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  2. It was an intentional comment. Buisness is about making profit but there should never be a price on life The ford pinto in the 70s is probably one of the most famous cases of corporate manslauter Apparently toyota did have an accelerator fault and not user error
  3. Well. I turned out to be poorer than i thought and had to swerve it 😞 sadly just so happened to need brake pads and shocks all at the same time....gotta love sods law eh?
  4. Benjamin0365

    Breadvan build

    Hi guys thought I may as well show some work I've done over the past few months! Currently need to fit a few things and do some work/chassis stiffening etc. And possible respray ready for a g40 engine some time next year. Anyway say if you've ve got any sugesstions I'm always keen to do things to it haaha
  5. Yesterday
  6. nige8021

    Finding Leak

    The info is in the document I attached
  7. mackenzie syme

    6n2 engine swap

    hi guys just wondering if anyone knows how easy it is to swap from a 1litre to a 1.4 8v thanks
  8. You should learn about capitalism... Does n't #dieselgate show they valued profit over the planet's inhabitants, a small number of whom may have been future customers or employees? Let's maximize value for shareholders by growing the difficult American market.
  9. Charles Robert

    Finding Leak

    Thanks Nige, Thanks for such a quick response, is it difficult to take out ? Can you tell me how please ? Thanks Kind regards
  10. Not when bean counters are in charge, they only look at the money, sod the customers interest.
  11. Yeah but surely intentionaly making something non servicable in that way is against the customers best interest Vw value customers over profit surely
  12. Throw away society, plus VW can make more money by selling you a new engine, the 1.25 & 1.4 16v in the Ford fiesta is the same.
  13. polodrivercom

    2019 Calendar Entries

    And some from the press launch of the new Polo back in January... Cheers! Rich
  14. polodrivercom

    2019 Calendar Entries

    One more GTI International and a couple of VW UK's 29,000-mile Mk 2...
  15. polodrivercom

    2019 Calendar Entries

    A few from GTI International...
  16. polodrivercom

    2019 Calendar Entries

    One more, and the GTI R5 rally car...
  17. polodrivercom

    2019 Calendar Entries

    It would appear a lot of my photos this year have the latest Polo GTI in them, so, for starters...
  18. Old thread but accidentally came across this after fixing a dodgy rear demister recently myself. Checked the fuse, the relay (fog lights wern't working either, same relay i think), the wiring for any earth leaks. Turned out the switch was just really dirty inside - same for the foglights. The switch is easily removed and with some careful prying with a small screwdriver you can open up the switch body. Make note of where everything goes (only a couple of parts - a spring and a contact bed). If the contact tracks are dirty then a little wd40 and a polish with some fine emery paper will do the trick!
  19. How did it go mate?
  20. Last week
  21. sleag40

    2019 Calendar Entries

  22. steveo3002

    Loom testing

    try it with no blue temp sender connected next time it wont start
  23. This the warning in the Autodata details for the AUA/AUB 1.4 16v fitted in the 6N2 & 9N1 also for the BBY/BBZ in the 9N1
  24. This can happen even with cast iron blocks but when the mains bolts are torqued up back to what they should be, then the block will come back "true" to its original state when it was manufactured . If you are concerned that your block will not be good, have it line bored to get it as perfect as possible. If reassembled with the crank it and it turns freely then there is a good chance it will not be a problem. The same applies when you have a short block assembled and it all turns freely then it's likely to be OK especially if the engine will be stock.
  25. Ok. Replaced with one from a breakers (£25) that had supposedly done around 60,000 miles to my 150,000. I compared the pumps off the car and the slack seen in the video above seemed a lot less when off the car but surprisingly similar once on the car. However, the newer pump was noticeably quieter on spinning clockwise by hand and felt a bit better by feel alone. Could be the bearing as opposed to the impeller. Weight of steering has not changed much either (I'm having difficulty judging though cos I'm now driving a Corsa as well that has lighter steering.) Newer pump has taken the nasty noise away though so I guess that's it for this episode. The Mechanics' Stethoscope paid for itself in the end then and now I can hear the other noises better too! Job was relatively simple. I flushed it once with the old pump on and then filled and bled it once with the newer pump. What came out first looked serviceable if a little dirty. In both instances the system took around 600ml. The genuine fluid, from TPS, was actually cheaper than all the other equivalent versions online - £7.31 per litre, excluding VAT. Thanks all!
  26. nige8021

    Finding Leak

    Here's the info fom the dealer manual 6N Tank Flap Locking Unit.doc
  27. Charles Robert

    Finding Leak

    Hi Nige, Thanks for such a quick response, is it difficult to take out ? Can you tell me how please ? Thanks Kind regards
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