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    • SiSu_PT
      Thank you for the answer, so I should get either the ABF or KR head if I want 16v?  I like high rpm engines, 8v is not for me... From what I can tell the 1.8t 20v head should be compatible since its also 83mm bore (from what I can tell). PS: About putting 2 bar boost? Should the stock internals take it (excluding the pistons which must be compatible with the head?)
    • dvderlm
      AGG is a two liter Golf GTI. http://vag-codes.info/files/engines/vw-engines.pdf AFH is 1.4 which is 77mm bore from memory.   I very much doubt the pistons are same bore or spacing.   No, sorry. Vw golf  mark iv 2.0 Cylinder bore 83mm https://www.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/piston-10629/vw/golf/golf-iv-1j1/11779-2-0      
    • SiSu_PT
      Hello. I currently have an AFH engine laying around. I want to know if the head is compatible with the AGG engine block. Plus I wish to know if the AGG block can be hooked up onto a longitudinal trans from an audi a4 (without any conversion plate). PS: Planning to put one ebay gt45 onto this beauty (Can it take 2bar with stock internals?).  
    • fganthony16
      Update: I lifted the front part of the car and there is a lot of grease/oil under the car, what do you think about it? Also you can reply with any of your theories, it would help a lot.
    • Matimcfetridge
      Evening all, I have recently started a Youtube channel and thought I would post it here incase any of you need a laugh or want to watch something VW related..    This will cure your boredom and mean you don't have to waste any more time watching things you aren't interested in on TV. I have always had VWs and there will be many featured on this channel so grab a cold beer and give the channel some love! all subscriptions, like and comments are appreciated and will help the channel grow so please get involved!   https://www.youtube.com/user/matimcfetridge?sub_confirmation=1     Mati
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