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  1. Yesterday
  2. Ha! Thanks @nige8021 . Am really thinking that me and cutting & splicing don't mix. Yes, looking at the part - https://www.lllparts.co.uk/product/wiring-harness-for-speed-br-sensor/mpn/6Q0927904E) - it does look like there's a connector. Mind you, I'm the guy who was looking at the fuel pump! Thanks to you and @Yeti though - at least I'm getting a clearer picture. Much appreciated.
  3. dvderlm

    Polo Social 2022 details

    🚘 so how's it going at Billings? First time in ages I've not managed to get to a show/social/informal pandemic outdoor gathering. Car's on ramps, MOT expired, with a mystery oil leak. Might have fixed it. Won't know until I drive it again. 🏁
  4. mr brightside

    mr b's fixer-upper Mk2F

    Well, it's passed its test and I've retired the Porsche, they tested it as a non cat vehicle for some reason. The exhaust fell off the other day because the hooks on the car body over the backbox are bent and snapped. My fix piece was a bit sharp and severed the rubber. Is there a known way to address this?
  5. Don't cut into that connector it's the fuel pump ! I must admit I'm surprised that if the picture of the loom in the parts listing is correct that there isn't somewhere for the connector to plug into but I've not seen what the wiring is like on your model so can only go by what @Yeti says
  6. Thanks nige8021. I'd just had my fingers crossed that 6Q0927904E simply plugged into connection under back seat (see picture). More of a challenge to cut and splice but learning opportunity. Many thanks.
  7. Cutting and splicing should not affect the circuit resistance, there are loads of youtubes on how to splice wires, if you've got a hot-air paint stripper ? these work well https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122221630671/
  8. Thanks Yeti. I guess the cutting and splicing might affect resistance and therefore whether the ABS light comes on. Worth it to me to get the new part (6Q0927904E in my case) but not confident I can do the cut and splice. My problem will be finding someone to do it I expect. If you have any suggestions I'd be grateful. Appreciate your help in any event.
  9. Last week
  10. The only catch is, they don't really plug in to the car's loom anywhere, just disappear into the mass of wires, so it's cut the old section out and join the wires. The plug's basically the same on any VAG car, so if you don't want to be spending that sort of money, cutting a cable out of a car in a scrap yard can be an option, just inspect it well when you take it off. Polo/Fabia/Ibiza ones seem to wear out, Golf/Jetta/Octavia ones seem to have a bit more slack in the cable so are normally OK.
  11. Thank you for providing the forum and very many thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
  12. First Welcome to the forum. The loom is still available, the part # is 6Q0927904F https://www.lllparts.co.uk/product/wiring-harness-for-speed-br-sensor/mpn/6Q0927904F that is the one if you do not have "Pad wear" sensors, if you do change the F on the end of the part # with E
  13. I have a damaged offside rear cable to the wheel sensor on my Polo Mk4 (9n) 2002 1.2S (64) - see picture. That's causing the ABS light to come on. It can be replaced but VW no longer supply it. Would anyone know how I can source or even what the part number is? Have had my Polo for years and not ready to give up on it. Many thanks.
  14. Scott7766

    6n1 bonnet gas struts

    Thanks for the info ill have a crack at it this weekend. Thanks
  15. nige8021

    6n1 bonnet gas struts

    It was 10 years ago but I seem to recall removing the forward mounting bolt from the hinge and replacing that with a ball ended bolt then attached the strut and found a bolt for the wing that lined up so that with the normal bonnet stay in position the strut was under a bit of compression
  16. Scott7766

    6n1 bonnet gas struts

    Hi sorry to ask again my struts and brackets have turned up which wing bolt did you end up putting the bracket on? Thanks
  17. Ok mystery solved The one on the left (short tubes) is aftermarket for 6N0 201 511 A and the one the right is 6N0 201 511 B... I do not know what each is used for though.
  18. Actually the one on the right was (and still is) installed on my car. The one on the left was ordered online after insuring my model was listed on the product page, but eventually it can't fit the tubes.
  19. New full rear panel for a Mk 1/1f Derby. Original VW part. Part number 865 813 303 A. Price 125 euro + shipping (might be possible to get it to the UK by visitors to UK shows). I have many more parts so let me know what you are looking for.
  20. Complete set of genuine MK 2f/3 G40 door cards. Good conditition. Have been stored inside for a long time so no/little sun damage. Based in Netherlands, but shipping should not be a problem. Price 35 euro + shipping. I have many more parts so let me know what you are looking for.
  21. Hi ever since I had my windscreen replaced I had trouble getting the rubber strip at the bottom of the windscreen to stay down, its like it won't clip in place. I ordered another second hand one but it has the same issue it won't stay down, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks
  22. If it's a misfire under load, I'm pretty much always going to go with ignition system. I've no specific experience of that car, but the ECU should have a log of an intermittent misfire and be able to tell you which cylinder/s it's on. I know what you're saying about current VW's, but, in all honestly, it's all modern cars. They're built to last the finance period if you're lucky.
  23. Scott7766

    6n1 bonnet gas struts

    Not too bad ill have to get the parts in and give it a go thanks for the help
  24. nige8021

    6n1 bonnet gas struts

    The lower mount picked up on the wing mounting bolt, I did end up drilling a second hole as the bracket was flexing a bit and the other end went into the hinge mounting bolt replaced with a ball end bolt from the same place
  25. Scott7766

    6n1 bonnet gas struts

    Ah ill have to take a look how did you set yours up did you have to drill anything?
  26. nige8021

    6n1 bonnet gas struts

    They sell various brackets as well, I bought mine from them
  27. Scott7766

    6n1 bonnet gas struts

    Thanks just had a look ill end up getting struts off them just need to find the right brackets to fit them
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