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    Sentimental moment coming, but it's an anniversary I've been wondering if I'd reach. On the 9th March 2000, I went to Bristol to pick up what was to become my first car. A Polo GT Coupe with 107,000 miles on the clock, full of dog hair and covered in tree sap. I still own it. Which means, for the first time, I've come around to two milestones. Firstly, babies born on that day can start driving today. And, secondly - I've not worked it out exactly - it means I've had this car half my life. Car ownership is becoming less common among teenagers these days. It's quite sad. Looking back, it's amazing what a lump of metal can do. It's been shown: Many times. This was the first - BVF back in 2001. I've made great friends, people who've helped me when I've needed it, sorted parts for me, given advice and even helped double the power under my right foot. Thanks Andy... It transported me and my friends all over the country. Brought us home from memorable nights out. Taken us to memorable weekends away. It kept me in touch in the days before WhatsApp or Facebook. When my girlfriend - now my wife - was up at Sheffield Uni, it did a weekly round trip from Cardiff without fault. It kept me mobile. Of course, it's not always been straightforward. It's broken down when I've neglected it or others have cut corners, it's aged and needed restoring. I've taken most of it apart at some point, finding squeaks and rattles, ironing them out, changing the way it drives. I've tracked it. Not a lot, but among those days it's done a few laps of the Nürburgring (and the return journey). It's also spun off the Nürburgring. Which was interesting. It's followed me through A-Levels, through Uni, through house moves, crap temp jobs and into my career as a journalist. It's shared a driveway with all sorts of press cars. It's been a project car in Max Power and Performance VW - the magazines which, once upon a time, inspired me to waste my money mucking about with silly old cars. It's done many airport runs for press launches. And, when it doesn't, other journalists often ask me: "How's the Polo?" I confess it doesn't do as many miles these days. No ISOFIX. But it's still part of the family. My eldest has his eyes on it already. But best of all, it's still here. Finished for about a year, no new parts to report, just something that puts a smile on my face every time it whines into life. Which it does first time, every time. For all the many new priorities I've picked up in the last 17 years, it's nice to have a constant in there somewhere!
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    Thought I'd put together a quick post with regards to suspension kits/setups. I regularly see the same questions asked, particularly on social media with regards to suspension kits, lowering cars etc; so I thought I would try and generalise some advice. Generally, the majority of people seem to want to lower their car, which can be achieved in several ways. Cheapest option: Lowering springs. These can be bought cheaply, and of different brands and quality. Often designed with a few of the coils designed to go coil-bound under the vehicles weight, this ensures the spring is still properly seated with the suspension in full rebound, but also allows it to sit lower under its weight. Generally, you get what you pay for - the springs will tend to be a different rate to standard, and totally change the character of a car, therefore the standard dampers will no longer be matched to the rest of the vehicle. You may find it doesn't drive too great with just lowering springs, or you suffer premature wear of your dampers. Spring and shock kit: As mentioned above, damping can be an issue with lowering springs - not just the damper settings themselves, but also the range of travel the damper has - generally a lowering spring will be both shorter and stiffer, so to ensure it has the correct amount of pre-load, dampers matched to lowering springs tend to have reduced travel. You can spend between £100 and probably £1500 on a spring and shock kit. Cheaper kits will do the job - but probably won't be as good a quality, or have had any of the R&D which a more expensive kit will have had (Bilstein for example) Dependant on your vehicle platform, ride heights can be adjustable with a spring and shock kit via a circlip on the damper body, however, not as accurately as 'coilovers' Coilovers: People commonly describe a lowering kit with threaded height adjusters as coilovers, when really coilovers just means a coil spring over the damper, so technically every standard polo has coilovers on at least the front, and on the rear on some models too. However, for ease of description, coilovers are a spring and damper kit, which generally has threaded adjusters for adjusting ride heights. This is what people tend to go for to get their cars really low (although a lot of them aren't actually approved to go as low as people run them) These are great for tweaking your ride heights, and particularly if you have a track car, setting up the corner weights accurately. Again, you get what you pay for, cheap coilovers can be had for around £150 and up to and over £2000. Cheaper ones tend to again 'do the job' by lowering the car, however handling and ride quality tend to be somewhat sacrificed. More premium brands such as KW put more development into their kits, therefore you are paying towards that, but essentially end up with a better product. Air Ride I don't really have any experience with after market air suspension, so wouldn't like to comment on what is good and bad. Air will let you drive your car at a sensible height, then release air from the air springs to lower your car to look better. Air springs can be a very tunable component, however I have no idea how much thought is put into this for after market kits. Certainly sleeve bags can be made to have linear and non linear rates so you could essentially make a great kit if the effort was made. From what I have seen a lot of kits use bellow style bags, which I don't really know anything about. Air can be bought cheaply second hand, or you could pay up to £10000 getting a good kit professionally installed. Summary When it comes to suspension, the first thing you should ask yourself is 'What am I trying to achieve?' Generally you are compromising a car from what the manufacturer originally created when you start fitting after market suspension, so you need to decide what you are willing to compromise, whether that be ride quality, handling, durability, practicality and so on. Personally I would save up as much as possible to buy the best quality kit you can, it may even pay to buy a premium Spring and Shock kit, instead of a cheap coilover kit. I have witnessed lots of horrors with after market suspension kits, with regards to how they are fitted, or removing parts to make cars lower etc. Just bare in mind, if things like helper springs and bump stops are supplied with a kit, they are supposed to be fitted - if the manufacturer didn't deem them necessary, they wouldn't put them in! When you are driving along and the vehicle goes into a heave moment, such as a small "jump" in the road the main springs become unloaded, without helper/tender springs, the force of the spring acting on the tyre contact patch is lost, the same thing happens when cornering - as the car rolls and the inside of the car essentially lifts up, the spring becomes unloaded, this results in a huge difference in contact patch loading on the tyre, which could well result in erratic and dangerous handling characteristics. Here is an example with a tender spring correctly fitted. The vehicle has its wheel off the ground, so the damper is at its maximum rebound travel, yet the spring is still preloaded: Here is an example without a tender spring fitted, note the gap at the top of the spring, this means there is a lot less force acting on the tyre (basically just the weight of the unsprung mass hanging down) but also when the suspension is compressed again it will have very little force due to no spring resistance, and then a sudden large build up of force: You will find with more expensive coilover kits, the height adjustment range is a lot less than that of cheaper ones, this is because it has been designed to work around a certain range, and optimised for that. This is a key indicator that cheaper kits which have a huge lowering range aren't perhaps as great as people think. I have tried to explain in simple terms to help people understand, but anyway, I hope this brings some help to someone!
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    Ok everyone, We have had to change the venue, as the grounds at MFN informed me that one of their staff had booked another event for the same weekend, prior to me arranging our event with them, but the guy had forgotten to put it in their diary, so we got binned in favour of this other event. However, they did offer to re-arrange our weekend at another date later in the year, but as we had already released the dates we didn't want to change, as we knew some of you had already booked time off work, made long distance travel plans etc. So we were faced with trying to find another venue who could accept us at quite short notice. We found Kelham Hall http://kelham-hall.com/ after many phone calls and a visit to the venue by @jonPDpolo & @Yeti we have come to a deal that was suitable to us and them. We are booked in to use the "20 Acre Event field" as shown in the map below As far as booking the weekend, that hasn't changed you can only book via our shop , the only difference is the price, unfortunately this is slightly more than before at £20/night for a tent with up to 6 people. We have a discounted rate for those who are paid up members and book for both nights, this will be applied via the booking in the shop.
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    If you've been around from the beginning you would've seen the changes over the last 17+ years. But for those who have only been around the last couple of years here is some brief history of the site and the logo which have come and gone. The Club was formed by the amalgamation of the Polo GT/Coupe S Owners Club and the Polo Coupe Owners Club back in 2000. The original Club Polo "forum", based on Yahoo e-groups. Technically the Polo-l group came first, but this was the first one to get a sizeable volume of traffic. And surprisingly the full archive is still there! The story is, this was a group for Polo GT owners originally. Keith Lee (who started the Polo GT OC) signed up and linked it to his website (polo-gt.co.uk), then the Polo GT OC joined the Polo Coupe Owners Club (started my Nick Goodyear) and this e-group became a meeting place for both of them. Back in the day (2000-2002) it used to be a wicked place to get information. Then Porka.net started up and effectively made it obselete. Forum software was better than the primitive Yahoo e-groups so it didn't take long for everyone to move across. But there's still some interesting archive material on there if anyone fancies a flick through. A few old pictures too. Quite nice to know it's still about! Porka.net was full of guys with new Polos (mostly mk4s at the time) until the pre-94 owners came across from the e-group. The members started using both sites so they joined to form Club Polo in early 2002. Originally the Club Polo site (a modified version of the Polo GT OC site) linked through to a CP branded Porka.net, then the two sites merged completely. Check the Wayback Machine website if you're interested - there are some early versions of polo-gt.co.uk archived on that site, but they don't work very well. 1999? - Porka.net Early 2000's - Porka.net 2003 Onwards - www.polo-gt.co.uk 2006 Onwards - www.clubpolo.co.uk 2007 Onwards - www.clubpolo.co.uk (This is how I remember the logo when I joined) Middle of 2013 www.clubpolo.co.uk 2016 - 2017 - www.clubpolo.co.uk Which brings us to the year 2017! Our new logo for 2017 - Present I'm going to slowly start rebranding all the social media accounts and forums to reflect the new logo, we hope you love the new design. Our plan is to sell all our old stock and start a merchandise store with loads of clothing, accessories, etc. We felt the previous logo was a little dated to say the least and with a new generation coming to our community we want them to look at our logo and be drawn to it, something that looks cool on t-shirts and hoodies! I hope you've enjoyed this little history lesson and a trip down memory lane. - Have fun in the forums!
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    So new Rims are on again Oz Superturismo gt but 7x17 on 185/35 Nangkangs
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    Maybe new rims ... Japan Racing Jr-15 8x16 with 195/40 and here is a fake.. What do you guys think ?
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    Hey guys, this is long over due. So I use to own a Polo 6r 1.2 Moda - wasn't a bad first car was pretty slow but loved the feel of the car. So recently I made the plunge and after reading hundreds of threads on here and other forums I went and bought a 6R GTI this is it, woke up early on Thursday the 9th of March. Went to work for a couple of hours decided I couldn't wait till the weekend to make the trip up to white city to go and buy it, with some deliberation and negotiating with my boss he let me go at 10:30am WHAT A RESULT. Sooo I began my journey from Brighton at 11:45 to Victoria - I then got two tubes and an Über. Took me 3 and a half hours to get there, the sun was shining and everything was good. Then disaster. Apparently as im 19 they wouldn't let me buy the car without someone accompanying me who was 21!!! What kind of crap is that?? I argued for for what seemed like an age and they eventually took me for a test drive in which I sat shotgun anyways I loved it from first sight so all the test drive did was make my decision even easier. I bought the little polo and drove 4 hours through London back to Brighton. Long story short I loved the car and everything About it. So I'm only 19 and I'm not sure what my insurance will be like about mods and stuff but so far all I've done is stick on this cool phone holder. Move also got these cool flappy paddle extensions I got off eBay - aluminium and massive I love them make gear changes so much more fun. I would love to go to some shows with it and some meets if any of your guys are from down south let me know. Let let me know what you guys think. Thanks
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    I've had my Mk2 for 15 years. Mainly stock and never broken broke or should I say the motor never actually stopped even when the head gasket failed. Both my sons learnt to drive in it. Its had three different gearboxes and now is going to be rewarded for sterling service with some extensive mods. It is part of the family and will never be sold. The most reliable car I have ever had.
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    Thought this might be useful which is from Club VeeDub in Australia. Obviously there are no Audi, Seat, Skoda specific engines on it. VOLKSWAGEN ENGINE CODES CHART Just scroll down :-)
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    It's been a while since I've worked on the polo, so spent the last few days in the garage. Started with a delivery Then a couple of holes in the front panel, didn't think the front bumper mounts were strong enough, so a couple bolts in the chassis leg. On the back there wasn't the option to go into the chassis leg, would have been too much cutting. Since the mounts were at different heights, the centre points were different. To make it spin, I hacked up a rear beam and used the drum brake without the insides. And drilled some holes to mount the drum Then put it all together, with some extra supports on the legs. Still need to figure out how to lock it in position, but it spins :) Better go tidy the garage now... ...bonus photo
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    What Mk? but sounds like the hazard/flasher unit has failed/lost power supply or the indicator stalk (park lights use different contacts in the switch)
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    If you haven't been on the stand before you may not be aware it's not all about shiney paint and nice stance we encourage everyone to come on and show their work in progress or their show car it's not an ultimate dubs thing it's a chilled day with your pride and joy and some mates old and new so if you're up for it and can make it pop your name down
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    I know what you mean, for £633 I'd want the rest of the car included !! not just the sensor unit!!
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    Great story, great polo and fair play to you. Longest I've owned a car is my current vw sharan 9 years and still going strong.
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    Haven't done an update in a while, since I last posted I've not really been bothering with the polo but I'm getting some motivation back now and want to get it finished by the end of the year, ive started taking the engine out and I'm on the hunt for some new bumper that will work well with my bodykit
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    Hi, I fitted a similar sort of kit to my polo and also found that the wiring colours didn't tally up so checked old postings on here ( there are loads) for info and got things sorted out quickly after that. As said, the best place to work from is the control unit in the boot as this connects everything to everything else in one go. I also did away with flahing indicators and alarm etc. In case of any differences i won't attempt to guide you on the wire colours myself.
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    I've never seen that before, ha! Yeah I think it's interesting to think of all the moments a car gets involved in, in the background. We we just traded in our first proper family car for a new one. We weren't that attached to the old one but seeing it on Auto Trader with the imprints of our child seats in the leather was a reminder that it was with us through an interesting period of our lives. And now it'll go on to someone else who will make new memories in it.
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    Thought I would share this. Not a polo but I think it captures what you have said!
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    That has brought tears to my eyes! What a lovely story! I am so glad you have her still. I own my first car a 1966 beetle. I sold her then brought her back 4 years ago. She isn't going anywhere at the moment as she needs some TLC but starts first time after standing months on end! I was so lucky to find her and buy her ack. You are right that the millennials don't seem as interested in cars these days. My Polo Mk4 I have just brought is a 1.6 GLX and I am using her every day for work at the min. I really hope I can keep her and restore her to your standard. She has 107,000 on the clock too. So so pleased that you are so happy with your old friend.
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    They're good cars. We had a Mk2 breadie as a family car in the Nineties. Saved my Dad's life, he was hit by a stolen car.
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    Yeah indeed much much better than mfn in my eyes. I am glad that the Venue has changed. What about electricity on that field? Real showerrs and toilets are not far away. Man i thank the idiot @mfn :-) cheers Christian
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    She doesn't look bad underneath at all!
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    Just collected my latest batch of plating, shiny as ever! And I have dropped the wheels off to be refurbished, hopefully be ready in about 2 weeks! Sent from my HTC One A9s using Tapatalk
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    After owning my Vw Polo for about a year and a half thought I'd start a little build thread. Ive only driven the car about a year as the first 5 months, it was uninsured as I was getting ridiculous quotes even though I was 19 turning 20 at the time. Some Specs on the car when I bought it VW Polo 2005 9n3 1.4TDI PD80 63K Miles on the clock Not many luxuries apart from electric mirrors and AC Here are a few pics to start the build thread off of when I first bought it. Will be updating this instantly but just wanting to familiarise myself with the forum first. Not many pics of it standard. Ok so once I had bought the Polo I didnt really plan on modding it, but in doing some small little mods, I found it quite addictive. Here are the first mods I did, nothing major just a debadge and spraying the badges black using plastidip. BEFORE: AFTER: Shortly after this my first major mod came, I was backing up and ended up backing right up into a metal fence and ended up shattering my rear light completely, so I started looking for a new rear light to replace it, but found the 6R style lights on ebay and they were doing a 20 percent discount so I snapped them up. They were supposedly the smoked versions so should look slightly darker, but I cant see it to be honest, but I prefer the colour like a new cherry red colour you get on modern cars. Really makes the car look newer. My next mod after that was pressed plates, I think they look so much cleaner than normal plates. So got a pair off ebay for 20 pounds if I remember correctly. Thought they looked quite cool give it that euro look. Anyway to complement the new pressed plates I upgraded my number plate bulbs to SMD LED bulbs which made a huge difference and look epic at night. Old Bulbs: New LEDS: At Night: (Along with the LEDS of the 6R Style lights) They look so much better and brighter, literally light up the entire road behind me. While I was doing these LED upgrades I also did the front side lights. I also did the interior bulb but dont have a picture of it. After these mods moved onto bumpers, I saw a lot of people adding the bluemotion rear valance on and it looked really nice, so after trawling through ebay found one for a decent price and picked it up. It was white so obviously had to have it resprayed. Was unsure whether I wanted to keep the little silver accent but decided against it and went fully colour coded. I liked the look of it, it adds a bit more shape to the back of the car. After this mod I didn't do anything for a while but the fact I had a crappy RCD200 stereo was driving me mad so had to upgrade it. Was unsure of what to get, should I spend loads on a sony or alpine sound system or just get something cheap. In the end I got a chinese android double din head unit which i think is probably one of the coolest mods in my car and has yet to let me down. Sound quality is great, 7 inch HD screen, apps, bluetooth evrything I needed. Was surprisingly well built. Oh yeah I added the chrome heater dials from TXRGT, dont think I had any pics of these taken. How the set up looked. This headunit is brilliant, I could watch films on the go (my passengers!) I could play games, I could use google maps, anything an android can do I could do it. Finally had bluetooth, could connect my phone instantly and listen to music without having to use a crappy bluetooth fm transmitter. After this I realised the need for a dash cam as the number of dodgy drivers out there is worrying. So I brought a Mobius Action Cam, and had it hard wired into the fuse box so it comes on with the ignition. After this the mods dried up for a while, I then started looking on german ebay for bits and bobs, just typing in 9n3 to see what came up. One day I was looking at came across a front bluemotion splitter selling for only 40 pounds! Initially he didnt want to post it but after some convincing he said he would and I even brought the bluemotion grille off him as well for another 30 pounds! Bargain! Again had to have them resprayed and colour coded to the car. Not the best pic but with the car being black, its hard to see the splitter without a lot of light. After that I started getting fed up with the plastidipped badges as they looked really tacky. So I took the badged off sanded them down and sprayed them using gloss black spray. I wasnt great at spraying things, so had to watch many youtube videos but I think they came out pretty nice in the end. After the badges, I found someone selling a Polo GTI rear spoiler, and decided to buy it. Again I had to have it resprayed (why has no one got a LC9Z polo haha) I really liked the GTI spoiler made the car look so much more sporty. Next I wanted alloys because the 14 inch alloys just weren't doing it for me. Initially I always wanted the BBS LM alloys but after much reading and searching found the only way to get an affordable set is to get a replica set, but even then it was hard to find a set in 5x100. So I settled for BBS Montreals off of the VW GOLF MK4, got them for a fairly decent price off a friend so wasnt too bad. Ignore the monster truck tyres, I changed one of them to 195 45 16s to see what it would look like. After much thinking I never actually put them on the car as they just looked too small being only 16" and also they were just too common. So started looking on ebay for OEM VW 5x100 alloys in 17inch, I was open for anything but wanted something OE VW. After much searching I did't find anything so left it as it is. This is how the car sat for quite some time after a clean up. After this again I started looking to buy stuff, side skirts were what I wanted, preferrably votex skirts as they look so much more aggresive and low compared to GTI skirts. Eventually someone was selling a set (BRAND NEW) so I had to buy them, but being brand new meant they were in primer and had to be sprayed. After getting them sprayed, this is how they looked on the car. Excuse the car being so dirty, was doing a lot of miles in the car and as it is a diesel it doesn't like to stay clean. Okay so now I had all the body kit and the car looked somewhat decent but stupid without alloys so I started searching again, and found a set of OEM VW Toccata 17 inch alloys 5x100 with a offset of 38, the guy was asking for little money as they were in bad condition and they were local to me, so I went to have a look and picked them up. These sat in my garage for a while, whilst I tried to sell my BBS Montreals. Eventually they sold, so I had the new alloys in for refurbishment, I was gonna do it myself but in the end I realised I was probably gonna spend a similar amount in materials and it wasnt going to be a good finish like the proffesionals who use sand blasters, so I sent them into a refurb place in Medway called Inspraytions. They did a awesome job on them, I picked a Light Anthracite shade. This is just a small mod I did as I was bored, and got it for cheap from ebay china. Makes quite a big difference as they look much newer and modern. Its all in the details. After this I didnt do any mods for ages, so again started looking at what I could do. Found GTI lower grills on ebay so brought some as my old slatted grills were heavily worn. However they were not drilled for the TDIs side intercooler so I had to drill many holes myself. Also decided to spray them gloss black as I had time to kill. They came out quite nice, slight orange peel but nothing noticeable. Comparison of the slatted vs GTI After this I decided to spray my interior heater dial bit as I was bored. It looked okay but did a bit of a rush job and you could tell afterwards, but it would do looked good enough. Want to do the entire inside centre console and vents but havent got the energy for spraying anymore. By this point most people probably would have lowered the car by now, dont know why I havent but its on the cards. Anyway heres some pics of how it would look lowered, as I went London to pick up some stuff and my boot was literally packed out. I like the look of it being low but im not a huge fan of crazy low cars so when I do it itll just be a subtle drop. Some pics just to keep the thread going. Not the greatest camera just a Samsung S5. After that I didnt do much to the car apart from change the bluemotion grill to a GTI grill as it didnt look right having Bluemotion and GTI lower grills together. So brought a replica one off ebay. Which was good enough. Dont worry I got rid of the GTI badge, I know its not a GTI. After this I decided to attempt headlight restoration as my headlights became hazy. Not bad for a first go, and using just my hands and no machine. After this I started getting a bit bored with the power, so decided to have it remapped as many people say the 1.4Tdi Remaps well, so I had it remapped and it feels a brilliant a lot nippier and more willing. The company that remapped it for me BurtechPerformance. The car stock is about 80BHP, with 195nm of torque. This was remapped up to around 105BHP, and about 240-250nm of torque. Next mod after that was wind deflectors. So got some Team Heko ones off ebay for 20 pounds. Quick amateur photoshoot after a good clean. After that I literally left the car for ages as I couldnt think of anything else to do. Some time went by and then came the best mod of them all, retrofitted HIDs with Projectors so fully road legal. This was a custom job so I wont go into detail with prices. I got these made by a company called EM Tuning. GTI headlights with E46R Shroud and a Morimoto projector running 6000k bulbs. The light output on these lights are out of this world, and the colour temp is the perfect mixture of style and function. Best mod yet, wish Id done it first, would of made night time driving a lot more easier and fun. Gave the car a good old cleaning session. Classic snow foam pictures. So the car is pretty much complete now apart from coilovers which I will be getting soon. Probably should of done it ages ago but I loved the ride quality of how it is at the moment. But I will do it soon so keep following. Heres a few photoshops of how it would look lowered. And finally heres a transformation shot from DAY 1 TO NOW, with the photoshopped lowering lol. Hope you enjoyed my thread so far. Ive got a few more things to come, tints, lowering...so keep following. Thanks for looking!
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    I've decided it's time for an update! Alot has happened since i last updated! Engine has been in and out i don't know how many times, been dropped on my foot leaving me with a broken foot and everything! So everything in the engine bay is now painted and I'm pretty pleased with how the engine bay is looking now. It's a very tight fit as some of you may well know. Still a few bits to be done yet. Had it running then set about stripping the looms down. Stripped the engine looms down at home to remove some sensors and solenoids ect Then set about removing everything i did not need to run the engine The final loom looked similar to this this picture still has alot of things which i have now taken out. This is the pile of scrap i have been left with! Ive also got most of the downpipe made up. Still need to chop the straight down to where i want and put the v-band clamp on so next will need to order some 2.5" pipe and a reducer to go from 3" to 2.5" Also started work on the mounts for the rear cage feet. Ive now decided to leave the inside unpainted and just put the rear half of the cage in to save some time and also want to get everything running perfect before i paint inside just incase i damage the paint trying to sort little niggles out. I've also cut the bottom half of the dash off as i wont be using it still need to modify the hole so the clocks fit in and make some aluminium panels to mount my switch boards and fuse boxes ect. Clutch and flywheel is now in. Next on the list is: Finish the cage mounts. Start making switch panels, electrical parts for this are now ordered Run the fuel lines in. Underseal the underside of the car. Mount new rear axle on polybushes. Order radiator and piping so i can leave the car running longer than a few seconds. That's all for now skint for the next couple of weeks but hopefully should start seeing some progress after payday!
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    We have a 25 car club stand booked at the event details can be found here http://www.retroridesgathering.com/ Please put your names below (Copy & Paste ) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
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    Thanks! It's weird reaching the part of this process where I've got naff all to report in terms of actual updates. I'm just enjoying running the car for normal stuff and taking it out to wring its neck when I get a chance. It feels bloody brilliant at the moment: The boy has already decided it's his. I've been dismantling stuff in the garden recently, he made me go and open the door to the garage last weekend so he could check that the Polo was ok with all the bits of brick and mortar flying around outside. Trouble is, he's got a habit of wiping gritty hands all over the passenger side wing, and he loves to tell me how noisy it is. MoT next week...
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    well I'd take what I gave you for it on solitudes. it wants absolutely nothing mechanically, just a few bits of bodywork tidying up. I can't edit my add but since I've chucked another 300 quid at it over the past two weeks I won't be taking 600 quid for the entire car. If you don't wanna take it back I'll probably just keep it forever ha.
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    Hi all VW enthusiast Simon McNamara is looking for a Polo G40 for the 'Elsecar at the Races' event in Doncaster on 9 April for a G-Lader display. The car can be any colour: if you think you can help, email Simon at macvwnut@btinternet.com Cheers! Rich PoloDriver.com
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    One of the spark plugs is jammed in the head and just cross threading going round and round but the eletrodes are touching on these two that came out so something catastrophic has well gone wrong inside or the spark plugs have been to long and punched the piston crounds on top and bent a rod or two. Cam followers on the head and combined rocker cover have deep groves on them so the engine has had a serious hammering with very few oil changes it seems. Looks like its a new 2nd hand engine before I've even taken the thing apart.
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    He should team up with Fuzz Townsend that way it would get rid of both of their useless presenter partners
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    Looks so much better just with those few mods John, good work.
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    What's your price for the whole car? Might be worth putting another advert up on the classifieds and share it on social media?
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    Checked the play in different positions just to eliminate any errors. Was getting about 0.43mm play so will shim according to VW specs as taken from elsawin!
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    Good luck with the sale, but gutted!
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    Finally got a chance to give it a good clean today in work (the joys of working in Karting center) was well over due a good clean and polish with all the shite from the roads this time of year sticking ?
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    Good engine the non turbo diesel, sold, reliable and good mpg.
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    The standard bolts are M14 x 1.5 x 27 so you will need make sure your new studs have at least 27mm of thread from the face of the hub surface
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    Here's my 9n3 looking standard, I can't find any photos of the interior looking standard, though if I find any, I shall definitely share them as that's where my mods have started :)
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    More done on the engine last night. Just got to add the alternator and starter motor which are in primer.
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    Hi everyone would really appreciate some help with this as it's driving me mad!! I've very recently purchased a 2008 1.4 Polo. It was originally a demo car with one previous owner before myself, very low milage, and fully serviced by trusted dealer it was purchased from. I've had it for about 2 months now and recently there has been a strange squeaking noise developing in driver footwell coming from my pedals?! I'm certain it's not clutch but possibly brake as stupidly noisey when slowly going over bumps. Can be heard both inside and out loud and clear ! Any suggestions as to what this might be as I'm a stupid woman that hasn't a clue ? Thanks ! ???
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    I've seen that exact post on eBay haha, just the delivery time thats very off putting. I get a little impatient when it comes to upgrade want everything then and there haha! Just ordered some white LED DRL's and some mud flaps and its like waiting for Christmas...
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    Alloy Refurb - October 2016 I had some very corroded alloy wheels, they had been since I bought it. The paint was peeling off quite badly and there were many bubbles in the paintwork where it was still there. It took about a year and a half of reinflating them at least once a week until I found time to get them in for a full refurb. They were sand-blasted and powder coated in metallic silver, similar to their original colour, but with extra glitter! Before: After: They certainly stand out!
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    What's everyone's opinion on theses ?
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    I'm not sure if there is a specific 6n cam, certainly not much choice anywho. The ones for GT/AAV etc etc, (basically any mk2/f hydro head engine) will fit. Issue is where the keyway is machined in the end for the cam pulley, its around 3.5 teeth off that of the AEE, therefore you ideally need a vernier to time it up correctly, or you could set to 3 or 4 teeth off the standard 6n mark, would just be running 1/2 a tooth advance or retarded. With aftermarket cams a vernier is ideal anywho, so you can time your specific engine, by finding true TDC and setting the cam to its specified values. And also tuning it to get the best from it. Hope this helps... I've ran a 268 & a 272 in my AEE, with nearly 1mm skimmed off the head, and have been probably around a tooth either way on cam swings and never had any valve/piston connection issues
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    Well it has been years since an update so: In 2013 I fitted a replacement AFH to cure the burning oil issue, so engine in and tined up, out for a test drive and the diff broke in the box, Change box for a spare, go for a drive, sounds like alt belt is squeeling, thought 'Ill adjust that when i get home' 4 miles into the test drive, catastrpohic failure, engine dies Lift bonnet to inspect, cam shaft is broken. So there ended the polo journey to leMans. fast forward, 2 volvos and BSc Degree later and I'm good to go again on this baby.
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