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  • Welcome to ClubPolo | Volkswagen Polo Owners Club

    Rapidly becoming the largest and most active club of Polo enthusiasts in the UK. The Club was formed by the amalgamation of the Polo GT/Coupe S Owners Club and the Polo Coupe Owners Club back in 2000.
    ClubPolo.co.uk is one of the most popular VW sites on the web. It is hoped that members of the club will contribute pictures and spec lists of their cars to be published in the gallery and articles on any hints, tips or modifications they have carried out. There is also a number of pages detailing the discounts and merchandise available through the club and links to other related sites.

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    Together with your exclusive membership card and sticker your £5.50 really does go a long way and helps the club provide the forum and all the events. You will also be given access to the members only section, as well as access to restricted files around the website.


  • ClubPolo | The Polo Social

    We hold displays at all the major shows up and down the country as well as hosting our very own Polo Show. We would all like to meet more club members and see their cars and shows offer the perfect opportunity for this. We also hold our own Polo Show (now named: The Polo Social) which you’re able to camp, so all members attending have a chance to get together, meet each other and see some of the other clubs. In addition to the nationally organised shows Club Polo has regional meetings (dependent upon regional interest) so local members can get to know one another.

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    Find your next Volkswagen Polo for sale in the UK. Use ClubPolo.co.uk to browse through spare parts new and used.

    • New & Used Cars
    • Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes
    • Engine, Transmission and Exhausts
    • Bodywork, Interior and Trim
    • ICE, Electrical and Lighting
    • And post wanted topics
  • ClubPolo | Track Day

    What is a Track Day or Car Control Day?
    A Track day is a non-competitive, controlled event where you can drive your car around a real established motor racing circuit or closed airfield without speed restrictions. We require that you hold a full driving licence, and that your car is road legal. Driving manners are expected to be high, and beginners are completely welcome.
    Car Control days are designed to be fun, safe and also educational. As we run on a wide open space around cones there is also very little risk of impact damage to cars which naturally is of major concern to many participants. The actual driving activity runs from 10am to 4pm with a lunch break.
    In association with Mazda on Track (MoT), we hire a circuit for the day.

  • Technical Help With My Volkswagen Polo

    Obtain tips, help, advice, and view our guides.

    • Wheels, Tyres, Suspension
    • Brakes, Engine, Transmission
    • Exhaust, Bodywork, Interior
    • Trim, ICE, Electrical
    • Lighting, Paperwork

Recent Posts

  • By Dean
    Hi @kuma, glad you made it over after I posted the link on FB, As I said before, there is a wealth of information on here, in order to help you further it maybe wise to use this search query in Google. In the box type: site:www.clubpolo.co.uk Polo engine conversion or site:www.clubpolo.co.uk Polo engine vr6 - Obviously you can change the text to whatever you wish to search for, but this will onyl show results of our community. Best of luck with the import.
  • By nige8021
    Welcome to the forum.   You might like to have a read of this https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/forums/topic/256072-vr6-turbo/#comments  it will give you some idea of the problems you'll encounter  
  • By kuma
    I have a few cars, so not worried too much about having a car down. However i have a vr6 on hand, and dont have access to polo type engines here in the USA. Im okay with custom hoses and such, car will be my project so i dont have to rush on getting it running. It will probably cost me about 10k to import the car after fees and registration here. I think the harlekin came with a 1.4l
  • By Vedran
    Hi,   I am glad that someone from USA will import polo. Polo is a smaller car than golf and passat and I am not sure that it would be physically possible to fit VR6 and transmission in it... Even if it would there is a lot more than custom engine mounts, there are custom hoses, custom wiring, custom ECU, bigger radiator. I am afraid you will blow 10K $ in a second and car will not run properly.   Which engine exactly this Polo Harlekin have?   I think it would be

Recent Support Topics

  • By Richiecole
    Hi all, I’ve recently purchased an NZ 1.3 with a 5 speed 8P gearbox and am looking to change it out for the 1.0 AAU lump that’s in my 94 bready at the moment. The NZ unit I have has only done 45,000 miles so apart from doing the obvious (cambelt/water pump etc) while the engine is out of the car would you guys recommend any other checks/replacements? Unfortunately the NZ didn’t come with inlet/exhaust manifolds and I was wondering if I can use the existing set up I have from my AAU engine or wil
  • By BRIAN 44
    Hi.first question from a new member. Please can anyone help ? I have just bought my son who is learning to drive a 59 plate 1.4 dsg polo. Drove great on test drive as they always do! But has now got a very slight misfire. Been in to a local and very trusted garage who traced to coil pack fault on cylinder 3. So changed coil pack reset codes and after 10 miles EPC /EMO lights came on with servere misfire. returned to garage and changed injector on no 3 as this was now apparent. Garage has been gr
  • By damunk
    for people who have fibreglass doors and want to reduce the weight on them. https://carbon-tec.eu/  
  • By adam90
    Hello, Before lock down my polo 6n1 1.4 cl would not start. I tried it a few days later and it started but when going 70 mph for a few minutes all of a sudden I would loose acceleration for about 10/15 seconds then it would kick back in again, I have checked that there was a spark from the spark plugs (plugs, leads, rotor arm, dizzy cap fairly new), checked for any faults and the only fault was the lambda sensor so I replaced that but still N/G. I then changed the fuel filter and fuel pump and g

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    • Autoglanz was established originally in 2013 with an aim to develop some of the best cleaning chemicals available on the market without the hefty ‘scene tax’ and released to the public in early 2015. All Autoglanz employees are petrol heads at heart and strive to achieve perfection as a way of life.
    • Chris Knott: Cheaper car insurance through Club Polo - If you're fed up with the faceless online-only companies and you're looking for a truly independent insurance service where your needs are put first and where you'll receive all the ongoing support & advice you need
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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Tristan palmer

      Tristan palmer

      Hello everyone I new to this site & club as well I not long brought a polo gt in blue too hopefully every one great day 
      · 0 replies
    • Will B

      Will B

      binned it.
      bashed into a road sign too far from home for a tow back (3 hours drive). 80 quid tow to get paid 40 pounds for scrap was a real kick in the teeth.
      lost traction coming down a hill with 4 mates in the car with me. lifted off the brakes at the last minute to dodge the ford kuga that was turning, ended up hitting a sign. still better than going off the embankment. complete write off, passenger door wedged shut, i had to yank it open from outside. turned out the shoddy welding was far more extensive and there was filler in more places than i imagined, the result of which is that she crumpled just in front of the b pillar on the passenger side and bent at the bottom of the passenger door frame. nobody was injured thankfully. can't say the same about stacey
      im absolutely gutted

      · 1 reply
    • rabbitboy007


      · 1 reply
    • Kerry Ann

      Kerry Ann

      Hello all fellow Polo owners,
      I am totally new to this club, so please excuse my lack of knowledge. 
      I owned my first Polo a long time ago now, it was a Y reg 1.9 diesel and I loved it. My heart was broke when it was stolen one night, and I discovered it had been found 8 miles away burned to cinders.  I can't recall having any bother that car during the 2 year I owned it, it drove faultlessly.  
      I came across this by chance whilst researching some teething problems I was experiencing with my current car; VW Polo 1.2, 3 cylinder 2006 face-lift model.  I must admit I found the information within such sites a godsend. The priceless information within these forums most likely saved me from going insane.  Without going into detail, ECP warning light.
      As I only have my trusty Haynes Manual and no owners manual, I look forward to reading on and learning valuable information from you all.
      Many thanks in advance,
      Kerry Ann  
      · 3 replies
    • Will B

      Will B

      new window regulator fitted, as of a week or so ago. got the part that clips on the glass welded up and got a new regulator mechanism. a bit stiffer than the original though it is 29 years younger.
      back home for easter/quarantine , not going anywhere at the moment but ill be out for a spin every now and then to keep things from seizing up
      · 0 replies
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