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    That guide sleeve should be parallel, if there is a 'step' in the length of it, then it needs to be replaced. You are sure that you have put the driven plate in the correct way round - aren't you? Back to your original problem (the noise) - Always a difficult thing to diagnose without actually hearing it. Did it come on gradually, or suddenly? Could it simply be that you are being over cautious - maybe you could listen to a similar vehicle and compare the sound. It would seem that you may have found an honest gearbox specialist - many would have sold you some expensive and perhaps, unnecessary work. Regards
  3. I am struggling a bit to follow what you say, and judging by the lack of replies, so are other people. Do you know if the fuel RETURN pipe is clear of obstruction? - If you are not sure, I would suggest that you (1) disconnect the return pipe (2) remove the fuel tank cap (3) use a tyre pump (cycle tyre pump will do) to blow through the pipe back to the tank. If that pipe is clear, I would then (1) depressurise the system (2) remove the fuel pressure regulator (3) clean it and put it back. If you have had the injector out, did you check/replace the two 'O' rings (Large one at the top, small one at the bottom.- There should also be a gasket under the injector 'cover'. If the points that I have outlined do not make much sense, maybe you could send us a picture of your SPI unit, we may be able to spot if there is a problem with its assembly. Regards
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  5. Low Oil Pressure 1996 6n AEX

    The valve inside the filter is only intended to open if the filter itself becomes blocked (through not being changed often enough) All that it does is bypass the filter, so the engine still gets oil, albeit unfiltered oil (which is marginally better than no oil at all.) Sorry about not replying earlier. Regards
  6. Combustion chamber in head is liked by ze Germans. If you use standard sized 122mm rods you need pistons with same compression height as HZ? Motorbike pistons (cbr1000rr 2007- is 76mm bore I think) and custom rods?
  7. Yes I have - but it’s a completely different tone to the normal parking sensor sound. Also, it makes it when radio is off
  8. Thanks for that, I’m gonna use the head with the combustion chamber in the head so that means I’m looking for flat top pistons! I’m after some that are 77mm, forged and also slipper pistons ( short skirt)! Then use these Conrods out of the g40 as they should be the same? which are steel an give me the ability to rev higher: https://www.maxrpm.de/Forging-conrod-H-shaft-for-Polo-G40-high-strength-to-9000-RPM-4-pieces?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1q3VBRCFARIsAPHJXrG1Saj6-EwjW66NQScN4Ntk5ZBnmpC7-UY8L9APx522ISaeg9E9XO8aAqJvEALw_wcB

    OMG i have just counted and its been 11 years since i first got this car. For the past 5 years i have been to uni and moved about with jobs but now i am back in town and have plans to keep going with this build. I will not give in and i will finish this car.
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  11. US Spec Polo 6n


    I'm back!!!!
  13. Have you got rear parking sensors ?
  14. Those wiseco forged oversize pistons are very expensive. Worrabout Mazda 323 E3 series (1980-87) pistons 77mm as std? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PISTON-FOR-MAZDA-323-FAMILIA-E3-ENG-1-3-1980-1987/162070378273
  15. Okay, haven't posted in ages but have the strangest of problems and need the worlds polo brain power - 64 plate polo 6R - 18k miles. When cycling the key ( it also does it when you reconnect the battery ) the strings 4 "chirps" come from the passenger side of the dash. Always normally 4 chirps, normally the same length but sometimes vary. Sounds like a muted buzzer. No faults in VAGcom. Car starts, drives and appears to work perfectly. Whether its related or not but the interior lights have packed up. No power at the connector in the light unit. Now the manual seems to suggest the interior light fuses are shared with the left and right hand car exterior lights. All other lights on the car work fine, and it appears all the fuses are intact. Ive attached a video of the noise whilst cycling the key - FIRST TO GUESS THE NOISE CORRECTLY WINS A VIRTUAL CERTIFICATE " Best strange polo noise detective in UK" Thanks
  16. Are you sure it is the cat causing the emissions to be high. What Polo is it year wise.
  17. MK2 polo engine

    I would love to see a turbocharged ABD, I have always imagined them as bad on fuel, lazy, and unreliable in every possible way. I don't know why VW made it SPI when they were clearly able to use MPI (which they did literarily a year later). I can't wait to see what comes of this! :)
  18. 2004 polo bonnet wont open

    Totally stuck, 2010 polo 1600 tdi bonnet release cable broken trying to open bonnet. I cant see how to trip catch thro polo badge at the front, doesnt seem possible Does any one know how to open bonnet from outside, been driving with it stuck down for two weeks. Trying to avoid main dealiers! Would be really grateful for a clue!! Ann
  19. polo coupe gt

    So she's been back on the road for a week and is running well, still need to give it a good wash n wax but I just love driving this thing!
  20. Hi, just thought I'd post to let you know our current competition closes soon, so if you want to be in with a chance of winning a Nextbase Duo HD DashCam (with 32Gb SD Card) you'd better not hang about. HOW TO ENTER When you request a Chris Knott Car Insurance quote before 31/3 you gain instant entry in our prize draw. The winner will be chosen at random from our quotes database. Info on the various ways to request a quote and full competition details here - WIN a DashCam with Chris Knott. However the quickest way is to just call us on 0800 917 2274 and find out how much you could save by switching your car insurance to Chris Knott at renewal. best, Nick *** Testimonials from car enthusiasts who've recently commented on our service: "Yeah for what my experience was worth, being a young mid aged driver and having high insurance for my T5 after modding the other insurers all suddenly became an absolute headache and a nightmare with constantly waiting on the phone etc etc. Have always been a bit not sure about these guys here as I always found the comparison sites very easy. On a free day it took no time to call these guys. Spoke to some friendly member of staff who gave me a quote beating everyone else with my mods after a few mins. Was a great service so definite thumbs up." domhart10, Volvo OC "I have been with Chris Knott for several years (had 1 year elsewhere for all my sins) and I have never had 1 issue with them. I would highly recommend giving them a call and they will do all they can to get you the best deal possible." Kev_mk3, AstraMk3OC "Just taken my insurance with yourselves and your service was friendly, helpful and the quote process was super-speedy which was nice too. Price was the best on the market and you have given me the confidence that if I need anything you nice people will sort it for me. I was dealt with by Kathy who was great. Thank you again." patriotk11, TT-Forum "I've been with Chris Knott for the past 18 months, I've added quite a few minor modifications to my policy and always hassle free with no charge." Darran, Fiesta STOC "Awesome service and extremely helpful staff, would recommend 110%" Matthew G, TrustPilot
  21. will the cat not come off with the shield in place? a photo might be helpfull
  22. need advice on how to remove the heat shield around the top of the cat. car failed MOT on emmissions and a new cat has been ordered. to get the old one off the lambda sensor seems to be in the way and because of the shield you cannot get a spanner on it, any ideas? think this may be the same for polos but no answers online form what i can find thanks
  23. Time Left: 1 month and 27 days

    • FOR SALE
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    Polo 6n 16v front bumper has scratches and chips on it comes with grills and splitter, also badboy bonnet and bonwrath grill to fit with bonnet extension also has chips on it and a crack and a 1p size rust bubble in one corner. Will sell separately.


  24. Anybody out there? TDI people?? Car has now decided to move when the clutch is down in gear. Bite point on floor, so not fully disengaging.. Feel like driving into a wall Slave cylinder, bearing, adjustment,
  25. Mk2 polo breadvan, full space frame, 1043cc modified engine!

    Yeah all the blocks are the same. The G40 block has some extra webbing for added strength, but I'm not sure it would be needed on your build. As for boring it out, I believe you can go as big as a 77mm piston.
  26. MK2f White Breadvan 1.3SPI Breaking Somerset

    Tail gate has just gone to the scrapper. I have some other bits.
  27. MK2F 1.3 SPI no fuel being delivered.

    Check the pump part number, could be a gt pump which will fuel mpi
  28. MK2F 1.3 SPI no fuel being delivered.

    Thank god, I can sleep tonight haha!! I spoke to a mechanic I sold a car to (he started sending me pics when he slammed it - e46) and he said the exact same thing! Text the guy I bought it back off asking if he''d changed it and no reply.. probably has (I hope lol). Will investigate it further tomorrow and thanks for the help very appreciated!
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