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History of ClubPolo and our look/logo

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If you've been around from the beginning you would've seen the changes over the last 17+ years. But for those who have only been around the last couple of years here is some brief history of the site and the logo which have come and gone.

The Club was formed by the amalgamation of the Polo GT/Coupe S Owners Club and the Polo Coupe Owners Club back in 2000.
The original Club Polo "forum", based on Yahoo e-groups. Technically the Polo-l group came first, but this was the first one to get a sizeable volume of traffic. And surprisingly the full archive is still there!

The story is, this was a group for Polo GT owners originally. Keith Lee (who started the Polo GT OC) signed up and linked it to his website (polo-gt.co.uk), then the Polo GT OC joined the Polo Coupe Owners Club (started my Nick Goodyear) and this e-group became a meeting place for both of them.

Back in the day (2000-2002) it used to be a wicked place to get information. Then Porka.net started up and effectively made it obselete. Forum software was better than the primitive Yahoo e-groups so it didn't take long for everyone to move across. But there's still some interesting archive material on there if anyone fancies a flick through. A few old pictures too. Quite nice to know it's still about!

Porka.net was full of guys with new Polos (mostly mk4s at the time) until the pre-94 owners came across from the e-group. The members started using both sites so they joined to form Club Polo in early 2002. Originally the Club Polo site (a modified version of the Polo GT OC site) linked through to a CP branded Porka.net, then the two sites merged completely.

Check the Wayback Machine website if you're interested - there are some early versions of polo-gt.co.uk archived on that site, but they don't work very well.

1999? - Porka.net



Early 2000's - Porka.net



2003 Onwards - www.polo-gt.co.uk



2006 Onwards - www.clubpolo.co.uk



2007 Onwards - www.clubpolo.co.uk (This is how I remember the logo when I joined)



Middle of 2013 www.clubpolo.co.uk



2016 - 2017 - www.clubpolo.co.uk



Which brings us to the year 2017!

Our new logo for 2017 - Present


I'm going to slowly start re-branding all the social media accounts and forums to reflect the new logo, we hope you love the new design. Our plan is to sell all our old stock and start a merchandise store with loads of clothing, accessories, etc.

We felt the previous logo was a little dated to say the least and with a new generation coming to our community we want them to look at our logo and be drawn to it, something that looks cool on t-shirts and hoodies!

I hope you've enjoyed this little history lesson and a trip down memory lane.

- Have fun in the forums!


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