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Entrepreneurs Trader Section Rules and Regulations

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The purpose of this Entrepreneurs Section is to allow Paid Club Members, who have a multitude of backgrounds and skills, a dedicated forum where you can sell products or services that are created in their spare time, at home, from their shed / bedroom / garage out of hours of their normal work and is not their maid source of income.

You must be a current Paid Club Member to advertise your products and/or services.

You must contact us first before making products or writing threads, in case for any reason we are not able to accommodate them.

All forum members will be able to reply-post on the threads as normal and ask questions, like a normal classified advert.

Thread guidance

• Write your introductions well
• Use good pictures, illustrating your products and services
• Be clear about lead times and pricing
• State what sort of delivery arrangements you can offer
• Go steady on the font sizes to keep it easy on the eyes
• Please keep things tidy - one thread per product type only
• If you would like moderator assistance in composing a thread, please ask

Entrepreneurs section rules

Quick summary:

• This section is for Paid Club Members to sell products or services that are created in their spare time, at home, from their shed / bedroom / garage, products that are NOT connected with any established business activity or main source of income.
• VW Polo applicable car items and services allowed only
• One Product/Service per thread
• If your product\Service\Group Buy sells you must make a £15 per Thread/product/service annual donation to the Club in lieu of advertising costs for as long as the thread is open. This helps towards running the Club, ie you have no up-front advertising costs and no risk if it doesn't sell.
• Threads will not appear immediately - moderators need to approve them.
• Should Entrepreneur products transfer to becoming a main source of income, you will need to take up normal commercial advertising.

The detail:

• This section is open only for Paid Members to start threads and promote their goods / services within.
• Only adverts for self-created/self-sourced vehicle parts / services allowed. Parts & services offered must be totally applicable to VW Polo’s, even if generic in nature.
• No eBay tat.
• Entrepreneurs must stick to promoting their goods / services *only* within this specific section. Littering threads in open sections with self promotion is specifically forbidden.
• Off topic posts, cross posting, "PM me's" and secret squirrel comms are forbidden.
• Check with us first before investing hours in preparing threads as products or services which the Moderators do not believe are relevant, beneficial, or conflict with our Paid Traders may not be permitted.
• Keep it tidy: one product per thread
• The advertiser must be the seller.
• Any activity in this section must NOT be connected with a proper company or recognised brand, and must not be a significant source of income.
• This section is only for Paid Club Members to sell NEW products not sourced from regular commercial channels, eg an appropriate product would be 10-off items from the local machine shop.
• Known product re-selling (e.g. poly bushes, wheels, software etc) is deemed commercial and is not allowed in this section. However, subject to the moderators' consideration, products which offer members a deal unachievable in the open market, and simultaneously not conflicting with our existing commercial advertisers may be considered.
• All group buys, where products are bought directly from a supplying member, now must go through this section.

• Entrepreneurs must not have webshops.
• Entrepreneurs must not be agents for distribution or recognised products.
• Selling of second-hand goods is not permitted.
• Selling of pirated goods is not permitted.
• Links to other forums are not permitted.
• eBay links are not allowed.
• Any attempts to circumvent the rules will be dealt with at the Moderators' discretion.
• Moderators decision is final.
• Participating Paid Club Members are deemed to accept the terms and conditions set out in this thread.
• The Club will try its best actively vet sellers and products sold, in the interest of the members, but accepts no responsibility for items or services bought: the responsibility remains with the seller.

Amendment of Rules

• The Club reserves the right to revise these rules if and when it is deemed necessary. All material modifications will be notified via a bump of this thread.

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