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  1. Yesterday
  2. Pete1

    Scrappage back!

    If there was meant to be a picture with that post, I'm not seeing it?
  3. foreststu

    1981 Polo LX Resto

    Sounds like a lot of good work parts finding and fettling, any photos?
  4. Jim1500

    Scrappage back!

    Mate just sent me a message, he spied this at the top of a pile of cars in his local scrapyard! Wheels off looking like it's heading for the baler!!!!
  5. Sounds expensive, but a thorough fix, hope it serves your son well going forward. 🙂 (And in reverse! 😁)
  6. Last week
  7. Hi all, just trying to reconnect the EGR system that a mechanic for some reason disconnected. it has been stinking of fuel and running rich ever since so trying to put it right. It is not the standard style EGR solenoid valve pictured in most diagrams, it is almost identical to this: https://www.onlinecarparts.co.uk/metzger-8030877.html I have connected the rear facing upper hose connection to the main EGR canister valve. the top is a loop connection. the lower hose nearest the cam carrier is where the short air filter part is hung. the lower righ
  8. BRIAN 44


    Hi Pete. Hope this messege finds you well. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but its been a busy 6 weeks. Iv had the polo sorted. It was a head off job and turned out to be a worn exhaust valve guideon cylinder 3 ! So i had all all guides replaced together with the exhaust valves and the inlet valve seats recut. a light skim and reassembled using all genuine vw parts. Now having done 300+ miles all seems good. Once again many thanks for your advise. Take care BRIAN
  9. steveo3002

    5w 30 oil in 1.0 breadvan

    10/40 is the correct grade...so no not really
  10. Good Afternoon, a very quick question, am I ok to use 5w 30 oil in my 1994 1.0 bready? Cheers, Rich.
  11. Sorry for thread hijack, can you get a vacuum advance unit seperatly? Mate had checked mine and it wasn't working properly. I've an old distributor here, but that one was the same so would be weary of a used one. Not sure exactly what is up with it though. It's running the best as it is.
  12. Sorry my bad... distributor... 🙈
  13. why do you keep calling it an ignition coil ? the link is for a distributor
  14. So I bought this ignition coil on ebay and the car still won't start... Is there anyway I can test the ignition coil to make sure it works properly? Just want to be sure that the one I bought works before I try to figure out where else the issue could be coming from...
  15. nige8021

    MK5 Radio swap wiring help

    First Welcome to the Forum. Looking at the pictures, the replacement you are trying to fit is totally not compatable with your car, as it uses a remotely mounted radio unit whereas your original is a self-contained unit. You state you have a MK5 but can you confirm the year? as on here a MK5 is 2000~2002 as that radio screen you are trying to fit is for the 6C or a MK9 (2014/17) on here
  16. Hi, trying to fit a new radio into my polo and ran into an issue with sockets, none of the plugs fit and I’ve looked everywhere and can’t seem to find an adaptor for it. I’ve linked a photo of the socket on the radio I’m trying to install (6C0919603, factory Volkswagen radio not aftermarket) and the old radio : https://imgur.com/gallery/xVGbxQK can I actually get some sort of adaptor for this or is it a case of rewiring everything? Thanks
  17. Mark Bennett

    Battery Drain problem 9n 1.2 E polo

    Hopefully you got my pm
  18. You might be in luck. Just found one with that number in a drawer. Some sort of swap arrangement could work if you're interested? Send me a PM to discuss.
  19. nige8021

    Battery Drain problem 9n 1.2 E polo

    I doubt if they are even bothering to look, just saying it's the same as yours saves them getting hastle from PayPal when you lodge a claim for faulty item, Try Stevens VW breakers in Essex they are normally very good
  20. Digit missing in what you've written, between the Q and the 9.
  21. Mark Bennett

    Battery Drain problem 9n 1.2 E polo

    6Q937049D, my nephew said the same,he's a bit of a electronics wizz kid. I think if you could repair the units,you could be onto a winner,I know of 1 other suffering the same issue locally,there's enough mk4/5 still running about to make it worthwhile
  22. I might have to buy up one or two more spares, and see if I can work out how to repair this damage. What's the part number of the one in your car?
  23. Mark Bennett

    Battery Drain problem 9n 1.2 E polo

    No,I'm messaging breakers via ebay etc,asking them to open unit to check around XP5 connector,sent a photo of my scorched unit so they know what to look for,but so far 4 have reported there's look exactly the same,so I'm wondering if the cars are so old they all have the same issue,I will continue my search or perhaps just wire in a charger unit to keep battery topped up
  24. I had a spare one kicking about that I gave the fella in the other thread, sounds like I should've hung onto it! I wonder if it's a fault that's consequential on something else wearing out, like the wiper motor, which might then generate bigger spikes in the system at switch on or switch off? I'm aware of people having problems with the wipers that turn out to be the relay that controls them on that board, but this one is newish one on me. So are you physically visiting breakers yards and seeing these or getting them to look inside the units or send you photos?
  25. Mark Bennett

    Battery Drain problem 9n 1.2 E polo

    I don't suppose you remember how people sourced a replacement unit,tried several breakers and all their units are showing same fault,seems a lot more common than I realised
  26. Mark Bennett

    Battery Drain problem 9n 1.2 E polo

    No way would I purchase new new,probably cost more than car worth,located 1 from similar model,just waiting confirmation on exactl spec Thank you for all the info it's been so helpful, hopefully I can put this to bed by end of week
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