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Project for sale oak green polo build thread refers

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Vw Polo Mk2f 86c 92 plate
Been a project of mine for years, and is near completion. It has been sat in my garage for over two years as I have been to busy with work,
It was re sprayed oak green, new wings, and bonnet. Colour coded bumpers, I put in a G40 interior. New carpet, under lay and sound proofing. New trim inside, JBL speakers and new wire.
New brake lines, bigger cylinder. Larger brakes from a Vauxhall astra gte powder coated and new kits ect in them. Bigger disks 256mms, new suspension all round. Brakes need bleeding still. Powder coated everything under neath it black, also under sealed the whole floor pan. Removed excess bits in the bay and smoothed it. Hid wires in the wings, battery in the boot. Larger radiator with coolant bottle on it, slim fan. Strut brace front and rear, piston bonnet raisers. Toad alarm system and imobilser, with central locking. Different steering wheel, new wish bones. Anti roll bar blocks for better steering. New boots an gaskets every were, new petrol tank. Metal number plates and holders, debadged in places. I have a boot pop, but is not fitted. Better speedo, with blue lighting.
The car was a 1 litre 4 speed gear box, I have added the limited edition AFH 1.4 16v 100 bhp engine from a mk3 polo, a 5 speed box which is stripped to bare metal. This does need sealing as it has leaked, the drive shafts need re building. I have them with out the new fittings. The fueling system is a Yamaha fazer 600cc motor bike carbs with a piper cross filter. Custom inlet manifold and also engine mount. Self regulating motor bike fuel pump is all fitted in the boot hidden away, also had a new in tank pump fitted.
I rebuilt the engine with new water pump and belts, piston rings and crank parts. New alternator, new brake discs, pads and shoes. New hand brake cable, and holders on the powder coated rear cross member. So theoretically is at zero miles, new sump pan also. Clutch was new, and ignition system was changed to remove ecu and make the bike carbs work.
I have a stainless manifold and the centre pipe and back box are from the G40 model, all heat wrapped. They will need welding together, when the last bits are completed by the new owner it will need registering as a 1.4 ect with dvla to be legit. Tax should not change as it is under 1549cc, the roof liner will need looking at as I had to damage the back to get to the bolts holding the boot on as they were rounded off and needed changing when I had re sprayed. The body work will need touching up in places as it's been stored for some time. I will have more photos on request for serious buyers.
Location Hull
My mobile 07853933318 names Andy ideally message me on mobile
Car will need to go on a trailer ect

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