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  2. ask and you shall recieve!
  3. Have fpr on the way. Will splice into fuel line next time under the bonnet.
  4. Thanks Nige. In the end it needed the aux belt replacing as this was not giving sufficient drive. You would never know, no slipping noise, belt looked in reasonable nick. After marking the position of the tensioner with a sharpy before and comparing after, there was a good bit difference. All good now - hopefully useful to someone else in the future.
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  6. Thanks. Think the dream of 1.6 is dead. Needed longer rod and different piston I believe. Oh well. Will stick with 1.4 :)
  7. jese. i've got a new set that i'm supposed to be putting on . they were ebay ones bought from koratrade2013. This they came from Poland. I've chucked the package away. I think if the grooves at the top are not machined out the right size or is a fraction off. It can cause movement in the cotter. Maybe when the valves rise up against the seat, just being that fraction off causes strain at the weak point causing it to brake. I'm pretty sure I felt more movement with the cotters on this ebay one. I'm glad I saw this post. Got qouted $900 from Sinus valves from Israel. Perfomance valves made from high quality material and thinner on the stem as per original inlet valves. Got qouted from gsvalves UK : 8 x Inlet @£38.27 each 8 x Exhaust @£38.27 each plus VAT and P&P if you had 16 off each (2 engine sets) the price does come down see below 8 x Inlet @£25.43 each 8 x Exhaust @£25.43 each Usually the after market ones are 1mm bigger on the stem on the inlet size. The above companies make them fresh I believe.
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    GT Manifold for sale. As far as I'm aware the part number is for a gt one - 030 129 713 B Price includes postage. Joe.


  9. Sorry guys I've had technical issues ? umm no it shut fine when I sam to test but it did make a noise when the bolts were going in but the head was quite shallow tbh and I've tried tugging it hard but still no joy ?
  10. H-beams - should take any abuse. You could always get the valves back cut to 30 to 32 degrees if their weight matters for high revs.
  11. MS Motorservice says 97.3 long. part number 331038 which is TRW part number also used for Seat Cordoba AFH and on eBay. 036109611L
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  13. Since i find the wire dipstick on our breadvan hard to read... Can i fit a plastic-tipped one from a newer Polo and have it display the level correctly? Im rather hoping theres an equivalent length one for a Mk3 or 4 that will fit?
  14. mk2 polo

    Mk2f then. You may as well reverse flush the radiator and heater when you've drained the coolant. The heater bleed valve is the only thing to cause me any problems. I overtightened it and it snapped - not unexpected for 30 year old plastic ... maybe I could have replaced just the plastic threaded bolt or used a new o-ring - but a new heater was easy to find and under £30.
  15. Had few people i know use aftermarket valves and had heads drop off where the two disimilar metals have been friction welded but not to a high enougth standard. I have ordered some form germany they were listed on itlay ebay lol. Hopeing these are better quality. Valves Are not just valves there are many different styles and manufactoring processes and materials used Aftermarket parts are Are often made of lesser quality meterials in a lower standard of manufacturing process. Id rather not risk my freshly rebuild engine with all new parts pistons bored out ect... for some miss matched dodgy valves from unknown source And valves have a high failure rate in a high reving engine with hotter combustion temps ect....
  16. Arrival: Clean up: Piston/Rod measurements Rod change: Springs: *Stick to originals. I'm sure they have stronger spring in them. Plus what a rip for the aftermarket ones I'll probably be crying for saying that later down the line. Good thing about them is their wider. Valves: *Problem: Cannot find original valves anywhere. The orignal Inlets have better airflow than aftermarket ones. The exhaust ones are all the same. Would VW help me on this one I wonder.
  17. Lads, Please help me out. Currently I'm running a bikecarb, megaJolt setup along with a few other mods. I did about 10K miles and I thought this it ain't bad apart from gearbox going all time. So I thought i'd park it up and have a stronger gearbox built and also build a new engine based on the same design as it worked. Anyway I bought a AFH engine a year ago, along with some schrick cams, H-beam rods with right fitting bearings, piston, pinion etc. I am having the head ported and basically I am good to go. The carbs were slightly overfueling therefore I thought with all these new mods it's going to balance it out all right. Anyway over the years I have been reading if you swap JUST the crankshaft with a 1.6 engine it will give me in effect a 1.6 engine with approx 20BHP gain. Now here is my dilemma. I have ragged plenty of 1.4AFH engines and they seem bullet proof to me. Is this due to the SHORTER Stroke? Has anyone failed a 1.6 conversion? I wonder what effect the longer stroke has on the : 1) cylinder ring wear. 2) Oil level, 3) oil level splish splash. 4) the rods More of an engineering question .
  18. Thanks for the advice will have a play this afternoon and let you know what happens
  19. mk2 polo

    Hi and thanks for the info much appreciated and yeah it's got the square front lights
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    SKODA FABIA Monte Carlo 1.2 TSI in Silver FOR SALE REDUCED TO £6400 ono - Car gets traded into dealer on Friday ** Pristine Condition, Skoda Fabia Mk2 Monte Carlo ** - This is one of lowest mileage cars in country and must be one of the best condition (without paying Skoda dealer prices) We have owned this car for 3-years and it has only been used locally by my wife hence the low mileage. I've looked on autotrader and this is one of the lowest mileage examples and best examples in country. Hopefully the pictures do the car justice - viewing is essential. The car is properly cleaned (detailed) on a regular basis with autobrite products. The exterior is pristine (no dents/dings) & interior is perfect (non smoking). Mileage - 19,137 (will increase slightly with use) 12 Months MOT Service - Full Skoda Service history, last serviced 02.06.16.. only done 5K miles since last service. This is the 1.2 TSI engine (90PS) and whilst really economical, it doesn't hang around either. The car has a full SKODA service history and I've got the car booked its MOT on Thursday (due 19th June). Tyres are Continental SportContact (all round) - front tyres @3mm /Rears @ 5.0mm. No mods other than bosch aero wipers and LED DRL lower lights (popular upgrade). Car was registered June'13 and was the latest Model year (notice newer Skoda badge design). Monte Carlo Styling - exterior black bodykit, graphite grey wheels, Monte badging, Sports Seats, Leather steering wheel and red stitching, treadplates etc. Media Input option.Apple Link & USB ISOfix to rear seat, safety airbags and boot is one of the largest in this category of car (bigger than a Fiesta or Mini for example). x2 Keys present and all service history documentation from Skoda. Genuine reason for sale and genuine seller. We purchased from Arnold Clarke motors and there is x1 previous owner. V5 Is in my wife's name and registered to my address - completely genuine. No traders, silly offers or tyre kickers please only interested in genuine buyers for a genuine car. Price: £6400 ONO Similar low mileage cars are up for sale via dealers for ~£7500 - Therefore trying to be fair with price I've listed at £6400 ono. Location - Car is located in Haslington near Crewe, Cheshire (CW1) Thanks for looking.


  21. mk2 polo

    Wekcome. Mk2f from the rounded rear shape.. square headlights? Yeah, easy job for both. Just don't move the cam or crank-pulleys- when tensioning the cambelt that drives the water-pump.
  22. valves are valves mate. How you going to get bad experience? Maybe the fitter? New cotters needed too. Unless the cotters don't fit in the grooves properly and there is movement. have you ebay'd?
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  26. mk2 polo

    Hi just thought I'd introduce my self and my car I'm chace-jordan (or c-j to most) the car is a mk2 polo (well I beleive it's classed as a mk2 model but am ready to be corrected by folks with more knowledge ) its Never going to be a show car iv just brought it off a mate he stopped using it as it kept over heating and has said it needs water pump and thermostat he did the head gasket and cam belt last year but lost interest in it it's been sat for nearly a year but we charged the battery up and turned the key and it instantly jumped into life gave mate £100 for it with view to getting it back on road I joined this forum as am hoping that someone will be able to point me in the right direction or give me some advice on how much a water pump and thermostat will cost and if it's something that I can either attempt my self (am not a mechanic but am ok with tinkering and willing to have a go at stuff )or is it a bigger job that will need to go to a garage so I can get it mot /serviced and back on road asap have added a pic of the car as it is now not best pic want to paint roof Matt black remove some Of the stickers (if not all yet to be decided repaint wheels I know it's not everybody's taste and some of the interior will prob get changed as it's been done out in lime green and pink fur which although i quite like it as its something. different I want to put my own stamp on iT looking forward to meeting new folks and maybe attending some shows once it's back on road
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