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  1. Would anyone be interested in a build thread of my car? I’ve done a ton of (‘innovative’, atleast I havnt seen much of it before) development work with bump steer and some things with the handling and also the engine. I work on it most days and have a workshop to make weird diy parts but the car is remarkably different to drive than in stock form. I’m just interested to share and have a good discussion and learn more.
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  2. First Welcome to the forum. That RED wire with a 110a fuse ? feeds the "X" contact relief relay, Dipped beam relay, fuses # 20,21,22,47 & 48 in fusebox inside car, Main light switch & Headlight Hi/Lo stalk switch
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  3. That part number is OK to use, and if you did, and just undid the bolts you mention, then alignment should be as before the change (if that's the part that's currently fitted). No harm in getting it checked though. Only earlier versions starting 6Q0, without the X-shaped rubber ribs should definitely be avoided for lack of duraility. Those just had single vertical rubber ribs above/below the hex, and don't last well at all. If the console-to-chassis bolts are undone or a different style of bush is fitted then alignment is likely to need adjustment. If you look carefully at photos o
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  4. There are numerous examples on this and other forums how to change them on Polo 9N, Fabia etc. I have changed mine 3 times. The stock bushes (or cheap ones) will tear and wear out within 2-3 years. I have used Meyle HD 100 610 0027/HD and had no problems for the last 7 years. To remove the old bush and install the new one you will need (believe me a godsend) : VW VAG Bush Remover Tool Set Silent Block Extractor Volkswagen Polo (bought ebay and do work) Also a ratchet strap to force control arm back in, once bush in. There are plenty of videos on how to use this to
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  5. The bushes do wear out, especcially if they're pattern ones, due to the voids in the rubber that are there to make it a softer ride. If you want a longer-lasting repair, or are planning other mods, it's worth replacing them with the bushes from an Ibiza Cupra. They're a direct replacement, and not expensive https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/products/ibiza-cupra-uprated-console-bushes-for-vw-polo-skoda-fabia-and-seat-ibiza.html If you've done any suspension work, it's always worth getting an alignment check doing, especcially if you can find somewhere that does a f
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  6. Alignment requirement depends on which type of bush you use to replace what's on there, and what you undo whilst changing them. If you fit the same type of bush as on there now and don't undo the bolts holding the console to the car, then the alignment should be OK. Pitfalls include the front bolt binding up in the aluminium thread of the console as it comes out, which can be expensive and annoying (new console time, generally). Most likely to happen if someone has previously re-used these bolts instead of replacing, in my opinion. Do you know if they've been done bef
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