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  2. bradd

    Stanford Hall VW Show 2020 Sunday 3rd May

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  3. nige8021, You’re a star, I didn’t even realise there were 2 H7’s [DOH!] must be my eyes! I took the bulb out & it looks fine, no sign of it being blown, but nevertheless, thanks so much, sorted now Baz
  4. As you can see there are two H7 bulbs #'s 8 & 11
  5. dvderlm

    Mk2 original radio audio

    Inductive cassette adaptor will give poor frequency range: something like 35hertz to 12kilohertz. Don't see why 3.5mm aux to RCA phono cable to a little amp connected direct to speakers and run off fused 12 volts would not be big improvement into 4ohm stereo speakers. Depends how efficient your speakers are whether it is loud enough to overcome road/engine noise. Also, how well it can cope with in-car temperatures in summer?
  6. Thanks, (are you the only one on here)! its not the sidelight one, it’s the main headlight, please see image. I changed the large bulb, the H7 one, the W5W is working fine Thanks [again]!
  7. neil the sparky

    Polo 9N 2002 immobiliser problem

    Cheers for the reply nige8021 thats where the issue is, the little glass transponder isn’t in the original key, thought the previous owner might have had an issue and stuck the key to the ignition barrel but couldn’t see anything there!
  8. The are two seperate bulbs in the headlight for dip and main beam, the high beam is the one used for the "Flash" so either you have replaced the wrong bulb or the fuse has blown #59 ?
  9. nige8021

    Polo 9N 2002 immobiliser problem

    First Welcome to the forum. There will be a chip in the original key, it's a glass tube about 3mm dia 10mm long the chip in the new flip key will need to be paired to the immobiliser and to do that you need to read the immobiliser pin code with VagTacho or VagCommander and then with that pin you need VCDS to pair the new chip
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  11. Bar_Ry

    New daily

    Nice looking motor!
  12. Hi all, My Son pulled in last night and I noticed his left main beam was off, automatically figured bulb was at fault, so I changed it for a new one, (checked the one I took out, which was fine), so not the bulb. The bulb works fine on high beam, or when flashing, but not when it should be. 2014 Polo 6R Any thoughts, was fine when he set off, I wiggled wires etc, but nothing? 🤔 Thanks in advance 👍🏻
  13. Good evening all, hopefully someone may be able to help me with a problem I have with my daughters 2002 polo 9n? When we brought the car it only came with 1 key (non flip style) the little torch part didn't work so I set about sorting that out, when I opened the black part of the key I noticed that there was no immobiliser chip in it, not too much of an issue straight away but now I have followed the very good instructions from here on adding remote central locking using VW module I have a bit of a problem. The car will start and run fine with the original key (with no chip in it) but the new flip style key (with a chip in it) won't start it, its starts then stops (immobiliser working). I you start the car with the original key then stop, take it out and start with the flip key, the car starts and runs but the immobiliser warning light on the dash flashes!! I thought perhaps the chip from the original key was attached to the ignition barrel but looked today and cant see it!! Does anyone have any ideas?? Thanks in advance Neil
  14. Samson

    MK2f Saloon Project

    Thanks for your help! I have ordered a new voltage reg, hopefully it'll fit and i'll be able to fix my issue
  15. Willysmiles

    Mk2 original radio audio

    Thanks for the quick replys, Radio has no aux or output sockets. I’ve got a cassette tape to aux adapter In there which I can then use my phone to get good reception in both dab and fm. I was thinking if anyone has fitted a small lepai amplifier ( https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lepai-Tripath-TA2020-Class-T-Amplifier/dp/B0049P6OTI) or similar and had any success. I understand amplifying poor quality sound to start with is not a great idea but I’m not looking for booming car shaking bass, just would like a little more range between highs and lows. Thanks for your help!
  16. dvderlm

    Mk2 original radio audio

    All car hi-fi is low-fi. For what music? Does radio have aux-in? If not For radio, you get a DAB car radio adaptor that transmits FM and a good DAB aerial. https://bestradios.co.uk/best-plug-and-play-dab-car-radio-adapters/ For your own tunes Bluetooth to FM adaptor (eg Belkin Tunecast) and send music/podcast from phone, mounted in a way that it can function handsfree. Does existing radio have RCA phono out sockets? If so, for volume - a slave amplified subwoofer in boot. Or a 2 channel amp for the Rockford speakers. eg https://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-kenwood-car-audio-kac-ps702ex_p-40192.htm Look at RMS power rating and THD not peak max power. For quality, a separates system in the doors with tweeters on the dash. If existing radio only has speaker outputs it is hard to get the levels right without distortion even if the amp has speaker-level inputs.
  17. steveo3002

    Mk2 original radio audio

    dont see you improving it without adding anything yes hiding a better quality modern unit somewhere is a easy solution , no point in amplifying bad sound as it wont improve the quality
  18. First off I’m new to all this so forgive me for any mistakes I make! Ive got a 1988 coupe s and I love the look and functionality of the original radio. Only problem is the sound quality is terrible. I’ve upgraded the two rear deck speakers to Rockford punch which has made a small difference. Front middle speaker has no wiring too it so I’m not going to use it. I’m set on keeping the original radio as it just looks right. Someone mentioned putting a modern radio in the glove box so it’s hidden but I’m not a fan of this idea as it means the original radio will be disconnected. Has anyone got any advice/ideas for adding something to enhance the audio experience. All the car amplifiers I can see are huge ‘chavvy’ bass boxes! Tia Miles
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  20. nige8021

    Wynns EGR valve cleaner

    The metal pipe from the EGR valve going into the intake is so the exhaust gases can be re-ingested and burn off any petrol vapours not burnt after the spark ignites the mixture, so if the EGR valve is stuck open the chances are the metal pipe from the valve is also either partially or possibly completely blocked, so that Mr Wynns "Snake oil" treatment will probably have very little effect, you'll need to remove the valve and the pipes and use something like Mr Muscle oven cleaner to breakdown the soot and carbonated oily deposits, As the EGR isn't fully monitored on your car (it's referred to as a MK5 on this forum or 6N2 and people will know what you have) the easiest way would be to lift the valve off the manifold and fit a blanking plate between the valve and manifold and bolt it all back together
  21. nige8021

    RDC 310 DAB upgrade options

    In the workshop manual it shows that additional yellow connector and what the pin contacts are for (mainly video) but in the wiring diagrams there is no mention of that connector, so it might be used on another VW model To get the USB ability you would need to have the "Multimedia" control unit installed. " General notes Thanks to the Multimedia control unit -J650- analogue (via AUX-IN entry) as well as digital (via USB or iPod entry) audio contents can be played via the radio unit or the radio navigation system. Units connected via USB or iPod connections can also be operated via the radio unit or the radio navigation system. ID3-TAG and titles also appear on the radio unit or radio navigation system displays. Note Since the display ability of ID3 tags and titles on the radio unit or radio navigation system displays depend on the type of audio files used, refer to the → operating manual of the radio unit or radio navigation system and to the → operating manual of your MP3 player or iPod. The multimedia system control unit -J650- provides an audio input (AUX-IN), an USB input, and an iPod connection (power supply, signal and AUDIO-IN) as an interface. To connect the mobile unit to the USB or iPod interface of the multimedia system control unit -J650-, a relevant specific adapter cable is used. Charging the connected unit is possible via USB or iPod connections."
  22. Garyp

    For Sale Polo 6N 16v

    Time Left: 1 month and 26 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For sale a 1999 Polo 16v. it has suffered some type of engine failure. It now will not start. However before this everything was working properly, the central locking, windows and gearbox were all working fine. it was regularly serviced with a new cam belt and water pump 5000 miles ago. It has MOT until the end of July 2020. The only fault with it is rust bubbles on the rear passanger side wheel arch. It needs to go asap as we have another car to replace it and we do not have the time to break it, it is only sold complete. For more information call 07785543499.


    , Hampshire

  23. After a year of driving my first car, the 2001 6n2 polo, I got an engine light which said the egr valve is stuck in the open position. Because its stuck in the open position, I did nothing but I will need to do something before my next mot. As someone whos not bothered to buy a new valve I want to clean it before the mot. So I bought the wynns egr valve cleaner, It says to spray into a turned on engine (preferebly 2000rpm) without the air filter in short bursts. The whole idea is for the chemicals to burn with the petrol to release some chemical fumes that will clean the egr valve. Question is, can I take off the air hose (bottom left to the engine cover and big) and spray it into the air hose (facing down amd away from engine cover)? Remembering from when I changed my own air filter, I feel like I'll need to take off the top black engine cover (with air filter) and spray the cleaner directly unto the metal tube inbetween the air filters. And My gut instinct tells me that turning on the engine with the hoses off will be very messy and risky and not worth cleaning the egr valve the lazy way. Is my gut instinct wrong? Or is the metal tube inbetween the air filters not meant for airflow? Id rather be wrong here than make mistakes over there (under the bonnet).
  24. steveo3002

    MK2f Saloon Project

    its a voltage reg /brush pack ...located on the side of the alternator with 2 screws the brushes wear down with age so may /should restore it and the regulator regulates the voltage as the name suggests like i say have a quick look to confirm as some cars have other brand alternators but the one linked is right 9/10 times
  25. Samson

    MK2f Saloon Project

    This is what it looks like at the minute
  26. Samson

    MK2f Saloon Project

    Thanks! I’ve heard of a voltage regulator but I’m not really sure what they do, I mean I guess the clues in the name but still.. Where is this on the car?
  27. Bar_Ry

    RDC 310 DAB upgrade options

    Thanks Nige8021, That seems a lot less bother, I’ll see if I can source a 510 DAB to replace it, (does it come in an Apple CarPlay version)? Also, there is a yellow socket in the 510 that the 310 doesn’t have, what is this used for, any idea? I’d also like to convert the AUX port to USB, is this possible? He doesn’t have a MFSW as yet, I have been quoted £140 to have the wiring done and a wheel fitted, (I supply the wheel), but they can’t guarantee full functionality; I have been told it will work, it won’t work, it’ll part work, may or may not light up etc. So I’ll probably get him a wheel, get the extra wiring done, and see if it works. There is also the issue that the buttons may not be the right ones, as there are two types, and also need to know if current airbag is single or dual stage ignition, so lots to consider overall, trying not to break the bank. Only other mod he wants is the newer bumper with the chrome strip Regards
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