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    • nige8021
      The 2020 calendars are now available in the shop to pre-order   
    • Dean
      Only just caught up again with the thread yesterday. Nice to see an update.
    • Dewey1996
      Hello all, I’ve been struggling to find some roofbars for my 2000 mk3 polo estate... I see numerous people have them fitted and am looking for some assistance 
    • Alex
      So it turns out I'm crap at updating forum threads these days. Needless to say the car is still lurking. Hopefully you'll have caught my updates in Performance VW - and if not, why not?   Ironically, having ended my last post saying tyres would come next, push came to shove. My car managed to collect a screw in its front passenger side Toyo just after its MOT last year and, recognising that I live in Wales, I decided to get myself a set of Uniroyal Rainsport 3s for it. Annoyingly this all happened around the time I ditched my full time editorship and went freelance (a year last weekend) which delayed things. But I made good use of my first week as my own boss, got my new rubber fitted and... err.. broke them in. That was fun.   IMG_7720 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr   Some of that breaking-in mileage involved my first trip to Caffeine and Machine, and a two-birds-with-one-stone job getting my car's alignment done at the same time. It's been cornerweighted and had a bit more camber dialled in at the front (there isn't much adjustment available) but I came away with some fresh ideas for how to go a step further and plans to do so during the summer once I'd got my money's worth out of my latest investment.   IMG_8140 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr   The car had other ideas. It doesn't drop oil usually so, when it did, I got worried. Turns out the head gasket had let go and, while it wasn't letting anything into the cylinders, it was pissing oil while I was driving. And I'd done a lot of miles last winter as you can see. This has never been a fair weather car.   Polo_rear_dirt by alexgrantuk, on Flickr   It took a while to get it into the workshop (I get the long-term build slot and a rather tasty R5 Turbo was taking that space), so Jenson and I made it shiny while it waited.   IMG_1659 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr   AutoGlym HD wax, if you're wondering: IMG_4378 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr   In the meantime I got to play with some pretty unlikely stablemates for a 28-year-old Polo. Including all £335,000 of Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge pictured here doing the school run - yes, you can get three kids and two buggies into one. No it isn't easy.   IMG_9437 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr   The car went into the workshop in April and, luckily, the head gasket swap didn't uncover anything anything unexpected:   IMG_9725 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr   And that's about it really - it's the noisy idiot on the driveway next to the silent Outlander PHEV I've been running for a few months, and our own really rather brilliant family bus (C4 SpaceTourer). IMG_4184 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr   BA787266-4220-407C-9A4A-26E835AAE57E by alexgrantuk, on Flickr   Pictured here at a Volkswagen UK driving event - I got to show a couple of the guys from the press office around the car while it was there: B988493F-0557-4628-9A44-A685B16E6E08 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr   Back at Caffeine and Machine... as you'll have seen in another thread: 93D507C3-4482-46D0-882D-FC1456B15BF1 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr   And here shot against the glamour of Leigh Delamere Services. I think it's ageing rather nicely... and you know what they say, if you don't look back at it when you've parked it, you've got the wrong car. 9C80AF2D-0AD8-40ED-B1E8-8F3377752BA6 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr   On it ticks. Nothing major left for it other than sticking around and putting a silly grin on my face.      
    • nige8021
      It is listed as a seal #3 in the picture   As you can see there are a few options all dependant on what engine code you have 
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