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    Thought I'd put together a quick post with regards to suspension kits/setups. I regularly see the same questions asked, particularly on social media with regards to suspension kits, lowering cars etc; so I thought I would try and generalise some advice. Generally, the majority of people seem to want to lower their car, which can be achieved in several ways. Cheapest option: Lowering springs. These can be bought cheaply, and of different brands and quality. Often designed with a few of the coils designed to go coil-bound under the vehicles weight, this ensures the spring is still properly seated with the suspension in full rebound, but also allows it to sit lower under its weight. Generally, you get what you pay for - the springs will tend to be a different rate to standard, and totally change the character of a car, therefore the standard dampers will no longer be matched to the rest of the vehicle. You may find it doesn't drive too great with just lowering springs, or you suffer premature wear of your dampers. Spring and shock kit: As mentioned above, damping can be an issue with lowering springs - not just the damper settings themselves, but also the range of travel the damper has - generally a lowering spring will be both shorter and stiffer, so to ensure it has the correct amount of pre-load, dampers matched to lowering springs tend to have reduced travel. You can spend between £100 and probably £1500 on a spring and shock kit. Cheaper kits will do the job - but probably won't be as good a quality, or have had any of the R&D which a more expensive kit will have had (Bilstein for example) Dependant on your vehicle platform, ride heights can be adjustable with a spring and shock kit via a circlip on the damper body, however, not as accurately as 'coilovers' Coilovers: People commonly describe a lowering kit with threaded height adjusters as coilovers, when really coilovers just means a coil spring over the damper, so technically every standard polo has coilovers on at least the front, and on the rear on some models too. However, for ease of description, coilovers are a spring and damper kit, which generally has threaded adjusters for adjusting ride heights. This is what people tend to go for to get their cars really low (although a lot of them aren't actually approved to go as low as people run them) These are great for tweaking your ride heights, and particularly if you have a track car, setting up the corner weights accurately. Again, you get what you pay for, cheap coilovers can be had for around £150 and up to and over £2000. Cheaper ones tend to again 'do the job' by lowering the car, however handling and ride quality tend to be somewhat sacrificed. More premium brands such as KW put more development into their kits, therefore you are paying towards that, but essentially end up with a better product. Air Ride I don't really have any experience with after market air suspension, so wouldn't like to comment on what is good and bad. Air will let you drive your car at a sensible height, then release air from the air springs to lower your car to look better. Air springs can be a very tunable component, however I have no idea how much thought is put into this for after market kits. Certainly sleeve bags can be made to have linear and non linear rates so you could essentially make a great kit if the effort was made. From what I have seen a lot of kits use bellow style bags, which I don't really know anything about. Air can be bought cheaply second hand, or you could pay up to £10000 getting a good kit professionally installed. Summary When it comes to suspension, the first thing you should ask yourself is 'What am I trying to achieve?' Generally you are compromising a car from what the manufacturer originally created when you start fitting after market suspension, so you need to decide what you are willing to compromise, whether that be ride quality, handling, durability, practicality and so on. Personally I would save up as much as possible to buy the best quality kit you can, it may even pay to buy a premium Spring and Shock kit, instead of a cheap coilover kit. I have witnessed lots of horrors with after market suspension kits, with regards to how they are fitted, or removing parts to make cars lower etc. Just bare in mind, if things like helper springs and bump stops are supplied with a kit, they are supposed to be fitted - if the manufacturer didn't deem them necessary, they wouldn't put them in! When you are driving along and the vehicle goes into a heave moment, such as a small "jump" in the road the main springs become unloaded, without helper/tender springs, the force of the spring acting on the tyre contact patch is lost, the same thing happens when cornering - as the car rolls and the inside of the car essentially lifts up, the spring becomes unloaded, this results in a huge difference in contact patch loading on the tyre, which could well result in erratic and dangerous handling characteristics. Here is an example with a tender spring correctly fitted. The vehicle has its wheel off the ground, so the damper is at its maximum rebound travel, yet the spring is still preloaded: Here is an example without a tender spring fitted, note the gap at the top of the spring, this means there is a lot less force acting on the tyre (basically just the weight of the unsprung mass hanging down) but also when the suspension is compressed again it will have very little force due to no spring resistance, and then a sudden large build up of force: You will find with more expensive coilover kits, the height adjustment range is a lot less than that of cheaper ones, this is because it has been designed to work around a certain range, and optimised for that. This is a key indicator that cheaper kits which have a huge lowering range aren't perhaps as great as people think. I have tried to explain in simple terms to help people understand, but anyway, I hope this brings some help to someone!
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    No update since August last year! I really am slacking with this car. Well this update will be a little picture heavy. So from it's last outing (yes I haven't driven it since July!) I had the oil issue to fix. Decided to buy a complete engine gasket set, block and head....along with some other goodies. We have there a windage tray, new sump bolts, new flywheel bolts, new crank pulley bolt, new clutch and brake pedal rubbers then the all important AEM wideband kit Also bought myself a Christmas present With the correct tools and parts to hand it was time to get to work. Didn't take long to get to this point Engine bay empty Engine on the floor Strip down begins, this was the seal I suspected had let go. Looks like the gasket between the block and the end cover had failed. I don't know if this would have been the only cause of the oil leak, but it was certainly a factor Stripped and cleaned ready for the new seal and gasket. Stripped all the rest of the bits off the bottom end, then it was time for the new bits to be fitted. Starting with the windage tray. Some fettling was required.... Before: After: Fitted: All bolted up with the sump and 2 gaskets Also stuck in a magnetic sump plug that I bought. Only a couple quid so thought why not. Once all that was done I could get the rest of the block built back up and get it looking like an engine again. State of the rest of the garage in this picture..... Flywheel end seal and gasket all changed too. Flywheel on with the nice new bolts. I was going to buy a new clutch this time but the one in it is still going strong, plenty meat on it so going to keep using it. Not like it is hard to change when it does give up the ghost. Gearbox cleaned up and reinstalled. Before I put the engine back in I made a little modification to the gear linkage. Bought a DIY kit from Germany to make a short shifter. Seems to work pretty well. The middle setting takes 2 inches out of the front to back throw. Feels a bit odd to start with but once I had gotten used to it I definitely prefer it to the standard setup. Anyway once that was in the car the engine got chucked back in....make it look and sound so easy don't I? Just a case of putting the pieces back together after that really. Then a little test drive the night before embarking on the 450mile journey to the RR day at Aldon Automotive. Those of you that were there will know of the 3 attempts I had to make to get it to run on the rollers.....top tip, don't throw a car back together before a long drive and a run on the rollers. Give yourself a couple days to check for issues haha. And the results. Slightly disappointed if I'm honest. I expected more. But 153bhp from a car I've built myself on an unknown map is still a good job I think. Also a bit concerned about the transmission losses, 42bhp seems a little high. I know the gearbox is good, it has fresh oil, drivershafts are all good, CVs got re-greased when the engine was out and they moved free enough. Bearings are still pretty new too so really dunno why that is so high. Regardless it is a baseline, which is all I was really looking for. Now the hunt for power can begin, the engine has proved itself to run well and my mechanical modifications are complete. Just need to make the most of them. Thinking of going for a MegaSquirt setup as no one up here can map Digifant. Most places seem to be able to play with MegaSquirt and I can also tweak it myself if I make any changes mechanically later on down the line. Haven't got an end goal in mind, although 200bhp would be nice. But I need it to be semi reliable and not rip gearboxes apart too.
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    I thought I took loads of pictures but clearly I didn't, only got 4 decent ones in the end so here they are, plus the video of my car on the rollers.
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    Enginecode/ kW/ hp/litres/cylinders/years/model AEE 55 75 1,60 4 06/97-05/98 CADDY "F.." AEE 55 75 1,60 4 07/95-12/97 GOLF AEE 55 75 1,60 4 07/95-12/99 POLO AEE 55 75 1,60 4 07/95-07/96 POLO "F.." AEE 55 75 1,60 4 07/95-12/97 VENTO from http://vag-codes.info/files/engines/vw-engines.pdf
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    On the road in a month... getting the polo all ready ??
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    haha - was well pleased with my Google / Bing / DuckDuckGo search skills - until now. You could get loads of fuel down a 32mm pipe!
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    ~~~~~FREE Car Care Products~~~~~ Freebie February......... That's right, FREE car care products throughout the entire month of February. Simply place your order on Our Website HERE and we will add totally random products to your order 100% FREE, all freebies will amount to at least 20% of your basket total. Free products can not be chosen, they will be selected at random depending on stock levels at the time of your order and will vary from 5L products to simply air fresheners and stickers depending on your basket total. Offer running until 28-02-17
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    rare colour, only used it in 1993. looks clean too, oem+ dont do any permenant changes
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    The time has come to look at how TapaTalk interacts with our community. Since upgrading to IPS 4 software, our forums are fully responsive and adapt to all devices. With the likes of TapaTalk the app will only see the forums and not the extra features we've added and plan to add in the future. In order to move forward so everyone gets the same friendly user experience while navigating through our site, it has been decided to shut down TapaTalk. Current features NOT support by TT: Our new classifieds system Our store (TPS Tickets, Merchandise, Stickers etc) Gallery Blogs Downloads Member Maps We will close TT at the end of February 2017. Understandably this will effect a few users (not many), and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please experiment using www.clubpolo.co.uk on your mobile phone, tablet device. There is no more mobile version of the site, it will adjust it's self to your devices screen. So browsing on a phone/tablet would be the same as browsing on a desktop, obviously a slightly condensed version in order to give you the best browsing possible and to free up screen space. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Thanks
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    Had a few more hours out at the car today!, got an idea for a different dash swap to the usual 6n2 swap, I'll be surprised if anyone can guess it!, will 100% need modifying and a custom dash loom, all new to me so I may reveal the swap sooner then I plan for a bit of help but I'm going to try donit myself, done a bit more to the engine bay, looking forward to doing the car now, so much more motivation for it now!,
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    If you want parts, please use the classified section and make a wanted advert, as those people who might have the items won't be looking in the build threads for items wanted
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    that's a shame, it was a good day! massive result for me from the Dyno Day, got the result I wanted, although the live readout panicked me a little coz it looked like the power just dropped straight off at the top, when it calculated the readings I cam out with 97.5 BHP and 85.8 ft/lb I've crudely overlayed the graphs, last years in red and this years in blue, you can see they are very even upto around 3.4k RPM then the new graph just eeks out the advantage until 5k RPM where the old graph just falls over and dies torque wise, and the new graph stays flat with a peak towards the end! This is the beauty of a graph, if I was to say I gained an extra 6 ft/lb of torque it wouldnt sound all that great, but look at the graph and you can see a huge area where it was missing before, simply from the ignition timing being too retarded at higher RPM.
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    was a great and fun day, nice to see Robs harle in the flesh and meet members I haven't met before, antics with steve's polo was funny, that derv corrado was quite a shock, and in true diesel style made everyone run for clean air when it let rip, don't know the user on here, but the chap with the with the lefty mk2 AFH that sucked half a litre of oil into the engine was a fun time, the air filter was soaked, but passed him on the way home and it was running clean then, oh and the 6c GTi, a car that I have fallen in love with :) The chaps at Aldon again providing a brilliant service, very patient and cater to our needs very well! Me and Daz were the last to leave so got to see most of the runs, I particularly enjoy huddling up to the heater and watching them all lay it down, especially as it was so damn cold! and of course, I was absolutely stoked to achieve my target, which can only mean now I'm less stoked about the cost of parts to improve it even more looking forward to next year! here's some pics I am also hoping to make a video so if anyone has any clips or images they wish to be in it, send me a message
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    BEST picture of the day.... (Forgotten his name, but what a reaction!) And on with the rest -
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    We missed you - it was standing room only around the rollers and pretty packed at the Bradmore Arms afterwards. Some folks are heading out tonight. Not sure where but I'd take a guess at the baddest nightclub in Wolverhampton. Thanks to the Aldon team and all the ClubPolo staffers for the day and for time spent on this year's events planning. Honourable mention to Yeti for assisting with feats of underbody inspection, wheel alignment - without even string - and post run throttle body de-oiling... Oh and if you want your exhaust mended nearby LTC in Brierley Hill can deal with Polo and Octavia systems while you wait.
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    I'm beginning a series of videos on fixing problems on 6n's, every problem I find I'm going to try and document the diagnosis and repair on video to better help others in the same situation, whether it be something small and seemingly easy for us grizzled veterans to the more technical and longer repairs. hopefully they will help others that are in need of advice, I'd like to have a guide that is easily findable within a minute or two of googling, that provides accurate content, sometimes forum threads can be unanswered for days, even weeks, and social media (mainly facebook) can result in a myriad of misinformation. If you can view a problem "live" within a few minutes that has all the same symptoms you are having, that shows the procedure involved in repair, and fixes the problem, whats not to lose? we don't all have access to Autodata, Elsawin or VCDS and garage time can be costly, so I hope to save some pounds and make some smiles with this series. to kick things off, my first video is ready to view here and features a quite basic and common problem, headlight bulbs for those of you that have seen my Timing Chain replacement video for the Almera, the more technical videos will follow the same format, little to no music, locations of fasteners etc with tooling needed and torque specifications listed in the descriptions.
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    How much is this lowered? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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    Hi, New to this forum and am asking advice re above for a new 1.4 ACT Blue GT DSG. If I run the car with either of above will the VW servicing department be able to tell it has been done even if remove before servicing
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    Nice bready.. and video - worth watching with youtube's spectacularly weird (auto-generated0 subtitles ("Mr Powell stray cat bestie"). Bonus: the shot of the pedals at 3'19" helps me with my current issue.
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    One thing I would keep in mind is some of the small block engined Golfs actually came with an 02* gearbox that was usually fitted to the tall block engines. I don't know if these can be converted to run an 085 series gearbox from a Polo.
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    gear linkage is the first check. may be stiff or need adjusting because of wear
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    Don't want to be an arse to you but it's called 'votex' you'll have more success searching if you're spelling it right for a start. Theyre no no longer available through VW so your best bet is eBay, finding a 9n being broken that has them fitted or on the 9n Facebook page sometimes you'll find some for sale. They're fairly rare so expect to pay say 100 for rear, 100 for sideskirts and 100-150 for front
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    well thanks to rob for a fun afternoon, I've got some decent panels to weld in on the floorpan now, plenty of meat on them for the welder to trim them how he likes, time to get them prepped and hopefully get them put in sometime soon :)
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    Just watched an advert for the new Peugeot 3008 and there was something familiar about the cockpit, rewind to the 70s for the laughable Austin Allegro and there is a striking resemblance, what do you think Peugeot 3008 Austin Allegro Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is that the same as a Gates 3737 hose ? Or a Sasic SWH6784 ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SASIC-SWH6784-RADIATOR-HOSE-/262613879189
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    clean and tidy. glad you wanna do the floor properly, i've owned some right patch workers in the past.
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    Cheers! Newish to the site still working it out :)
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    This is "Geny"'s interior, good condition genesis interior. The is an an old photo before the stereo went in. The heater only blew on full power.. so the heater resistor was replaced and the fan bearings greased, bought some thermal fuses as well just in case! (there was literally none of the resistor there, someone had discarded it all).
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    Our venue for this years Polo Social have asked if we would like their kitchen to be opened in the morning for cooked breakfasts and have also asked if they can provide a band for us on the Saturday night. Breakfast will be anything from a bacon roll at £2 to a full English at £5. But we need at least 15 campers to be interested in order for it to be worthwhile to them. Obviously they have staff to pay etc etc. For the band this will be no extra cost to you guys camping but it will be an extra cost to the club. We are willing to pay for the band but we want to know if it is something you guys would want to see? Your participation in this poll is greatly appreciated and please comment below with any other suggestions you may have.
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    Hi, not my first post but the first time I've actually shown my car. It's a 1.0l 4speed Mk2f with only 56k miles on it. Good condition with only a few scratches here and there. My plan with it right now is to leave it standard as the insurance is a little bit (1000s) if I declare any mods so only subtle differences like the rear lights will be done at the moment. Running BBS RAs off a g40 as they are "standard" as such (have the VW stamp and could technically come on a Polo so I reckon I can argue it.) Wired in a Sony stereo, some door speakers and a sub.. My car was originally a fox so it had none of these things. Not so much planned for it at the moment but will be posting a few photos here whenever I feel like it. Any suggestions on things to do that won't cost me millions on insurance would be greatly appreciated :) Few pics when I first picked it up: And my favourite I have of it so far:
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    Rear axle back from powder-coating with all the new goodies arrived. Polybushes for the rear beam to chassis mounts, complete new drum overhaul kit, braided hoses and new brake hardlines. Hopefully all ready to re-fit this weekend.. After giving the boot floor and rear arches a nice couple of coats of underseal!
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    Depending on the make 0.7~0.9mm
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    Cool. I need to do this as one of mine has perished. I'v still got the VW Gamma head unit in mine though. would it struggle to power these I wonder...
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    Hi their guys I'm new to this just signed up just wanted to know if 18 inch alloys will fit my polo 9n3 2008 also will I be able to drop it after
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    Hi all. Just put some Montreal 2 alloys on my sister's polo so thought I'd share. Fitted with 195/45/16Lowering is next, just deciding how low to go as she don't want a low, bumpy ride for my nephew
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    Headliner turned up! Bit of a DIY job on the a and b pillars, but the main piece is well put together. Anyway, got the majority of the work done on Thursday evening. Thought it would be easy but was badly mistaken - it's a right idiot of a job!! Loosely hung; pinning it roughly in place; then the majority done (excuse the bad lighting!); the front isn't glued yet as I need to cut the A + B pillars, fit them then get the front screen in to really hold the edges firmly in place. HOWEVER, before the screen goes in I want the dash in place as it'll be a pain to fit. So it'll be a week or so before it gets finished!!! In other news, got some bits ordered for the wheels. As the e30s don't take taper or radius bolts it's taken me ages to figure out how to safely run them without using little adapter washers etc. The solution is simply convert to studs and use 'mag style' nuts which have a shank and washer attached. Ordered some studs from Driftworks and some tester nuts (completely wrong as at this point I was style looking at adapter washers). But, they showed up within 24 hours with sweets inside! 100% using them again!!! Now got a UK supplier for all parts needed so I'll order everything on Friday.
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    I'm now starting to see progress so getting really excited about the rebuild!!! Had a big parts order last week so now have; VWII calipers (G40 / mk1 golf gti etc) Discs Pads Shims Steering rack gator (current one is ripped) Hubs Wheel bearings This means that (after I find suitable carriers from a mk3 polo) I can build up the coilovers and get them fitted up. When that's done I can accurately measure up the wheels for machining / new lips!!! Also, after a lot of over thinking I re-ordered my headliner!! Had to cancel it the first time round because Xmas bent me over. BUT i did it properly this time - full headliner inc A and B pillars and new sun visor covers. All in perforated grey to match in nicely with the greyscale interior. It's currently at the DHL depo waiting to be sent out to me. I'll post pics of it all as I get / fit it. Also.... Nearly done with the engine; Just need to clean the head a bit more, have the crank shaft pulley powdercoated and decide on the finish for the cam cover. and also rebuilt the doors and got them fitted; This was a massive milestone for me as it's starting to look like a car again! it's very dusty atm as our workshop doubles as a bodyshop. As soon as the headliner is in I will put all windows back in then fit the rest of the interior. More updates shortly!
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    Welcome to the all new Team AG sponsorship program. We're Looking For Representatives!! We will be looking to build upon our already strong Team AG and would love for you to be involved. Do you have a stand out ride or something unique? Or simply a passion for detailing? We would love to hear from you! All details can be found on our website on our Team AG page We look forward to hearing from you soon! If you have any questions please feel free to reply to this post. Team AG
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    Full Details - Will be posted through the forums. REMEMBER TO RSVP! The Polo Social - Friday 30th June to Sunday 02nd July (Formerly The Polo Show) The Polo Social, What is it? The Polo Social is a social event held on 30th June - 2nd July that is put on by Club Polo which is open to all VW Polo owners from any Club. So if you are part of a local club bring everyone down and grab a spot in the field. What to Expect? A relaxed event where you can catch up with other members, see their cars and meet new people from the club. Expect a big club meet which lasts the weekend with some beers and BBQs! Whats going on? Details are yet to be finalised but plans are for the club BBQ to return on the Saturday night, Show and Shine on the Sunday. We are looking to have some things going Saturday day and hopefully a car related film on the Saturday night. Where is it? Shipley Gate, Eastwood, Nottingham NG16 3JE, UK http://www.mfn-club.co.uk/Home.html This is the first time we've held an event here and we hope the venue will really suits the clubs event. What do you need? If you are camping then you need the general camping gear of tent, sleeping bag, etc. If you want to clean your car up for the show and shine on the Sunday there will be a cold water supply so bring your bucket and cleaning gear. How much does it cost and how to book? Pre-Booked £18/Night with Electric hook-up (pre-booked) £15/Night Non Electric (pre-booked) £7 Day visitors (pre-booked) Unbooked £18/Night ON Gate (not pre-booked) £10 Day visitor ON Gate (not pre-booked) The bookings can now be made via our shop http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/store/category/4-the-polo-social-tickets-2017/ Prices are for 4 persons/tent & Day visitor prices are per car Club Members will receive a discount on these prices automatically when you put them in your basket The Pre-booking will close 10 days before the event ( 20th June 2017) so we can ensure your camping passes are posted to you A pitch is for a tent for up to 4 people, if you have extra cars we will charge you extra. To book http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/store/category/4-the-polo-social-tickets-2017/ Please note: there are a limited number of electrical hook ups available, so be quick with them to avoid disappointment. Also this is the first time we are doing the bookings and passes ourselves, so if you have any issues please contact clubpolo though the contact us form. We will be sending out the passes in big batches until we get closer to the time. But if it gets to a couple weeks before the Social and you haven't got your pass then please do contact us we'll get it sorted asap.
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    installed the engine today and played with the wiring and now have spark and can hear the injectors working and engine turns over! now need to remove the engine again install the brake lines sort out fuel lines get hold of a aftermarket fuel tank and make an exhaust system! Tomorrow will start removing the dash and seats ready and prep for paint also remove some not needed wiring!
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    Mad to think it started out like this!!! :)
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    Hi, has anyone ever drawn an AFH inlet manifold? I'm getting one laser cut (for carbs) and i'm gonna write up the drawing for it to give to the blokes. I've drawn a quick sketch with what i beleive to be correct radii and dimensions, however, if anyone has done one before it would be great to compare it up to mine. tis quite a challenge to draw up. cheers fellas.
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    That's tricky, to be fair. I've been asked the same thing. I have a whole car breaking - what am i supposed to do, list the whole car? Like, if you need a part, ask, i might have it.. Of thousands of parts i'm in no position to guess what people need. So i sympathise with this guy - he's said he has 100s of parts, he clearly can't list them, so just ask him what you're after..?
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