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    Sentimental moment coming, but it's an anniversary I've been wondering if I'd reach. On the 9th March 2000, I went to Bristol to pick up what was to become my first car. A Polo GT Coupe with 107,000 miles on the clock, full of dog hair and covered in tree sap. I still own it. Which means, for the first time, I've come around to two milestones. Firstly, babies born on that day can start driving today. And, secondly - I've not worked it out exactly - it means I've had this car half my life. Car ownership is becoming less common among teenagers these days. It's quite sad. Looking back, it's amazing what a lump of metal can do. It's been shown: Many times. This was the first - BVF back in 2001. I've made great friends, people who've helped me when I've needed it, sorted parts for me, given advice and even helped double the power under my right foot. Thanks Andy... It transported me and my friends all over the country. Brought us home from memorable nights out. Taken us to memorable weekends away. It kept me in touch in the days before WhatsApp or Facebook. When my girlfriend - now my wife - was up at Sheffield Uni, it did a weekly round trip from Cardiff without fault. It kept me mobile. Of course, it's not always been straightforward. It's broken down when I've neglected it or others have cut corners, it's aged and needed restoring. I've taken most of it apart at some point, finding squeaks and rattles, ironing them out, changing the way it drives. I've tracked it. Not a lot, but among those days it's done a few laps of the Nürburgring (and the return journey). It's also spun off the Nürburgring. Which was interesting. It's followed me through A-Levels, through Uni, through house moves, crap temp jobs and into my career as a journalist. It's shared a driveway with all sorts of press cars. It's been a project car in Max Power and Performance VW - the magazines which, once upon a time, inspired me to waste my money mucking about with silly old cars. It's done many airport runs for press launches. And, when it doesn't, other journalists often ask me: "How's the Polo?" I confess it doesn't do as many miles these days. No ISOFIX. But it's still part of the family. My eldest has his eyes on it already. But best of all, it's still here. Finished for about a year, no new parts to report, just something that puts a smile on my face every time it whines into life. Which it does first time, every time. For all the many new priorities I've picked up in the last 17 years, it's nice to have a constant in there somewhere!
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    We have a new button for ALL MEMBERS to use. This button will allow thread authors the ability to mark topics as sold, this is now a requirement that you mark your topic as sold. Please do not click the report button to say your item has sold, simply mark it as SOLD and the topic will lock. Members will also have the ability to Mark as unsold.
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    Took the 6n for a 60 mile drive today, got filmed driving it & I was interviewed for an upcoming TV series "World's Deadliest Drivers". They'll be using my dashcam footage from both of my accidents as well, along with some other clips I've recorded. Never thought my claim to fame would come from crashing cars, but hey I'll take what I can get
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    It looked really nice when you first bought it.
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    QUOTE Bike Carb FAQ Index Pg1: Information, Carb size to engine size guide, Mk2 polo ignition loom with Amp and useful links Pg2: General Info Pg3: T-piece Fuelling, Plug layout for Mk2 Ignition loom. Pg4: Bogg brothers manifolds, Carbs will work at silly angles, difference between fuel pressures on twin 40’s and bike carbs, picture of T-piece setup Pg 5: General Info Pg6: Humer’s How-To, Carb needle/spring setting Pg7: Needles and jetting Pg8: Fuelling, Attaching Throttle cable Pg9: CBR 600 pipe diagram, water heating for carbs, brake servo take-off’s Pg10: Homebrew manifolds, The diffrence in mechanical & Hydraulic head dizzy’s, Motorbike ETKA Pg11: Ignition Coil Wiring Pg12: General Info, Coil wiring Pg 13: Facet Fuel Pump wiring Pg14: Fuel Pumps, Homebrew Manifolds Pg15: Basic settings, Rev Counter signal wiring, Ignition loom wiring, Basic fuelling methods Pg16: Fuel Pumps, useful link, T-piece fuelling setup Pg17: T-pieces, Importance of Return Lines, Vacuum Take-offs Pg 18: Fuelling, Bike ETKA Link, Engine to Carb size, T-piece method explained, Dismantaling 94 CBR600F carbs Pg19: Vac Advance Dizzy’s, Rant about lazy people Pg20: Fuel Hose’s, Air Filters Pg21: Rev counter issues, ECU Basics Pg22: T-pieces and fuelling methods/problems Pg23: General info, Dizzy’s Pg24: General Info 400cc motorbike carbs(doesnt matter so much what from but that is the optimum size) A manifold either home made using an inlet gasket as a template for the flange or call bogg bros to make you one some fuel hose A T peice a mk2 vaccuum advance dizzy And get them PROPER set up by a carb specialist with a rolling road.
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    I'll start the ball rolling with one of my own.
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    Thought I'd put together a quick post with regards to suspension kits/setups. I regularly see the same questions asked, particularly on social media with regards to suspension kits, lowering cars etc; so I thought I would try and generalise some advice. Generally, the majority of people seem to want to lower their car, which can be achieved in several ways. Cheapest option: Lowering springs. These can be bought cheaply, and of different brands and quality. Often designed with a few of the coils designed to go coil-bound under the vehicles weight, this ensures the spring is still properly seated with the suspension in full rebound, but also allows it to sit lower under its weight. Generally, you get what you pay for - the springs will tend to be a different rate to standard, and totally change the character of a car, therefore the standard dampers will no longer be matched to the rest of the vehicle. You may find it doesn't drive too great with just lowering springs, or you suffer premature wear of your dampers. Spring and shock kit: As mentioned above, damping can be an issue with lowering springs - not just the damper settings themselves, but also the range of travel the damper has - generally a lowering spring will be both shorter and stiffer, so to ensure it has the correct amount of pre-load, dampers matched to lowering springs tend to have reduced travel. You can spend between £100 and probably £1500 on a spring and shock kit. Cheaper kits will do the job - but probably won't be as good a quality, or have had any of the R&D which a more expensive kit will have had (Bilstein for example) Dependant on your vehicle platform, ride heights can be adjustable with a spring and shock kit via a circlip on the damper body, however, not as accurately as 'coilovers' Coilovers: People commonly describe a lowering kit with threaded height adjusters as coilovers, when really coilovers just means a coil spring over the damper, so technically every standard polo has coilovers on at least the front, and on the rear on some models too. However, for ease of description, coilovers are a spring and damper kit, which generally has threaded adjusters for adjusting ride heights. This is what people tend to go for to get their cars really low (although a lot of them aren't actually approved to go as low as people run them) These are great for tweaking your ride heights, and particularly if you have a track car, setting up the corner weights accurately. Again, you get what you pay for, cheap coilovers can be had for around £150 and up to and over £2000. Cheaper ones tend to again 'do the job' by lowering the car, however handling and ride quality tend to be somewhat sacrificed. More premium brands such as KW put more development into their kits, therefore you are paying towards that, but essentially end up with a better product. Air Ride I don't really have any experience with after market air suspension, so wouldn't like to comment on what is good and bad. Air will let you drive your car at a sensible height, then release air from the air springs to lower your car to look better. Air springs can be a very tunable component, however I have no idea how much thought is put into this for after market kits. Certainly sleeve bags can be made to have linear and non linear rates so you could essentially make a great kit if the effort was made. From what I have seen a lot of kits use bellow style bags, which I don't really know anything about. Air can be bought cheaply second hand, or you could pay up to £10000 getting a good kit professionally installed. Summary When it comes to suspension, the first thing you should ask yourself is 'What am I trying to achieve?' Generally you are compromising a car from what the manufacturer originally created when you start fitting after market suspension, so you need to decide what you are willing to compromise, whether that be ride quality, handling, durability, practicality and so on. Personally I would save up as much as possible to buy the best quality kit you can, it may even pay to buy a premium Spring and Shock kit, instead of a cheap coilover kit. I have witnessed lots of horrors with after market suspension kits, with regards to how they are fitted, or removing parts to make cars lower etc. Just bare in mind, if things like helper springs and bump stops are supplied with a kit, they are supposed to be fitted - if the manufacturer didn't deem them necessary, they wouldn't put them in! When you are driving along and the vehicle goes into a heave moment, such as a small "jump" in the road the main springs become unloaded, without helper/tender springs, the force of the spring acting on the tyre contact patch is lost, the same thing happens when cornering - as the car rolls and the inside of the car essentially lifts up, the spring becomes unloaded, this results in a huge difference in contact patch loading on the tyre, which could well result in erratic and dangerous handling characteristics. Here is an example with a tender spring correctly fitted. The vehicle has its wheel off the ground, so the damper is at its maximum rebound travel, yet the spring is still preloaded: Here is an example without a tender spring fitted, note the gap at the top of the spring, this means there is a lot less force acting on the tyre (basically just the weight of the unsprung mass hanging down) but also when the suspension is compressed again it will have very little force due to no spring resistance, and then a sudden large build up of force: You will find with more expensive coilover kits, the height adjustment range is a lot less than that of cheaper ones, this is because it has been designed to work around a certain range, and optimised for that. This is a key indicator that cheaper kits which have a huge lowering range aren't perhaps as great as people think. I have tried to explain in simple terms to help people understand, but anyway, I hope this brings some help to someone!
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    The ClubPolo Community Forums have been upgraded! This upgrade includes a number of improvements to how our community looks, feels, and behaves. We're now mobile friendly: our welcome page and discussion threads now look great on mobile tablet or any handheld device! Discussion view Helpful answers: Quickly mark 'helpful' with a new dedicated button. Multiple users can mark the same reply or comment as 'helpful' which brings the community more control to identify one reply as more helpful than another (this action is no longer restricted to moderator/admin access). Find it on replies right next to the Like button. News Section News: The News section highlights relevant news & content. Your streams (are located in your Activity area), the view new content has now changed to steams. Performance enhancements: pages load faster to give you a better experience using the community. New Menu Structure Our new menu structure is designed to highlight the two ways people go about interacting with a community: general browsing of specific discovery. The Browse tab looks just like the current, default menu does in IPS Community Suite with your list of apps. The new Activity menu is designed for discovery features like our new Activity Streams and the search functions. Activty Streams The new Activity Streams are a discovery feature that takes the concept of the old View New Content, Activity, Followed Items, etc. and merges them into a unified system to allow for both admin and member-defined streams of content based on their preferences. The system is very powerful and allows for countless different ways for your members to discover content or for you to more easily expose content you want to highlight. Front end interface member created streams Streams that admins create are always visible to all members. Members can simply view those admin streams, create their own, or copy an admin stream as a base. Guests also have access to view all admin streams excluding those that reference unread or followed content as Guests do not have access to those features. Always available to all members is the All activity stream that shows a list of activity in order by date. The admin can define what shows in the All activity stream. Members can share the link to the streams they create to other members. There is no need for privacy here as all they are sharing are their various filter settings - the actual stream data returned changes based on what member is actually viewing the stream. Use cases for Activity Streams are endless. Some examples might be: The current View New Content type of result. A Stream of all content from members you follow. Show a list of unread items from a specific list of members (perhaps members of staff). Maybe you are a prolific Gallery contributor and you want to see a feed of all unread comments on images that you posted. Rather than following every item you reply to, you can choose to create a feed of all content you have ever participated in. Get really fine-tuned and create a Stream showing unread comments in Blog only from members you follow. The Activity Streams feature is very flexibly and you can get really imaginative with its uses. It is a really big addition to IPS Community Suite 4 and we think you will enjoy it. We already do! Updated Editor We have updated our WYSIWYG editor in 4.1 to the latest version of CKEditor and we have also switched from iframe to div mode in the editor. That is basically technical speak to say that the new editor will be much, much faster and specifically behave much better on mobile devices. Many of the custom systems we wrote for 4.0 have been replaced with native editor functionality in 4.1 to allow for both speed and greater reliability. This does mean some things work a bit differently but you will quickly see the very small learning changes are worth the editor being so responsive. You can now move quote boxes with your mouse to embed them or move them above/below existing text. Another great feature is the new cmd/ctrl right-click menu that allow for contextual options. For example, cmd/ctrl right-click on an embedded image attachment yields: When pasting in rich text from an external source the editor will now prompt you asking if you want to keep that formatting: A small, but useful improvements is allowing @member mentions to be selectable by keyboard. Just do @member and use the arrows and tab key on your keyboard to select the member. The editor also now recognizes its area size not only based on your browser window (to distinguish mobile, tablet, or desktop) but also where it is embedded. An example of this is the new status update widget: A really useful feature is the ability to select and text in any post and get an option to quote just that text. The new editor is a total rework and we hope you enjoy the new speed, stability, and options. Using the editor is the core function of any community so getting it right is very important. Updated Search Interface We have given our search interface a revamp to more effectively use space and be easier to use (especially on mobile): As well as simplifying the way filters appear, we have separated member searching from content searching. This made sense given that the filters available for finding members are entirely different to those you see when finding content, so this visual separation should make that more apparent to users. This new approach to filters also becomes the new Advanced Search view, with results loading dynamically below when submitted. Another change we have made is to adjust the text snippet to show you the context of the result hit. For example, if you search ‘lorem', the results will now show you the text surrounding the first match. This small improvement can greatly improve the perceived quality of results: Finally, another small change has been made to the contextual search box shown in the header on every page. We now default the context to the app you’re currently using, unless you’re on the homepage in which case it’ll search all content. In our testing, we have found this aligns much better with user expectations. Notifications We have introduced two new notification features: instant notifications and HTML5 browser notifications. Both work together to provide a great boost to engagement in IPS 4.1. HTML5 Browser Notifications We have built in support for browser notifications where they are supported (right now, this includes desktop versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, but not IE, and mobile browser support is patchy). This allows IPS 4.1 to let you know when important things have happened even if you aren’t active in that window at the time. We have enabled browser notifications in three areas. When you upload files using any attachment area, you will be notified when your files have finished uploading; when there are new replies to a topic you have currently viewing; and for instant notifications (more about that below). Instant Notifications Instant notifications has been a long-requested feature, and we are pleased to say they are included in IPS 4.1. We have worked hard to build an approach that is as light on resources as possible. If you are active in the window, instant notifications will show as a standard flash message at the bottom of your screen; if you are not active, and your browser supports them, you will get a desktop notification instead, and a chime will sound to alert you. Clicking the notification box will take you to the new item (or open the notification menu if alert is telling you about multiple items). Ability to limit the number of emails received In IPS 4.1, you can optionally choose to receive just one email notification per content item until you revisit the community, rather than a separate email for each new reply. This is an option that was previously available in IPB 3.x that we have reintroduced based on feedback. Retina Emoticons Our well-loved emoticons have had a facelift (pun intended) and now look great on high-resolution retina screens and dark backgrounds: The emoticon manager in the ACP intelligently handles retina versions of your own emoticons for you - simply upload emoticons with “@2x” appended to the filename, and IPS 4.1 will know it’s a high-res version of an existing emoticon and seamlessly serve it for you. Let us know what you think about the changes or if you have any issues here. Thanks!
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    We attempted to turn the markee into a party tent one year, it resulted in some lad getting beat up by his Mrs in front of everyone and a mancunian drug dealer setting himself on fire
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    google street view of vios back yard lol
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    A massive thank you to everyone that turned up. We had a really good turn out this year, thankfully we picked a good weekend, the sun shinning on the Saturday was bliss, think most got a tan of some sorts, I know Mark definitely did! however it did rain today but that didn't dampen the spirits, everyone braved the rain. Hope everyone enjoyed the week/weekend, sadly we are saying goodbye to our Admin (Mark) as this was his last show. So a big thanks to him for setting up the ClubPolo (Social) Show's over the years. I'll be sorting out all the pictures in the week and hope to show off on the forums (anyone who doesn't want their picture to be posted please get in contact, VRM's will be deleted for banner/front page etc). Remember to add your pictures, feel free to make your own topics to show off the weekend. Bring on Polo Social Show 2016! From everyone at ClubPolo, thank you.
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    Very much so. I'm a big believer in if it's yours and you like it, you've pleased all the people you need to.
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    Think its about time I whacked up a thread for this as I've owned it over a month! Since I sold my old 6n2, kinda fancied getting back into a polo and successive other old dub projects had failed to scratch the itch (Purple VR6 Corrado that never worked and a Tornado Pink Mk2 Scirocco with a GTi Engineering RE2000 8V conversion) Also having done the VR6 thing, felt it was time to do the supercharged thing too All the way back in February I fuelled up the A5 and went for a trek up the M1 to see @grungeisdead about a dog/geniune G40 that he was selling that had a tasty specification After a long catch up and potter out in it, we came to a deal and I drove back a wrote up the advert for the RE2000 (which took a few months to sell!) Finally got sorted for the weekend before All Types (13th May) settled in for a long train ride up to Leeds So two trains and two and bit hours later, got to the car And a sort out of stuff and gave it a quick clean Quick run down of spec Stainless exhaust HnR Cup suspension with uprated ARB and rose jointed track arms (not sure on that, I've lost the advert and doing this by memory! Stage two charger (with a stage four to be rebuilt ) EBC discs and pads 65 mm pulley Boost gauge Rest is standard G/mk2f stuff So started off on my home, however car had other ideas, a gearbox issue that neither of us spotted or could've predicted reared its head, lost drive at 70mph on the M1 near Rotterham, managed to coast it off the carriageway at J33 and ended up having to be recovered home. Saf being the awesome mega sound dude that he is sorted me another gearbox out and I organised collection of my car by my mates VW garage to get it swapped over In meantime, the car sat on my drive looking sorry for itself so got new plates and holders on along with the obligatory WalshC pikeytech sticker in memory of our departed friend and legend Craig Walsh Also at the same time refurbished the snowflakes I had left over from the scirocco with a Volvo dark grey and slapped on some 195/45/14 Falkens as old 185/60/14 Conti's don't cut it on a G Whilst it was at the garage, it had some good company However we found the replacement box (CEG code) didn't like 5th and kept jumping out (also needed to replace the linkage as I'd broken the ball at the bottom of the stick in order to get it out of gear so could roll for recovery!) So trip to Shropshire for the linkage and a run up to Tibshelf to meet someone halfway for another box (8P this time) and we got it in and back up and running (With an appearance by my dad's new Ateca and my mum's Fabia ) So after lots of brapping about all weekend, set about sorting the matte bonnet that had green coming through And all was well....or so I thought Took it to work on Monday morning just gone, I work 26 miles from home and go M5/M42 and about 7 miles away it started doing odd things and having no power, up until it died on me in the rush hour traffic Queue calling the RAC who said its the alternator, charged me up and followed me to work, however a chat with a few people we agreed it wasn't and set about checking the charge circuit, then found this: ] Left in works secure carpark over night, got lift home and back the next morning but with new strap, tools and battery charger, borrowed electricity off work and got it back in and now seems to be sweet, just goes to show, never take what RAC/recovery say to you as rite! That was until I cut out again on me, this time thankfully just as I pulled onto my drive. After lots of conflab and head scratching and new plugs, couldn't figure out why it wouldn't start, I loaded up my daily A5 to get to Polo Social. Upon the arrival of the Scottish contingent, Steven said to me 'we're going back to yours tomorrow to get the G', never argue with a Scotsman! So we loaded up in two cars, me and @CHRIS2911 in the Audi and @kwijibo_coupe & @citrus in Steven's G-Turbo, we got 20 miles and Steven's clutch cable broke, queue all piling in a 2 door coupe to go to local garage to try a repair/order another. Ended up ordering another cable which would take 3 hours to arrive so we did the jag back to Brum from the other side of Nottingham. We set to work on the G, took the fuel pipe off the rail and cranked it to find not much coming through, so Steven had a look at the pump and we put another 5 litres in to give it the best chance, 3 cranks and 1 failed start it started, sender to gauge appears to be a bit off as it reads 1/4 when its nowhere near! (filled up with 40 litres, did 250 miles of driving and it still reads a 1/4, I think not!) Queue going four up in a G40 (with a video that Steven took ending up on the club's Instagram thanks to Dean!) with a diversion round traffic and stop to adjust the timing, then back to garage for clutch cable, return to fix Steven's car then return to Polo Social (left at 11am, back for 6pm) Saturday afternoon at Polo Social saw a few people descend on it to sort out a few niggles and to refit the front bumper (needs a pair of bumpers really) and codes read and removed by Gaz on Sunday After the show finished decided to give it its first proper clean in my ownership and it came out pretty well (still need to sort out the bonnet!) and lined up with Steven and Scott's cars for the A-polo-clypse photo below (courtesy of @Cymro) So that brings us up to date, still lots to do and maybe improve on (there's no stereo or speakers!) but all in good time, just going to enjoy it for now
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    It's that time again, we're going to put together a 2017 Clubpolo calendar featuring your cars! Post your photos along with the month you think they best suit. The 11 with the highest number of likes get the spots! with number 12 a staff pick. I'll start the ball rolling with Eric. September / October @erixtar1992
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    Couple of arty shots that I think would look good towards winter time Too many to chose from to pick just one
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    Here's my entries! Got plenty of pictures of other polos throughout the year if you want any others too
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    Hi all .. I came across this gt yesterday on my local pub car park .The lady driver is 80 year young and had the car from new , it has 24,000 on clock full history and service every 6 month . Body work very good condition interior mint and garaged all it life.. So before you ask I did exchange details
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    Another thanks from me, to anybody that voted for my car. I never knew how much love there was for it, people don't normally like it ! Then to hear it get called a show car was cool ! I put a lot of hours into the ol girl, and it's just entering the stage of being reliable on a day to day basis I normally take persuading to enter any show&shine so thanks again! Peace out x
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    Since I'm at work tonight I can take advantage and post up a proper update. Finished painting the engine bay and front panel, then fitted the steering rack, 20mm master cylinder and brake lines. Seemed like a better idea to do this with the engine out. Brake lines aren't the neatest but they will do for now. Then on Wednesday with the help of Ross (citrus) we managed to free then engine from it's stand and attached a clutch and gearbox to it instead :) I think you can guess what happened next.... And it's as easy as that! We recorded the occasion on my GoPro using the time lapse feature so I'll post that up when I get a chance. Not much pictures of what I did next, basically I just decided to crack on until I could no longer move. Managed to get the brakes lines finished off, braided flexi pipes on, boost hoses and coolant hoses hooked up, installed the fuel tank, fit the driveshafts, rear beam, GAZ coilovers, rear brakes and front brakes. By this time I had spent almost a whole day/night in the shed. Went outside and it was still light, which was a boost until I realised it was 5am the next day. Anyway went home had a sleep and a few hours later I was back. Here is a poor picture of the rear brakes. Slightly better picture of the front brakes. Then today I put the drivers door back on and decided to put the car in its wheels. So here she is rolling after a couple months of being on axle stands. Put the front bumper on so I can see how much space I have to place an oil cooler, but I'm still undecided where I'm going to put it. I'm hoping tomorrow (Saturday) I can decided on a place for the oil cooler, get it plumbed in and turn the key for the first time. If it does then it's off to a mates garage to get a downpipe made up for the turbo.
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    Hi Guys, First off I’ll introduce myself. I'm Olly, I am the AutoGlanz "apprentice" and I own our Mk2f Breadvan project. I'm also Joe's (The Boss) younger brother. I've been lurking on here for a while now and decided it would be a good idea for us to become a sponsor. Anyway, onto the Breadvan. I bought the Breadvan back in April with the intentions of having it as my first car without doing anything to it. However, that soon changed because it wasn't a very good image for the business, and I can’t help myself. It's a 1993 1.0l Breadvan that had seen better days. The previous owner, who we know pretty well, decided it would be a good idea to attach a homemade bike rack to the roof using a drill and 8 10mm bolts. The bottom of both wings were rotten and the passenger side had taken a nice hit to the front corner of the wing. Other than that it was pretty solid and has only 57,000 on it. It did need a good clean though, but that's not a problem when you work for a car cleaning chemical company. So, at the start of May i had this great idea that we should give the car a full respray before Waxstock on the 24th July and put it on a club stand for everybody to see. Let’s just say that the idea didn't go down well with Joe to start with, but he came round and agreed to be a part of the challenge. So i started off by buying 2 new wings and removing the old ones. I then thoroughly clean the inner arches and removed all of the wax oil so that it was ready for some paint. The first real progress was made when we painted the engine bay. With the limited time available we decided against taking the engine out so we will do this when we return from Waxstock. After this I bought wheels and lowering springs and shocks. The wheels were in a bad way so they have been refurbished now. The suspension was coated in our development ceramic and were left to cure. Next up i stripped, cleaned and prepped the interior ready for Joe to apply the paint. At the same time we painted under the rear bumper and inside of the wheel wells and the insides of the wings. Next up, getting the exterior ready for paint. We started off by deleting the rear wiper. We also removed the rear arch splats and welded up the holes. While the welder was out we welded up the 8 holes from the previous owners bike rack. We then shaped the whole of the exterior of the vehicle ready for it to have a couple of coats of high build primer. Next up we fitted the suspension and gave all suspension parts a lick of paint. Here's after it was fitted. That's us pretty much up to date apart from the weekend just gone. The polo is now painted, with only just under 2 weeks until Waxstock. Thanks for reading, I'll update this when we get some more done.
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    I see threads coming up all the time with guys changing wheel size and wondering what tyre size to go for. I'm a big fan of trying to keep as close to the standard rolling radius where possible as it keeps the speedo correct and won't harm the acceleration too much. Also wear and tear on components needs to be considered too. So I have started compiling a list of tyre sizes that will be suitable for your car depending on the mk of Polo you have and also the wheel size you want to run. All sizes are based around a standard size +/- 2%. Mk1-3 (86/86c) - Standard rolling radius based on 175/60/13 = 540mm 13" wheels 155/70/13 165/65/13 175/60/13 185/55/13 14" wheels 165/55/14 175/50/14 185/50/14 195/45/14 15" wheels 165/50/15 Mk4-5 (6n/6n2) - Standard rolling radius based on 185/55/14 = 559mm 13" wheels 175/65/13 185/60/13 14" wheels 175/60/14 185/55/14 15" wheels 175/50/15 185/50/15 185/45/15 195/45/15 205/45/15 16" wheels 195/40/16 205/40/16 215/35/16 Mk6-7 (9n/9n3) - Standard rolling radius based on 165/65/14 = 570mm (Note 9n3 GTI is different) 14" wheels 165/65/14 175/60/14 185/60/14 15" wheels 175/55/15 185/50/15 195/50/15 205/45/15 16" wheels 175/50/16 195/45/16 205/40/16 215/40/16 This is as far as I have gotten just now, at the time of looking into this all above tyres sizes were all available to buy. This site was very useful in comparing the sizes http://www.tyresave.co.uk/tyresize.html If anyone has any tyre size suggestions that keep within the 2% of standard rolling radius rule then please post them up and I'll add them to the list. Please Note: Tyres are the one and only thing that hold your car to the road. If you spend money in just one area of your car, spend it on tyres. Decent tyres alone will reduce stopping distances and improve handling, overall increasing the safety of your car. I would highly recommend you do your own research before going out to buy the cheapest 155 section tyre available to put on your 7" rim because you want stretch on a budget. Or just buying budget tyres in general. Final Note: This is a guide only!! Factors like wheel width, offset, ride height etc. all need to be considered. Another useful website for comparing tyre size differences along with changes in wheel size, width and offset is www.willtheyfit.com
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    This is an advance posting regarding "The Social" for 2017, mainly for those needing to get holidays booked before the new year. OK everyone, as most of you already know, Billing Aquadrome have cancelled all future car events, So we have a new venue arranged for the 2017 event. Kelham Hall & Country Park Main Road, Kelham Newark, Nottinghamshire NG23 5QX The dates have been set Friday 30th June to Sunday 02nd July There are still a few items we need to get sorted, when these are in place, another post will be made with the final details, pricing etc, You will then be able to book your camping via our shop,
  26. 6 points
    Ok everyone, We have had to change the venue, as the grounds at MFN informed me that one of their staff had booked another event for the same weekend, prior to me arranging our event with them, but the guy had forgotten to put it in their diary, so we got binned in favour of this other event. However, they did offer to re-arrange our weekend at another date later in the year, but as we had already released the dates we didn't want to change, as we knew some of you had already booked time off work, made long distance travel plans etc. So we were faced with trying to find another venue who could accept us at quite short notice. We found Kelham Hall http://kelham-hall.com/ after many phone calls and a visit to the venue by @jonPDpolo & @Yeti we have come to a deal that was suitable to us and them. We are booked in to use the "20 Acre Event field" as shown in the map below As far as booking the weekend, that hasn't changed you can only book via our shop , the only difference is the price, unfortunately this is slightly more than before at £20/night for a tent with up to 6 people. We have a discounted rate for those who are paid up members and book for both nights, this will be applied via the booking in the shop.
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    Couldnt choose from these 3, can remove watermark if one gets chosen :)
  28. 6 points
    Got high quility versions too. March/april
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    Hi folks, In the past few weeks i have finally managed to digitise and cut my old VHS and VHS-C tapes which some of our Poloclub Members (not ClubPolo, our local poloclub here in germany where i live) and i have recorded back in the old days from 1997-2000. These tapes....they almost were resolving into... something different as you maybe can imagine. I have set these videos online in my poloblog to share them. Here you have got the hyperlinks to all of these eleven old times low-definition 700x576 4:3 scale videos from old times which brought back some beautyfull memories to me and goose skin. !!! the videos are very large, watch your data volume if you watch them on a mobile device!!! Polotreffen Balingen 1997 Wörtherseetour 1998 Wörtherseetour 1998 Part 2 Wörtherseetour 1999 VW Treffen Neuwied 1999 „Alles VW“ Osnabrück 1999 Poloforum Osnabrück 1999 VW Polotreffen Minden 1999 MotorScene Dortmund 1999 Wörtherseetour 2000 Wörtherseetour 2000 Part 2 Have fun. cheers Christian
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    I've been using this weapon as a daily since it has been MOT'd again. It is pretty much perfect as a daily driver, it is reliable, economical and nippy enough. But when I've had time I've been tidying bits up here and there. Started with the seats, pulled the GT seats out and gave the carpet a good clean. Then replaced the seats for a pair of G40 items. The GT engine had sprung an oil leak from the cam cover gasket. I wanted to change the cam cover anyway so managed to kill two birds with one stone. Old cam cover Removed and everything cleaned up Mk2 alloy cam cover and new gasket fitted. Much happier with how it looks now, plus no leaks Then today was nice outside so got her up in the air for a quick oil change The oil I now swear by in Polos, seems to be perfect :) One thing that has been annoying me is the state of the pedal rubbers. So when I was ordering the oil and filter I ordered some new pedal rubbers too :) Much better! The outside still looks the same and overall it is never going to be a show winner. But I'm happy using it as a daily toy for just now. Got a couple things planned that I'd like to do or try out plus a few more bits to tidy up. Also got a set of VW11 brakes to fit soon and going to paint some more bits when the garage is clear.
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    Hi all, massive update, well overdue! Don't really know where to start...life has been in the way a bit, some 22 weeks out of the UK last year, bought my first home etc, but hey ho! Cant really remember what order things have been done, or whats already in the build thread, but we'll start with changing my Bonarth top mounts to spherical bearings instead of standard ball bearings. People have always complained these knock, which I established was a combination of a poor interference fit of the bearing, and the fact its a ball bearing which isnt designed to take load in the directions its subjected to on a car...this was simple as I found a suitable spherical bearing which was an interference fit to the top mount, and simply machined a sleeve to suit my dampers... Got a few pictures of it on the Compomotives.. which I didn't use for long before selling them, did not suit what I wanted from the car, and wasn't prepared to go low enough to fully pull them off.. Stanford Hall 2014 with JamieDub With 8vOlly, Supercheal & JamieDub Poloshow 2014, with Max & Olly, formally known as RGT With Jamie, Oli, Max, Matty at Poloshow 2014 Next thing I guess was fitting ITBs...I bought them for the 16v engine, but thought I'd try them out, and the management system before trying them on a fresh engine...they're 40mm so a bit big for the 8v IMO, but they sound utterly insane, like hurts your ears loud induction noise, although I think drivability wise is worse, made slightly less power than carbs, but hey ho, all good fun! Inlet mani Sent them away to Jenvey for a service (pressure test, new seals, spindle bearings etc) I bought new management, didn't fancy the risks of second hand so... been that long I can't even remember what it is now! MS2 IIRC Decided to use a GM coolant temp sensor with it, instead of getting the values of VAG one, so machined an adaptor to suit the thermo housing.. Ripped the bike carbs off (this picture is a lie, the swearing is a joke, bike carbs are amazing and I want them back, definitely best bang for buck and throttle response is ace!) Fitting stuff So got MS2, 40mm ITBs with G60 250cc injectors, Bosch 044 fuel pump and a weber 3.0bar FPR Again no order, cannot even remember when I bought these bits, but was a LONG time before fitting them! Decided to make my own adjustable TCAs....involving machining down new TCA's so they could slot inside the adjustable section, be puddle welded and welded around Also machined adaptors, they're 1/2'' rose joints, but I didn't want to drill out the holes on my TCA mounts, so back on the lathe it was.. Subframe chucked together for a looksies, after tweaking/tidying up a few bits.. I wanted to revert to a standard depth sump, as ever since fitting an 'early' sump I've had issues with oil being whipped into the breather by the crank and filling my catch bottle...but these don't clear the subframe, so choppy choppy it was... Also got a windage tray, which really doesn't fit properly...but after some chopping we resulted to this... Got my starter and alternator refurbished...'slim' starters are notoriously shite, but now its epic! Also got a new batt to go with it Won some wheels on eBay, brand new, but only ended up being something like £140, absolute result! Got some NS2R's too to go on them, 185/60/13, bit chunky but race car.. Once I actually found time/enthusiasm tasks were to: Change starter/alt/alt belt/batt Change tappets Rewrap exhaust mani Change master cyl (bigger) New discs/pads/flexi hoses/fluid (DS2500's and some reputable discs which I have forgotten now, and some 'track day' brake fluid) Change G/box oil Change engine oil/filter Change plugs Adjust rear camber/toe Fit subframe Fit new W+Ts Change sump + fit windage tray Didn't really take any pictures, but here are a couple... Bomb gone off.. New tappets.. Back on its wheels.. So after this I basically did a full setup including corner weights, caster/camber/toe etc...then parked the car up at the start of Nov and it sat there since, put a cover on it after a couple of months of being sat. Got it out the other day, looking in a right sorry state, the sun was shining so I had some enthusiasm..hadn't even driven it in the dry, so was able to see what it was like...long long way off being where I want it yet, but looking forward to tweaking and changing stuff and improving it (or making it worse, its all good fun learning!) Gave it a wash and quick polish by hand, it definatley needs a day or two spending on it, but doesn't scrub up too badly for a 23 year old car! To end...a few random pics from VW Action 2015... Homeless Nick on the M1 RGT Camp! Random pic, not even sure when it was, but its not all about cars...its about the people you meet and the times you have..... Updates will hopefully be more frequent than annually...but we will see ! Nick
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    I don't know what you mean......
  34. 6 points
    In light of the shops now charging 5p, if it's anything like my car, it's there to double the value of the vehicle.
  35. 6 points
    Well my car has now gone on its own little travels Next time I'll see her she will be outside our house in the USA
  36. 6 points
    Thanks Jake. Last few days I've been putting the doors up. Apart from a few small things it's done
  37. 6 points
    Why I do the things I do.... Because if I took the pills to stop me doing them - life would be boring. ~Yeti
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    This is more of a how-to than anything else. So how do you change a timing belt and water pump on a G40? Well you can do what Scott (Buster.g40) did and hire in four Polo experts complete and utter tools to do it for you. So you have myself as the camera man Andy (Polo6n1600i) Ross (13kpologt) and Scott (dougstar21) So you start off by having Ross under the car, Scott looking on in horror and Andy reassuring him that everything will be OK. Meanwhile the other Scott (not seen in this picture) is speaking to his phone in a posh accent Googling "how to change a G40 timing belt for dummies". Before long the big guns need to get taken out in the form of a 24" adjustable spanner. As you can see Scott (Buster.g40) is delighted and knows his car is in safe hands.... The other Scott returns from his Googling now fully informed on the task in hand, so proceeds under the car to take over. Ross meanwhile lends him a helping hand! Then somehow the timing belt is changed and everyone is completely shocked happy. There is always one stubborn bolt though so the big guns had to come out again. After this we thought we had better give the big guns a rest, they had done well today. And it is as easy as that.....
  39. 6 points
    Plans are not to crash it ..
  40. 6 points
    Just got back from another trip to Germany to sample several Bavarian Beers at Oktoberfest. Took the 9n (obviously) which didn't miss a beat on our 1800 mile tours of south Germany and France. However, I did see this sign in Munich. Maybe BMW feel threatened by the little Square back
  41. 6 points
    This is you Mark: Changed the oil filter today. Changed the spark plugs today. Topped up the screen wash today: Replaced the rear tyres today: That poor engine is never in the car! Ha ha.
  42. 6 points
    You are right an update is needed. But due to me destroying my laptop just before the Polo Social I've only been able to get on with my iPad or borrowing laptops. Anyway luckily I have the use of a pc and internet at my work so update time :) So during the whole cooling issue thing I broke the fan switch, actually pulled it in half. So the next day was spent chasing round Aberdeen for one of these. Finally got back to the car later on that day and got to fitting that and putting the interior back in. I thought I'd better start to make it look like a car again for Mr MOT man. Excuse the poor lighting and iPhone pictures. Then came another issue, after leaving it running in the shed for the best part of an hour to make sure the cooling system was bled, fan kicked in etc etc I just happen to look underneath and spot this. The oil had found yet another way out! Decided to call it a day at that as it was now the early hours of the morning and I was stressing out as I only had a few days before I was supposed to leave for the Polo Social. The next day I managed to get the car in the 2 post ramp next door to me which was a big help. Made dropping the sump much easier and also gave me the chance to check the torques on all the bolts underneath the car. Here it is with the sump off. The subframe makes the job a little harder than it should be... Was able to take my time, clean everything up and properly slapped on the black gasket sealer stuff. Left it overnight to dry and the next morning filled it up with oil and took it outside to run it up to temp and I was happy to find no leaks :) So now it looked like a car I took it straight out to the MOT station. Waiting patiently for a.....FAIL haha. Fail was no big deal though. He was being extra picky as he knows the story with the car and I've built it from a bare shell. But a couple of spare parts and tiewraps plus a helping hand from Ross (Citrus) saw the fail turn into this just 4 hours later... 3 advisories which I couldn't fix in the MOT car park but they are sorted now. Was so happy to be able to drive it home legally for the first time in ages! First job was to take it from MOT height.. To my height :) My ground clearance...... The rear has since been raised up a bit as it was scrubbing and was chewing the tyres when it did scrub. But the front has stayed and I love the rake I've got :) Next task was to tidy it up. I put decent passenger side wing into a body shop a couple months ago to get painted. Went round to see him and he had been so busy he hadn't got round to painting it yet. BALLS....Nothing else for it but to take it away and give it a go myself. No pictures of it but I sanded the wing back, filled the arieal hole with glass fibre and some putty, then painted it over 2 days. For a rush job it didn't look too bad after a cut back and a polish in my living room. Anything would be an improvement on this though. Old Vs New. New wing on, you can see it is a bit flat but at least the colour matches. But now it shows up the rust on the passenger door. Next thing concerning me was the low voltage once the car was warm, still haven't solved this but it is yet to cause me any issues. Just not happy with 13v or less once the car is warm. Anyway only managed to rack up 170 miles in the car then it was time to get it packed up for it's long journey. I did a 120 mile trek down to Crieff to stay with Ross (13kpologt) on the Tuesday and Wednesday before the Social. Once there I was able to give the car a much needed polish. The result wasn't too bad I don't think... Then finally the day was upon us, would it survive the long trip down to Northampton? Obviously the answer is yes, but it did snap a clutch cable on the way. But it made it.... Since the Social it made it back up the road without any issues. Had a couple of things to sort out but it is mostly just checking and tightening bolts. But apart from that all is well. Still getting used to the handling...and by handling I mean actual handling, like it goes round corners now. The combination of the Subframe, coilovers and Yoko tyres has made such a difference. Can't wait to get it onto a track and see what it can really do. Since the Social the only change to the car has been a new sticker, a couple of my mates who are into drifting started a group called GhettoFAB. Go check them out on Facebook and give them a like. I have also turned the boost up to 14psi, pretty much 1BAR. So to answer Buxton's question, power delivery is awesome. It seems to come on cam and boost at the same time, roughly 4000rpm. After that it pulls hard into the limiter. Off boost it is a bit laggy but it will still accelerate up to 60mph keeping up with traffic off boost so to me that isn't all bad. My focus just now however is the handling, getting used to it and seeing what I can tweek to improve it. For the future I just plan to drive and enjoy it just now. Just mainly cosmetic stuff and a couple other little tweeks I want to do but the bulk of the work is done. I am really happy at how it has turned out. I wouldn't have managed this without a lot of help though, so to those out there that sold me parts, came and helped me, gave me advice and even those who have followed my build and commented. Thank you all! Hopefully the next update will be pictures and vidoes of me enjoying the car :)
  43. 6 points
    Thank you to everyone who made is a brilliant weekend. We had a great final Polo Social!! Really rather sad that we won't be at the next one but you never know! Huyi and us will be there in spirit!
  44. 6 points
    Car all packed, my journey to the Social starts now :)
  45. 6 points
    Don't mention it. If anyone else would like free and impartial careers advice I will have a drop in centre at the Polo Social. The centre will look just like some tents arranged in a circle with a barbeque in the middle. It will be manned at all times by myself, my good colleage Jack Daniels and other gentlemen with scottish accents. All are welcome to join in with the terrible banter and shoddy advice.* *Any advice given at the centre should not be taken seriously or you may risk losing your job / partner / life. Cheers, Scott.
  46. 6 points
    Hi everyone We now have a new Facebook Like button, you will see this on the right sidebar. (We still have Twitter/Facebook Icons in the header) Note: Any ad-blockers, javascript blockers may not show the plug-in correctly.
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    Here's my contribution. IMG_4063_t (Original size, downloadable, at the same link.)
  48. 5 points
    Mk1-3 Polo 1.4 16v Engine Conversion – How-To & FAQ. Right, well seem as there is a thread nearly everyday about the subject and I've just finished my first engine conversion with thanks to the knowledge I've picked up over the last 3 years of being a member on this forum and getting hands-on with stuff, I thought I would repay the kindness with a little guide to help those who want to undertake this conversion. This is a little thank you to all those that performed this conversion before myself and found the many pit-falls and let us all know so it would make our lifes easier. So big thanks to the following Matthew - For your advice, CAD shiz and for making me buy the AFH Lump haha Humer – Thanks for the crane dude, lifesaver! Soon to be a Dad too, Congrats! Antoni – Your a clungemeister but legend for hooking me up with loads of essential parts at short notice and all the heavy-work (and yer mate Paul) Karl_CL_Coupe – Your a Clungepirate and absolute legend for all your help with all the safmobiles! Charlie – Living room painting flex ftw. This girl is on triangles. And massive thanks to these guys and the following threads, shit loads of technical knowledge here, but you need to book out a few hours! Mathew - http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/forum/index.php?...=114252&hl= Heg123 - http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/forum/index.php?...c=83616&hl= http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/forum/index.php?...=137295&hl= Max_Crox - http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=31303 Gofasterpinch - http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/forum/index.php?...c=30998&hl= Renegade440 - http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=122913 MikeyMk + Humer - Top posts all over the forum, but more-so in the following thread which is an essential read! http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=160802 Fitting Bike Carbs - Total Vauxhall Magazine Article
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    This has increased in price by 58% over the last 4 years. Previous for sale advert. In another 4 years it will be worth £11,850. In 20 years time it will be worth £73,849. In 40 years time it will be worth £727,163. Does anyone wish to invest with me? I will be using my windfall to pay for my divorce that will inevitibly come from buying a £7,500 polo in the first place.
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    Agreed, start leaving copies of MCN around the house, talk about how much less space a bike would take up...
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