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  2. nige8021

    Crank case breather

    That block is an oil/air seperator, so in theory the oil is retained in the engine and the compression blow back air is vented back into the inlet system, you can fit a catch can that will catch any excess oil, but fitting a filter direct to the breather outlet on the block will clog up with oil vapours in a very short time and you'll end up pressurising the engine leading to other problems
  3. Hi I've got an avy and an afh engine. I'm doing a bit of a hybrid. But looking today and the bolt on breather on the block is really unsightly. Is there a blank or an adapter to put a little filter instead. Any ideas
  4. JCmk2

    Polo breadvan build thread

    Yeah only half the work I’ve done is on here was in a bit of a state when I bought it 😂
  5. dvderlm

    fuel tank neck repair

    Why.. surely just run it to polish the inlet manifold. 😉
  6. steveo3002

    fuel tank neck repair

    good luck cleaning the sand out
  7. dvderlm

    fuel tank neck repair

    always worried about welding a tank. A mate suggested filling it with sand or exhaust fumes.

    Newbie mk2 breadvan owner

    I have had my Mk2 for 17 years and now coming to the end of a major upgrade. At this rate my grandchildren will be able to learn to drive it like my own children. There should be no plans ever to give it up.

    fuel tank neck repair

    I have welded a new section into the bottom of a spare tank and using some hose up to the filler neck where the breather pipe comes out of pipe. I am hoping that I will be able to fix the filler neck end along with the rubber boot to the bodywork somehow. So it's still a work in progress and it may never work out.
  10. R111RWD

    Newbie mk2 breadvan owner

    What colour 86C is it? I have one exactly the same in a gold/beige. So simple to work on!
  11. dvderlm

    fuel tank neck repair

    Only kept 5 litres from draining the tank. Poured it in. Had to tighten the bottom clip quite a lot to stop a tiny drip. Sprayed the clip bolts in white lithium grease which has hardened. The thin breather connector tube split. Think I need 5mm diameter not 3mm. Could not get it to start. Pump ran then stopped so I assume both carbs had fuel. Fuel is maybe 12weeks old. Doubt it is stale. Suspect there's just not enough in the tank as the fuel gauge does not budge. Don't think float is stuck. It would fire on Cold Start spray. Could tilt the car, buy more fuel (I drained 14 litres with gauge near bottom of reserve), check whether the emulsion tubes are wet with fuel. Wonder if rusty tank neck bits have clogged a line or the filter?
  12. Elring are good quality so very unlikely to be the rotating seal. Does not sound like you would have damaged it as easy to fit. See what you find when it comes apart.
  13. kiran_182

    Scirocco GTX

    We have a full setup, brake res fits with sensor cap dizzy clears it too
  14. nige8021

    6n2 p0420 p0401 p0106

    As you have already checked the pins/sockets on the disconnect down by the thermostat housing, as that is a common area for corrosion on the pins, then that only leaves the sensor itself, it is reasonably easy to replace but before you do, soak the joint in plus-gas (not WD40) a couple of times then make sure the spanner is a good fit or you can buy a special 1/2" drive socket with the side cutout to allow the cable passed, then it's a case of unclipping the wiring back to the connector and refitting the new one, you can put some ant-sieze compound on the sensor threads, just make sure none gets onto the sensor head itself.
  15. feeblington

    Mk5 Polo single picture thread

    Almost stock
  16. feeblington

    6n2 p0420 p0401 p0106

    So i had a look underneath and coulsnt spot anything obvious. Are the post cat 02 sensors easy to replace?...is it likely to be the sensor? Or is this a case of fault finding 😞
  17. 1vw2many

    Mk2f 1.3 cl head gasket help

    Ok shall check it when it's off. Just ordered elring full gasket set.
  18. i will use gasket aswell although i dont need one. will put some paste on too. pulling engine out today and tomorrow so if leak is from middle around crank then obviously paste won't work.
  19. 🤯 Would instant gasket work? I've sealed rocker covers and sumps that were weeping, not big leak using good quality gasket from a tube.
  20. apparently you have to use the plastic sleeve that comes with the seal when installing. i didn't. infact it's in the bin now. i think it helps prevent the seals from folding over. is it that crucial, have to buy a new seal.housing?
  21. Last week
  22. kwijibo_coupe

    Retrotub's mk2 loon on a budget

    No as I cannot take credit for any of the major work on the car, even though I now own it, I didn't build it so I don;t see it as my build if you know what I mean? The brakes are amazing! Literally the best Polo brakes I've ever felt. They actually feel better than my Mk5 Golf.
  23. no probs..lets hope its fixed
  24. Thanks for all the help mate - I owe you a beer if we ever bump in to eachother!
  25. imagine it would be ok..
  26. Fab, thanks. Out of curiosity if there was any oil that made it onto the top of the gasket when the head went down (errant dribble down an oil channel) would that manifest as a buggered gasket straight away or over time?
  27. dont need any special treatment , but i tend to keep checking it over often incase theres a leak or something been left loose etc
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