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Petrol to Diesel

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My friend and i are starting a project to convert my 6n2 1.0  to a 1.4 TDI.


I understand its a big job (really don't need another lecture)


To cut a long story short, has anyone else done this?.


Thanks in advance :p.

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      Not sure if this has been asked before and I'm new to cars but what is the black stuff in the engine bay that is on either side?
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      Thinking of getting some fog lights for my 6n2 polo.
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      Iv just got a Polo 6n2 gti my plans are to pretty much strip it clean it and rebuild it with new parts aswel as powder coat as much as I can.
      So far iv 
      Stripped all the interior out cleaned it all. 
      Refurbed all the calipers and painted back red.
      New discs and pads all round
      Cleaned and treated inner arches
      New inner rear arch liners
      New arche screw And clips 
      Rear top powerflex bushes 
      New rear brake lines 
      Rear axle stripped treated and painted will be powder coating
      Rear cross member replaced painted 
      Rear bumper painted 
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