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    One I shot not too long ago whilst on a cheeky country road blast
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    Well, time for an update on this. In July 2018 JC contacted me asking if I wanted to buy this saloon. I was hesitant at first just because I know how much work JC has put into this car and I knew I'd want to change a few things if it were mine. But I've always wanted a saloon, I've always wanted to try bike carbs and I've wanted another mk2 since my last one died of tin worm. So it wasn't long until I said yes and we got the ball rolling to transfer ownership to myself. In November JC became an absolute legend in my eyes by driving this car all the way up to Peterhead to deliver it to me. I have never had that before and I doubt it will ever happen again. Anyway this was how the car was delivered to me. 20181116_084525 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr 20181116_084539 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr First thing I had to do, fix the handbrake that broke on the way up the road. Was nice and easy, just the cable had snapped. Luckily a new one was already and waiting in the car to be installed. 20181117_125411 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr 20181117_125407 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Next on the list and first of the major changes to the car, the wheels. I liked the Wolfrace Anniversary wheels, but I just didn't think they suited this car. Mainly due to the size of them. So on went a set of wheels I felt were a better size and period appropriate. A set of 13x6 BBS Mahles. I personally think they transform the look of the car. 20181117_144933 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Keeping with the wheel theme I decided to change the steering wheel for something a little different but again hopefully in keeping with the period of the car. Standard: 20181128_092130 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Mountney: 20181128_093618 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr The Mountney not only looks great in my opinion but also feels much better than the original. It is thicker and has a slightly smaller diameter which I think gives the steering a more positive feel. Now onto a running issue, which I was a little scared of at first. JC mentioned that the car didn't seem to like cruising at much above 65, but it would get there fine. So I'm thinking it is maybe a combination of the big wheels, the 8P gearbox and since it has been sitting a while the carbs might need a clean. After changing the wheels to the 13s (which in effect geared the car down) it still didn't like going above 65 on the speedo (probably closer to 60 on these wheels) and if I gave it the beans in 2nd it would fall flat on it's face in 3rd as if it had run out of fuel. Feeling a little out of my depth having never touch a set of carbs I dived right in. 20181116_084501 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr On the advice of @Cymro I removed the little cone filters and stripped the carbs down. To my surprise the carbs were spotless inside, so that meant I could narrow the issue down to one culprit, the fuel delivery. This was the fuel line setup I took off the car. IMG-20181212-WA0015 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr And this (excuse the drawing marks) is how I was going to attempt to improve the issue. 20181212_161955 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr This was the end result. I have spun the fuel pump round 180° and taken a good 6ft in total out of the fuel line that was in the engine bay. Plus the fuel now has a more direct route to the carbs instead of going through quite a few Ts and elbows. 20181213_124639 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr To my surprise...this worked!! Absolutely transformed how the car drove, completely. It will now happily cruise at 90...err 70 without any hesitation and I can give it the beans to the top of every gear without any feeling the car is being starved of fuel. After that the car spent the next few days in this position as I fitted a new exhaust and chased down about 100 cracks and pin holes in the eBay manifold. 20181217_115659 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Once the exhaust was sorted with about 3kg of welding wire, well I say sorted it is relatively leak free now but I'm still not happy with the sound, I decided to give the car a new face to start 2019 with. I swapped out the smoked indicator and side repeaters in favour of standard orange units and also fitted a single lamp grill. 20181230_113857 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr 20181230_113909 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Since these photos were taken I have been using the car as a daily and my have I enjoyed doing so! People say bike carbs are unreliable and a nightmare in the winter? My experience of them since the fuel delivery fix has been amazing, the car starts without issue, is happy to set off immediately and is an absolute joy to drive about in. I think the car could do with a shorter gearbox and slightly bigger tyres on the wheels to really finish it off. I should have an 8N gearbox heading my way soon and I plan on putting some 175/60/13 Yoko A539 tyres on the wheels after next pay day. Again I must say a big thanks to @Retrotub for selling my this car and delivering it. Also I feel I have to apologise as I have come away from your intended project/look for the car. But hopefully you approve of everything I have done so far and my future plans.
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    Well, it's been a while. Figured I'd drop in and say hi. The Polo is still here, obviously. Well, technically it's not as it's stashed in my parents' garage at the moment because we're having work done on the driveway and my garage is full of builders' tools. But I still have it. And, since my last update, I'm now a Dad of three. Because who needs sleep, and hobbies? What's new? It's got boost return hoses for the first time: 42543B6D-86F5-4389-AE01-E8BD29146981 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr This turned into a bit of a 'mare as I had most, but not all, of the required pipework and was missing the non-return valve that goes into the crankcase breather. Those weren't cheap to get hold of, but not too difficult to source via VW Heritage. And they're 100% worth every penny because I don't think it's ever run better than it does at the moment. I miss the hiss it made when changing gear, but it's smoother and seems quicker than it ever has. Ultimately that's the second most exciting thing fitted this year because... my eldest is no longer in ISOFIX seats. So he can go out in it with me, if I strap his booster into the passenger seat. This thing was my first car back when I was 17, it feels weird being a greying mid-30s Dad, taking my school-age son out in it. But he loves it. Untitled by alexgrantuk, on Flickr So much, in fact, that he seems to think it's his. He'll be signing up on here before I know it: A9B29D8E-FE89-438C-AF13-3F9963E83569 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr We've been to a couple of car meets in it this summer. It needs a proper polish and wax, but I don't know when I'll get the time to do that. Maybe when the kids leave home... Untitled by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Just as well he does like it, as we've outgrown our family car (the Renault), which throws up the need to convoy: Untitled by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Thankfully, though, I've been able to get my hands on this as a daily. It's a beast - 184bhp, 2.0 TDI with a DSG box and pretty much all the options. Not a bad steer, either: 5EBB691D-C1BB-46D1-AEAB-A0B50CB9D7D4 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr This is better, though. Kept my car company for a few days. Good fun: 4E43956F-1771-4F29-A2AC-CB16F899E7D3 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr B2A3AE38-CD33-489B-BB8A-FE630FE6DB9E by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Up GTI was good fun as well. Not quite a complete hot hatch, but a giggle nonetheless. Untitled by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Not much else to report, really. It's just a good all-round day-to-day performance car. Quick, fairly frugal when you want, decent on a long journey, and becoming really quite unusual on the road. It gets quite a lot of attention these days, I guess because you just don't see them around. New tyres next...
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    guys and girls thank you to everyone that showed sorry to those that had to miss but what a fantastic day and a fab range of cars and some really nice people, thanks to everyone who came and said hello now I'm off to put some after sun on as I'm quite red now. see you all next year
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    Next up some exhaust mods, the exhaust on the car looks to be made from stainless of decent quality but has a bit of a home made look about it, especially the welds. Anyway the tailpipe was routed to dip down below the rear bumper and stuck out a fair bit. These photos are of it in my bench vice but hopefully you get the idea. 20180418_212523 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr 20180418_212546 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr So what I wanted to do was to tuck it in a bit and have it come out at more of an angle rather than straight back. Choppy choppy. 20180419_103629 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr This is just me showing off my welding 'skills', I cut off a hanger that was welded to the tailpipe. The hole that resulted was about an inch wide and I managed to fill it with just weld. I was quite pleased with myself. 20180419_105644 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Then some more cutting. 20180420_143121 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Tailpipe lined up how I wanted it. 20180420_143608 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr All welded up and after the death of a few flap discs it didn't look half bad. 20180420_145748 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr And the end result. Sits a little further in than I wanted but it is just the right angle that I was after. IMG-20180420-WA0014 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr
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    right updates over 2018 i converted to mpi , didnt go as smoothly as expected and i struggled to sort a few issues with how it ran , eventually sorted it towards the end of 2018 brand new head came up for a good price...thought why not then march 2019 treated myself to this...still need to fit it
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    After front mounting of the seat I saw the rust under the right seat slide: And drilled it out Then I cleaned it of rust: And installed it back. Intermediate photo of the inner part of the rocker panel, or how it's correct name:
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    The breadvan has now found a good home, saying our final goodbyes on friday! Looks like it'll be going to a very good home, it's been a blast. Many thanks to all of you for helping me bring the polo back to glory. Who knows, maybe I'll be back with a pokier polo in the future. For now I've got my hands full with the 'rocco.
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    "beard" That's great. 😃 - "Do you have VW Polo mk2 handbrake?" - "No, but I've got a Lada handbrake in stock."
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    It's that time of year again, we are looking for entries for the 2019 Club Polo calendar. The rules are simple, just post up a picture, the picture must be one that you have taken (or you have the permission of the photographer to use it) and you must be able to send me a high res or raw version. We as always want well thought out scenic photos. There are 12 months plus a cover picture that we need to fill. If you have a specific month you'd like to see your picture if it were chosen then by all means let us know when submitting your entry. I'll start the ball rolling with a picture I took of @Ross36's Polo G40. DSC_0326 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr
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    Yeah as above, ATS pepperpots
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    The Polo Social, what is it? The Polo Social is a social event held on 28 June ~ 01 July 2019 that is put on by Club Polo which is open to all VW Polo owners from any Club. So, if you are part of a local club bring everyone down and grab a spot in the field. What to Expect? A relaxed event where you can catch up with other members, see their cars and meet new people from the club. Expect a big club meet which lasts the weekend with some beers and BBQs! What’s going on? Details are yet to be finalised but plans are for the club BBQ to return on the Saturday night, Show and Shine on the Sunday. We are looking to have some things going Saturday daytime. Where is it? The event is held at Billing Aquadrome, Northampton Billing, NN3 9DA. http://www.billingaquadrome.com/ Tel: 01524 781 453 We have held the event here for a number of years before our recent departure to Kelham Hall, and it’s an excellent venue which really suits the club’s event. There is food available on site and there are also a couple of pubs and a Fish & Chips shop in walking distance. There is also the Mini-Golf, Karting and a leisure centre with a pool. What do you need? If you are camping then you need the general camping gear of tent, sleeping bag, etc. If you want to clean your car up for the show and shine on the Sunday there is a cold-water supply so, bring your bucket and cleaning gear. Also bring some money but there is a cash machine by the entrance to the site. How much does it cost and how to book? If you are camping the rate is £21/night. A pitch is for a tent for up to 4 people, if you have extra cars they may charge you extra. If you are a paid up member there is a discounted rate see this https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/topic/357805-polo-social-2019/ To book head to http://www.billingaquadrome.com/ and click book now. Then please select Shelduck 2 as this is our field. If you are camping for just the Saturday night then its £21 per pitch. You can book this online as per above but you might not be able to select Shelduck 2. Please select another field but just pitch up in the Shelduck 2 field with the rest of us when you arrive as there will be loads of room. The day rate is £10 per car.
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    Hi, I continue my story about the Smurf. After sawing off unnecessary metal from the bracket, I have bended the edges inward: Then I cut metal plates and made a holes for mounting bolts in them: I was needed one more plate, and cutting it out, I prepared all of them to assemble the bracket: Then it was all assembled in one element and welded off: It was my first experience in welding. So don't kicking me so strong)) (Joke, of course kicking)))) Now i need to go sleep. Bye bye!!!
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    And I already thought that at the 5speed it is more powerful, but most likely I have the right one installed, because nothing hinders the box
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    same diameter , differant shape to clear a 5 speed i dont have a picture to compare them , im confident your car has the correct one
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    And some from the press launch of the new Polo back in January... Cheers! Rich
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    Took this yesterday 🙂
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    Although I don't own it anymore, I did take this picture (it also got picked up by CarThrottle's IG and got somewhere in the region of 14000 likes )
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    Unfortunately it's a pattern I've seen played out time and time again on the council estate I've lived on all my life. Shit parents raise shit kids. The shit kids grow up into shit "adults" and then become shit parents, who go on to raise shit kids. I belive that all kids have the potential to be good people, but some don't get that chance because through the most important stages of their lives, they are being dragged up by kuntz.
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    I used a chain wrench for a long time, then got stuck helping out a mate. So got one of these... like big molegrips https://www.screwfix.com/p/hilka-pro-craft-long-handled-oil-filter-pliers-12-300mm/34733 There's also a 14-sided filter cup that you turn with a 3/8" square drive ratchet wrench (or adapter from 1/2" to 3/8"), but clearance might not be enough to be able to fit the tool to loosen.
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    Bit of a dick comment about the dudes parents and it shows a lack of understanding of the issues affecting young people. Save your judgemental comments for else where.
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    There are 2 main jets in twin choke weber. It's the secondary stage main jet I'm on about. This feeds the venturi without a choke flap. The passage from that venturi points to the secondary stage jets They simply unscrew with tight fitting screwdriver. Idle jet is usually size 70 and small. Three parts to the main jet stack. Air corrector, emulsion tube and main fuel jet. They should all have makings. I'd expect something like 110 / F30 / 185 (guess from memory) for main/emulsion/air. (if you find F22 emulsion that is more likely to be primary stage - depends how much if at all anyone has already messed with it, or which car it came from). Try seller fastroadcars or eurocarb or webcon or the greensparkplug company via ebay. Watch out for postage, most will combine if you buy a few jets in range. If remove both, always put the main jet back first.
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    Yep, pretty much. My method was: - Lift bootlid into position - Stand there wondering what to do next - Open it up and try and balance it with one hand and thread the bolts for the hinges with the other - Find out that's impossible - Decide to try and bolt on the struts instead - Do that successfully but realise the struts alone aren't enough to support it so you still have to hold it up - Arms are in pain by now so balance the whole thing on your head - Now you're stuck so think about calling someone for help - Struggle to undo the bolts from the struts - Finally get the whole thing off and revert back to square one - Take a much-needed cigarette break - Remove the struts from the car entirely - Reposition the bootlid - Climb through the car into the boot - Try and position it from the inside so that the bolt holes line up without messing up the hinges (this will happen frequently) - Hold bootlid with one hand and try to thread a bolt with the other - After about an hour or so you should get it, and can refit the struts once the hinges are done 👍
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    Weve missed you vio, no one posts pictures of your quality
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    All right guys I have 12 spots for tatton this year they're first come first served, the date for this year's show is Sunday 5th August 2018 so get your names down as it's always a great turn out and always plenty of fun.Tatton Park is situated just off junction 19 off the M6 motorway for those of you who maybe new, we will once again meet at the swan inn Bucklow Hill Ln, Bucklow Hill, Knutsford WA16 6RD is the address for sat nav. Bring your cars down which ever model and whatever state they're in and show them off. More details: Volkswagen Northwest is the premier VW Show in the North of England, held within the beautiful surrounds of Tatton Park, close by the magnificent mansion and gardens and is organised by the Volkswagen Northwest Club on Sunday 5th August 2018. More info: www.vwnw.co.uk Amongst the congested VW events calendar, Volkswagen Northwest is an established show, now in it’s 32nd year and is most definitely not to be missed. Catering for all types of Volkswagen enthusiast, the show includes: Concours competition for Aircooled VW’s Concours competition for Watercooled VW & Audi Race & Performance Aircooled Display Trade Stands and Swap Meet Cars For Sale area Clubs Arena California Look Cars Massive GTi Display Buggies and Replicas Buses,T2, T3, T4, & T5, on show Children’s Amusements Plus much, much more on the day! Trading is a major part of Volkswagen Northwest giving enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase parts and accessories for both air-cooled and water- cooled vehicles at competitive prices in the trade area. Not all our traders exhibit motor accessories, you will be able to browse amongst rare VW books & models, the latest in VW fashion and official show merchandise or perhaps find something to interest you on a crafts & jewellery stall. Elsewhere within the park you will find the historic Old Hall – we recommend that you check out tattonpark.org.uk for latest info and facilities at the site. We would just like to remind everyone that this show is a one day event, there will be no camping available on site. Dogs are welcome to come too – as long as you have them on a lead and with poop scoop. Admission Charge to Tatton Park is £7.00 per vehicle. Entrance to the show is £9.00 for Adults. Children free. No tickets needed, just pay on arrival. It all happens Sunday 5th August 2018. Gates open @ 9am! Last Years Event: 1. Matty mk2f coupe 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
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    Update: Here are my `18 PoloSocial pictures. PoloSocial `18 @Dean, would you plz add that link and change all the dates in my openingpost of this thread plz? thanks a lot.
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    She's waiting in this state since 2015 : I bought this 88' GT with 390.000 km in 03/2018 ! All part is good but the body shell is very bad condition, rust every were... Ready, gooo ! 9 holes plug on the floor of trunk ! New paint ! Little cleaning ! Cutting... Back for the original interior ! It's run ! With my PLS and weitec -8/-6 ! 3 month for this job ! I'm so happy
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    Will just slip this in here.....
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    any more for this weekend guys and girls. convoy info for anyone interested will be an 8.00am departure from lymm services heading down to the show. I shall be at lymm prior to our departure with stand passes in hand.
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    So mainly been doing little maintenance bits to the polo these last few months but it's running really well, love screaming it down the local country lanes!
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    This weekend people! Stand is now full, I'm hoping to arrange the stand so that from left to right the cars get newer, so mk1/derby through to mk9, I'll try and be there early to check space and organise it all
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    on mine (88) you can pull the shafts out with all the suspension intact ...just has to be raised and on full lock , is very tight and looks like theyre stuck but they do come out hated doing my gearbox....best thing that helped me was a brace over the top and a stout ratchet strap to the box, could adjust that to be holding the box at whatever level you want then youre able to to wiggle it on
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    Rear suspension time, I don't know what it is but I just love the look of these shocks. I think it might be the fact they are so subtle. 20180418_143137 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr All fitted...but nowhere near sticking the wheels back on yet. 20180418_213628 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Now a chance to kill two birds with one stone. A previous owner had welded this sump up for a reason I'm yet to figure out. If it was to fix an oil leak it didn't work as it leaked like a sieve. But also if I'm fitting a subframe then this sump is too deep and it will foul. So a mk2/3 sump conversion is the fix for both of these issues. 20180419_124633 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Old sump off, notice the deep skirt on the oil pump pickup. This is the mean reason the sump is deeper on these. 20180419_131309 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Also the difference in length between a 6n dipstick and a mk3 dipstick. 20180419_132834 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Bit of modification required to attach the top of the mk3 dipstick tube to the head, so I cut the bracket off the 6n tube and lined it up again the mk3 tube. 20180419_134142] Then a couple tacks with the welder and all is good. This isn't exactly going to be seen and its not going to see any forces so didn't see the point in making it tidy. 20180419_171601 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Then it was time to find a mk3 oil pickup...I did not steal this from a G40 lump I have laying around...honest. IMG-20180419-WA0023 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr That's the G40...ummm I mean mk3 pickup fitted. 20180419_173855 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr And the mk3 sump fitted, just waiting on a gasket arriving in the post and I'll get it fitted up properly. 20180419_174407 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr I do love how VW used the same basic short block for the AFH so modifications like this are just a straight forward bolt on.
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    Didn't realise it was February when I last worked on this. Just laziness more than anything else. Anyway I've got a load of parts sitting so decided it is time to stop making excuses and get to work. Started off with a set of front struts that I cleaned and gave a quick lick of black paint. 20180413_155302 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr One last look at the inserts before they are hidden forever, just to prove it is H&Rs going in not some cheap rubbish. 20180413_160954 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr All built up with the spring and top mount. Looks pretty much standard, more aftermarket lowering kits should come with black springs. 20180413_173322 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr And the matching pair. Also cleaned up the hub faces with a wire wheel and chased the threads for the wheel bolts since these have been sitting a while. I did consider chucking in new bearings and hubs but there is nothing wrong with these and I'm not looking to do a full on restoration here. 20180413_174255 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Stuck the passenger side one on the car and stuck a nice shiny VW11 disc on too. 20180413_211927 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Then put on a VW11 carrier I found. 20180413_212453 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr That's all for now. Next step is to fit all the suspension, fit the stage 2 subframe and all the other goodies I have then work on getting the engine back in. The plan just now (until I change my mind next week) is to get this back on the road sometime in May and use it as a daily/rolling project. Thanks to a new job I recently cut my commute down from 70+ miles a day to just 2. So really, I don't need a super reliable, comfortable or sensible daily. Plus I'll have extra time to work on my cars again. Hopefully get one of them ready for the Social
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    Delighted to have upgraded from a 6n2 Match to a 9n Sport 85hp, looking to keep this long term, only has 82k mileage, feels tight as a drum. Few things to do on it but that is all part of the fun. Just need some decent weather now. I did have a few parts I took off my previous car, 6n2 Polo. I have listed a few of them up for sale if anyone is interested, please take a look.
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    Some updates, my car got registration plates and it is runing nice. It is weekend driver. I've got Smor rims 7x13 inch rims, 175/50 tires, I was so happy when I mounted them. Now, car needs to be bit lowered to have a right stance. Hope that you will like it. I would be glad to hear your opinion. :) I mounted Nardi wooden wheel, Talbot rearview mirror, I need to mount chrome wipers...etc. Engine is still standard, it got Digiplex2 ignition except Bosch one, but I am planing on mounting those CBR F1 carbs soon, and I will post some photos and videos too. I am making AFR gauge too, I will post photos when I finish it too. Could anyone tell me how to see where is air corrector hole on those carbs?
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    As far as I can tell, lowering these doesn't mess with the front camber angle much if at all. The castor angle is effected and the ARB blocks are used to correct that. As for these top mounts, I have a set of the MAX RPM ones which are pretty much the same idea. I personally wouldn't recommend them especially if you're going down the coilover and polybush route which will make everything a lot more solid than it used to be. The standard top mounts will at least keep a bit of cushioning between the suspension and the shell.
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    The tube is solid. Looks like it's levelled off to maximum now. Thanks for the replies.
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    Hi all, I continue my story about my smurf, last post I finished in the beginning of a story fuel tank neck. Since I can't use a welding, I bought an epoxy repair kit, in which contains - fiber glass, and epoxy with hardener. Then using own hands I used that kit on the fuel tank neck. The following work was performed on the handbrake system. My handbrake was worked very bad, sometimes was not turn off, because a brake cable was old, and from another car, presumably from the Lada. Some people very often offer me a solution in the form of replacing a faulty part with a part from a Lada, I only think - you have bought a import car for make from its a lada))) No, I,m not like that)) Then after talking with good people, I made the factory handbrake fixtures. So that was work, which I was made about the handbrake, because it's necessary joint. Sorry me for my french))) I learning)) Bye Bye!!
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    I took the metal of the same thickness, like the bracket, it has been used for more than two years, likely all not so bad, if nothing broke off
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    That's ugly but not at all bad for first welding. It has to hold the weight of 1/3 of engine and gearbox.
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