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  2. £21.99 End Date: 19-Sep 08:10 Buy It Now for only: US £21.99 Buy it now | Add to watch list View the full article
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  4. £30.00 End Date: 19-Sep 06:35 Buy It Now for only: US £30.00 Buy it now | Add to watch list View the full article
  5. Newbie resto project!

    Not bad price I just paid £25 for my mk2f and half way through the restoration. Good luck with it.
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  7. 88 Coupe S , Fast Road, Restoration

    Great project I had an f plate coupe s cracking motor. Keep up the good work.
  8. Newbie resto project!

    Evening guys and girls! ive not long got back from paying for my breadvan I won on eBay for the princely sun of £56! It's going to be a restoration project for me and my 6 year old son. She needs a fair bit of love after being stored in a barn for the past 10 years! Its due to be collected next weekend so I'll post some better pics when she arrives but here are a few from the eBay ad... look forward to picking your collective brains when the time comes and posting regular updates of what's been going on (may be a long resto as I'll be trying to "teach" my son along the way) but anyway...just thought I'd say hello!
  9. Mk2/2f Parts Clearout

  10. Hidden Master Cylinder

    Forget it done it already, designed a new pedal box for it.
  11. £650.00 End Date: 18-Sep 17:13 Buy It Now for only: US £650.00 Buy it now | Add to watch list View the full article
  12. Club Polo track day, 14th October 2017

    Sorry for the lack of information on this lately. There are still spaces as there have been a couple drop outs including myself....grown up things have gotten in the way. 1 -2 -3 - Yoof - Club Member4 - 5 - Dave9n3 - 9N3 GTI - Club Member6 - andygti- 9N3 GTI - Club Member7 -SciroccoSteve - Mark 2 Bready - Club Member8 - DaveyUK - 9n3 PD130 - Forum User9 - buxton - ??? - Club Member10 - John9n3 - 9N3 GTI - Club Member 11- ohmatriix - Mk2f Polo - Club Member 12-Gleny135 - Mk2 Breadvan - Club Member 13- Tav - Clio Trophy - Club Member 14- Those left on the list should have all paid your deposit by now. If you haven't or if you can no longer attend let me know ASAP. There will be a PM out soon to everyone about final payments etc. For anyone wishing to add their name to the list just copy and paste from above and fire me a PM.
  13. £60.00 End Date: 29-Aug 12:17 Buy It Now for only: US £60.00 Buy it now | Add to watch list View the full article
  14. £395.00 End Date: 18-Sep 12:11 Buy It Now for only: US £395.00 Buy it now | Add to watch list View the full article
  15. Time Left: 1 month and 28 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    I'm installing the shallow sump and require correct oil pick up pipe along with MK3 oil dip stick.


  16. Time Left: 1 month and 28 days

    • FOR SALE
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    for sale is my Mk3 golf gti 8v in stunning rare fjord blue i have owned the car for the past 4+ years and have loved every minute of it but I just don't use her enough to warrant keeping her, I believe I've only covered approx 800miles in the last 2yrs. the car wants for nothing as I have replaced most parts to keep her in great working order, a brief list of parts are NEW lower arms (painted anthracite grey) bottom ball joints track rod ends rear engine mount water pump clutch rear axel bushes (axel powder coated anthracite grey) mintex discs and pads all round rear wheel bearings sump and gasket (painted candy magenta) i have also also added a set of coilovers, 16x8" compomotive p slot alloys, nankang ns2 tyres and a rare hottuning cross braced show cage (painted candy magenta) the car drives great and isnt too low, she's goes over speed humps fine and is a nice ride. Car has covered 137k miles but is nothing for one of these engines, I have always kept it serviced well, the underside has been undersealed so is protected, jacking points are good not like the usual crap, I removed the rust from under the rear arches and made clearance for the wheels so no catching what so ever. viewing is highly recommended and I'm available most days any time, I'm in no rush to sell, car is still in daily use but only covers around 20miles a week, please note the private plate does NOT come with the car, will be back on an M reg car located horbury bridge West Yorkshire £2195ono thanks rob


  17. M2f Genesis £25 resto

    Great project. Great spec on the Genesis.
  18. 1991 Breadvan GT

    Already looking great. It's in good hands.
  19. 1989 G reg Polo 22k miles help please

    Brilliant thanks again Cheers jakki x
  20. 1989 G reg Polo 22k miles help please

    Wow thanks for that info, sounds promising, she did look after it thankfully. Will keep you updated, still waiting for the key to arrive. Cheers jakki x
  21. Has anyone got any polo 6n2 or golf mk3 seats for sale please if anyone has the mk3 golf seats in the lighter colour instead of black ??? Sorry if it's in wrong one wouldn't let me post in different forum for some reason
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  23. MK2 Saloon it's been while

    Some top work going on
  24. Hidden Master Cylinder

    Or could I just use the standard polo master cylinder? Instead of forking out on the wilwood one.
  25. 1989 G reg Polo 22k miles help please

    Great car and should be relatively cheap to get it on the road as its not been of the road for that long. It's also been garaged which makes a huge difference.
  26. MK2 Saloon it's been while

    Lovely car, the work on this is superb. I remember buying a j reg saloon many years ago just couldn't get used to it so I gave it we to my brother on the provisio that he give me half proceeds when he sold it.
  27. Mk2/2F Parts left over CHEAP!!

    B piller covers two of and dizzy and brake servo. All will need posting please?
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