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    It's been like 2 years since I started this project and I gave up, just didn't fit. But now I have actually managed to find a way for it to work, and it is less of a ball ache than my original idea 😂
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    yes there is 23mm deep one for 1.6D Santana eg https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Radiator-for-VW-Santana-1-6-81-84-Choice2-2-Diesel-32b-CR-JK-Saloon-54-DENSO/10027530207 And some listings say 34mm deep for the GK engine like I have. Found a 700mm wide 320mm height by 34mm deep https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Radiator-VW-PASSAT-32b-Santana-32-B-Cooler-VW-2037-Ava-040460n/2281090400
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    sorted, i actually loosened up the bolts on the opposite side and that allowed me to further tighten the bolt on the leak side. obviously was extremely careful not to break the bolts as they are very small.
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    You'll have a much easier time of it with the box off the car! Couple of things I found when I did mine recently: The tip in the doc about wrapping the shaft in electrical tape to protect it from scoring was tricky to get to work but you may have better luck with your improved access. I just said a prayer and hoped for the best while I tried to pry the old seal out as carefully as I could. Couldn't get a self-tapper into the old seal to pry it out properly and equally couldn't punch in a small screwdriver like in the doc. The steel skeleton of the seal makes it a right pig - ended up just mashing it radially until the seal was smaller than the bush it sits in. A good polishing of the input shaft with fine grit polishing paper would be a good idea
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    http://s1117.photobucket.com/user/nige8021/library/Wiring Diagrams 2/6N2 Door Wiring for the window wiring http://s1117.photobucket.com/user/nige8021/library/Wiring Diagrams 2/6N2 Central Locking for the OEM central locking
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    I LOADS of trim and spare parts I'm still trying to get rid of. It's mostly standard parts from MK2s. I'm thinking of coming up for a day to get rid of some of them. Prices will be rock bottom/free (I'll take donations). I may also have some tastier/more interesting part too. Would people be interested?
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    Any 80s MK2 Golf GTi 8v caliper should fit any post-86 MK2/F Polo. They're marked VWII quite clearly. Use also the vented discs and G40 pads. 16v calipers will not fit. And if yours is a pre-86,you'll need the carriers from an 86-94 MK2/F. Dont use the ones from the G40,as they have a brace which will foul the wheel. I'm using Goodridge braided hoses from Demon Tweeks,not the cheapest though.
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