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    Hey over there. Yes @Liz, but i had no time and space to stick on this years sticker yet. So now my 2017 pictures are online, take a look at: http://vwpolo6n.de/treffen/2017/polosocial.htm Btw, did anybody noticed the presence of the young Axl Rose? :-) cheers Christian
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    Welcome to my thread for my Polo GTI. Technically I've never left Polo ownership since 2009, my first car was a 6n2 which I still own. Since since then I've owned some shocking vehicles, two Vauxhall Corsas & a Peugeot 307SW I suppose have to be the worst. So after my Fabia vRS kept throwing bill after bill at me, I decided enough was enough. I looked at nearly new Polo GTI's, which were oddly enough more expensive than buying a brand new one. Choosing the spec was a bit of a difficult one for me, I didn't want to over spec as with VW, and any manufacture I suppose, additions soon add up and you are soon up to Golf money! But obviously I didn't want to buy a new car and regret not speccing it well enough for the next 3 years or however long I keep it, so I want with the convenience pack & sport pack. I cannot imagine many drastic modifications to the car to be honest, the idea of going with a new car was to make the most of a warranty. Well anyway, photos: DSC_0636 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr DSC_0642 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr DSC_0643 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr 20170704_200725 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr And one of my first Polo, as you can see it hasn't had much use lately. 20170520_153851 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr
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    Awsome I have a multi meter borrowed one from the neighbour so going to have a play today
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    Brake callipers got a strip down clean paint and new piston seal kit and nipples and brake pipe.
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    Ok mate, I'll let you know when I've got them out. I assume the interior will need to be stripped to get to them. It will be cheap.
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    As said before though low compression can also cause the same wobble
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    Yes the timing mark jumps about quite abit whilst looking at it
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    You've got it running with timing light showing still crank pulley line marker at Z (for Zündung = ignition). The Z is the 5 degree mark for that pulley. That sounds fine, there's sparks and fuel. Does the timing mark wander about? Might not be all cylinders firing equally.
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    It's had new tyres, but has it had new decent tyres, or just whatever was cheap? These don't handle like modern cars, end of, the suspension didn't really changed since 1974. You have to up your hazard perception a lot as they will react to things a modern heavy car with big wide tyres and wishbone suspension will hide from you. Things to bear in mind - - They're small - They're very light - They have skinny tyres - The brakes can lock up really easily - The brake feel isn't great - The brakes can heat fade - You have no traction control - You have no ABS - You have no seatbelt pretensioners - You have no airbags. - 10,000 grannies used to drive these things, and they lived to tell the tale. - Quite a lot of people who are used to driving modern cars buy these and stack them because they try to drive them like a modern car. If you're in a modern car, you can pretty much drive how you want until there's a problem 10 feet from your bonnet, then mash the pedal in the middle and the car will sort it out for you, and if it doesn't, there's airbags. In an old polo, it's 100% up to you to figure out. Personally - When I drive an old Polo I consciously set my brain to motorbike mode.
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    You should fix what's broke. I mean your coil pack was throwing out sparks. Why not replace it for £10 It's like eliminating one thing
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    it goes anti clockwise looking from the passenger side , number lead should line up to a notch in the dizzy housing edge
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    Cambelts rubber had a 6 year lifespan used or not so get that done with the waterpump Quite a simple job on these, 60ish in parts and 2 hrs maybe
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    pretty impressive ....i really think it ought to have a oil change and a cam belt though sinse its stood so long
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    So she passed her MOT, just needed a bulb and a new battery, she's now insured and taxed. Picking her up tonight, so pleased
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    At last low mileage replacement engine going back in ..
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    PM sent to everyone on the list above.
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    Wait, someone asked a question that wasnt how to fit 9j to the rear of a breadvan or how do a 20vt conversion without any money or mechanical skills
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    First Welcome to the forum. You really need to make out a wanted advert in the classified section, https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/classifieds/category/8-wanted/ I have moved this to the general Polo chat, as the section you posted in is for peoples build threads :)
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    The windscreen rust is common and can lead to water getting into the foot wells so best to sort it. Looks clean Make a nice run around
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    First Welcome to the forum. CANbus is used on your model, but only for the airbag control unit, the lighting is all normal non-canbus, if you replace the main indicator bulbs you will need to fit resistors to make the system work
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    try this guy http://www.aircooledkey.com/ yours should be an AH profile , and the code might be on the handle petrol caps are a seperate key , not sure how you would tackle that , possibly bust if off and replace
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    It's been a while, and a fair bit has happened that I haven't caught up on yet so i'll do my best to try remember the order in which it happened. It was ready to take it out of the garage, first time in a long time. Just to try out the brakes and make sure I was happy with everything i'd done underneath. (please ignore the shoddy wing that was put on whilst the replacement was off being painted, and all the chalk marks noting where all the dents were! ) Turns out the brakes are horrendous, with no servo they are just plain dangerous. More to come on brakes later! So back in the garage it went... note having no bumpers meant having no indicators.. yet. So I had play around see where I could put the original indicators from the bumpers. Dont worry, I used the old smashed up grille that first came with the car before anyone complains about cutting it up! or I did prefer the version inside the grille for a little while as it was something a bit different but never fully committed to sticking with it. Finally settled on a different configuration which comes later. I think shortly after this I took a trip down the west coast to fetch a corrado interior that i'd found for an absolute steal, only kept the front seats and largely binned the rest which wasnt in as good condition, after scavenging all the spare trim clips and brackets of course. Corrado seats are comfy as .... Next up I was getting fed up of the ugly steels that have been on for testing and I couldn't get around having the wellers on, they were just too wide and I don't like the poke look, I like to keep things flush and it turns out as wellers are welded all the way around the centres, theres no easy way to narrow them and no one was prepared to try. So there was a set of baby G60 steels I found cheap over in germany that have a similar design, just with nowhere near as much dish, they were delivered and I got to work on a very quick overhaul of each wheel before getting some new rubber put on. (original -> keyed up ↵ primered -> painted). All in a days work. New rubber fitted and new wheels on. Starting to get there. Some spacers bought for the rear (still not fitted as waiting for correct length radius bolts to arrive) and some smoothed centre caps to hide the wheel bolts (fitted later) Whilst waiting for the spacers and bolts to come through I had some new VWII calipers, sourced from a GTI golf Mk3 arrive. PAIN IN THE ASS. Didn't fit as bolt spacing was different so I had to buy a pair of G40 carriers from Germany for nearly £70.00! Oh well, whilst im at it, might as well do the lot, new vented 20mm discs and a brembo pads. I just want the damn thing to stop when I press the pedal rather than thinking about it for 3/4 of the pedal travel! So calipers were blasted, overhauled with new seals and bleed nipples (pistons were ok to re-use) and fitted and given a good few licks of paint. Finally after a good few brake bleeds i've managed to get them to feel good! It's no F1 set up but its a hell of a lot safer now than it was before. Back on the road now and keeping the bumperless look, indicators were required! So quite simply just used the side repeaters from the replacement wings... used the wiring holes in the front valance from the original indicators... and mounted the orange repeaters with magnets! Much tidier in my opinion. Passed MOT with no advisories so was absolutely beaming after that! They couldn't fault what i'd done with it underneath so that's a big confidence booster about doing some more work (or less) on it in the future. Finally had the bonnet and wing back from re-spray and now my front end looks 100% shiny. The rest of the car however.... Next chapter will probably be in a month or so on the new engine, and hopefully have the spacers (finally) so that my wheels actually sit flush with the outer arches. Still a fair way to go but starting to see the end of the project in sight!
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    I have one with a boss in it if you're interested?
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    The pump doesn't care how many doors you have https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/2001-240/8/862-862000/#7
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    Please note, this is mk3 in Volkswagen terms, not Club Polo terms Our mk3 is mk2f to VW For this photoshoot, ideally Doug is after a clean standard 6n (what we call the mk4; known as the mk3 to VW)
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    It is a serious Piss take, bordering on illegal, there must be millions of other forum sites that have been affected by this, To my way of thinking it's blackmail, pay us $400/year so you can share your photo's if not tough!!
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    The CTS will be the 4 pin with a yellow band, if there is another sensor in the thermostat block, that is the A/C high temp cut-out The engine management is quite basic on these engines, the EML will only come on for emission related/detected problems, if you can get someone with VCDS this will be able to give you live data on the ECU sensor inputs, and you will be able to see the coolant temp sensor values going to the ECU, the other half of that sensor signals the speedo temp gauge and again with VCDS you can see what that side of the sensor is giving out, a generic code reader that advertises live data will not be able to get this info as the car is pre OBDll and will only talk to VCDS or VAG based scanners. The other things to consider are the MAP/IAT sensor on the cambelt end of the inlet manifold, they get gummed up with oil/old petrol deposits, clean it with a spray carb cleaner, don't use anything else as the sensing element is quite delicate, also do a throttle body clean, above & below the butterfly with the same carb cleaner and an old toothbrush, and after doing this again with VCDS do the throttle body alignment procedure, details of this can be found on www.ross-tech.com
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    Before you connect up the battery and try starting it, take out all the spark plugs and slowly turn the engine over on the big nut on the crankshaft pulley, as if the cambelt has snapped or lost it's teeth, spinning it over on the starter motor could cause the valves and pistons to become intimate causing quite a few ££'s of damage
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    Welcome. Good find and at a good price :)
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    As I removed the rad and fan I thought it be good for a rust removal and a good coat of epoxy paint. Spent an hour cleaning the rad fins with compressed air and the amount of crap that I removed was shocking..
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    Great project I had an f plate coupe s cracking motor. Keep up the good work.
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    Nige, you are a genius mate. Works perfectly. Thanks for all your help and patience. Top man
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    @Christian6N your commitment to your 6N and coming to the UK for Polo Show is admirable. How long have you been coming across for now? Must be 10 years?
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    Might be a bit late with this answer but....my daughters 1.9 sdi would shake your teeth out at idle speed. So I eventually decided that the car was not designed like that as a 1.9 sdi. Unbolt the bone shape gearbox to floor mounting and start the engine. Dont worry, its quite safe if youdont try and drive the car. If the teeth shattering vibe has gone you have found the fault. Dont make my mistake of fitting one for a petrol, £30 from gsf. It wont cure it. I checked out the part numbers with local vw main dealer. The diesel was different. I bought the genuine vw part which looks much heavier and has different rubber compounds in the mounting bushes. I paid £64 for the correct part and the cure. Many are replaced in the past with a bone mounting for a petrol so we think the old one is correct but it isnt. This polo is now vibration free. I hope this helps. I still have the correct part number for the 1.9 sdi agd gearbox to subframe mounting if anyone needs it.
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    Project? Looks fine to me lol. Realy like this mate
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    okay, credit to member KJS for figuring out the passengers side conversion there are two types of 9n light, left side reverse or twin reverse lights Tutorial for left side single reverse lights: (tutorial by KJS) only adjustments that need to be done is the passenger side tail lights....the driver side is the same so you dont need to change anything...its just a direct fit in.... Now, for the passenger side you will need alot of patients....Here is some info: numbers 1 to 6 represent pin numbers marked on the side of the clips Passenger Side------------- 9N WIRING 1 Brown =earth 2 Black white = indicator 3 Black/Red = brake 4 Black/blue = reverse 5 Blank 6 Grey/black = lights 9N3 WIRING 1 Empty 2 Reverse 3 Indicator 4 Ground 5 Brake 6 Lights for twin reverse lights to single reverse light conversion: (tutorial bydanielpasieka) wire the passengers side as above, then wire the drivers side as so: 9N WIRING 1 Brown 2 Blue/Black 3 Black/Red 4 Green/Black 5 Grey/White 6 Grey/Red 9N3 WIRING 1 Grey/Red 2 Black/Red 3 Brown 4 Green/Black 5 Grey/White 6 Blue/Black (or leave empty, wire isn't connected at this end anyway)
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    Need an O-Ring for my waterpump as the pumpi ordered from GSF didnt have one. I bought it months ago, haven't had chance to fit it until last week and realised the gasket was missing. As i can't find the receipt theres nothing they can do, which is fair enough, and they can't supply just the o-ring on its own. So i ring the VAG dealer, nearest one is an hour's bus ride across the other side of leeds. I rang first at 12pm today, put through to the parts counter, phone rang for 5 mins til i gave up. Rang reception again and asked why i didnt get through, she took my details and said i would be rung back straight away. By 3.30pm i hadn't heard anything, so rang again and the receptionist apologies profusely, said she'd go down to the parts desk and make them ring me back there and then. By the time another hour had passed i'd heard nothing, so i rang again at 4.30. The receptionist rang an internal call to the parts desk, no response after 7 minutes. She left me on hold for 5 while she went down (she sounded pretty angry herself by this point!) and found out what was going on. She returned and said they were waiting by the phone so she'd put me through. The phone rang for another 5 mins before it was finally answered by some goon who didn't have a clue, tried to tell me my numberplate was private at first and wouldn't be recognised?! I've got the original dealer plates! He then told me id have to order the O-ring as they dont have it in stock, fair enough, with a waiting time of 7-10 days. Does it take that long to whack some rubber in an envelope and post it across?! And he said it would cost about £4inc VAT, for one tiny rubber ring. Thats not on. For the 2 relays that sit in the scuttle tray, he wanted £17+vat for one and £13+vat for the other, with the same order time from germany. I can get them both from GSF for £7 all in! I then asked him if he could order them for me, 'No.' he said. 'Oh right, whys that?' 'You're gona have to come in and order them'. So now i have to trek an hour across to the stealer, order the parts, trek an hour home. Then go back a week later and do the same journey to pick them up. I may not be able to get across there til next week now, when i could have gone today if he'd answered the bloody phone! So because of their incompetence i might be without my car for another 2 weeks, seriously unimpressed with their service. Is this normal? I can't see how they can expect to maintain their reputation for quality when the service is so shocking! Feeling pretty pissed off to put it mildly, when I'm expected to pay so much for such pathetic parts, i would expect the service to be shit hot, not plain shit. I've had miles better service from the pikey motor factors down the road.
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