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  2. Accuspark limiter

    Oh bugger, that may well be part of the prombkem. I think I will give them a ring tommorow too see what the crack is, if of thought it wouldn’t be a problem, because it’s not affecting the position of the cam just repeating the spark and the rpm of the dizzie (the my knowledge)
  3. Interior light, trip, clock failed

    Fuse 27 (5 amp) for interior light, speedo memory (inc buzzer ) & fuse 24 ( 10 amp ) for rear wiper
  4. Karl's 1986 Coupe S

    So, it's been a very long time since this has been updated. The M.R.S. Became known as Purdy. And Purdy served me well as a daily until 2015, when she was retired. Since then, she's received a brake upgrade with VWIIs and braided hoses, a stainless 4 branch and custom exhaust and after the Pierburg didn't like not being used, a Weber 32/34 DMTL. I was very surprised and honoured to receive 3rd in this year's Polo Social Show and Shine. I intend to do a few bits and pieces for next year, before she's comes off the road for a full restoration, as using her in all weathers has taken its toll over the last 7 years. When I can get my head around pictures, I'll update.
  5. Accuspark limiter

    TCI-H is transistor controlled ignition with hall sender (TSZ-H in original German). It's an electronic circuit with 7 pins. Hall sender tells it how fast camshaft turning and when each cylinder reaches TDC. https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/topic/328957-electronic-ignition-swap/?do=findComment&comment=2626856
  6. oil pump bolt part number

    thanks. i have book marked it now
  7. Interior light, trip, clock failed

    It does sound very much like you've blown a fuse. It's worth checking them all. Sometimes they can just wiggle a bit loose as well.
  8. oil pump bolt part number

    https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/1998-158/1/ depends what oil pump you have ? Be an idea for you to bookmark that site page link ?
  9. Mk2 Polo Coupe K Reg Arch Trims//Door Trims

    Think I have a full set I'll check and get back to you
  10. Accuspark limiter

    Yeah all is wired up right, it’s dark now so I will have another crack tomorrow, I’ve seen the video on YouTube of a mk2 with one, just can’t seem to grasp it right, bit of a novice with coils and leccy stuff, what Is the TCI-H?
  11. Accuspark limiter

    The poorly written ebay ad says it works with conventional ignition like contact breaker or some aftermarket ignitions "Compatible with all single coil ignition systems that are triggered by contact breaker points or after market Ignition systems such as AccuSpark , Petronix , Powerspark Luminition" pertronix, lumenition but not ECU. I wonder whether the TCI-H with Hall sender counts as ECU because of auto-dwell and advance. Definitely wired correct? Only 3 wires?
  12. polo 6n 1.4 16v oil pump (036115105B) anyone know the part number or size for the oil pump bolts as I'm concerned about the head size as the timing belt tensionor prongs sit either size of the bolt.
  13. Hey guys, I want a rev limiter for my Mk2 1.3 polo, looking at the accuspark ones but wondering if you need the electronic conversion kit too for the coil, I’ve fitted it as specified and nothing, can anyone help
  14. 86c Coupe, One Owner from New!

    Got the problem right now of whenever it rains water is getting into my boot. I’m not even convinced it’s getting in through the bootlid cos it seems to be coming in much lower. I attacked the area that I thought was the problem yesterday with sealant but it’s not done the trick as I’ve gone out today and there’s a puddle under the boot carpet. It could just be the bootlid after all, but the lid doesn’t seem wet on the inside anywhere. Seems like it’s getting in around the circled area on the inside of the boot.
  15. 86c Coupe, One Owner from New!

    Hold out for acomplete bootlid and save yourself the hassle Sorry to hear about the golf situation, was looking forward to it.
  16. 2018 Calendar Entries

  17. Cable type to rod

    If you have the complete rod linkage from the gearlever to gearbox then you can use that replacement gearbox
  18. Cable type to rod

    Thanks for your replies. I have one more question. If i were to get everything from gear stick to gearbox then I could use rod type gearbox right? Because I can get rod type box and linkage for half of what a cable type costs
  19. 86c Coupe, One Owner from New!

    This was just over a year ago now. The Coupe is car #14 I think, in just over 3 years.
  20. 86c Coupe, One Owner from New!

    The hunt for a bootlid has commenced. So far the closest one I’ve found has been 320 miles away. ? I’ve been offered one locally with no glass but I imagine swapping the glass might be a pain? The Golf is a sore subject, I went through some personal rubbish and some things came to an end, and I had nowhere to keep it. So it was sold for peanuts as I didn’t even have the time to put it back together and slap an mot on it. :( The Polo is a good little find for the price these days though and will hopefully clean up well. I’ve got some better pictures of the extent of the “damage” now. I think old dear quite liked driving into things, and her or someone seemed to think just squirting a blast of a rattle can would sort it. All rectifiable though. I’ve done 52 miles in it since I chucked £20 in and seem to have used about £2, as per the last photo.
  21. 86c Coupe, One Owner from New!

    Good find, really cheap. Thatll clean up a treat How did the golf end?
  22. Last week
  23. 86c Coupe, One Owner from New!

    Hoping I can tidy her up and make her something worth keeping again! Got a few plans already.
  24. Polybush engine mounts

    Brilliant, might do the fronts too. I speak German but I still can't help laughing at this from the description. Reduziert die Wankbewegung
  25. 2018 Calendar Entries

    Love the yellow mk1 and the red g40 looks superb.
  26. 86c Coupe, One Owner from New!

    Lovely car with a great history.
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