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I've never heard of Blyton Park

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Blyton Park isn't a big famous race circuit. What it is is a Driving Centre, with a number of different track layouts. You can still get a lot of speed up, it's wide enough to overtake on the straights, and wide enough on the corners to choose a line and sort yourself out if you get it wrong.

As a track, it's flat, it's smooth, with a vast array of corners, so it suits Polos well. If I was comparing it to an F1 circuit, it would be a smaller version of Catalunya. When we've been before, MoT have run one track layout in the morning, and a tighter, more technical, one in the afternoon, this is great because it keeps it fresh and lets you explore different aspects of track driving and your, and your car's capabilities.

I know on a map it looks like it's in the middle of nowhere, but the truth is, it's in the middle of nowhere, 10 minutes off the motorway, nicely halfway up the country. https://goo.gl/maps/ceVwycLu8FC2

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