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  • Welcome to ClubPolo | Volkswagen Polo Owners Club

    Rapidly becoming the largest and most active club of Polo enthusiasts in the UK. The Club was formed by the amalgamation of the Polo GT/Coupe S Owners Club and the Polo Coupe Owners Club back in 2000.
    ClubPolo.co.uk is one of the most popular VW sites on the web. It is hoped that members of the club will contribute pictures and spec lists of their cars to be published in the gallery and articles on any hints, tips or modifications they have carried out. There is also a number of pages detailing the discounts and merchandise available through the club and links to other related sites.

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  • ClubPolo | The Polo Social

    We hold displays at all the major shows up and down the country as well as hosting our very own Polo Show. We would all like to meet more club members and see their cars and shows offer the perfect opportunity for this. We also hold our own Polo Show (now named: The Polo Social) which you’re able to camp, so all members attending have a chance to get together, meet each other and see some of the other clubs. In addition to the nationally organised shows Club Polo has regional meetings (dependent upon regional interest) so local members can get to know one another.

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    Find your next Volkswagen Polo for sale in the UK. Use ClubPolo.co.uk to browse through spare parts new and used.

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    What is a Track Day or Car Control Day?
    A Track day is a non-competitive, controlled event where you can drive your car around a real established motor racing circuit or closed airfield without speed restrictions. We require that you hold a full driving licence, and that your car is road legal. Driving manners are expected to be high, and beginners are completely welcome.
    Car Control days are designed to be fun, safe and also educational. As we run on a wide open space around cones there is also very little risk of impact damage to cars which naturally is of major concern to many participants. The actual driving activity runs from 10am to 4pm with a lunch break.
    In association with Mazda on Track (MoT), we hire a circuit for the day.

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Recent Support Topics

  • By chrispbug
    2016 Polo 1.4tdi 6r  I've recently had to charge the original  battery on my car. The battery is a Varta AGM with these details on it 7P0915105  68ah 380a DIN 680a EV/SAEG5 .  The battery below is I'm told the replacement one from Tanya. Just like someone who has more experience than me to confirm that this is the correct one before I shell out for it Thank you  
  • By anessen
    Hi, I've been struggling with my Weber carb for a while now, and I'm getting a bit bored of it. I have a DMTL 32/34 on a Mk2 Polo 2G engine, which is stock. Jetted as (from left to right, as seen from the front of the car, looking towards the back, with the throttle cable on the left): 70 | 185 - F30 - 120 | 155 - F22 - 100 | 45   Problems: All of these are on a hot engine with no choke. At Idle: No idle unless the mixture screw is 2.5 turns out. It's a li
  • By Jim1500
    Was looking to order an airfilter for the breadvan but GSF lists two different types. I don't have the car at the house to check unfortunately. It's an early 1990 1L HZ engine code, I've a funny feeling that it's the 1st type they list and not the Mann filter. I remember being given the wrong one before and the outer diameter was too big from memory. https://www.gsfcarparts.com/parts/service-parts/filters/air-filter Fitment info gives the sizes.   Is it just me or have t
  • By Antony Eggleshaw
    Anybody know the best clip for the glovebox screw?  Mk2 polo 86c coupe S, would be better if sold on VW hertige

ClubPolo | Recent Project Updates

  • By ross_m
    I used to own this car in Scotland. I drove it for a year and loved it. Great to see it is finally getting the work it deserved. I didn't have the time due to other projects so I sold it to a mate who had good intentions but he also had to let it go.        
  • By 1vw2many
    Very good work keep going you be done soon. 
  • By Sunbeamlotus
    Thank you ... goes well but a bit loud    you after any parts I have a few bits knocking about 
  • By foreststu
    It's awesome mate, well done

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    • Autoglanz was established originally in 2013 with an aim to develop some of the best cleaning chemicals available on the market without the hefty ‘scene tax’ and released to the public in early 2015. All Autoglanz employees are petrol heads at heart and strive to achieve perfection as a way of life.
    • Chris Knott: Cheaper car insurance through Club Polo - If you're fed up with the faceless online-only companies and you're looking for a truly independent insurance service where your needs are put first and where you'll receive all the ongoing support & advice you need
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  • Recent Status Updates

    • rabbitboy007


      · 0 replies
    • Kerry Ann

      Kerry Ann

      Hello all fellow Polo owners,
      I am totally new to this club, so please excuse my lack of knowledge. 
      I owned my first Polo a long time ago now, it was a Y reg 1.9 diesel and I loved it. My heart was broke when it was stolen one night, and I discovered it had been found 8 miles away burned to cinders.  I can't recall having any bother that car during the 2 year I owned it, it drove faultlessly.  
      I came across this by chance whilst researching some teething problems I was experiencing with my current car; VW Polo 1.2, 3 cylinder 2006 face-lift model.  I must admit I found the information within such sites a godsend. The priceless information within these forums most likely saved me from going insane.  Without going into detail, ECP warning light.
      As I only have my trusty Haynes Manual and no owners manual, I look forward to reading on and learning valuable information from you all.
      Many thanks in advance,
      Kerry Ann  
      · 3 replies
    • Will B

      Will B

      new window regulator fitted, as of a week or so ago. got the part that clips on the glass welded up and got a new regulator mechanism. a bit stiffer than the original though it is 29 years younger.
      back home for easter/quarantine , not going anywhere at the moment but ill be out for a spin every now and then to keep things from seizing up
      · 0 replies
    • agstyles

      agstyles  »  adam-

      Hi, i saw your thread about the swap, i am doing the same AFH swap but with a vw lupo and trying to retain the original loom and ECU.  How did you get around the distributor and camshaft position sensor? I saw that the crank one fits and that is easily sorted but cant really think of a way to get around using the coilpack, or if i can run the dizzy with the original loom and ecu would be fine too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
      PS: Can't seem to send PM so writing here.
      · 1 reply
    • Will B

      Will B

      alternator went, not sure how long its been but the battery light was flashing for a couple of days then she didn't start. I shouldn't have been so foolish to ignore it. I thought it was just the battery dying so we got a new one.
      Alternator being replaced/rebuilt within the next few days.
      Window regulator parts soon to be ordered when i can get my act together.
      currently in need of a parcel shelf, though an old barbour is doing well to cover anything in the boot at the moment.
      been up to scarborough from leicester, why on earth do the people up in Yorkshire make their roads so bloody steep!? 
      · 1 reply
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