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    1. Auto-Glanz Detailing

      Autoglanz was established originally in 2013 with an aim to develop some of the best cleaning chemicals available on the market without the hefty ‘scene tax’ and released to the public in early 2015. All Autoglanz employees are petrol heads at heart and strive to achieve perfection as a way of life.

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      Check part number availability on-line or ask, and we'll check it for you. The more info you can give us, the more chance we have of getting you that missing piece

    5. Rare Rims.co.uk

      Rarerims are the main Rota distributor for Europe, and are here to help. Please get in touch with any wheel enquiries.

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      Performance parts for your Polo!!

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  • Upcoming Events

    • 30 Jun 2017 11:00 Until 02 Jul 2017 15:00
      See post for details 
      The Polo Social - Friday 30th June to Sunday 02nd July (Formerly The Polo Show)

      The Polo Social, What is it?
      The Polo Social is a social event held on 30th June - 2nd July that is put on by Club Polo which is open to all VW Polo owners from any Club. So if you are part of a local club bring everyone down and grab a spot in the field.

      What to Expect?
      A relaxed event where you can catch up with other members, see their cars and meet new people from the club. Expect a big club meet which lasts the weekend with some beers and BBQs!

      Whats going on?
      Details are yet to be finalised but plans are for the club BBQ to return on the Saturday night, Show and Shine on the Sunday. We are looking to have some things going Saturday day and hopefully a car related film on the Saturday night.

      Where is it?
      Shipley Gate, Eastwood, Nottingham NG16 3JE, UK http://www.mfn-club.co.uk/Home.html
      This is the first time we've held an event here and we hope the venue will really suit the clubs event.

      What do you need?
      If you are camping then you need the general camping gear of tent, sleeping bag, etc. If you want to clean your car up for the show and shine on the Sunday there will be a cold water supply so bring your bucket and cleaning gear.

      How much does it cost and how to book?
      Pre-Booked £18/Night with Electric hook-up (pre-booked)
      £15/Night Non Electric (pre-booked)
      £7 Day visitors (pre-booked)
      £18/Night ON Gate (not pre-booked)
      £10 Day visitor ON Gate (not pre-booked)

      The bookings can now be made via our shop http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/store/category/4-the-polo-social-tickets-2017/
      Prices are for 4 persons/tent & Day visitor prices are per car
      Club Members will receive a discount on these prices automatically when you put them in your basket
      The Pre-booking will close 10 days before the event ( 20th June 2017) so we can ensure your camping passes are posted to you
        A pitch is for a tent for up to 4 people, if you have extra cars we will charge you extra.
      To book http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/store/category/4-the-polo-social-tickets-2017/
        Please note: there are a limited number of electrical hook ups available, so be quick with them to avoid disappointment.
      Also this is the first time we are doing the bookings and passes ourselves, so if you have any issues please contact clubpolo though the contact us form.
      We will be sending out the passes in big batches until we get closer to the time. But if it gets to a couple weeks before the Social and you haven't got your pass then please do contact us we'll get it sorted asap.
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    • nige8021
    • nige8021
      Your best bet is to make a wanted advert in the classified section, as those who might have these parts wouldn't be looking in this section to find a buyer !!
    • nige8021
      AFIK yes the belhousings are totally different to the manual ones as the flywheel is different, but the mounting bolts on the engine are the same, so fitting your autobox to a "normal" engine should be a PnP but you would need the corresponding "Auto" ECU's for the engine & g/box
    • Saint Jimi
      I'm looking for a few bits of trim and odds and ends. I'm wondering if anyone can advise me where best to look, I'm familiar with vwheritage, and gsf. I once had a link to some German parts site that I found on here some time ago but can't find it now.   The parts I want are the screw covers for the door handles on a mk2, I want the little covers that go over the screws for the glove box and the under steering wheel storage spaces. Finally I need the rubber boots that go on the wing mirror adjusters.   171 857 517 867 857 941 867 867 185/188   I know vw heritage used to do the wing mirror boots but I can't find them anymore.   Can anyone help me with links or with good parts sites?
    • Saint Jimi
      So after spending a lot of the weekend trying to chase down electrical problems and not really getting anywhere I decided I'd do something that would yield better results. I have seen posts before about how people have put speakers in the front of their polos, and have seen some very impressive results involving cutting door cards and making speaker pods.   I've gone a slightly different route and thought I'd show you what I did for those who (like me) didn't want to cut their door cards. What I've done is very simple and could easily be copied but is best explained with pictures. Using MDF I cut a piece 30cm tall by about 20cm wide (I didn't actually measure, sorry). I then jammed it into the door wedging it in a position that had minimal movement and marked out where the speaker would roughly sit. Took it to the work bench and cut a hole in the wood where I wanted the speaker to sit. Once I'd bolted the speaker into the wood I jammed it back into position (after plugging speaker wire to speaker) and used some firm packing foam to remove the little play / movement that remained.   This would work better with speakers that actually fit between the sections of the inner door but I was working with the speakers I already had, and it works well. I've now put the door card back on and it doesn't snag the speaker at all, I now have invisible front speakers.
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