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    Engines now in, to say im happy is an understatement! Im totally buzzing!
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    Some goodies arrived for this during the week. So I now have a nice, shiny H&R 60/40 kit for this. Should be a big improvement over the cheapy TA Technix coilovers that were on there. Also ordered some de-greaser, a pressure spray bottle and a bag of rags to clean the engine bay. Finally on top of the bag of rags there is a pair of handbrake cable adaptors for the pending rear discs conversion :) (Ignore the 30 year old, granny spec carpet...) Got started on the engine clean at the weekend, this is before. This is after. Still some work to do, but nice to know everything so far is nice and clean under the sludge. Continuing the tidy up it was time to pull the wiring loom for the AFH. Here it is in all its messy glory on the granny spec carpet. Here is the engine side of the loom. The eagle eyed may spot right away the issue that concerned me the most. I hate these things and personally think they belong nowhere near a car. Anyway, I swapped those for some proper crimped connections, insulated them and loom taped everything that was exposed to the elements. The three plugs that connect inside the car I've left alone for now, as I plan on buying some of the connectors Nige linked to above and tidying them up that way. While I was under the dash I noticed some messages from a previous owner... Before I put the loom back into the car I had to fix yet another bit of bodgery, seems all I do on cars I buy is fix other people bodges So I had to somehow make this badly cut out, sort of rectangle shaped hole into a more circular one so the rubber boot will fit nicely. Firstly a piece of scrap metal was riveted on to give the hole saw pilot drill something to go into. Like so... And we now have a nice round, more OEM looking hole. The hole saw wasn't too happy about it though. Top tip o the day....don't buy cheap hole saws. Anyway the hole is drilled and the rubber boot fits nicely, so it's a bit more OEM looking which is the look I'm going for. One last little thing to tidy up after that. Taking off the final bit of colour coding. I personally thing it looks much better with the black boot trim. Just the rust to try and sort now...
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    Of course Sam, be good to see you dude
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    Been once before myself, that was last year. Turned up with @Jake and it was a decent day out. Very cheap dyno runs for members. Only reason I didn't go this year was I recently had mine on a dyno after I'd finished tuning it, that and a few of my mates that would've fancied it were busy. I think your main problem is lots of the original clubpolo guys go to it, maybe not so this year though. But I think the 9n/9n3 lot and beyond just don't bother with forums because they can ask plenty of stupid stuff quickly on Facebook and get answers immediately and be spoon fed. Only other thing i can I can think of is could it be down to the time of year? Cold out and most people might not have finished any projects or even started them :P If they started using the forum I think there would be more interesting. Imo it's a cool event to run.
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    All right guys I have 12 spots for tatton this year they're first come first served, the date for this year's show is Sunday 5th August 2018 so get your names down as it's always a great turn out and always plenty of fun.Tatton Park is situated just off junction 19 off the M6 motorway for those of you who maybe new, we will once again meet at the swan inn Bucklow Hill Ln, Bucklow Hill, Knutsford WA16 6RD is the address for sat nav. Bring your cars down which ever model and whatever state they're in and show them off. More details: Volkswagen Northwest is the premier VW Show in the North of England, held within the beautiful surrounds of Tatton Park, close by the magnificent mansion and gardens and is organised by the Volkswagen Northwest Club on Sunday 5th August 2018. More info: www.vwnw.co.uk Amongst the congested VW events calendar, Volkswagen Northwest is an established show, now in it’s 32nd year and is most definitely not to be missed. Catering for all types of Volkswagen enthusiast, the show includes: Concours competition for Aircooled VW’s Concours competition for Watercooled VW & Audi Race & Performance Aircooled Display Trade Stands and Swap Meet Cars For Sale area Clubs Arena California Look Cars Massive GTi Display Buggies and Replicas Buses,T2, T3, T4, & T5, on show Children’s Amusements Plus much, much more on the day! Trading is a major part of Volkswagen Northwest giving enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase parts and accessories for both air-cooled and water- cooled vehicles at competitive prices in the trade area. Not all our traders exhibit motor accessories, you will be able to browse amongst rare VW books & models, the latest in VW fashion and official show merchandise or perhaps find something to interest you on a crafts & jewellery stall. Elsewhere within the park you will find the historic Old Hall – we recommend that you check out tattonpark.org.uk for latest info and facilities at the site. We would just like to remind everyone that this show is a one day event, there will be no camping available on site. Dogs are welcome to come too – as long as you have them on a lead and with poop scoop. Admission Charge to Tatton Park is £7.00 per vehicle. Entrance to the show is £9.00 for Adults. Children free. No tickets needed, just pay on arrival. It all happens Sunday 5th August 2018. Gates open @ 9am! Last Years Event: 1. Matty mk2f coupe 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
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    Delighted to have upgraded from a 6n2 Match to a 9n Sport 85hp, looking to keep this long term, only has 82k mileage, feels tight as a drum. Few things to do on it but that is all part of the fun. Just need some decent weather now. I did have a few parts I took off my previous car, 6n2 Polo. I have listed a few of them up for sale if anyone is interested, please take a look.
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    As far as I can tell, lowering these doesn't mess with the front camber angle much if at all. The castor angle is effected and the ARB blocks are used to correct that. As for these top mounts, I have a set of the MAX RPM ones which are pretty much the same idea. I personally wouldn't recommend them especially if you're going down the coilover and polybush route which will make everything a lot more solid than it used to be. The standard top mounts will at least keep a bit of cushioning between the suspension and the shell.
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    If it's not for long, get a cardboard vegetable box from the supermarket, flip it over cut holes in the base, insert the parts in the holes, write on the box what they are. If it's for a while, get a load or drug dealer bags and label the bag. Keeps the moisture out and the oil in. If you're feeling flash, you can get proper organiser trays.
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    Small update, got round to cleaning the bumpers and re-instating the red stripe on the rear bumper before refitting (and shearing a head off a bolt luckily only one of the minor ones on the underside) Still need to figure out swapping the alternator, may just swap the voltage regulator or get my mate's garage to do it before the MOT
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    Some updates on this. Went out to the garage on Saturday night and the engine looked like this. Just over an hour and a half later with the help of @Ross36 we had done a little engine raise... Then out the car completely ready to be worked on. Leaving one rather dirty but bare engine bay behind. The plan is basically to tidy up everything and do a bit of preventative maintenance along the way. First item on the remove and throw out list is this, actually can't believe how many still have these fitted. I had a quick look at the wiring after that and thought I'd tackle that another day. Looks like sections of it run from the engine bay, into the scuttle then into the cabin with no plugs to split it up. Obviously making removal a bit of a PITA, but I'll figure it out and probably install a plug to insure it is easier to do in the future. So with that onto the engine teardown, gearbox off first. This is where I discover it is actually a CWX gearbox on it, not the 8P like I thought. The CWX was the standard 6n 16v gearbox and has almost identical ratios to the GT gearbox, however it has a 3.8 final drive instead of the 4.063 of the GT. I never thought this would make much of a difference, but it didn't feel very well suited in this car. Not sure if it's because of the difference in tyre size between the 6n and 86c or maybe the gearbox was on it's way out (it was making noises) but 3rd onwards seemed a bit slow which is why I thought it had an 8P. Regardless the plan was to fit a CEH I have laying around so that will be going on it see. After some ratio comparisons though, I might look into getting this gearbox reconditioned and sticking it in my turbo. Might be a little better than the CEG I currently run. Anyway enough gearbox talk, clutch and flywheel came off next. It was still running the 6n flywheel, so that will be replaced with an 86c unit so a bit of weight saving. That's pretty much it for now, currently all sitting like this until I get chance to work on it again.
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    A rolling road sub forum might be good, where people can view pics and vids aswell as post their own independant visits. People can post printouts and specs Keep it strictly rolling road focused I use the forum alot so dont abandon it for trends, it should work with other media
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    I've been saying it for long enough with no one listening, but I'll say it again... It's all about promotion and using social media effectively. You need to start thinking about promoting the next event when you are running the current event. Take interesting pictures, videos, then use them the following year to get discussion going and posts shared. Have a look on YouTube, there haven't been any decent videos from it that are easy to find in the last 5 years. Forget the forum, it's not what people use any more. Use a static, interesting, webpage, microsite, Facebook event to host media and information that gives people a compelling reason to want to come and join in. It might be too late to, but club polo badly needs to evolve fast or it will die off. That depends totally on the effort, planning and thought that the whole staff team are prepared to put into it. I spent so much time and effort trying to make you all see these things, and there would be a glimpse of energy and forward motion for about 30 seconds before we went back to doing the same old same old. Honestly, I didn't think the rolling road would be this bad until next year. I'd stand by the estimate that you've got two polo shows left before its all over if you don't buck your ideas up.
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    April/may would be good. Would be a nice way to pretty much kick off the show season. Publicising it needs to be addressed too imo. Try and build up some sort of hype (god that makes me sound like a fag). Try and get some early confirmations of interesting cars and do a little feature post on cp facebook (something interesting for jake to share around the other pages). Hopefully those posts will get people discussing it and feeling more involved and in turn more likely to show up.
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    Power 122 BHP @ flywheel 97 BHP @ wheels Power 55.4 @ flyweel 29.2 BHP @ wheels Apart from a scary looking Rob !! Power 159.3 BHP @ flywheel 115.7BHP @ wheels An Impressive Power 238 BHP @ flywheel 188BHP @wheels After suffering from lack of traction Additional ballast was added with Ceri & Rob adding some extra Kgs to help the wheels grip to give Power 165 BHP @ flywheel & 125 BHP @ wheels was obtained Nice standard G40 giving power 122.4 BHP @ flywheel 93 BHP @ wheels Last runner to give power 56.3 BHP @ flywheel 24.2 @ wheels not bad for a standard 1.0l
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    A big thanks to those who attended this morning, and those who put their cars on the rollers, I'll get some pictures up later and big thanks once again to @jonPDpolo for organising it with Aldon. We will look into the possibility of doing this in the summer months, if we can sort some dates with Aldon, however the summer is the busiest time of the year for the Aldon guys with all the race/rally cars they setup, so we might struggle to find a suitable weekend
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    Matt, I have no idea what song your on about but thanks for complimenting the paint. Thanks. Yeah the headlight upgrade took 10 minutes and only required a 10mm spanner. Definitely worth doing. I'll be uploading pictures of the wheels on the car in my next update that I'll try and do tonight.
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    After my wee trip, I decided to give the car a machine polish to freshen it up. IMAG5113 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5115 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5116 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5120 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5126 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5129 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5157 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr This is the obligatory “look how big modern cars are now” shot taken by every 86C Polo owner. IMAG5165 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr This next photo contains the must-do mod for any Polo owner. If you don’t know what it is, this is a Rayne Automotive headlamp wiring loom. It is basically an overlay harness that bypasses the usual headlight wiring to give you a direct battery voltage. Due to the way that the Polo’s original wiring is designed, you will probably see about 10.5V at the bulbs. 12V with the engine running. With this kit, you should be seeing about 12V, and roughly 14V with the engine running. This will increase the brightness of the bulbs and give you improved visibility. If, like me, you also uprate the bulbs, you will have headlights just as bright as or brighter than modern cars. Obviously not to the extent of HID’s but you get the idea.You can make your own loom if you wish, it’s not hard. However, this kit comes readymade and only costs about £30. IMAG5167 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr This is just a random picture I took whilst I was doing some errands. IMAG5195 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr Next, I received some parcels but the centre caps were missing their metal retainer clips. #anger. IMAG5223 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5224 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5350 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr This is me swapping my worn rear engine/gearbox mount for a G60 item. It takes a small amount of modification to work but it works. IMAG5267 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5268 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr Whilst I was doing that, the guys in the bodyshop had been busy on my new wheels. IMAG5467 (1) by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5468 (1) by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5469 (1) by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5470 (1) by Scott McDougall, on Flickr One day whilst out in my motor vehicle, I turned on my headlights when I entered a multi-story car park and I had a sudden flash of light followed by no lights. After a bit of investigation I found that my voltage regulator had stopped working and the alternator was pumping out 15.2V. Ross Keir saved the day by giving me a shot of his alternator until a new regulator for mine arrived. IMAG5485 (1) by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5474 (1) by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5557 (1) by Scott McDougall, on Flickr One day, I noticed my wallet almost matches my seats. IMAG5610 (1) by Scott McDougall, on Flickr Now, I was very excited to find genuine Audioscape door pods and I had to have them. These were an aftermarket accessory for these Polos and not many people paid the price for them back in the day so they are quite scarce. I guess I’ll need to fit a stereo now. IMAG5794 (1) by Scott McDougall, on Flickr These are just more photos of the car outside my house. IMAG5814-01 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG5816 (1) by Scott McDougall, on Flickr That’s all the updates for tonight. I’ll start on the stereo next and tell you about the vandalism that befell my car. *Eastenders type drumroll sound*
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    What's with all the photo shopping of bright sunlight and cloud free Sky's ??
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    Hooray! Enjoy your polo. You can swap the speedo over to keep same miles; it's mechanical behind all that bendy circuit board. Just be very careful of the reset button passing through the hole. Rev counter is electric. Only needs earth, the red/black wire and +ve. Maybe the edge connector contacts are not all good on old clocks? If the oil level is good and there are no oil leaks then it could be the pump is worn, but you would have the high speed oil pressure buzzer (J112 circuit) ruining your life over 2500rpm. Oil pressure gauge is only way to tell for sure.
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    I've noticed this with car parts as well. Usually you just mention that your in the trade and they give you something off but now it's difficult to get anything off their first price. I blame ECP. As a nation, we are pretty bad at haggling compared with other countries. I've heard of people from other countries trying to haggle in Debenhams. You don't ask, you don't get.
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    Next up, the day the GT met the Death Van. IMAG4650 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4651 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr Dundee1 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr Dundee2 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr The next photo represents a silver lining. I went to buy a 3F GT engine in Arbroath only to find it was infact an NZ. That is the second time I've went to buy a GT engine only to discover it was an NZ. The worst bit is, it's the exact same engine that I went to see the last time, just a different seller. The guy was very apologetic and sold me his good condition GT badge. Not worth the trip but at least I got something. IMAG4677 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr Next up is my rear seat backs. Finally painted and ready to fit. I love the end result. I think the inside of the car looks a bit more premium and it doesnt encroach on rear view mirror sight at all. IMAG4687 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4688 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4689 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4690 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4691 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4692 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr Random picture outside my work. IMAG4693 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr And now, the long awaited late spec lights with a genuine LHD tail light for the reverse light delete. IMAG4755 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4757 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr I did however notice that some didnt have the orange lense inside so I had to remove the others to suit. IMAG4762 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr It will be a change from the oranges all round. I'll acquire some clear front indicators and black side repeaters. IMAG4766 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4768 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr I decided to fit a fire extinguisher incase the worst happens. IMAG4861 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr After fierce deliberation with myself I decided to fit the cussions. Rather fetching wouldn't you agree? IMAG4870 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr So I finally got round to removing the amber lenses and fitting the lights all round. I didn't like it. I left them on for a while to see if they grew on me but I ended up going back to the orange fronts at a later date. IMAG4874 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4875 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4876 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4879 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4877 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4907 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4925 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4926 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr IMAG4929 by Scott McDougall, on Flickr
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    First Welcome to the forum. Yours is a 6K2 it is actually closer related to a Seat Cordoba than a Polo, so if your looking for spares look for Seat before you look for Polo ones :)
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