire
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    pretty sure a standard 4 pin relay will do it...mine runs a universal jobbie, just check the pin/diagram matches
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    newman will chat to you and reccomend something if you email them be aware they do a shrink 268 copy if you ask for it
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    If you go on the newman website you can find it there 8v vw polo mk2 i think They come up on ebay every now and then for 120ish 2nd hand New tappets are always good too when swapping the cam, oil and rocker seal too
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    Good choice - nice cars the polo gti - they will go one way in terms of value especially as a lot have been modded to death.
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    Yes. You are right everyone does make mistakes. I'm too hard and expect too much of myself. And, unrealistically I expect the same from others. It's taken me a lifetime to realise that I'm probably a little unreasonable to both myself and others. I beat myself up when I make mistakes and worry about everything. When I do a job it is usually better than 90% of people could do it but I do so much research and study into it and stress so much that it's not good for my health. Hoping one day I'll earn enough to leave it totally in somebody elses hands but currently I've not even manged to do that with a small car. Ignorance definitely is bliss - when you can afford it! That being said I wouldn't recommend Mr. Clutch to anyone whether any of this is their fault or not (and we'll probably never know). I don't like there attitude at both the branches I've been to. I know I come on a bit strong and with tendencies of OCD but they have been dismissive rather than reassuring. I think they use the name to stand out as something different from the rest or specialist when in fact they do all sorts of servicing work and probably know nothing more about clutches than they do about all the other work they do - whatever level that is. If they sort this - I might change my tune but currently I have no confidence. The back street garage I've been to, over the last two years (for the heavy stuff I can't do) cost very little and are down to earth. I think they respect the fact I know a little about cars rather than being dismissive about that fact. Anyway. Came across a few useful documents from LUK with regard to clutch fault diagnosis etc. Two of them look quite similar but are in fact a little different and the third is something different also. Loads of good stuff, diagrams, pictures, text, for whatever level you are at (need to dip into them a bit myself). http://www.partinfo.co.uk/files/LUK Clutch Fault Finder.pdf https://media.repxpert.de/media/01_media_master/closed_area/01_work/brochures_1/transmission_3/LuK_TecBr_NKW_Clutch_course_210x297_EN_.pdf https://www.jupojostechnika.eu/pdf/tema Sankabos/Sankabu_gedimai_EN.pdf
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    Drop it in, need a 5 speed gearbox mount and arb
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    Will just slip this in here.....
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    Yeah, P45t bulbs have same base as the old round 40watt and are available as Halogen. I use them. Also check the alternator voltage with engine running at the battery. Hopefully 13.8volts. If not then the brush pack regulator could also be replaced , even with a modern 14.2v item. Changing to fat cable from alternator may help (may need a new Lucas plug).
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    Nice polo you have there and a cheap price.
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    I would suggest that you use 28/ 0.30 cable between the supply and the relays as well as between the relays and the bulb holders - don't forget the earth also needs the same current carrying capacity. As Nige says, use the original wiring to the relay coils. Another common cause of volt drop, is the fuse holders on your model, a bit more of a pain than just doing the head lights, but a modern fuse board would probably pay and overcome the unreliability of the present one. It would be worth downloading the catalogue from Vehicle Wiring Products, this contains everything that you would need. Regards
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    check first but possibly a p45t bulb...you cant just whack h4s in unless later mk2 lamps fit? universal loom here...nige is bang on about the voltage it will never be good without relays https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/H4-Headlight-Headlamp-Light-Bulb-Relay-Wiring-Harness-Socket-Plug-Wire-Kit/192284936495?epid=2194744936&hash=item2cc513492f:g:lIQAAOSwdqRalO26
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    The main problem is the wiring to the headlights isn't up to the job, the wires are too small for the current and so you get a voltage drop, instead of getting 12.5v at the bulbs you'll be lucky to have 10v and just fitting 60/55W bulbs will only make the problem worse as the current will be higher and that will result in even lower voltage at the bulbs, the only real way to improve the lighting is to fit a relayed loom with a heavy duty wire to supply the relays and use the original wiring to control the relays
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    Yeah, my brother brought a fancy camera for his part of the journey. Got some lovely pics. I've been carrying a little mini dvd camcorder for the whole trip so I'll try and edit together a little film of the Polo for you all to see. I'm driving back from Portugal starting tomorrow, no passenger but loaded up with all sorts. Hopefully Birtha does as well on the way home as she has done coming down. Wish me luck!
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    We've updated our privacy policy to be GDPR compliant as of the 25th May 2018. As you will see, you'll be asked to accept the new terms in order to continue using ClubPolo.co.uk. Links: https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/privacy/ https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/guidelines/ Any questions please contact us via the usual means https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/support/create/
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    Was a really nice day and was nice to meet you all! hopefully will have some new things done for the next meets 👍
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    That’s a lovely looking gt.
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    This section is for build threads only, you already have a post in the correct section "Where's my old car"
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    new info guys the organisers want us there between 7.30 and 8.30 so we'll have to be leaving lymm 15 minutes earlier at 7.45am as it's a 50 minute drive down to bodelwyddan from lymm
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    today I am sad to be associated with Polo's....what have VW done with it?
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    Two nuts in scuttle bay if anyone else needed to know.
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