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After polo 6n2 gti bits really e.g splitters grills ,hella lights etc but offer what you've got  pfa 

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    • mattpolog40
      By mattpolog40
      Been having trouble with my 40 for a few months now which all started with the distributor filling with oil.since then it’s developed an annoying misfire which I have now worked out is happening in cylinder number 2.im just unsure as to what my next move is if I’m honest I’ve done a compression test it’s not great but not bad either.Any advice would be greatly appreciated 
    • JayGains
      By JayGains
      There is lots of bits going but from this forum focusing on the main items... Full Leather interior and the TH Schmidts. Very well looked after and loved! Had to much trouble with the car mechanically and as a second car its not essential for me any more, i don't have the time for it. If anyone did want the whole lot id let it go and a great price so let me know! Thanks Jay gains 
       Let me know if you have any questions 
      Th Schmidt Lines - Chrome Dish and Gold centres. - £900 Boot badges smoothed  Boot handle removed and smoothed  Cambridge Lights - Rear Bumper smoothed  (Front bumper smoothed but in need of replacement) Coilovers  Front Badge Sprayed white Also comes with a set of 4 Banded Steels/Mattigs previously on the car with 4 brand new Tires. (can be seen in two pictures on the car from previous events) - £225  
      Full Burned Orange Leather Interior - Professionally diamond stitched Recaro seats, rear seats trimmed to match with headrests, lower door cards and upper door cards, rear pillars, and dials also trimmed to match.  - £995 Lower door cards professionally resprayed gloss black. - Comes with interior as they have matching leather pockets  Lower dash and gear stick surrounding and 'T Dash' professionally resprayed in fresco to match external colour. - £25 Pop out windows installed. - £50 Head unit and Sub Installed - £30 Engine Cover Spayed to match external colour - £20
    • just_jack2018
      By just_jack2018
      hi guys, new here,
      bought my other half a rather loverly 2006 VW polo 1.2, loverly car, and a dam decent first car if you ask me!
      bought it from a mechanic friend who had recently rebuild the head with the polo GTI valves as it had suffered from the dreaded valve cracking symptom, all valves were replaced with the much better ones, he also replaced the timing chain, all gaskets and seals and all the oils and lubricants you can imagine, proper decent bloke, I bought it for what it cost him to rebuild the thing! only has 68k on the clock!
      anyway! drove it 270 miles home completely fault free and only used half a tank (result!) handed it over to my other half which you can expect she was bouncing off the walls (passed her test last week) and she clocked up another 300 miles in 3 days!
      unfortunatly it then developed a intermittent fault,
      the fault only occurs when the car is fully at temperature, and won't always happen, but when it does it's only at idle and it has to have been idling for at least 30 seconds to a min, it will then bring the engine warning light up and have a rough idle, cars shaking around, and goes into "get me home mode" the fault can be rectified by turning the car off and back on again, no issues restarting it ever, the engine warning code is only ever missfire on cylinder 3, as this is her first car I'm not messing around with parts, I have ordered 3 new coil packs (went with the upgraded ones from ebay, the blue ones?) took the spark plugs out and all 3 have a thin layer of white power on them (believe this indicates the combustion cycle is to hot) any pointers or things you guys know could cause this? car drives loverly with no hesitations even after you turn it off and on again after the fault
    • damunk
      By damunk
      Where to buy? uprated headlight loom for the 6N
      I have seen H4 conversion looms for it. I am after brighter white light,
      Are these road legal?
    • jonPDpolo

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