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    Well, it's been a while. Figured I'd drop in and say hi. The Polo is still here, obviously. Well, technically it's not as it's stashed in my parents' garage at the moment because we're having work done on the driveway and my garage is full of builders' tools. But I still have it. And, since my last update, I'm now a Dad of three. Because who needs sleep, and hobbies? What's new? It's got boost return hoses for the first time: 42543B6D-86F5-4389-AE01-E8BD29146981 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr This turned into a bit of a 'mare as I had most, but not all, of the required pipework and was missing the non-return valve that goes into the crankcase breather. Those weren't cheap to get hold of, but not too difficult to source via VW Heritage. And they're 100% worth every penny because I don't think it's ever run better than it does at the moment. I miss the hiss it made when changing gear, but it's smoother and seems quicker than it ever has. Ultimately that's the second most exciting thing fitted this year because... my eldest is no longer in ISOFIX seats. So he can go out in it with me, if I strap his booster into the passenger seat. This thing was my first car back when I was 17, it feels weird being a greying mid-30s Dad, taking my school-age son out in it. But he loves it. Untitled by alexgrantuk, on Flickr So much, in fact, that he seems to think it's his. He'll be signing up on here before I know it: A9B29D8E-FE89-438C-AF13-3F9963E83569 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr We've been to a couple of car meets in it this summer. It needs a proper polish and wax, but I don't know when I'll get the time to do that. Maybe when the kids leave home... Untitled by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Just as well he does like it, as we've outgrown our family car (the Renault), which throws up the need to convoy: Untitled by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Thankfully, though, I've been able to get my hands on this as a daily. It's a beast - 184bhp, 2.0 TDI with a DSG box and pretty much all the options. Not a bad steer, either: 5EBB691D-C1BB-46D1-AEAB-A0B50CB9D7D4 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr This is better, though. Kept my car company for a few days. Good fun: 4E43956F-1771-4F29-A2AC-CB16F899E7D3 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr B2A3AE38-CD33-489B-BB8A-FE630FE6DB9E by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Up GTI was good fun as well. Not quite a complete hot hatch, but a giggle nonetheless. Untitled by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Not much else to report, really. It's just a good all-round day-to-day performance car. Quick, fairly frugal when you want, decent on a long journey, and becoming really quite unusual on the road. It gets quite a lot of attention these days, I guess because you just don't see them around. New tyres next...
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    I used a chain wrench for a long time, then got stuck helping out a mate. So got one of these... like big molegrips https://www.screwfix.com/p/hilka-pro-craft-long-handled-oil-filter-pliers-12-300mm/34733 There's also a 14-sided filter cup that you turn with a 3/8" square drive ratchet wrench (or adapter from 1/2" to 3/8"), but clearance might not be enough to be able to fit the tool to loosen.
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    So I've had my mk2f (Dora) back on the road for about a week now. Passed her MoT last week, insured it (still £100 a month thanks to my 3 non-fault crashes, ok then), and got my job back delivering pizzas. Coming back to the store after a delivery last night, and I notice a police van behind me. No blues on so I don't think much of it, but then he follows me into the store car park. He asks about the car (if it's mine etc.), and then says it's not taxed. Ah bugger. I forgot to take the SORN off. So then my manager pops out and starts having a go at the coppers, who say it's not insured for business use either - but Dominos provides business cover for drivers, so they ask for proof of that. Manager goes to get it while I'm trying to figure out how to tax a car on my phone. Worth noting that police round here are notorious for impounding untaxed cars (another Dominos driver just had his taken a couple weeks before I joined). Manager shows the coppers our insurance certificate, but then they just say "We'll follow up on the tax thing later", turn their blues on, and bolt it out of the car park. Turns out there's this lad who was driving a definitely not-road-legal bike around town. Some people say he was already being chased by police, but all we know for sure is that he rode straight through a red light at one of the busiest junctions and hit another car - and he died at the scene. This happened at the exact same time, and the police left to deal with dead guy - giving me ample time to tax my car and get back on the road with no more problems. So last night some random idiot on a bike literally died to save my Polo, and I appreciate it 👍
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    What a waste! Haha! My money is on Jenson having it. Though his younger brother Ewan has become equally fascinated, and we've yet to find out whether baby Eve has inherited the same love of cars. It's possible, poor girl. The thing is, it's all very well keeping old cars alive, but the direction of travel isn't particularly accommodating in the UK. For example, I live in Cardiff and there's already talk of putting a 'Clean Air Zone' in the city centre over the next couple of years. Give it another 20 years and it'll probably be banned from the motorways if autonomous cars hit the mainstream. Personally I'm looking forward to having an electric daily, but despite by best intentions for the G40 I do feel like it's on the slow and steady path towards obsolescence. Unless I decide to do something crazy like convert it to battery power, of course. It's not a factory G40, so I'm a bit freer on that front.
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    The screw or bolt will be very rusty so soak in wd40 or penetraitng oil for a day or so before improve your chances
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    You will need to remove the disc's from the hub units but that is simple as the disc is only held in place with a single screw (if it's still there ) you will need to also remove the caliper carrier (#2 in the link below) from the axle before you can get the disc out. Here's alink to the part number https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/2001-240/6/615-615060/#8
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    If you have a White/Yellow wire on pin 19 of the ECU, that is the "W" wire and needs to be connected to the relevant pin from that document (pin 2 for the 6 pin or pin 7 for the 8 pin)
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    Dead certain it is too high? Left to stand on flat surface for at least 10 minutes, not with 2 wheels on pavement, and wiped dipstick? If too high it may have been damaging Cat and would possibly trigger a fault code. Engine oil best is drained warm. Get some latex gloves. Old oil is bad for you. I'd get a socket set on a rail and a 1/2 inch reversible ratchet drive. You need to be able to push against the sump bolt so it does not fall out into whatever container you are using, and to stop the flow, before turning tight. Harder than it sounds. Easy draining the lot and changing oil filter - though they can be a pain to unscrew if some gorilla mechanic fit it.. And some newspaper. Don't do it in windy conditions. Or do like the Americans and suck out oil from above? Dipstick tube needs to wide enough though. This works on a 1.9TDI which has an annoying under engine shield. https://www.conrad-electronic.co.uk/ce/en/product/854215/Mannesmann-Oil-Suction-Scavenge-Pump-3lmin12V It won't work on my mk2, needs a thinner walled pickup tube.
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    Soak it with wd40 to give it a helping hand. A socket set is a good investment as youll get more force through a 1/2" rachet than a spanner
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    Hello. Just to answer a few things. Dont worry i wouldnt pull from the cable..only the boot. 🙂 ive just had the cover off swapped the leads and it seems alot better. No unspent fuel smell. Ill update after ive drivin it but idle sounds tons better. i dont know where id be without you peeps. huge shoutout 🙂 Edit. Dvderlm. Yes exactly like that 🙂
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    Welcome to the Forum. It isn't unknown for new bulbs (even batches of new bulbs) to be faulty - Before you go any further, it might be worth checking that the new bulbs actually work (put them in another lamp maybe.) If the front and rear indicator lights are working OK as you say, then the problem has to be local to the side repeater lamps - it could be lack of feed to them, or it may be down to poor earth connections at the lamps - I could be corroded bulb holders that are preventing them from working. Suggest that you make a visual inspection and, if still no success, use a multimeter (doesn't have to be expensive) to check for battery voltage at the bulb holders, using some clean metal (the engine may be) as the earth. If you get battery voltage when the meter is connected between the live feed and the clean earth, but NOT when connected between the live feed and the lamps own earth connection, then the earth connection is causing the problem. NOTE: When there is high resistance in a circuit (poor connections, corrosion or dirt) it is quite possible that you can find battery voltage at a point that you are testing, BUT, due to the high resistance, there is not enough CURRENT flowing to light the bulb. Regards
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    I always worry about the title 'Stretch Bolts', as if ALL bolts don't stretch when they are tightened - if they didn't, the would become loose! All steels have a known tensile strength. When they are stretched (by tightening in the case of a bolt - or as a sample in a tensile testing machine) - providing that their limit of elasticity is not exceeded, they will return to their original length once the load is removed. Once the limit of elasticity is reached, the metal will start what is referred to as 'necking' (more easily understood if it were called 'waisting', as it forms a waist,) if further load is applied, the metal will break apart at the neck. To increase the tensile strength of steel, various combinations of additives are included eg. Carbon; Chromium; Molybdenum; Nickel; Phosphorus and Vanadium. For more information on this subject, see 'Young's Modulus of Elasticity.' Regards
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    done. might have just under done it but more or less did 2 lots of 90 degrees after 60nm
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    Bit of a dick comment about the dudes parents and it shows a lack of understanding of the issues affecting young people. Save your judgemental comments for else where.
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    What is even going on in here. 😂😂😂😂 Worse is this is ringing a bell somewhere in my memories. 😂
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    Yeah he made made a couple but had to give refunds after the pigeon shit they were held together with gave way. He also likes to touch little boys inappropriately.
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    Seen as it's been about 3 years since my last post, this is what it's current looking like See you in 3 years with my next update 👍
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    Welcome to the Forum. Your model is far too young for me to be able to give you an answer, but if you pop into Halfords, they have a bulb guide that you can flick through and find the correct bulb for your model. Obviously they would like you to buy your bulbs there, but you don't have to! Regards
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    was about -.75 bar so around 22 inches
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    Core plug leak! New thermo switch arrived this morning so i whipped the old switch out, fitted the new one. I had a drip tray underneath the car for coolant that came out. Didn't really get any come out. Thought that was odd but thought i may have just compensated with the plastic bag under the coolant cap. Went to top up and put in 1.5litres of water. That was even weirder. As i was looking for any signs of leaks on joins and hoses, saw rusty water p**sing out the engine, between the filter and alternator. Turns out there's a very small hole in the core plug that you can only see with a mirror and a torch. So reason for overheating is lack of coolant/water.
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    Will just slip this in here.....
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    Delighted to have upgraded from a 6n2 Match to a 9n Sport 85hp, looking to keep this long term, only has 82k mileage, feels tight as a drum. Few things to do on it but that is all part of the fun. Just need some decent weather now. I did have a few parts I took off my previous car, 6n2 Polo. I have listed a few of them up for sale if anyone is interested, please take a look.
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