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  2. nige8021

    headlamps not bright enough

    The main problem is the wiring to the headlights isn't up to the job, the wires are too small for the current and so you get a voltage drop, instead of getting 12.5v at the bulbs you'll be lucky to have 10v and just fitting 60/55W bulbs will only make the problem worse as the current will be higher and that will result in even lower voltage at the bulbs, the only real way to improve the lighting is to fit a relayed loom with a heavy duty wire to supply the relays and use the original wiring to control the relays
  3. Today
  4. hi all, I've recently picked up a 77 mk1 and the drive back at 2 am on the m6 with no street lighting and inches away from temporary crash barriers was airy to say the least, according to manual, h/lamp bulbs are 40/45w, can I just do a straight swop and fit uprated h4 60/55w bulbs or is there more to it. cheers..
  5. yopa89

    GT wannabe

    Hi everyone! I became a owner of some fine looking machine. It cost me 500 euros with two sets of wheels with winter and summer tires on them, and two original keys with alarm, GT interior with few parts missing, service book almost like new, custom made exhaust and 1.3 AAU engine inside. Whole car was repainted but I noticed rust in the few places but for that price I must do something myself I have bought third set of wheels, some BBS copy ACT wheel. 7.5J 15, ET 38. It fits perfectly with some yokohama 195/45 tires. I still need to get the car down for a bit and repaint those wheels. Here are some pics of the car.
  6. nige8021

    info help

    You could make out a wanted advert in our classified section https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/classifieds/category/8-wanted/ eBay for 6N2's being broken or Stevens Dismantlers in Essex
  7. gezza

    info help

    hi I'm in need of door panels for my 3door 6n2 could someone recommend the best place to get them from thanks for you time on this
  8. MartinB

    "Birtha"- 1989 mk2 for a European Road Trip

    Good luck dude. Drive safe!
  9. Lupoboz

    mk2 polo van

    My van, is now fully stripped. Awaiting some more welding, that's just been discovered. Then the long job of commissioning the complete van will start in earnest once it's back. It's been a while since I posted on here. Mainly due to the other two Polo's I have that were both demanding attention. Mine looks in the same state as the one pictured above, except that it has green wings and doors currently!
  10. NebulaicToaster

    "Birtha"- 1989 mk2 for a European Road Trip

    I love the look of the SD1, it's like a British Ferrari Daytona! Sadly I missed out on a barn find sd1 just up the road from where I live at home, went for £300 !!
  11. NebulaicToaster

    "Birtha"- 1989 mk2 for a European Road Trip

    Yeah, my brother brought a fancy camera for his part of the journey. Got some lovely pics. I've been carrying a little mini dvd camcorder for the whole trip so I'll try and edit together a little film of the Polo for you all to see. I'm driving back from Portugal starting tomorrow, no passenger but loaded up with all sorts. Hopefully Birtha does as well on the way home as she has done coming down. Wish me luck!
  12. MartinB

    "Birtha"- 1989 mk2 for a European Road Trip

    Great pics! 35mm?
  13. MartinB

    What happened to haggling?

    Regarding insurance, the companies are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and apparently that means that their best price is their best price nowadays...
  14. got a video for us?
  15. does sound ok above idle
  16. Jam a skrew driver under the throttle arm and start it up, see if incrrased revs make a difference If it still bogs doewn with full throttle theres an air leak
  17. Yesterday
  18. ive messed with the idle screw ...winding it in makes it slower , winding it out gets it roughly 900 ish but cant get it much higher , doesnt respond like it id expect it to
  19. If you wind the brass screw on the right of the tb out itll up the idle by altering the mix, Best to wind it down / right first to find out how many turns out it was.
  20. Lack of lambda sensor could be the rough running
  21. cranks fine when hot just wont start no reason to think its head gasket , its done 1500 on the carb sinse a reasonbly thourough rebuild , ive not touched the engine just took carb off and mpi on runs smoothest where dizzy is now...5 deg , although with it running so ropey im not convinced its entering service mode as it should stock 1300 mh cam at the moment
  22. Cooper insert for the starter? Hg going? Isv or tps Rough idle and warm start are probably sepserate issues. Does advancing the dizzy smooth it out Which cam is in?
  23. abd engine that previously ran fine on carb fitted all 3f mpi bits except the cam starts from cold and sounds normal , quickly starts to sound rough with a unhappy idle , with the blue sender undone it runs worse ive attempted to set up the timing but unsure if the rough idle effects it..above idle it sounds better and drives semi okay when hot it will not restart - after one hour it starts again tried 2x temp senders , new coil , ecu and (correct)dizzy works on my mates gt ,car has no o2 sensor at present, fuel pumps are running when it refuses to hot start ive about reached the end of my knowledge and unsure what to do now
  24. yopa89

    Cheers from Serbia

    I will open new topic
  25. kiran_182

    mk2 1.4 8v conversion, help needed!

    How did i end up replying to a 4 year old thread?
  26. Eviljohn

    Does size matter with exhaust?

    That would explain the faint popping i get at the moment when i let my foot off the throttle. Can't imagine that is particularly economical. Thank you Sir.
  27. caretakerplus

    Does size matter with exhaust?

    I don't believe that you will notice any difference from standard, but an engine does need 'back' pressure in the exhaust system, otherwise um-burnt fuel will enter the exhaust system during the valve overlap period. Regards
  28. kiran_182

    Cheers from Serbia

    Post some pics
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