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Club Polo Rules and Guidelines for User Posts
Club Polo exercises a laid back approach to forum moderation. We want our community to keep growing and for everyone to enjoy discussing and chatting openly with one another about different issues. With this being said, we need to ensure that our site continues to run smoothly and that it remains a friendly, comfortable space for our users; so we have devised a really simple set of rules and guidelines for you to cast an eye over before opting to register and indeed, post on the Club Polo forums. Please also remember that it is the user's responsibility to be aware of these guidelines and any updates to them by checking back here sporadically. 
Rules - Any violation of our rules will result in immediate action being taken.
No Advertising
These forums will not allow any unsolicited advertisements of services and goods and / or the promotion of businesses.  Please refrain from using this site as a means of promoting your own products and websites. If you wish to advertise on this site (and you feel it would be relevant and beneficial to fellow Club Polo users), we ask that you raise a support ticket so that the team can discuss the possibility with you.
No 'Time Wasters' in the 'For Sale' Areas
We have a zero tolerance policy for negative or unproductive  comments in our 'For Sale' sections - they are a frustrating hindrance. Therefore, offending users will be handed an immediate ban from the site. Please note that our 'For Sale' sections are a very important part of our forums, and we ask that they be treated as such. This is not an area for general chat and comment. You should only express interest if you have a genuine desire to buy or sell.
If you are concerned that an advertisement has been misrepresented, please contact a  member of staff so that it can be investigated.
Removing, Relocating, Editing and Locking a Thread or User Thread
We here at Club Polo have no desire to control or censor opinions. However, our moderating team are here to ensure that the forums run smoothly and effectively. To this end, we reserve the right to move, edit, delete or lock a thread or post at our discretion and without advance notice. Please note that an administrator or moderator's decision is final. Furthermore, in opting to register to these forums, you agree to adhere to the requests of Club Polo staff. If your post or thread is moved, edited, locked or deleted, Club Polo staff will provide an explanation where they feel it necessary. We kindly ask that you do not complain if your post has been removed - moderators will not respond to continued hostile protests from users. You will instead be handed an immediate ban from the site.
If you strongly feel that your post or thread has been removed unnecessarily, then please contact a staff member using our private messenger facility. 
No Discussion and / or Suggestion of Illegal Intent
Forum users are strictly forbidden from posting or accessing messages relating to material and content that is, or may reasonably be considered illegal. 
Use of Third Party, Trademarked or Copyrighted Materials
Unless a user has the expressed permission of the author, or unless the user is themselves the holder of the trademark or copyright; copyrighted materials should not be posted or uploaded to these forums. Users can however, reference the source with short quotes and a link to said materials.
Guidelines - Below are a few things that all users are asked to consider before posting and making use of this site. 

  • Any opinions expressed belong to our users and do not represent the views of Club Polo. While this forum prides itself on the wealth of experience and knowledge available; one is reminded that this site is open to anyone and everyone which means that it is impossible to ensure the accuracy or completeness of each post that is made on this site. Moreover, if another user chooses to use follow instructions or information given on this site, they do so at their own risk.  Club Polo always advises that individuals do their own research in order to make an informed decision. Therefore, you waive your right to hold Club Polo liable for any damages. 
  • Spend a little bit of time familiarising yourself with our forum features. We have done our best to ensure that this site is user friendly and easy to navigate. Please try to post in the correct forums - each forum will have their own set of guidelines so please read up on these before deciding where to post. If your post or thread is more appropriate  elsewhere, you may find that a member of the moderating staff will move it for you. Please also avoid 'double posting' - that is posting the same topic/ thread more than once, in more than one forum.
  • Try to peruse past topics and threads to check whether or not the question or thread that you're about to post, hasn't already been started or asked already elsewhere on the forums. This can be done with with a very quick forum search: type in any keywords that are relevant to your particular forum, and simply wait to see what comes up! If your topic or thread does already exist, not only will you find a broad range of insights, but you will also be able to add your own contribution to the existing topic.
  • Please do not spam the site. Any regular forum visitor will appreciate that this is a typical request. We ask that posts remain constructive and relevant to topic. If your contribution isn't particularly significant or useful to the overall discussion, it is probably wise to rethink before posting - there is nothing worse than scrolling through a string of empty posts! N.B. On sites such as these, posts don't mean prizes! 
  • Users will see that have a feature enabling them to 'bump' their topics every five days. Please don't abuse this capability by posting in your topic merely to bump it. Anyone found to be doing this will face having their topics locked.
  • When making your posts, we ask that you avoid using jargon or 'text message abbreviations' (you are - you're, u - you). On these forums we are very proud to welcome visitors from across the world, who may be confused by such abbreviations. Don't worry though, no one expects perfectly spelt, perfectly punctuated posts!
  • Understand your limits when communicating with other members. Club Polo trusts that members understand what is appropriate when speaking with other users. We also expect swearing occasionally - as long as it is the context of friendly, conversational 'banter' and does not extend beyond this boundary. We ask that you respect the opinions of others and choose your words wisely when responding. Each member has their own point of view and this must be respected at all times. Criticism which serves no other purpose than to insult, offend or hurt another user will be removed. 
  • We also kindly ask that members refrain from referencing religion and politics in their discussions - these are sensitive issues that are personal to individual users, and they would most likely provoke unnecessary ill feeling should they be broached here. This forum is open primarily for the discussion of cars, and we would like to keep it as such. Should you wish to discuss topics such politics and religion, we kindly ask that you exercise your freedom of speech in a space better suited to the purpose.
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