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    Since I'm at work tonight I can take advantage and post up a proper update. Finished painting the engine bay and front panel, then fitted the steering rack, 20mm master cylinder and brake lines. Seemed like a better idea to do this with the engine out. Brake lines aren't the neatest but they will do for now. Then on Wednesday with the help of Ross (citrus) we managed to free then engine from it's stand and attached a clutch and gearbox to it instead :) I think you can guess what happened next.... And it's as easy as that! We recorded the occasion on my GoPro using the time lapse feature so I'll post that up when I get a chance. Not much pictures of what I did next, basically I just decided to crack on until I could no longer move. Managed to get the brakes lines finished off, braided flexi pipes on, boost hoses and coolant hoses hooked up, installed the fuel tank, fit the driveshafts, rear beam, GAZ coilovers, rear brakes and front brakes. By this time I had spent almost a whole day/night in the shed. Went outside and it was still light, which was a boost until I realised it was 5am the next day. Anyway went home had a sleep and a few hours later I was back. Here is a poor picture of the rear brakes. Slightly better picture of the front brakes. Then today I put the drivers door back on and decided to put the car in its wheels. So here she is rolling after a couple months of being on axle stands. Put the front bumper on so I can see how much space I have to place an oil cooler, but I'm still undecided where I'm going to put it. I'm hoping tomorrow (Saturday) I can decided on a place for the oil cooler, get it plumbed in and turn the key for the first time. If it does then it's off to a mates garage to get a downpipe made up for the turbo.
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    hi all, just my polo here had previously owned a polo CL coupe, and a genneis G40, but the G has rotten to heaven :( so i had to buy another chassis, so in this case i seen this, a stock polo fox, for 150 euro's. great, some rust but it wasnt a problem, 90% less rust then the G, just swapped all the g40 goodies in to it, and a build engine. specs : k03 turbo 3f inlet manifold catcams 286 cam thin headgasket dewedged throttle body supersprint exhoust (63mm) innovate wideband lamda running on 1.4 bar. no problems at all,custom map. street tuned
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    pic heavy update.. again replaced temp sensor, thermostat, o-rings and clips ater experience both coolant leaks and temperature issues (OEM parts used) car drops temp quickly when light throttle or coasting, hot in traffic and under load, think the housing has broken, which is a typical problem, manageable for now! also after many hours of scraping, swearing, blood and sweat I got all the old gasket out of the polished cam cover all that work marred the surface a bit, so repolished that up new"ish" gasket in and back on the car, still seeps bloody oil!!! valver heads be damned, i've tried all sorts and the bloody things still leak sorted the anti roll bar bushes too, again, many sweat and swearing went into this job, the amount of pikeytech involved on the floor of works car park would make bear grylls proud massive difference noise wise, but thats also coupled to fact im running higher profile tyres up front, as the 15's had worn a bit much, and not changing the tyres on those wheels until I get the others finished. anyhow, my good marshaling buddy recently got a black 9n3 GTi, so at harewood at the weekend we snapped a few pics fueled society held a meet there too, loads of nice motors and a few polo's there too :) Until next time....
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    Everything I've seen weather wise for tomorrow is overcast and rain not due till early evening but bring a brolly just in case! I should be there around 9, I'll be setting up the stand and then I'll have to move my rocco
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    Let me play you the sound of my people
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    Hi everyone! I'm Matt, from a company called Eurowagens. We're suppliers of automotive lighting, and have joined the forum and it's sponsor system to be of help if anyone is in need of new parts We're launching some new Polo products very soon (all will be revealed in the classifieds area!), especially for the 9n, so it would be great to see any feedback or opinions on what we have coming! To be a good sport, I thought I'd better follow the Introduction Template in the sticky posts... Real name: Matt Harwood Age: 29 Location: Letchworth Garden City (Hertfordshire) Polo Owner: Afraid not, but maybe soon Previous car history: Corsa, Octavia, Passat (boring I know!) Hobbies/interests: Good food, poker, programming Occupation: Online marketing! How I heard about Club Polo: Google, I think. Really pleased to be here with you all, looking forward to seeing your Polos and getting to know you all Speak soon! Matt
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    Great to have you and your team on board Matt!
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    Saw this advertised locally last Tuesday, rang up and it had been sold. Then upon trawling Gumtree last Friday I noticed it had reappeared. Not too sure of the background but the bloke I bought it from was a colleague of the bloke who was originally selling it! Anyway, here she is - 1.0 4 speed Fox with 65k on her and completely original. Lots of history, a few dents (mostly on wings and bonnet), faded paint and a lot of character! I haven't investigated yet but i'm told it has a Weber carb fitted - presumably it's the 32TLA autochoke model. Here's a couple of pics from the advert: Bought it Friday night and popped her at my parents until Sunday. Here's a few pics of how she stands: History: Poverty spec options; Back on my drive: I've started to T-Cut the roof, and it's looking a lot more red now (it was almost white before), first job will be to get her looking as red as I can. I have a few bits and bobs at from my Saloon which i'm selling to my brother so I will be fitting these in due course: Rev counter clocks Coupe S steering wheel Double headlamp grille Uprated headlamp loom + Osram Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs MK2 alloy rocker cover I'll give her an oil/fuel/air filter change plus fresh oil when I get a chance too. I also have a 4 branch & straight through centre pipe that I am contemplating on fitting - possibly coupled to a G40 rear section to retain the OEM look.
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    My ht leads came today, soo I quickly made a new king lead as the current one was toast and plugged the throttle position sensor back in and started it, it was revving up an down soo I took it for a spin to see if it would clear and it was misfiring like a pig, no power and keeps cutting out when not reved hard. Have a feeling its my distributor and rota arm. when I removed my current (toasted) king lead from the distributor there was like a greeny colour on the distributor cap connector. Orderd a new distributor cap and rota arm hopefully that should sort it and then I can fit the coilovers
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    Sound Nick that's a plan I'll meet you at Lymm for half 7 Guys still room for any late comers to the show don't care how your car looks lets show those polos off
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    Got the polo back there and couldent be happier with how it sits :) next thing to tick off is lether seats
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    BLURB Mazda is gone - too slow, too much rust and not enough seats/space. Was fun whilst it lasted but not a keeper. Currently breaking it (as I do) and I've spent the money on a replacement. I had a Clio 182 Cup for 7 years and you literally can't buy anything cheaper that is so much fun. I did look at EP3 Type R's but by all accounts they are a little number, too heavy and most seem to be really leggy. Also looked at some older Honda's but scene tax has made sure a good EG/EK Civic is serious money. I was originally looking for a car in the £1500-2500 range that would be suitable for daily driving, B-road blasts and the odd trackday/hillclimb/sprint. Nothing too nice that I'd want to baby. One night when browsing eBay I came across a Clio Trophy for £3750. Currently these are trading for between £6500-£16000 depending on condition and miles...so it appeared to be a bit of a bargain. Must be a reason.... cam belt was done, service history was good, not Cat C/D, Sachs suspension refurbished and waiting to be refitted...125k miles....ah 125k miles! But then if it has been looked after that's only 10k a year....so not bad at all really... Thought it worth a punt so booked a flight to Manchester (£70) train to Liverpool (£8) and the boy picked me up from the station and took me back to the Wirral. Money was exchanged and drove backup the same day; stopping at Doune to catch the tail end of the hill climb. Totally standard car bar: Koni adjustable rear dampers, Eibach Sportline lowering springs, Espace V6 air box, Scorpion RS192 stainless exhaust, Nankang RS2 tires and I think that's about it...that's on top of the standard Trophy spec. of Speedline Turini wheels, Clio V6 spoiler, Recaro trendlines and silly expensive Sachs remote reservoir dampers. It's a little tatty here and there. Some parking dings, little chip of paint here and there and some kerbing on the wheels. Worst part of the car is probably the bubble of rust at the front of the bonnet where it has been closed on something but you barely notice it. Have been driving it to work which it's fine for and I've had it on a couple of b-road jaunts. Utter banter - so much fun! Can't wait to get the Sachs dampers back on with the addition of some camber bolts at the front...then hopefully get to Fintray Hillclimb in May. Dampers were rebuilt by Rik Perry who I'm told works for one of the F1 teams. Shafts are coated in some sort of hard diamond based substance, adjusters de-pinned so they can be used (locked from factory) and lastly dyno'd with a print out and sheet telling you exact numbers of clicks for each side to have them the same...which in this case is 22 and 23...nerdy! PHOTOS
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    in approximate cost order weld and seal any battery tray rust hole mains condensing dehumidifier mains fan heater peltier element dehumidifier hair dryer replace door interior membrane seals with large plastic bags moisture trap crystals above a large flat container so does not spill round corners cat litter drive it with heater on and windows open park on a slope - facing up hill - soak up moisture with sponges and newspaper at lowest point of carpet at back seat wells clean battery tray firewall drain holes
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    Bleeding Christ, that is old, I'll update that and make it at least modern!
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    Just a thought for the next one is to all write up a description about our Polos that can go in the window of the car. I'd for mine about the fact that it's a rare GLX model etc.
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    Cheers for the stand today! I'll get my pictures today shortly!
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    Standard VW sizes are 195/45/15, 185/55/14, 175/65/13 to maintain speedo accuracy you want to aim for around 560mm total diameter 165/50 will overead 2% 165/45 will overead 5% use http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp to help you compare sizes :)
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    We've just released a new guide over on our website that tells you everything you need to know about clay bars and how to use them correctly. We go in depth about how a clay bar works, why you should use one and how to use it in the correct way to ensure no damage is caused to the paintwork. Have a read HERE If you have any questions feel free to ask them below :)
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    As has become a staple of the Polo Social, we will be holding a Show & Shine competition on the Sunday of the Polo Social We've kept the trophies from last year so lots up for grabs. To enter the Show and Shine see myself (look out for the beard) or one of the members of staff floating around (normally by the Marquee) and we will get you signed up. Entry is £5 but all of this money will go to charity. So even if you are not bothered about a trophy please still enter your car as the money does go to a really good cause which currently be Macmillan Cancer Support/Cancer Research UK. The Show and Shine is self-judged so the most deserving cars are decided by the people who enter (and no you can't vote for your own car! ) We also have a People’s Choice award which allows anyone attending the show to cast their vote. To get these slips also see one of the staff. Trophies Available: Overall 1st/2nd/3rd (Self judged by entrants) Best Wheels/Engine Bay/Interior/Engineering (Staff picks) People's Choice (Voted by show attendees) Polodriver.com Award (Chosen by Rich of Polodriver.com) Because Racecar Award IMPORTANT STUFF!!! Please note that entry to the show and shine will ONLY be open until 11.30am and slips must be returned to SNS control by 1pm, this is so we can collate the results in time to do trophies at around 2/2.15pm. Also please don't move your car over to the show field until you've signed up, paid and received your voting form, thank you The whole weekend is a chilled out and relaxed one and this includes the Show and Shine. The whole point is to have a bit of fun and see some nice Polo's!
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    Hello everyone. I'm Edy from Romania and this summer i will buy from my uncle a Polo 6N2, 4 doors, 1.4i and I want to modify it. First I wanted to change the bodykit then paint it with plastidip, demon eyes headlights smokey taillights, sport suspension, sport filters and more. But I don't know with what I should start the project. I hope that this post is now off-topic and if it is I will delete it. I want to know what I should modify, check, change on the car on the mechanical part first. Thank you.
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    About time I finished this project.....watch this space!!!!
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    rear inner arches painted and new coilovers fitted, along with freshly painted axle new wheel cylinders and brake shoes and drums
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    Not that I am aware of but trying to get a Mids/Staffs meet happening!
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    The Polo Social, What is it? The Polo Social is a social event held on 30th JUNE to 02nd JULY 2017 that is put on by Club Polo which is open to all VW Polo owners from any Club. So if you are part of a local club bring everyone down and grab a spot in the field. What to Expect? A relaxed event where you can catch up with other members, see their cars and meet new people from the club. Expect a big club meet which lasts the weekend with some beers and BBQs! Whats going on? Details are yet to be finalised but plans are for the club BBQ on the Saturday night, Show and Shine on the Sunday. We are looking to have some things going Saturday day Where is it? The event is held at Kelham Hall & Country Park, Kelham NG23 5QX This is the first year we've held it here, after Billing Aquadrome ( where we've held it for the last 12+ years) cancelled all future car events, its an excellent venue which really suits the clubs event. There is food/drink available on site and a pub within wobbling distance. What do you need? If you are camping then you need the general camping gear of tent, sleeping bag, etc. If you want to clean your car up for the show and shine on the Sunday there is a cold water supply so bring your bucket and cleaning gear. Also bring some money. How much does it cost and how to book? A pitch is for a tent for up to 6 people, if you have extra cars we may charge you extra. To book go to the club shop and select how many nights you require, if your a paid member, there will be a discount on the advertised price if you book for both nights, this will be applied to your final checkout http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/store/category/4-the-polo-social-tickets-2017/
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    I think my 50 will do 0-60 in about 5 minutes. Not timed it exactly but I think that's a fair guess!!!
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    they're 325 quid collected from castleford - fresh paint and tyres if you're interested PM me.
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    Fixed up some bodywork for you as well
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    As above, twist 90 degrees and pull up. It will look cream on the one side due to the black plastic bit has snapped off, like both of mine. Good luck
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    Started my double-din centre console conversion the other day, it was remotely easy! Started simple by getting the cage into the center console, started by using a dremmel but it proved to be making the work harder so ended up using a stanley blade as you can tell the sizes are extremely different height and width wise, so, the mk2 Golf centre console will need trimming at the base
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    Gave the Polo a proper good interior and exterior clean today, hopefully going to get all the seats steamed by tomorrow and the lowering springs put on
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    Have a look at this It might be the drain is via the alternator, if that proves to OK have a look at this vw.tb.27-07-11 Battery Discharged Diagnosis for Static Current Draw.pdf
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    online photo storage online photo storage ^^^^ as you can seen the rotor arm metal contact the is bent. upload gif replaced the distributor cap and coil pack as it cured my misfiring/ lack of power and bouncy revs . The ht leads I bought off ebay had the wrong fittings for the spark plugs. Soo i ordered the right fittings but couldn't wait for delivery , I then went on the polo 6n buying & selling page on face book and picked a set of 16v ht leads local for £15.00 . All fitted and now running smooth. I then fitted the front coilovers today . photo hosting picture upload sites That's all for now until I get new tyres. Nimal
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    This cheeky number got delivered early this week, since the ex owner of the engine chopped old manifold why not upgrade it ??
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    People like Autostyle on eBay supply the fully legal kite marked pressed plates for around £20, I've had them on all my cars (6n2/mk2 scirocco/Corrado/G40) and they last way longer than plastic You can either stick them on with the pads provided by the vendor or use plate holders (like the very nice ones we have in our shop....hint hint )
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    I also said 'boyfriends', it was a typo, I do in fact only have one
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    Just saw this thread
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    I have just finished a GT throttle body that I have ported, de-wedged and slimmed down the throttle spindles if you are interested? Looking at my brother's GT there are a couple issues with the standard air intake. The entry to the air flow sensor from the air box is pretty dire, the plastic air box lid overlaps the opening and the edges are sharp and not conducive to air flow. I would suggest opening up the mouth and making a nice radiused trumpet shape. With the standard air box the air filter fills up the entire bottom half not allowing the incoming air to flow through the majority of the filter. The intake to the air box is small and convoluted. I would suggest drilling some large holes in the bottom of the air box and making up a foam panel filter to put in place of the standard filter. Whilst head is off you could consider headwork?
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    if you want to up the power i have a g40 inlet and injectors, add that to a 270 cam and you can get close to 100bhp get it running nice first, if a stage 2 sub frame comes up grab it
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    Sorry mate! Phew that you didn't rush in and click buy now!
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    Red paint is the most common colour paint to fade, especially for older cars. I would recommend using a polishing machine and buying some decent Polish (http://www.meguiars.co.uk/fifty-shades-redder-how-to-replenish-old-faded-paintwork-with-meguiars-ultimate-compound/) and using a sealant afterwards. As for the paint flaking I have no idea
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    Here's the full write up from the dealer manual 6N2 Airbag RR.pdf
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    So since the last update I've not done a lot since work to get money to spend on the polo (I've just sent it up to the paint shop to get painted and some small surface rust fixed ? (photos below) apart from that when I get it back I'm going to put on my red door handles and quite possibly lower it more (I doubt I would be able to cope with it lower so be prepared for it to be back up to we're it curently sits ?) also im on the look out for a nice set of black leathers (if there in Northern Ireland it's a bonus lol) I've also just started an engraving business so I'm thinking about getting some small subtle stickers for advertising it on the go ??‍♂️ can't wait to get it out of the paint shop now as I've went almost 2 weeks without it, (from going on holidays to getting painted) I just can't wait to go a good wee run shortly ❤
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    found this a while back possible sticky?? its basically a tutorial on how to photoshop cars (nearly everything you need to know lol) Photoshop Bible
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