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    • griff
      Had car in the garage for just over a week (!) while they investigated the creaky door rubbers After lots of calls to the technical guys they concluded that new rubbers wouldn't do anything, neither would more krytox, so they used some kind of plastic film normaly used on Audis on the underside of the doors. Also inserted some kind of padding somewhere.
      Keith from Windrush Slough was very good and genuinely concerned to get everything right Car is really quiet now so very happy, even happier to get back in the tartan driver's seat after a week driving an automatic TSI loan car!   I see that photobucket have ruined this thread (b******s) so will have to reupload some pics directly when I get a minute
    • Damian Otto
      After leaving the garage after fitting the 16v rear bumper and doing the rear camber this happened      So as you can see the wheel decided to come off while i was driving home luckily i had slowed down just before it came off because i thought i had broken a drive shaft or something else cause i heard a massive bang.   As i started to pull over my wheel decided to F$$k right off down the road, hit another car on the round about lucky no damage just abroken wheel trim.   Managed to get the AA to come recover me within 45 minutes which was good.  Ended up finding out what i had done wrong for all of this to happen and no it wasnt because i didnt do the wheel bolts up. It was because i didnt know the the nut on the end of the hub is suppost to be finger tight and i done it right up as tight as i could, which ended up seizing the bearing and causing the stub axle to melt and snap.   learnt my lesson the hard way!   Got 2 second hand hubs for free from a mate the next day fitted them up and now we are all good and back on the road.   Happy day  
    • Damian Otto
      Hi Guys    Haven't done a build thread before so if its a bit all over place im sorry.   So bought this about 2 weeks ago now.   Polo 6n 1.4 8v in red, had 2 owners since new and has full service history, 85000 miles and not to bad condition.     now i had bought a 6n a little while ago to break for parts      bought for £200 and manged to get off it  - 6n2 gti wheels with 4 good tyres - coilovers -Tinted rear lights -clear side lights - smoked side indicators - and a few other random bits for another project of mine    so all in all money well spent, ended up making £100 on the car and still manged to keep all the parts above    I also managed to get hold of a set of Stuttgart wheel that i had been looking for ages for at a really good price, so had quite a few things already to get me started.     -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   So anyway back to the car, so bought the car like this at 12 on Saturday      Got to have a quick look back    then 5 hours later after fitting everything i had it looked like this        Happy with everything so far but needed more, a lot more!   Had a few problems with the rear rubbing like a bitch so had to go back to the drawing board. Ended up finding so 16v bumpers, front, rear and spoiler all for £50 but needed some serious TLC as the paint was F$$cked. Managed to get the back and fitted the rear one which ended up going on like a dream no issues what so ever. While i had the rear up i thought ill add a little camber not to much (will add better pics soon)    Painted it up just roughly because car is getting completely re sprayed soon just didn't want to drive round with a grey bumper. (Again more pics to be added shortly)   Now what happened next took me by surprise.......   to be continued   
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      £792.00 End Date: 19-Aug 12:28 Buy It Now for only: US £792.00 Buy it now | Add to watch list View the full article
    • eBay
      £792.00 End Date: 19-Aug 12:28 Buy It Now for only: US £792.00 Buy it now | Add to watch list View the full article
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