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    Thanks Guy. I'll be taking on board with what has been said along with Saint. I'm going to try and find ways of incorporating Insta on the forums and bring the social media over to the platform to make it more prominent. The community software is limited to what can be done with social media. I've already setup the API's so people can login with FB and Twitter. I'll try to have some brain waves and see what I can do.
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    Start of another car. Picked up this car recently which is in need of a bit of work to put it mildly plus in need of a lot of new parts. 1977 Polo L in Manilla Green with Tobacco interior. Here's what I'm starting with, and the start of my parts hunt... Some panels first; a sill, the floors both sides, tunnel patch, rear valance, patch in the spare wheel well and back end of the rear wheel arches... Picked up something to help when I get round to the mechanics, an August 1977 dealer workshop manual in English, lovely thing especially as the car is April 1977. Managed to find a NOS chrome rear bumper from an estate agent in northern Sweden and a NOS front bumper from an Alfa garage on the southern tip of Sardinia so that turned out well - both wrapped in brown paper with the part number on, one with the sticker from the chromer back in the 70's! Picked up some new bumper caps from Heritage and stainless brackets/bolts from Polowerks. Also got some Hella clear indicator lenses for them, the type with the amber insert. According to the very comprehensive model changes pages on www.polo86c.nl (read using Chrome browser which translates the page) the rear bumper must be an August '74 to March '75 Audi 50 one as after that they changed to only one rear number plate light. That said finding two rear number plate lights has been a challenge (without wanting to pay 60-100 euros each on eBay). The existing single number plate light had melted on the inside but I managed to find a pair for sale on a German classifieds site for 10 euros. Also picked up a set of NOS chrome wing mirrors, currently only has one black plastic drivers mirror but i'd prefer two. Sourced replacement parts for the front end, Audi 50 grill, NOS type 86 chrome VW grill badge and two boxed NOS RHD headlights even tho my OCD isn't happy that one is Bosch and the other Hella... Took a bit of searching but managed to find a sales brochure with my model/colours in it and now have a collection of them for pre-facelift Mk1 Polo's. Surprised how many versions they put out, don't know if this was common with earlier/other vehicles? I doubt I have all the versions but the ones I've picked up are: - April '76 for '76 model year - 2 models, 4 interior & 5 exterior colours - August '76 but no model year specified - 3 models, both 14 interior & exterior colours! - October '76 for '77 model year - 3 models, 4 interior & 6 exterior colours - August '77 for '78 model year - 3 models, 4 interior & 6 exterior - January '78 for '78 model year - 3 models, 4 interior & 6 exterior Needless to say it was the multi-combination Aug '76 version which had the combo on my April '77 car but perhaps the brochures were always just a sample and in reality combinations could have been more flexible? Photo below shows them and the second photo has the combination tables for the Apr '76, Oct '76, Aug '77 (same as Jan '78) then the Aug '76 larger underneath. Got some rear end parts; NOS alloy Polo badge, pair of Hella postie lights & a the pair of number plate lights plus a new bootlock seal which is camera shy..
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    Grr, found out why it is hard to start the engine when cold. Tried adjusting the carb end of the choke cable for tension. DHLA don't have a choke flap to impede flow. They have a mini carb with its own jet feeding two cylinders. Operating the mechanism pulls two tiny valves open to let fuel and air pass. I could see the lever was not moving very far. Here's why. Choke handle in choke handle out It's only moving the cable outer closer. Wondering if I can glue or crimp it? Think it's new cable time.
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    There should be enough length of wire on the airbag unit to leave it connected and still be able to push the plate in the centre of the wheel to test the horn
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    When you get the airbag off, you will see the spring loaded plate that acts as the horn switch, but a word of warning, if you put the ignition ON with the airbag disconnected, you'll end up with a warning light being set and that'll need diagnostics with CANbus to reset the light.
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    It's now 3 months till the Social, so it would be nice to get some idea of who is intending on coming along ?
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    It was the bloody spigot rings! they were almost 1mm too small on the wheel side and had not so obvious but noticable play. I turned up some alluminium ones that were a perfect fit and the problem seems to be solved... typical. thanks all for your help.
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    This was started as an "event" on Facebook way back in 2018. I along with others did numerous posts sharing it on our page, group and ALL the other Polo groups in Facebook. I asked all staff at the time to like and comment on each one, which they did, to keep the posts alive. If people didn't see them, I have no idea why. It's been featured on here for a good 6 months so anyone that logs in will have known about it. Now one thing I have noticed and is making me a little sceptical is I keep seeing Facebook trying to get me to "promote" events.....for a cost. A f**king expensive cost too. Now, would it be reasonable to assume Facebook are deliberately hiding our even posts in order to make us pay for promotion? I wouldn't put it past them. But the club makes £0 from the RR day and £0 from the Social so it really isn't in our best interests financially to do this.
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    From your post I'd say the polo show would be much more your sort of thing. A rolling road day is never gonna be much more than a morning at the RR and a pub lunch. There did used to be an unofficial night out afterwards which I never went to but friends have and said it was a good laugh. As for people being strangers, they were to everyone else too until they went to an event and met them. People don't really log into the forums anymore which is a big part of the problem. The club has 2 choices, try and get them to log in again, or go to them on social media. Going to them on social media is the much easier route for a club who's forum is all but dead these days. Reviving a dead forum is next to impossible these days.
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    I'm sorry this wasn't as successful as it could have been. However regularly when I have logged into these forums over the last few months I've been notified this event was happening so anyone who checks these forums would probably have known about it. Personally I'd be well up for putting my wheels on a rolling road and finding out my bhp and the price was more than fair, this was just way too far for me for a one day / few hours event. Much respect to aldon and their accommodating price but could the forums use the member map markers to find a more accessible location for some events, or making more of a weekend event of it. I would have considered heading down on Friday and staying at a travel lodge or something if I thought there would be a bit more to do than watch a few cars get RRed for an hour then "maybe" a pub lunch with (and I mean no offence) people who are at this time complete strangers to me. I hope this doesn't come across moany, I just thought if people voice their feelings and reasons for not coming it may help organising future events.
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    it just balances on the cam studs
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    First welcome to the forum. When you say a replacement central locking mechanism to the drivers door, I assume you mean the whole latch assembly ? it is common that that actuating prong on the key barrel snaps and that then means the drivers door key doesn't turn the switches in the latch assembly to tell the pump to run and as the pump is running for for 30+ seconds that indicates there is a leak in the vacuum system, a common failure is the actuator for the fuel flap or the pipe connections in the connector between the door and door frame.
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    No, had to give up and head back home before I even reached the A14. Engine was dying at roundabouts, but pulling well when pumping the gas pedal or over 3000rpm. I had put 20 more litres of fuel in so the Isoproponal must be very small proportion and no trace of water. Managed to misplace a screwdriver after one side of the road stop. Did I leave it in the engine bay, or on the verge? Did not want to risk 2 hours of lean driving at moderate to high speed. Maybe the Aldon guys would have helped if I made it all the way. So did a compression test and it's all good, Thought it might be HG between 1 & 2, which were running cool from IR thermometer at exhaust manifold. Siphoned out both carbs fuel bowls, and measured how much in a jam jar, and they were about equal, so I think needle valves are not blocked closed. Then looked at the plugs and 3&4 show white of lean but 1&2 are nearly normal to slight ash. Rechecked the balance left/right and it's tipped towards 1&2, uncovering one more progression hole. Had to take off the cable-mech to see the throttle plate through the holes with a small torch. With good access cleared out number 3 idle circuit and found a tiny sliver of black rubber. Did it come from the o-ring or fuel line? So small it blew away when I tried to pick it up to take a picture. Refit cable-mech etc. Drove and still rough and far too lean at cruise.. Tried fitting some big 48 idle jets, just in case there was still Isopropanol affecting the mixture. That went real smooth, but obviously too rich - like 11:1 AFR or 9:1 at overrun. Had to wind in mixture screws to nearly closed to reach 13.3:1 idle, black soot and moisture at tail pipe. Switched back to the 43 idles and could not get cylinder 4 to change engine speed or influence AFR, unscrewing the mixture. Removed and pulled the jet from the holder. Looked through that idle jet up to the light and it was partly blocked with some yellow/grey/brown crud! Fuel varnish? . Some carb cleaner spray and compressed air through that, refitted. Yes, back to normal. Balanced using vac gauges. Number 1 is still 2psi below the others but all at -13psi with some bypass valve opening. Mixture around 14.4:1. Wish I had been able to do all that during the week. Disappointed I did not make it to the Rolling Road. Time for a cup of tea.
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    one thick end goes the crank breather behind the block...other end to the air cleaner , thin one to rocker cover
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    First Welcome to the forum. You need to make out a Wanted advert in the classified section https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/classifieds/category/8-wanted/
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    Good man, I think I saw that on ebay, he'd a later one too for sale didn't he? You're first wee polo looks similar to mine, in calypso green. Good luck with the resto and keep the pics coming!
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    Depending on the engine code it comes in either 90 or 110bhp
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    I might see if I can get an mot and insurance n pop over for this with the misses and her mk1 aswell
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    https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/1998-158/8/825-825010/#1A 6N1 https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/2001-240/8/825-825010/#1A 6N2
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    fuel inj newman cams have the fuel pump lobe..they do a schrick copy if you ask them
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    Yellow tinge is normal. It could be water at the bottom, I doubt its ethanol would separate like that - it would doing that in the tank at tesco, Is the filter at an angle - it could be it was just collected at the outlet with mostly water going into the fuel line creating the bad running. suspect you need to drain the tank down to make sure no more water is in there - how is it getting in?? Bad tank breather can be diagnosed when you take the cap off - it hisses as air gets let in, Carbs are more effected than injection as the pump isn't as strong -try one of those emergency fuel tank caps -they are so awful they don't create an airtight seal, if your problem goes away its breather:
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    Decided to film a little drive out in this.
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    The H&R kit is easily the best budget kit for these cars. Young kids these days will easily spend £500 just to get the cheapest height adjustable coilovers to be scene. Trying to get across to them that you can save £200 and buy a fixed height kit that is better in every way is hard work.
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    I did an hour on the motorway day after i fitted them. Only issue were my seats. But they look like they've been fingered by Wolverine. I have noticed MUCH less roll. Already had arb blocks in place. Even over speed bumps. The only rattles are from rear speaker surrounds. Previous owner over tightened the screws that hold them in place. Broke the plastic around the screws so little rattle over lumps and bumps. Really pleased with this kit. Will be recommending it to anyone who will listen.
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    Quick update. Short story: Success at removing dodgy nut! Longer story: Nut splitters are hefty kit. Thankfully they fitted in on the dodgy nut. I played around with them a bit. Went at the nut till I was through enough that the squeeze mashed the nut off the thread a little at about 90 degrees round from where the chisel of the splitter was going in. So I decided not to go through all the way with the splitter cos it was on a bit wonky and didn't wanna touch the thread. Now the thread was broken I put on the PlusGas overnight. Next day put on the Irwin Bolt Grips and the mangled nut came free with a small amount of force and no damage to the stud!! So next step. Get the flex pipe welded in. Gonna get some advice from a fabricator rather than a garage. Probably chop out the old flex, prep and mark the new one up with parts on car before taking it back to the fabricators. New flex is stiffer so need to get this right. Think it's stiffer cos outer braid is totally off the old one. Will update further. Thanks again to everyone so far.
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    @Christian6N That's how my radio came on. It only powers on when there is a key in the ignition, but the ignition does not have to be on. Mine is a 93 2f, and I've not seen it in an earlier car.
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    Well, time for an update on this. In July 2018 JC contacted me asking if I wanted to buy this saloon. I was hesitant at first just because I know how much work JC has put into this car and I knew I'd want to change a few things if it were mine. But I've always wanted a saloon, I've always wanted to try bike carbs and I've wanted another mk2 since my last one died of tin worm. So it wasn't long until I said yes and we got the ball rolling to transfer ownership to myself. In November JC became an absolute legend in my eyes by driving this car all the way up to Peterhead to deliver it to me. I have never had that before and I doubt it will ever happen again. Anyway this was how the car was delivered to me. 20181116_084525 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr 20181116_084539 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr First thing I had to do, fix the handbrake that broke on the way up the road. Was nice and easy, just the cable had snapped. Luckily a new one was already and waiting in the car to be installed. 20181117_125411 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr 20181117_125407 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Next on the list and first of the major changes to the car, the wheels. I liked the Wolfrace Anniversary wheels, but I just didn't think they suited this car. Mainly due to the size of them. So on went a set of wheels I felt were a better size and period appropriate. A set of 13x6 BBS Mahles. I personally think they transform the look of the car. 20181117_144933 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Keeping with the wheel theme I decided to change the steering wheel for something a little different but again hopefully in keeping with the period of the car. Standard: 20181128_092130 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Mountney: 20181128_093618 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr The Mountney not only looks great in my opinion but also feels much better than the original. It is thicker and has a slightly smaller diameter which I think gives the steering a more positive feel. Now onto a running issue, which I was a little scared of at first. JC mentioned that the car didn't seem to like cruising at much above 65, but it would get there fine. So I'm thinking it is maybe a combination of the big wheels, the 8P gearbox and since it has been sitting a while the carbs might need a clean. After changing the wheels to the 13s (which in effect geared the car down) it still didn't like going above 65 on the speedo (probably closer to 60 on these wheels) and if I gave it the beans in 2nd it would fall flat on it's face in 3rd as if it had run out of fuel. Feeling a little out of my depth having never touch a set of carbs I dived right in. 20181116_084501 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr On the advice of @Cymro I removed the little cone filters and stripped the carbs down. To my surprise the carbs were spotless inside, so that meant I could narrow the issue down to one culprit, the fuel delivery. This was the fuel line setup I took off the car. IMG-20181212-WA0015 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr And this (excuse the drawing marks) is how I was going to attempt to improve the issue. 20181212_161955 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr This was the end result. I have spun the fuel pump round 180° and taken a good 6ft in total out of the fuel line that was in the engine bay. Plus the fuel now has a more direct route to the carbs instead of going through quite a few Ts and elbows. 20181213_124639 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr To my surprise...this worked!! Absolutely transformed how the car drove, completely. It will now happily cruise at 90...err 70 without any hesitation and I can give it the beans to the top of every gear without any feeling the car is being starved of fuel. After that the car spent the next few days in this position as I fitted a new exhaust and chased down about 100 cracks and pin holes in the eBay manifold. 20181217_115659 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Once the exhaust was sorted with about 3kg of welding wire, well I say sorted it is relatively leak free now but I'm still not happy with the sound, I decided to give the car a new face to start 2019 with. I swapped out the smoked indicator and side repeaters in favour of standard orange units and also fitted a single lamp grill. 20181230_113857 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr 20181230_113909 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Since these photos were taken I have been using the car as a daily and my have I enjoyed doing so! People say bike carbs are unreliable and a nightmare in the winter? My experience of them since the fuel delivery fix has been amazing, the car starts without issue, is happy to set off immediately and is an absolute joy to drive about in. I think the car could do with a shorter gearbox and slightly bigger tyres on the wheels to really finish it off. I should have an 8N gearbox heading my way soon and I plan on putting some 175/60/13 Yoko A539 tyres on the wheels after next pay day. Again I must say a big thanks to @Retrotub for selling my this car and delivering it. Also I feel I have to apologise as I have come away from your intended project/look for the car. But hopefully you approve of everything I have done so far and my future plans.
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    After two years at Kelham Hall you asked if there was any chance to return to Billing Aquadrome, with this in mind @jonPDpolo contacted Pure Leisure HQ (Billing Aquadrome head office) after a few emails, a meeting was organised with the new event managers at Billing and in early September @jonPDpolo and myself went and met the new managers, things looked good, they were very keen to have us back, a few more emails and a draft contract was available, there were a few errors in this and some clarification needed from the new event managers and after not hearing from them, I went over to try and see them eventually after three visits I saw them and the clarifications were sorted and the contract was completed. So we have confirmed the dates for this years Social, the weekend of 28th June - 1st July We are returning to Billing Aquadrome 👍 🙂
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    Damn that does look good! I think I'll give 16's a go to start with and see how it goes, I think 17's are a bit wishful thinking! I can always go down to 15 if it looks better when I get some coilovers on
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    Hello! Polo sedan GT oPOLOumel- translated from Russian "run amok" " 1.4TSI engie 125Hp. (CZCA) DSG7
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    Modifying is customising. It's altering a car to make it more your kinda thing. It's like choosing a pair of shoes. You have a car, first thing you do is sort out any little faults and make it so you're happy with it. Then you can improve it for you. If you need USB ports, better stereo, more cup holders, you do that. You do it for you, you do what you like. Some people don't see it like me. They wanna be cool. They wanna be liked. They don't care if a pair of high heels hurt their feet, they want 6in ones and they want sparkly. The automotive version of this is wheels that are too wide and suspension that breaks your back. But if looking good is what you want, google modified versions of your car, have a look at the galleries on here, get some idea of what you like the look of. I wanted classic looks, fast and loud. So that's what i did. My advice? Get to know your car, then get to know how you want it to be, then do what you personally want to do to it. Make it yours - not someone elses.
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    Hi I am after new head gasket and head bolts for my mk2f 1ltr .. I would like advice on ordering correct parts please and anything else I should take into consideration . Thank you all.
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    Hi guys Just bought a mk4 polo saloon and wish to do it up can anyone help with here I can get cheap parts and/or what other car parts fit Finding it haRd to find parts for the saloons rear end as in lights and body kit Also any places that spray paint or wrap cheaply in Norfolk?
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    Cheers for the love guys. Small updates, first off, its booked in for a full turbo back powerflow in a couple weeks (straight through ) Got on some 25mm spacers to make the fitment a bit better. Wheels aren't the best, but will be something i'll upgrade for the next show season no doubt and i'll run these for this year and through the summer. Other than that, a full speaker upgrade was needed so on that went, really nice sound for a relative inexpensive setup!! Was well chuffed. Last up was the front brakes. Done the rears now the fronts. New EBC discs and mintex pads went on (had to drill the holding screw on the both discs which was annoying) but will get round to re tapping then later. Freshened up the calipers with some grey paint too. Lastly, couple of rolling shots on route to UD. More to come, peace.
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    Sounds like a good project dude. I have a silver estate aswell. If your looking roof bars thule make a set for the. I've them fitted to mine. This is mine :)
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    was bored so decided to sand off the lettering on the indicator lenses lol sanded the letters with 600 wet , then 1000 wet then buffed up with g3 compound, made a nice improvement for free
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    Fitted the above carb, decided to put a bead of hylomar round the adaptor plate side of the block. It fired up straight away and the idle mixture screw after a few minutes started working, thank f*ck. Seems to sit better at idle with lower revs which I suppose is a sign of better efficiency. The throttle however needs attention seems to stick and fluctuate, hard to explain but it doesn't give a steady sweep of power. Might just be sticking, just need to have another look as the arm that holds the spring has been further altered to keep it away from the bulkhead. Just pray I don't still have an air leak lol. oh and I even got my rear bearings fitted :) I'm going to tidy up this thread with better pics, if anyone needs advice with this type of twin choke carb then hit this thread and me or more likely my fellow club members can help.
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