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    Few people expressed interest when i posted about how to repair the usual mk3 fault of the snapped rear hanger, there are a few solutions but here is mine. it takes about 2 hrs all in and a tea break Parts needed VW repair panel - 867 803 785 and its only £8.81 + vat (£10.35) 2x 8mm x75 length bolts or similar £2max ( you can go 10mm but i means drilling out more material) middle rear bump stop rubber optional (i missed it out as it does feck all but you can fit it if you like). 2 new back box exhaust rubbers £2max 4x 8mm penny washers £1max Tools Needed a hack saw electric drill + drill bits small, medium then a 8mm (or 10 to match the bolts you bought) angle grinder (quickest way to get the old hooks off) heat gun or hairdryer to melt the underseal. bit of wood to fit in the middle of the hanger to drill it so it doesnt bend a large file and a wee circle file (not essential but saves cutting your fingers or mr MOT mans). old broken hanger on my loon did ok for 18 years - good old VW - but i have heard of them braking long before this and then the cable tie army take over usually. new bits: vw panel, rear exhaust, 2 "O" rings and mid box one and a few long bolts (only need 2 of them) so i got about changing the vw panel as i dont do welding, and prefer uber minimum drilling holes in things. panel before on left and as modified on right. then i grinded off the remaining leg on the car and heat gunned all the underseal on the sides of the original panel, but not on the floor so it remains sealed or you will just open it up to water attack, and then drilled holes through it so it looks like this: (file the edges till they are smooth) then its a case of drill the VW panel to match and file the holes then its a nice push up and bolt through operation (may require some hammer time action! ). I chose to double nut it so its locked and cant go anywhere or vibrate loose : then i put the "O" rubbers in a old tea pot with water and boiled them for about 5 min so they were lovely and soft. then they slide on nicely. and jobs a good un! then just go give it a blast to make sure its not going anywhere and relax for another 18 years! only thing i might do extra is give it a coat of paint and underseal round the panel for a proper job.

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