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Hurdy's 6R Polo GTI


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Devil's Own water/meth system also going on the car in Jan

Oh well, didn't find it fast enough and so over Christmas and the new year the r will be treated to some internals and a bigger turbo!500bhp FTW.

Setting the scene.... A damp private track in backwoods of Yorkshire, the air rank with the odour of exhaust fumes and stretching out in front of you a thin sliver of gnarled black, damp, partly mudd

  • 2 weeks later...


Booked in on Monday for the Water/Meth system Fitted. Gone for a Devil's Own system as it is simple and effective. The bottle and pump will be located in the boot next to the battery and will mean that there will be little evidence that it is even fitted apart from the injection point under the bonnet.

a 50/50 mix should give around 20-25whp extra on Revo Stage 2 setting "C" - race fuel only.

Effectively bhp should be somewhere between 260-270bhp.....fingers crossed!!!!  

With the planned weight reductions in place this would mean around 235-245bhp/ton, which is just shy of my 250bhp/ton target.

Daily the car will run with either just water or water/meth mix on setting B.

After this I'll be off to Autosport International to interrogate tyre manufacturers for a set of decent semi-slicks to get the power down effectively and some bucket seats to hold me in.   8-)

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Another mod completed....

RNS510 with Bluetooth. Looks like it was designed for the Polo GTI Fascia as well as the black gloss surround matches perfectly. Works perfectly with the MFSW and Park reverse sensors. Also has the speed camera locations and speed limits as POI's on screen. Lovely bit of kit.


hiya mate looking for one of these for my cars, is this original vw if can i ask were you got it from, i have seen quite a few on ebay but there patten fake ones etc lol



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what day are you at autosport?

Same question to both of you! I'm there friday :D with my university

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Errr, Water/meth nearly fitted, finishing it off tomorrow as I've been a bit finickety with where I want the intall to go and it's taken a bit more time than anticipated :lol:

Looking nice and neat so far though and Statllers have been brilliant again. 8-)

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Not hard at all. The front fog covers come off easily as they are only push fit. Then the fogs simply screw off and unplug. Takes less than 10 mins on the GTI. 8-)

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Here is a quick photo of the rear install for the Polo GTI. The pump is gravity fed from the bottle and so has to have it's intake point below the bottle bottom. Luckily on the Polo the boot section is very deep and allows for this. Full credit to Statllers as they made a really neat job of the install and pipework.  

Still not fully installed yet as I'm having a custom pipe fitted to house the injector and it has to be fabricated first. 8-)


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loving this car soo much!

would paint the rims a random colour tho, lime green / copper look cool

top work keep it up



I still have the OEM Monza's and want some more show alloys, so if I go for a bling set it would be the next set I buy that gets the bright treatment 8-)

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  • 2 weeks later...

OMFG!!!! :badgrin:

The new controller arrived this afternoon and so Steve fitted it and put some distilled water in to test it. Worked perfectly and even giving it the beans for quite a while the oil temps stayed under 100oC, which is much better than the 110oC+ I was seeing on spirited runs. The car ran much smoother and felt better at the middle/top of the rev range. Then came the water/meth mix!.....

Holy sh*t!!! it was like sticking another small engine to help mine under the bonnet.With the roads dry in parts today, I was able to give it the full throttle and even at 70mph+ was still getting wheel spin. The middle and top end of the rev range is MUCH stronger than before and Steve says that after a few days it will feel even better.

To say I'm impressed is an understatement, even though we'd been out in the car for a 15 min blast, when I topped up the bottle it had only used 120ml of mixture, so I know the bottle will last a fair while as it is about 3 litres to the brim.

Logs should get done tomorrow and then the dyno may have to wait as Statllers have had a refurb abd the electrics aren't plumbed back into the dyno yet

Steve's promised it will be plumbed back in before the end of the week.

Bum dyno says muchos extra bhp and torque. Should hopefully see around 15-17whp and 25-28lbft increase.

Steve calls it a "Black Ops" install as under the bonnet and in the boot you literally wouldn't spot the difference. In the cabin you definitely see the controller though When that light comes on green it's like KITT in Pursuit Mode.

The car is still on setting B on the REVO, so I haven't even thought about trying it on the aggressive race setting C, which it is designed for.

The really good sign is that there isn't even a sniff of clutch slip either.

Almost forgot to mention that the controller allows you to set the minimum boost level where the water/meth comes in and another to set where the water/meth is fully on. My car has only had a proprietary setting and i'm sure some fine tuning on the dyno will optimise the benefits. The nozzle on mine is good for up to a 450bhp car, so should never really be at full capacity for my baby motor.

Still cannot believe the improvement it has made to how the car runs.....it's just .....better, smoother, more eager to rev. Like a well set-up ED30 on a crisp cool morning, but all the time! 8-)

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Due to land at Chez Hurdy tomorrow....

New style Carbon Fibre paddle shifters.

Shouldn't lose those pesky small paddle shifters when turning the wheel anymore with the size of these beauties. smiley.gif


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mate the motor is awesome, you inspired me to buy my polo gti after reading this and mine is bog standard, had it from about november and i am still loving it. Always like to have a quick look to see what you have done to it and i have to say, 5 door or not, the car looks absolutely mint, cant wait to see what the dynos are going to be. Nice One

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Here are the pics of the paddle shifters fitted to my car. Slightly different design to what I thought, but these actually look better and suit the shape of the wheel. 8-)






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