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Good result with Memoscanner U281

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Just thought I'd mention this because I've seen a few postings and videos where people have had no luck using the Memoscanner U281 on their cars. So far worked fine on my 2000 Polo.


My airbag warning light came on after I'd unhooked the battery to change the starter. I didn't have to disconnect any other wires at all to the throttle body or anything even though I took the opportunity to remove the intake manifold just to have a look around at things, so I was pretty sure the airbag light was simply the car's electrics having a fit due to the battery being off for a while. Anyway I drove the car for a week or so with the airbag light on and after a bit of research I ordered the Memoscanner U281 because it was simple and cheap and I figured it was probably all I'd need for my purposes and yes it worked just fine. The airbag warning light has stayed off, so in all I'm happy with the device. I know I'll probably be diddling with the electricals again at some point and will need the scanner to erase the airbag code again so it's a useful tool for that.


Unfortunately the scanner did throw up another warning code that I haven't investigated yet (01317) but I don't think it's anything too serious. As far as I can tell from a brief internet search it's some sort of "instrument cluster" fault that seems to usually be part of a bigger problem but everything in my car works fine, all the internal electrics seem to work and all the lights and things are fine so I haven't a clue what that's all about yet, however it's nice to have a bit of a head's up by way of the scanner otherwise I wouldn't even suspect anything at all, so as I said the scanner is an OK bit of kit so far.

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