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    Thanks! Because it is for a rally/hillclimb car and it's not as responsive like cable trottle. I have another pedal box and the ECU is not standard
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    Last week I spoke to Billing and they are reviewing the planned events on a weekly basis with regard to the information they have been given by HMG, at present there is no reason to cancel the event, we agreed to talk again in the middle of next month. As I'm sure you can appreciate things are changing almost on a daily/hourly basis, so keep checking the news and stay safe, if there is anything that changes we will let you know ASAP
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    I use a tent peg with a 90 degree bend in it. Works well. If you haven't got one, you could also loop a couple of cable ties through to make a handle and cut them off after. Also, throw the rubber in a mug if hot water for 10 minutes to soften it up.
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    This has now been postponed till Sunday 16th August due to the Covid-19 situation We will continue to monitor and keep the club updated
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    I’ll be making the panel Myself . It will be different to original As I’ll be making a very simple version of it. I’m hoping my version will have a bigger gap between the filler neck and the rusted part so the build up of mud won’t rot the new piece
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    They're pretty easy to get at, just disconnect your battery before you start. However, they're very unlikely to go faulty. Have you checked the wire to the solenoid for damage? It's basically a single wire with a spade connector on the end, so is prone to getting frayed, particularly near the plug that goes into the solenoid.
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    havent really driven it enough to give much of a review , its one of the most popular ones with polo owners and a top brand so i went with that , newman can do one the same but you have to ask for it , its a bit cheaper
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    plenty of people run the schrick 268...theres no valve to piston issues i have one myself
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    I wouldn't be adjusting the idle in the first instance, it's more likely something else leaking, giving a dodgy reading, or not making a good connection in some way. My first quick bodge test on any MPI 2f is to clip a jump lead between the engine somewhere near the inlet manifold and the battery negative, sometimes things sort themselves out, or sound different when you do that, in which case, it's probably a poor earth. I know it's not exciting, but check wiring, vac pipes, dodgy earths and if the gasket under the throttle body is leaking. There's no point trying to adjust something that's not nailed together right in the first place. If all that fails, then clean the idle stabilisation valve, fit a new genuine blue temperature sender (they're basically a service part) and think about running better feed and earth wires to the ISV and lambda.
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    I've not done this job myself, but I believe that replacement does involve dropping the rack subframe down; but be aware that if/when you do so, if it doesn't go back exactly where it was you will have wheel alignment problems. The two holes in each aluminium console through which the bolts that fix them to the chassis go have large clearance margins (17mm holes, M12 bolts). So camber, caster and toe can be mucked up if the consoles don't end up back where they were. There are some special tools that you can buy to help with this, but possibly just painting around the points where the consoles meet chassis and making sure they go back within those paint marks might do?
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    Have a read through this https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/topic/335902-testing-your-alternator/ It could be the rectifier diodes in the alternator are leaking so draining your battery
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    Finally got too see it, looking fantastic! Have to wait until I get a trailer to get it back home. Brakes getting sorted next. After that really just needs tyres for the MOt hopefully!
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    Excellent, keep it going! Check my buildthread if you wanna see what a rusty arch is like lol. The earlier cars had better metal in them. This is the tank I got, took around 2weeks to come but that was over Christmas/New Year. The filler neck won't be perfect, other members have suggested adjusting with a brush shaft etc. It's 100 times better that the spurious one I bought years ago https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PETROL-FUEL-TANK-VW-DERBY-1-3-09-84-12-84-POLO-86C-1-0-1-3-84-94/371142211874?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Nephew has 14" Vento/Golf steels on his look really well, clear the arches well and a lot cheaper than G60s or alloys. Just another option for you 🙂
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    New fuel tank ordered from Germany! Old one wasn't leaking but the fit at fillerneck was terrible
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    Progress 😁 pics not great, but it now has a floor again and you can no longer look through the battery tray!
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    First pics back from metalwork worse than I thought, it's way beyond economic sense, but had it since 1993. Have to see how the sums add up!
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    Mate spied this yesterday
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