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    Took the 6n for a 60 mile drive today, got filmed driving it & I was interviewed for an upcoming TV series "World's Deadliest Drivers". They'll be using my dashcam footage from both of my accidents as well, along with some other clips I've recorded. Never thought my claim to fame would come from crashing cars, but hey I'll take what I can get
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    It looked really nice when you first bought it.
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    QUOTE Bike Carb FAQ Index Pg1: Information, Carb size to engine size guide, Mk2 polo ignition loom with Amp and useful links Pg2: General Info Pg3: T-piece Fuelling, Plug layout for Mk2 Ignition loom. Pg4: Bogg brothers manifolds, Carbs will work at silly angles, difference between fuel pressures on twin 40’s and bike carbs, picture of T-piece setup Pg 5: General Info Pg6: Humer’s How-To, Carb needle/spring setting Pg7: Needles and jetting Pg8: Fuelling, Attaching Throttle cable Pg9: CBR 600 pipe diagram, water heating for carbs, brake servo take-off’s Pg10: Homebrew manifolds, The diffrence in mechanical & Hydraulic head dizzy’s, Motorbike ETKA Pg11: Ignition Coil Wiring Pg12: General Info, Coil wiring Pg 13: Facet Fuel Pump wiring Pg14: Fuel Pumps, Homebrew Manifolds Pg15: Basic settings, Rev Counter signal wiring, Ignition loom wiring, Basic fuelling methods Pg16: Fuel Pumps, useful link, T-piece fuelling setup Pg17: T-pieces, Importance of Return Lines, Vacuum Take-offs Pg 18: Fuelling, Bike ETKA Link, Engine to Carb size, T-piece method explained, Dismantaling 94 CBR600F carbs Pg19: Vac Advance Dizzy’s, Rant about lazy people Pg20: Fuel Hose’s, Air Filters Pg21: Rev counter issues, ECU Basics Pg22: T-pieces and fuelling methods/problems Pg23: General info, Dizzy’s Pg24: General Info 400cc motorbike carbs(doesnt matter so much what from but that is the optimum size) A manifold either home made using an inlet gasket as a template for the flange or call bogg bros to make you one some fuel hose A T peice a mk2 vaccuum advance dizzy And get them PROPER set up by a carb specialist with a rolling road.
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    We attempted to turn the markee into a party tent one year, it resulted in some lad getting beat up by his Mrs in front of everyone and a mancunian drug dealer setting himself on fire
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    google street view of vios back yard lol
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    A massive thank you to everyone that turned up. We had a really good turn out this year, thankfully we picked a good weekend, the sun shinning on the Saturday was bliss, think most got a tan of some sorts, I know Mark definitely did! however it did rain today but that didn't dampen the spirits, everyone braved the rain. Hope everyone enjoyed the week/weekend, sadly we are saying goodbye to our Admin (Mark) as this was his last show. So a big thanks to him for setting up the ClubPolo (Social) Show's over the years. I'll be sorting out all the pictures in the week and hope to show off on the forums (anyone who doesn't want their picture to be posted please get in contact, VRM's will be deleted for banner/front page etc). Remember to add your pictures, feel free to make your own topics to show off the weekend. Bring on Polo Social Show 2016! From everyone at ClubPolo, thank you.
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    Very much so. I'm a big believer in if it's yours and you like it, you've pleased all the people you need to.
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    Another thanks from me, to anybody that voted for my car. I never knew how much love there was for it, people don't normally like it ! Then to hear it get called a show car was cool ! I put a lot of hours into the ol girl, and it's just entering the stage of being reliable on a day to day basis I normally take persuading to enter any show&shine so thanks again! Peace out x
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    Since I'm at work tonight I can take advantage and post up a proper update. Finished painting the engine bay and front panel, then fitted the steering rack, 20mm master cylinder and brake lines. Seemed like a better idea to do this with the engine out. Brake lines aren't the neatest but they will do for now. Then on Wednesday with the help of Ross (citrus) we managed to free then engine from it's stand and attached a clutch and gearbox to it instead :) I think you can guess what happened next.... And it's as easy as that! We recorded the occasion on my GoPro using the time lapse feature so I'll post that up when I get a chance. Not much pictures of what I did next, basically I just decided to crack on until I could no longer move. Managed to get the brakes lines finished off, braided flexi pipes on, boost hoses and coolant hoses hooked up, installed the fuel tank, fit the driveshafts, rear beam, GAZ coilovers, rear brakes and front brakes. By this time I had spent almost a whole day/night in the shed. Went outside and it was still light, which was a boost until I realised it was 5am the next day. Anyway went home had a sleep and a few hours later I was back. Here is a poor picture of the rear brakes. Slightly better picture of the front brakes. Then today I put the drivers door back on and decided to put the car in its wheels. So here she is rolling after a couple months of being on axle stands. Put the front bumper on so I can see how much space I have to place an oil cooler, but I'm still undecided where I'm going to put it. I'm hoping tomorrow (Saturday) I can decided on a place for the oil cooler, get it plumbed in and turn the key for the first time. If it does then it's off to a mates garage to get a downpipe made up for the turbo.
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    I see threads coming up all the time with guys changing wheel size and wondering what tyre size to go for. I'm a big fan of trying to keep as close to the standard rolling radius where possible as it keeps the speedo correct and won't harm the acceleration too much. Also wear and tear on components needs to be considered too. So I have started compiling a list of tyre sizes that will be suitable for your car depending on the mk of Polo you have and also the wheel size you want to run. All sizes are based around a standard size +/- 2%. Mk1-3 (86/86c) - Standard rolling radius based on 175/60/13 = 540mm 13" wheels 155/70/13 165/65/13 175/60/13 185/55/13 14" wheels 165/55/14 175/50/14 185/50/14 195/45/14 15" wheels 165/50/15 Mk4-5 (6n/6n2) - Standard rolling radius based on 185/55/14 = 559mm 13" wheels 175/65/13 185/60/13 14" wheels 175/60/14 185/55/14 15" wheels 175/50/15 185/50/15 185/45/15 195/45/15 205/45/15 16" wheels 195/40/16 205/40/16 215/35/16 Mk6-7 (9n/9n3) - Standard rolling radius based on 165/65/14 = 570mm (Note 9n3 GTI is different) 14" wheels 165/65/14 175/60/14 185/60/14 15" wheels 175/55/15 185/50/15 195/50/15 205/45/15 16" wheels 175/50/16 195/45/16 205/40/16 215/40/16 This is as far as I have gotten just now, at the time of looking into this all above tyres sizes were all available to buy. This site was very useful in comparing the sizes http://www.tyresave.co.uk/tyresize.html If anyone has any tyre size suggestions that keep within the 2% of standard rolling radius rule then please post them up and I'll add them to the list. Please Note: Tyres are the one and only thing that hold your car to the road. If you spend money in just one area of your car, spend it on tyres. Decent tyres alone will reduce stopping distances and improve handling, overall increasing the safety of your car. I would highly recommend you do your own research before going out to buy the cheapest 155 section tyre available to put on your 7" rim because you want stretch on a budget. Or just buying budget tyres in general. Final Note: This is a guide only!! Factors like wheel width, offset, ride height etc. all need to be considered. Another useful website for comparing tyre size differences along with changes in wheel size, width and offset is www.willtheyfit.com
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    Hi folks, In the past few weeks i have finally managed to digitise and cut my old VHS and VHS-C tapes which some of our Poloclub Members (not ClubPolo, our local poloclub here in germany where i live) and i have recorded back in the old days from 1997-2000. These tapes....they almost were resolving into... something different as you maybe can imagine. I have set these videos online in my poloblog to share them. Here you have got the hyperlinks to all of these eleven old times low-definition 700x576 4:3 scale videos from old times which brought back some beautyfull memories to me and goose skin. !!! the videos are very large, watch your data volume if you watch them on a mobile device!!! Polotreffen Balingen 1997 Wörtherseetour 1998 Wörtherseetour 1998 Part 2 Wörtherseetour 1999 VW Treffen Neuwied 1999 „Alles VW“ Osnabrück 1999 Poloforum Osnabrück 1999 VW Polotreffen Minden 1999 MotorScene Dortmund 1999 Wörtherseetour 2000 Wörtherseetour 2000 Part 2 Have fun. cheers Christian
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    In light of the shops now charging 5p, if it's anything like my car, it's there to double the value of the vehicle.
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    Well my car has now gone on its own little travels Next time I'll see her she will be outside our house in the USA
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    Thanks Jake. Last few days I've been putting the doors up. Apart from a few small things it's done
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    Why I do the things I do.... Because if I took the pills to stop me doing them - life would be boring. ~Yeti
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    This is more of a how-to than anything else. So how do you change a timing belt and water pump on a G40? Well you can do what Scott (Buster.g40) did and hire in four Polo experts complete and utter tools to do it for you. So you have myself as the camera man Andy (Polo6n1600i) Ross (13kpologt) and Scott (dougstar21) So you start off by having Ross under the car, Scott looking on in horror and Andy reassuring him that everything will be OK. Meanwhile the other Scott (not seen in this picture) is speaking to his phone in a posh accent Googling "how to change a G40 timing belt for dummies". Before long the big guns need to get taken out in the form of a 24" adjustable spanner. As you can see Scott (Buster.g40) is delighted and knows his car is in safe hands.... The other Scott returns from his Googling now fully informed on the task in hand, so proceeds under the car to take over. Ross meanwhile lends him a helping hand! Then somehow the timing belt is changed and everyone is completely shocked happy. There is always one stubborn bolt though so the big guns had to come out again. After this we thought we had better give the big guns a rest, they had done well today. And it is as easy as that.....
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    Plans are not to crash it ..
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    Just got back from another trip to Germany to sample several Bavarian Beers at Oktoberfest. Took the 9n (obviously) which didn't miss a beat on our 1800 mile tours of south Germany and France. However, I did see this sign in Munich. Maybe BMW feel threatened by the little Square back
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    This is you Mark: Changed the oil filter today. Changed the spark plugs today. Topped up the screen wash today: Replaced the rear tyres today: That poor engine is never in the car! Ha ha.
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    You are right an update is needed. But due to me destroying my laptop just before the Polo Social I've only been able to get on with my iPad or borrowing laptops. Anyway luckily I have the use of a pc and internet at my work so update time :) So during the whole cooling issue thing I broke the fan switch, actually pulled it in half. So the next day was spent chasing round Aberdeen for one of these. Finally got back to the car later on that day and got to fitting that and putting the interior back in. I thought I'd better start to make it look like a car again for Mr MOT man. Excuse the poor lighting and iPhone pictures. Then came another issue, after leaving it running in the shed for the best part of an hour to make sure the cooling system was bled, fan kicked in etc etc I just happen to look underneath and spot this. The oil had found yet another way out! Decided to call it a day at that as it was now the early hours of the morning and I was stressing out as I only had a few days before I was supposed to leave for the Polo Social. The next day I managed to get the car in the 2 post ramp next door to me which was a big help. Made dropping the sump much easier and also gave me the chance to check the torques on all the bolts underneath the car. Here it is with the sump off. The subframe makes the job a little harder than it should be... Was able to take my time, clean everything up and properly slapped on the black gasket sealer stuff. Left it overnight to dry and the next morning filled it up with oil and took it outside to run it up to temp and I was happy to find no leaks :) So now it looked like a car I took it straight out to the MOT station. Waiting patiently for a.....FAIL haha. Fail was no big deal though. He was being extra picky as he knows the story with the car and I've built it from a bare shell. But a couple of spare parts and tiewraps plus a helping hand from Ross (Citrus) saw the fail turn into this just 4 hours later... 3 advisories which I couldn't fix in the MOT car park but they are sorted now. Was so happy to be able to drive it home legally for the first time in ages! First job was to take it from MOT height.. To my height :) My ground clearance...... The rear has since been raised up a bit as it was scrubbing and was chewing the tyres when it did scrub. But the front has stayed and I love the rake I've got :) Next task was to tidy it up. I put decent passenger side wing into a body shop a couple months ago to get painted. Went round to see him and he had been so busy he hadn't got round to painting it yet. BALLS....Nothing else for it but to take it away and give it a go myself. No pictures of it but I sanded the wing back, filled the arieal hole with glass fibre and some putty, then painted it over 2 days. For a rush job it didn't look too bad after a cut back and a polish in my living room. Anything would be an improvement on this though. Old Vs New. New wing on, you can see it is a bit flat but at least the colour matches. But now it shows up the rust on the passenger door. Next thing concerning me was the low voltage once the car was warm, still haven't solved this but it is yet to cause me any issues. Just not happy with 13v or less once the car is warm. Anyway only managed to rack up 170 miles in the car then it was time to get it packed up for it's long journey. I did a 120 mile trek down to Crieff to stay with Ross (13kpologt) on the Tuesday and Wednesday before the Social. Once there I was able to give the car a much needed polish. The result wasn't too bad I don't think... Then finally the day was upon us, would it survive the long trip down to Northampton? Obviously the answer is yes, but it did snap a clutch cable on the way. But it made it.... Since the Social it made it back up the road without any issues. Had a couple of things to sort out but it is mostly just checking and tightening bolts. But apart from that all is well. Still getting used to the handling...and by handling I mean actual handling, like it goes round corners now. The combination of the Subframe, coilovers and Yoko tyres has made such a difference. Can't wait to get it onto a track and see what it can really do. Since the Social the only change to the car has been a new sticker, a couple of my mates who are into drifting started a group called GhettoFAB. Go check them out on Facebook and give them a like. I have also turned the boost up to 14psi, pretty much 1BAR. So to answer Buxton's question, power delivery is awesome. It seems to come on cam and boost at the same time, roughly 4000rpm. After that it pulls hard into the limiter. Off boost it is a bit laggy but it will still accelerate up to 60mph keeping up with traffic off boost so to me that isn't all bad. My focus just now however is the handling, getting used to it and seeing what I can tweek to improve it. For the future I just plan to drive and enjoy it just now. Just mainly cosmetic stuff and a couple other little tweeks I want to do but the bulk of the work is done. I am really happy at how it has turned out. I wouldn't have managed this without a lot of help though, so to those out there that sold me parts, came and helped me, gave me advice and even those who have followed my build and commented. Thank you all! Hopefully the next update will be pictures and vidoes of me enjoying the car :)
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    Thank you to everyone who made is a brilliant weekend. We had a great final Polo Social!! Really rather sad that we won't be at the next one but you never know! Huyi and us will be there in spirit!
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    Car all packed, my journey to the Social starts now :)
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    Don't mention it. If anyone else would like free and impartial careers advice I will have a drop in centre at the Polo Social. The centre will look just like some tents arranged in a circle with a barbeque in the middle. It will be manned at all times by myself, my good colleage Jack Daniels and other gentlemen with scottish accents. All are welcome to join in with the terrible banter and shoddy advice.* *Any advice given at the centre should not be taken seriously or you may risk losing your job / partner / life. Cheers, Scott.
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    Hi everyone We now have a new Facebook Like button, you will see this on the right sidebar. (We still have Twitter/Facebook Icons in the header) Note: Any ad-blockers, javascript blockers may not show the plug-in correctly.
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