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    1.6 SPI? Is that a typo or a real thing? Whats the engine code (AAV, AAU etc)? Things I can think of Seal around throttle body isn't letting any air in Vacuum hoses leading to TB aren't cracked or missing TB isn't filthy - give it a clean with some carb and intake cleaner - don't touch the throttle butterfly! Fuel filter isn't blocked Air filter isn't blocked up Check the condition of your plugs The SPI throttle body is electronically controlled and doesn't have any idle adjustment. If the idle is off its likely unmetered air getting in. Spray some WD40 around the base of the TB when its running and see if the engine note or revs change.
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    So it turns out I'm crap at updating forum threads these days. Needless to say the car is still lurking. Hopefully you'll have caught my updates in Performance VW - and if not, why not? Ironically, having ended my last post saying tyres would come next, push came to shove. My car managed to collect a screw in its front passenger side Toyo just after its MOT last year and, recognising that I live in Wales, I decided to get myself a set of Uniroyal Rainsport 3s for it. Annoyingly this all happened around the time I ditched my full time editorship and went freelance (a year last weekend) which delayed things. But I made good use of my first week as my own boss, got my new rubber fitted and... err.. broke them in. That was fun. IMG_7720 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Some of that breaking-in mileage involved my first trip to Caffeine and Machine, and a two-birds-with-one-stone job getting my car's alignment done at the same time. It's been cornerweighted and had a bit more camber dialled in at the front (there isn't much adjustment available) but I came away with some fresh ideas for how to go a step further and plans to do so during the summer once I'd got my money's worth out of my latest investment. IMG_8140 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr The car had other ideas. It doesn't drop oil usually so, when it did, I got worried. Turns out the head gasket had let go and, while it wasn't letting anything into the cylinders, it was pissing oil while I was driving. And I'd done a lot of miles last winter as you can see. This has never been a fair weather car. Polo_rear_dirt by alexgrantuk, on Flickr It took a while to get it into the workshop (I get the long-term build slot and a rather tasty R5 Turbo was taking that space), so Jenson and I made it shiny while it waited. IMG_1659 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr AutoGlym HD wax, if you're wondering: IMG_4378 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr In the meantime I got to play with some pretty unlikely stablemates for a 28-year-old Polo. Including all Β£335,000 of Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge pictured here doing the school run - yes, you can get three kids and two buggies into one. No it isn't easy. IMG_9437 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr The car went into the workshop in April and, luckily, the head gasket swap didn't uncover anything anything unexpected: IMG_9725 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr And that's about it really - it's the noisy idiot on the driveway next to the silent Outlander PHEV I've been running for a few months, and our own really rather brilliant family bus (C4 SpaceTourer). IMG_4184 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr BA787266-4220-407C-9A4A-26E835AAE57E by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Pictured here at a Volkswagen UK driving event - I got to show a couple of the guys from the press office around the car while it was there: B988493F-0557-4628-9A44-A685B16E6E08 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Back at Caffeine and Machine... as you'll have seen in another thread: 93D507C3-4482-46D0-882D-FC1456B15BF1 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr And here shot against the glamour of Leigh Delamere Services. I think it's ageing rather nicely... and you know what they say, if you don't look back at it when you've parked it, you've got the wrong car. 9C80AF2D-0AD8-40ED-B1E8-8F3377752BA6 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr On it ticks. Nothing major left for it other than sticking around and putting a silly grin on my face.
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    One of the first pictures I took of my polo...
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    rap quality pic but just wanted to share πŸ™‚
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    A warning for everyone πŸ˜„
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    sounds like he wants to fit another pulley to the incorrect pump rather than swap it for the correct pump life doesnt have to be that hard...just send it back
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    I feel like there may be something lost in communication here - are you sure you mean a 'V' tooth or is it more like a chamfered square? I'd personally call the polo timing belt profile square rather than a 'V', although it does taper. I assume you've got a Mk2f? With that assumption there is only one timing sprocket tooth profile (and therefore timing belt tooth profile) for all Mk2f engine codes, apart from maybe the diesel 1W - they all share the same sprocket: https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/1993-120/1/109-6030/#3 The correct belts vary in length but all have the same square tooth profile (again, not sure about diesels): https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/1993-120/1/109-6000/#3 If you somehow found a timing sprocket with a v-tooth profile you'd have to replace the crankshaft pulley too as it does the driving of it. The right kit for your car would be something like: https://www.autodoc.co.uk/bosch/1191751 As has been said above - best to just send the parts back if they don't fit your engine and get the correct water pump and belt. If, however, there is something weird going on and you've got the wrong timing sprocket on your head then this is what you're looking for: https://www.autodoc.co.uk/jp-group/8171326 Again - I'm making assumptions about your engine here based on limited info and your avatar thumbnail.
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    This is weird..i thought i had replied but i see now that i haven't given an update in ALL THAT TIME! Nige the things you told me and suggested all worked out, it works perfectly, thanks!
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    The missing part of the cam belt cover plus the clips arrived this morning. Many thanks to Keith at Vauxhall Green Parts. Sump pan now cleaned and painted. Just waiting for a stat housing to arrive, and it can go back together. πŸ™‚
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    OK, thanks everyone for the info.... just had a quote from 3D autokeys for Β£120 incl. VAT (visit and reprogram incl)...... not too bad I thought!
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    id check the ign timing , carb base for air leaks then if its still doing it remove the carb and clean it and have it set up by someone that knows what theyre doing is the fuel filter new...theyre very cheap
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    yeah -just that , get under and seal it from both sides
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    Never use the OEM jack full stop 🀣
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    It's that time of year again, we are looking for entries for the 2020 Club Polo calendar. The rules are simple, just post up a picture, the picture must be one that you have taken (or you have the permission of the photographer to use it) and you must be able to send me a high res or raw version. We as always want well thought out scenic photos. There are 12 months plus a cover picture that we need to fill. If you have a specific month you'd like to see your picture if it were chosen then by all means let us know when submitting your entry.
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    Here's some from me. Ones that aren't my 6N2 GTI aren't my car, so not sure how we'd get around that – should we need to – re numberplates, but I did take the pics...
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    In theory VW should have the original key number on their files, but I doubt if the local stealership will go the extra mile and try and find it for you, a mobile locksmith would have the tool to read the profile and then cut a new key from that but it wouldn't be cheap
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    Must have been that one then as recollect it had low miles.
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    Dont think so! Had it about 7 years or so now unless this was before then! I know a guy brought one with 20 odd thousand on the clock and lives in Scotland could have been that one πŸ‘
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    Mint car dude, was that on ebay/carandclassic a while back? Vague memory of a really tidy one there.
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    Not sure which to submit!
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    After a looooooong hiatus, I've managed to get some time (and money!) to hit this again properly. Progress can be seen below Car has spent most of the last few years looking like this (except for a brief time where I moved it outside so I could gain access to the back garden whilst that was landscaped) Over the last few months however I've had some work done including - Retrimmed interior - this wasn't easy as the material isn't available new. I found another set of seats and recruited a local Aston Martin trimmer to make one decent set from the two shitty sets. It's not a perfect job as we didn't have enough material for all the faded bits, but they're so much better (and more comfortable) than they were - Mechanical HH head was sent to legendary VW head expert Dave Crissel to be flowed and have new valves put in. Great work as always from a professional. It's just a shame it will never be seen - ABD block has been caustic dipped and rehoned by another legend David Knight - Lots of other parts have been sent off for caustic dipping ready to be PC'd or painted. If you've not heard of this process before, it's great for renewing rusty and scabby parts. Here's a picture of a box of metal I had done There's a list as long as my arm for other bits to go on. I've rebuilt this car once and now I'm doing it again this time 'properly'! This weekend's goal was to pull the old engine (that's done less than 100 miles since rebuild )... Then dropped the new one in... The more eagle eyed of you will notice this is a bit of a bastard engine. It's an HH (mechanical lifter) head mated to an ABD bottom end. The fuel rail and inlet are from a GT, the injectors from a G60 and the TB is from an NZ. This is now all in place to have a turbo manifold mocked up. Once the manifold and turbo pipework is all in place it'll go off to the sprayers to have a proper respray. More updates over the coming weeks
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    Black bits painted in engine enamel. Exhaust manifold was blasted yesterday, (cheers Dave!) and sprayed with high temperate paint at work this afternoon. More freshening up of filthy stuff coming soon.
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    Whopper! Great pic lad.
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    Stunning car and great pic!
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    Totally original one owner before me
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    Pic of the Polo I took two winter's ago and a newer pic from Edition38 this year😊 also a pic of mine and my friends bready
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    Totally original car, one owner from new.
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    I can't decide which is best, so take your pic. (Pun intended)
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    Just been looking and there seems to be two versions of the grill ? the first version appears to be a stick on and its the it’s the second one that needs the grill removed
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