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Insurance on a 6n2, 17

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I'm now 17 got a 6n2 recently, been looking around for quotes but everywhere is ridiculously high, obviously i want to put alloys and coilovers on to stop her looking like a tank but the quotes just double, does anyone know a good place for first time drivers to get decent quotes considering i will have mods, its a silver 1.4 8v 6n2.


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    • Ste 20v
      By Ste 20v
      Up for sale is a set of front 6n2 gti calipers comes with disks and pads minimal wear to disks pads have about half of material left. Slider all been removed and greased pistons are free and in the back position ready to be fitted Only removed due to brake upgrade 
    • Ste 20v
      By Ste 20v
      For sale I have a set of front girling 60 callipers from a Audi s2 which seem to be rather hard to get hold of. ideal upgrade for a polo allowing you to run 280mm. The callipers will need a refurb bought with the intention to do so but going a different route. Rebuild kits can be bought cheap enough on eBay. No carriers included. 
    • benny66
      By benny66
      Genuine Hella LHD rear light. This replaces the UK light with the clear section for the reversing light. Cleans the back end up of the car.
      Excellent condition, comes with bulb holder and seal. (seal is split as you can see in the pic).
      £25 including postage.
    • willc1000
      By willc1000
      Hi everyone, I'm Billy.
      Just bought this GTi 1.6 16v off a local girl near me in Preston. Collecting it Saturday so more pics to follow.
      Ive had a few breadys, a Mk3, a Coupe S, a bug and a T2 over the last 10 years or so but not owned a VW for the last 18 months.
      Its nice to be back in the right circles again.
      The car is well looked after, factory leather and Sat Nav, original wheels and original paint. A few stone chips on the body need sorting and no doubt a cam belt, service, and fluids change later this month. Im not sure what route to go down with it this winter, OEM or Mods.
      I'll probably keep it as stock as poss with a few discreet improvements for now, but that might change in time.
      It's good to be back with a VW

    • cosaw
      By cosaw
      Looks simple but thought I'd do a quick check.  Anything I need to take into account when replacing the wing on a 6n2.  It's not the GTI - I believe the wing and sill are different on those. Any special fixings I need that might have perrished?  The bolts on the top of the wing look funny - I'm suspecting they might be some sort of cam, 1/4 turn things or something?
      Thought I might do a few coats of clear coat on the back at the bottom to keep the rust away a bit longer. Worth a try or not??

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