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The Polo Social is a chilled out club event and we really want to keep it that way. Billing Aquadrome is a family camp site and they ALLOW us to host this event at their location but part of this is we abide by some rule. So please take some time to read these.
- No cruising or on site : once you are parked up in the field you are expected to leave your car there unless you are going offsite to the shops or have a genuine reason to need to move it. Billing security are on the ball and will possibly throw you off site if you keep driving about. And I want to be totally clear. NO Handbrake turns, wheel spinning or reving of engines anywhere on site. Doing any of these things mean you may face being removed from the site. Billing security are normally laid back but if you wind them up they will not hesitate to escort you and your car off site. 

- No Speeding on site. There is a 5 MPH limit everywhere. Billing is a family friendly location and there are lots of kids running around. There is also a one way system all over the Aquadrome which also must be adhered to.
- No loud noise between 11pm and 8am. Billing Aquadrome is a family site and there will be people staying there other than Club Polo people so keep it quiet (i.e. car stereos, car engines) between these hours. Also think of the people camping next you. Yes they are in tents but this does nothing to stop the noise of music, screaming/shouting/swearing.
- No trouble causing. This might sound obvious to most but it is not acceptable behaviour to go into other people's shows/meetings and steal banners, cause damage or generally try to cause trouble. Both Club Polo and Billing staff will take a very dim view on this and anyone responsible WILL be escorted off site - day or night. Billing security reserve the right to escort anyone off site for any reason they see fit and you will not get a refund.
- No drink driving. Again, sounds stupid but some people seem to think that because you are in a field that it's OK to drive about after ten beers. Billing is still subject to the laws of the UK and the police will get involved. We have seen people at Billing (who were nothing to do with Club Polo) get arrested and carted off in a police van for this in past years.
- Dogs are welcome on site but must be kept on a lead at all times while on site. Owners must clean up after their pets.
- No monkey bikes, quads, go-karts or similar are allowed to be used on site.
- You are not allowed to sleep in your car.
- Bins are provided on-site and you will be given a bin bag by Club Polo staff on entry. Please use these and keep the site as tidy as possible. If you require more bin bags then please ask any Club Polo staff member (until we run out!).
- BBQs are allowed on site but please ensure they are raised off the grass. Make sure any BBQs are fully extinguished after use by pouring water on them. Ensure BBQs are not lit right next to tents - tents are very flammable!
- Open fires are not allowed!
If you see anyone else doing anything you think they shouldn't be doing then please don't hesitate to contact either Billing Security or any Club Polo staff person. We need your help to make the event run smoothly and to ensure everyone has a good time. Please police your friends if you think the are acting out of order tell them!
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