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    Decided to film a little drive out in this.
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    The H&R kit is easily the best budget kit for these cars. Young kids these days will easily spend £500 just to get the cheapest height adjustable coilovers to be scene. Trying to get across to them that you can save £200 and buy a fixed height kit that is better in every way is hard work.
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    I did an hour on the motorway day after i fitted them. Only issue were my seats. But they look like they've been fingered by Wolverine. I have noticed MUCH less roll. Already had arb blocks in place. Even over speed bumps. The only rattles are from rear speaker surrounds. Previous owner over tightened the screws that hold them in place. Broke the plastic around the screws so little rattle over lumps and bumps. Really pleased with this kit. Will be recommending it to anyone who will listen.
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    Quick update. Short story: Success at removing dodgy nut! Longer story: Nut splitters are hefty kit. Thankfully they fitted in on the dodgy nut. I played around with them a bit. Went at the nut till I was through enough that the squeeze mashed the nut off the thread a little at about 90 degrees round from where the chisel of the splitter was going in. So I decided not to go through all the way with the splitter cos it was on a bit wonky and didn't wanna touch the thread. Now the thread was broken I put on the PlusGas overnight. Next day put on the Irwin Bolt Grips and the mangled nut came free with a small amount of force and no damage to the stud!! So next step. Get the flex pipe welded in. Gonna get some advice from a fabricator rather than a garage. Probably chop out the old flex, prep and mark the new one up with parts on car before taking it back to the fabricators. New flex is stiffer so need to get this right. Think it's stiffer cos outer braid is totally off the old one. Will update further. Thanks again to everyone so far.
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    The weekend started and there were a few bits I needed to get fixed. I bought the car knowing the rear drivers door wouldn't open, what I didn't know is how much of a pain in the ass it was going to be. First of was taking the door card off while inside the car, how I managed to do it without breaking it amazes me..... With the door card off I was able to access the motor. Hitting it and trying the unlock button on the fob did nothing. I heard about some wiring issues with these but never experienced it myself, so I investigated the B-Pillar, here's what I found. Looks like water had got in and made it's way to the plug. After fighting with the said connector, I finally got it removed and found this. Now the only way I could get this door open is to some how remove the DEADLOCKS. Once again thanks to Nigel for his help here. He suggested cutting a hole in the plastic to show the gear and whine it back. Well what do you know, it worked! DOOR OPEN! Well I now know why it didn't work. So off to the Red vRS to get the loom out I needed. As it's all part of the interior loom I had to cut the plug off. Now with the door open I could remove the motor/lock. Well, this wasn't meant to be as someone previous had completely stripped the head of the bolts. Again, I asked advice of Nigel and a drill and extraction tool kit is what I needed. First one came out ok, but the second was giving me some trouble so I ended up drilling out the head of the bolt Got the donor motor/lock from the Red vRS and swapped them over. Connected the new plug for testing All greased up Loom in, connected up and tested! FINISHED! Absolute pig to do with stripped heads, but easy enough to once you know what you're doing. It's nice to have a fully functioning door again. MASSIVE THANKS TO NIGEL! 😍
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    We do tend to end up going somewhere for nosh and a none-alcoholic beverage before driving home so it can be more of a day trip. I have also heard legends of a Wolverhampton or Dudley disco dancing establishment but fear it no longer exists. This town, is coming like a ghost town. All the clubs have been closed down. Bands won't play no more.
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    Well, time for an update on this. In July 2018 JC contacted me asking if I wanted to buy this saloon. I was hesitant at first just because I know how much work JC has put into this car and I knew I'd want to change a few things if it were mine. But I've always wanted a saloon, I've always wanted to try bike carbs and I've wanted another mk2 since my last one died of tin worm. So it wasn't long until I said yes and we got the ball rolling to transfer ownership to myself. In November JC became an absolute legend in my eyes by driving this car all the way up to Peterhead to deliver it to me. I have never had that before and I doubt it will ever happen again. Anyway this was how the car was delivered to me. 20181116_084525 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr 20181116_084539 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr First thing I had to do, fix the handbrake that broke on the way up the road. Was nice and easy, just the cable had snapped. Luckily a new one was already and waiting in the car to be installed. 20181117_125411 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr 20181117_125407 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Next on the list and first of the major changes to the car, the wheels. I liked the Wolfrace Anniversary wheels, but I just didn't think they suited this car. Mainly due to the size of them. So on went a set of wheels I felt were a better size and period appropriate. A set of 13x6 BBS Mahles. I personally think they transform the look of the car. 20181117_144933 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Keeping with the wheel theme I decided to change the steering wheel for something a little different but again hopefully in keeping with the period of the car. Standard: 20181128_092130 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Mountney: 20181128_093618 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr The Mountney not only looks great in my opinion but also feels much better than the original. It is thicker and has a slightly smaller diameter which I think gives the steering a more positive feel. Now onto a running issue, which I was a little scared of at first. JC mentioned that the car didn't seem to like cruising at much above 65, but it would get there fine. So I'm thinking it is maybe a combination of the big wheels, the 8P gearbox and since it has been sitting a while the carbs might need a clean. After changing the wheels to the 13s (which in effect geared the car down) it still didn't like going above 65 on the speedo (probably closer to 60 on these wheels) and if I gave it the beans in 2nd it would fall flat on it's face in 3rd as if it had run out of fuel. Feeling a little out of my depth having never touch a set of carbs I dived right in. 20181116_084501 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr On the advice of @Cymro I removed the little cone filters and stripped the carbs down. To my surprise the carbs were spotless inside, so that meant I could narrow the issue down to one culprit, the fuel delivery. This was the fuel line setup I took off the car. IMG-20181212-WA0015 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr And this (excuse the drawing marks) is how I was going to attempt to improve the issue. 20181212_161955 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr This was the end result. I have spun the fuel pump round 180° and taken a good 6ft in total out of the fuel line that was in the engine bay. Plus the fuel now has a more direct route to the carbs instead of going through quite a few Ts and elbows. 20181213_124639 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr To my surprise...this worked!! Absolutely transformed how the car drove, completely. It will now happily cruise at 90...err 70 without any hesitation and I can give it the beans to the top of every gear without any feeling the car is being starved of fuel. After that the car spent the next few days in this position as I fitted a new exhaust and chased down about 100 cracks and pin holes in the eBay manifold. 20181217_115659 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Once the exhaust was sorted with about 3kg of welding wire, well I say sorted it is relatively leak free now but I'm still not happy with the sound, I decided to give the car a new face to start 2019 with. I swapped out the smoked indicator and side repeaters in favour of standard orange units and also fitted a single lamp grill. 20181230_113857 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr 20181230_113909 by Steven Thomson, on Flickr Since these photos were taken I have been using the car as a daily and my have I enjoyed doing so! People say bike carbs are unreliable and a nightmare in the winter? My experience of them since the fuel delivery fix has been amazing, the car starts without issue, is happy to set off immediately and is an absolute joy to drive about in. I think the car could do with a shorter gearbox and slightly bigger tyres on the wheels to really finish it off. I should have an 8N gearbox heading my way soon and I plan on putting some 175/60/13 Yoko A539 tyres on the wheels after next pay day. Again I must say a big thanks to @Retrotub for selling my this car and delivering it. Also I feel I have to apologise as I have come away from your intended project/look for the car. But hopefully you approve of everything I have done so far and my future plans.
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    Hello! Polo sedan GT oPOLOumel- translated from Russian "run amok" " 1.4TSI engie 125Hp. (CZCA) DSG7
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