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    • It's time to see if all your engine mods have worked, see how much BHP/Torque you've gained or lost !!
      If you've not been before? It's a great way to catch-up with members new & old. Aim to get there by 08:30 onwards with the runs starting around 10:00
      • 9 replies
    • Now that the show season is over and everyone will have gotten a few decent pictures of their cars, it is time to gather in entries for the 2018 Club Polo calendar. GET YOUR ENTRIES IN NOW!
      • 27 replies
    • The Polo Social 2018 - Remember to RSVP!
      The Polo Social is a social event held on 29th JUNE to 1st JULY 2018 that is put on by Club Polo which is open to all VW Polo owners from any Club. So if you are part of a local club bring everyone down and grab a spot in the field.
      • 1 reply
    • Please if anyone has any info or seen my car since it got stolen last Friday 29/09/17 from Bromyard HR7, can you contact me or police? It was last seen dragged away by a white van 
      For anyone on Facebook,  please share
      Many thanks for any help, I'm a single mum of two, trying to make ends meet and this car would have helped a long way to fix my other Polo, which now needs her gearbox fixed 
      • 2 replies
    • 88 Coupe S , Fast Road, Restoration - Read more about Retrospoke's build thread - Hey people, Here's my new project :1988 MK2 Polo Coupe S
      I've been kindly given the car from my house mate who recently had taken the car off the road due to a few issues.
      • 15 replies
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  • Posts

    • memadjoe90
      Hello,     Im currently buildding / buying parts for my AFH/ARC hybrid lump. Im stuck  finding some technical info! I need to know the o.e standard block hight  and also the o.e standard head hight as they have been skimmed but i have no idea by how much. im now trying to find out as I need to give piston supplier mesurements to design me a piston .Dont know what do tbh I work at a seat main dealer and even our system elsa has no technical messurement specs for AFH lump even though it was used in some of there cars 1997-1999.  Has anyone got any info or know where i can get a decent manual with these messurements?   Thanks hopeing some one will reply    random Pictures relateing to build shiney beast high lift cams lol
    • Eviljohn
      Engine code is GL. V5 says it's a 1043cc as well. 
    • vwfan3
      Hi Thanks for the response. One other thing to remember is that the gear stick is also connected to the gearbox with two cables. These can also need adjustment.
    • jonPDpolo
      Yes I'm an old man!    Been wanting one of these ever since saw the concept and the test mules, so went and asked the question at local dealers (which a friend now helpfully works for ) in the middle of September and put deposit down and confirmed the build order.It was on the build schedule for week beginning 15th October, it arrived in the UK the 9th November and the dealer on 17th November, collected it yesterday    Specs:   2017 MY VW Arteon R-Line   280PS 2 litre TFSI Maximum power 280ps at 5100rpm
      Maximum torque 258lbs.ft at 1700rpm   4 motion & DSG   ACC / Lane Assist / Traffic Jam Assist / XDS Differential / DCC / Active Display (all as standard)   Only options ticked:  Paint & Heated Windscreen   Turmeric Yellow Metallic (pictures don't do it justice, way better in person)   Makes life in stop/start traffic way better than my old A5 as I've got dodgy knees and the heavy clutch was starting to take its toll   Few pictures          
    • Mikecoupegt
      The exhaust on my 6n2 gti is on its last legs and was wondering if anyone knew of a decent aftermarket system that isn't loud? Can't seem to find an awful lot for it.
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