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Newbie from Gloucester

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Titchydavies20    0

Just wanna say Hi, will be picking up a little 1.4 6N for a little run about, on here for some help and some mods ?

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      By zwine
      Just wondering if 5w30 semi synthetic oil is okay to use in my polo? 
      If not what oil is best?
      Thanks Jack
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      Apparently mine is knackered, so just wondering if anyone is breaking that may have one
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      Just had a mechanic come round and have a good look at my non-starter. He did diagnostics and said that the CTS needs changing, but wouldn't stop car from starting. He sprayed stuff into the throttle body, it wouldn't start. Did a throttle body alignment, didn't start. Checked all sparks, leads, ignition coil pack and still nothing. He then said he had a couple last month where the ECU was knackered because his diagnostics wouldn't get any communication via the "central electronics" part. Now I would like to find out how much I can get an ECU for, but I have no idea where it is on the car so I can get the right one, any suggestions?
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      Afternoon all,
      I know it might sound daft, but I'm moving a couple of bits around, and one of them is the side window buttons. Moving them from the centre onto the doors. Have managed to move them, but the standard buttons are huge and stick up quite a bit. Got some lower ones, but am now stuck on the wiring colours, anybody have any idea which colours go to which? Thanks